Author Topic: SERAPHIC TRANSPORT APPEARED TO ME  (Read 354 times)

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« on: March 16, 2017, 04:54:12 AM »
Traveller: Assalé
Theme: Seraphim transporting souls
Date: Nightime March 15-16-2017

In the beginning I thought it was a matt floating in the sky, and as I kept looking at the scenery, the Seraphim landed not far from the family compound, "what is it" I asked myself. then with all my courage I walked slowly to the happening, I was too curious that the Seraphim vanished (I saw her vanish) and left as luggage three souls who were still unconscious: my senior daughter's soul and two other little souls unknown to me.

The scenery was soon spread all over the world and attracted so many curious that even 6 forum brothers visited me at home. Villagers (because in Africa, everyone has a village) together with visitors organized a celebration for the miracle of the Seraphim. When Africa is happy, Africa dances and soon all the roundabouts were filled with the good mood of this particular party.

Soon afterwards the transported souls woke up and this doubled the fever of the already cheerful atmosphere. I was tasked to perform an artistic show, but I declined the invitation because I was just wrapped in my bathing towel! 

I really enjoy this kind of spiritual intro, but why did this happen yesternight? The question still remains. Christ Michael, thanks for managing to protect my soul, I went to sleep with no desire to make a trip, but if this took place, there should be out there a rationale, the Seraphim was a very bright being, and she even gave me a smile! 

A question to forumites: "How would you feel if all these astral trips were undertaken by your soul?" 

Thanks for reading.

Assaley, the astral traveller  
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.