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A Bonfire of Beams
« on: January 04, 2017, 03:50:01 PM »
Michael of Nebadon—A Bonfire of Beams—1/4/17— msq— Alaska

Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: A Bonfire of Beams
Ketchikan, Alaska
1/4/2017—1810 UTC— T/R Michael S. Queen

“The longer you hesitate to begin writing, my son, only invites your mental chatter. Begin. It is a cold morning for you—frost thick everywhere about you. Still, you are safe and warm, amply supplied, and making this place for us to meet within you. All this is as the Father so wills. As you have exercised your free will decision making, you have been a larger part of the reason the consequences of your decision making have been as they are.

“Your gratitude this morning acknowledges you are blessed beyond most on the planet. Many and varied are the challenges faced by my mortal children. Much poverty, much illness, much homelessness is due to generations of poorer decisions before this one. It is not a question of fault or blame… it is not about laziness, finger-pointing, or other commonly named faults. In many parts of the world, the population is, simply said, too great for the resources of the region to be brought to bear. Difficult challenges demand resolute and ruggedly disciplined decisions. Religions, caste, economic schemes of scale that foment and/or reinforce inequality, tribalism, nationalism, greed, false and grotesquely smug senses of ethnic or racial superiority; all of these and more are the stumbling blocks and impediments to manifestation of the Paradise Father’s will and realization of the Family of God on Urantia. The sad facts of the matter are that the peoples of your planet and the pressures upon the Earth’s resources by them, coupled with the spiritually perverse profit-making of your industrial war economies, leave too little time available before some devastations cannot be undone. The Father of All will not brook nor tolerate any further defaults of His will and way. Urantia will awaken or it will commit planetary suicide.

“It is the way of the Paradise Father that rebellious divergence from His will be allowed fully to play itself out, that the fully corrupt fruits of its own spiritual self-annihilation be overtly manifest. So it has been in the case of Lucifer’s betrayal and the breaches of trust by the Planetary Princes under his benighted sway. It has taken hundreds of millennia of mortal-reckoned time upon Urantia alone…and your world evinces the frenzied machinations of institutionalized iniquity and the stink of rottenness and corruption taints your atmosphere, environment, food, water, governments, economies, religions, and the media who have, with such mercenary indifference, abandoned and abrogated morality and ethics.

“But I tell you, dear one, that the Father is not mocked. The good news of the Family of God which I presented to the universe of my creation in my seventh and ultimate bestowal remains the solution to, not only Urantia, or even Nebadon’s, problems but for all the superuniverses, even unto Havona. To learn about the Father is to learn of His all-powerful love for each of us. To become more like Him is to so love and so serve your fellows as He does you. So live, so think, speak, and act as He wills you to, as I have taught you and implore you to do. That unit of currency I have, in fact, placed in your hand—will you buy bread or bombs, guns or butter? This is not a rhetorical question.

“As I have taught you, if in your heart you harbor fear, anger, resentment, hostility for your brother you can in no wise fully obtain of the fruits of His love. You bring your own obstacles to the Temple… that branch can bear no fruit until the soil in which it grows is harrowed up, the stones removed, the ground fertilized and watered with the living food and water of the gospel of the Family of God. As it has been written—‘how can we talk of peace when inside you is a loaded gun?’

“It is even for you this frosty day, my son, to diligently inventory your own heart, thought, speech, and behavior so that they are untainted by fear, hatred and hopelessness. Let there be a ‘bonfire of beams’ in your own yard before you go to the Temple with your offering.

“As I have taught you, resist not evil. Yet, wherever there is hopelessness, ignorance, need, want, illness or injury proffer without reserve the light of love, the living bread and the water of eternal life that quenches thirst forever. These resources are already yours in abundance. They are not for you to keep wholly to yourselves, but are given you abundantly to share as you have and continue to be abundantly blessed.

“Does it seem so simplistic to you, dear one? Truly, I know you do not think it so—but the supernal truths of Paradise are given in a discrete form each child of creation can avail themselves of, if they only would. It is for you who know me, and thereby know the Father, to share this simple, yet eternal life-giving message with your fellows. So live that you embody His gospel, that your living light is the beacon that rescues your brother foundering upon the rocky shores of mortal existence.

“Be in my peace, my son. Good day.”

michael s. queen
PO Box 19470
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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