Author Topic: They came down to pick me up for Uversa  (Read 338 times)

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They came down to pick me up for Uversa
« on: March 12, 2017, 04:36:05 AM »
Father, Ancients of Days and Christ Michael & Nebadonia:
Dear Divine Parents and Supreme Judges,

What has happened to me tonight is not a mere vision,  as the brilliant soccer hovered over my head and threatened the whole populations in my village for hours, the flying device was not noisy, it was a peaceful device that was shedding extraordinary bright lights down upon our heads, I knew it was there for me, but I was extremely scared, but I deeply feel that this came from Uversa Ancients of Days. The reasons:

Father, tonight as You know, I’ve just finished the visual/audio production that deals with Christ Michael and the Uversa Ancients of Days Supreme Tribunal Courts, and in a prayer before falling asleep I asked TA to take me to Uversa for a visit via his Diviningtonian Circuit, the device was there for my soul,

The device was indeed looking for me, because I first hid in the fishing nets of a neighboring house, but it came closer and closer to me, I was afraid and finally left that place and ran into my father’s house, there was no key to lock the living room and the device was already in the family compound. Now it was getting ready to enter and take me up, my soul has just returned into my body and even at this very moment I’m writing down the scene, my heart keeps beating.

I shouldn’t be afraid, I’m going back into bed, I’m ready, forgive my immature, your device can now come and pick me up. I’m ready. Let us go and visit Uversa.

Assalé is not a madman, real spiritual happenings are occurring at my soul level, and it’s a pleasure to post them for members enlightenment, a way for Heavens to encourage us in our endeavors to keep in touch with them. We are Agondonters.

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.