Author Topic: Voice #4, El Padre Universal, Guía y Disciplina.  (Read 355 times)

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Voice #4, El Padre Universal, Guía y Disciplina.
« on: February 09, 2017, 08:48:26 PM »
El tópico de hoy, versa sobre la corrupción en los gobiernos  de Urantia y enfatiza a seguir la guia y la disciplina.
Aquí está el enlace, hazle click para escuchar el mensaje

Follow the Guide and Discipline.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: Follow the Guide and the Discipline.
Category: Messages from the Universal Father.
R / T: René A Durán, Phoenix AZ.
February 8 2017, 9:18 PM local time. (04:18 Gmt, 09/02/2017)

Today's recording contains some irregularities like background music, which I could not remove before I started, so the transmission suddenly started in a different practice.
Please excuse me.

The Father announced his message thus:

  -I AM YOUR UNIVERSAL FATHER, making an interseption in your absolution practice, with the purpose of advanced ..

  - Here in the Higher Worlds of the Infinite Spirit, we realize the progress made in elimination, and it is in these stages that we want to report the abundance of facts that are incongruous among the Urantian authorities to demand Justice and Equity.

  - Here in the Worlds of the Infinite Spirit, there is a wide variety of events classified in a very subtle way, like premonitory, at the beginning of corrupting stages and they give us the necessary support, in the matter of information to correct and to announce new corrective measures of the equipments humans.

   -I AM YOUR UNIVERSAL FATHER, giving a variation.

  - Here in the Upper Worlds, we do not faint, until we can correct the circumstances that originated the corrective measures, they are taken into account at all times to establish the guide to follow.

  - Here is The Universal Father, giving a brief overview of the guides to follow in our company that is about to take off. Keep the guidance and discipline to succeed in these tasks.


René A Durán
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