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naivety - Genuineness - Picardy
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:42:17 PM »
Possibly it may be the question of many including mine: to what extent naivete was lost in deliberate transgression of Urantia to the universe in 100% positive? my personal impression is that these 3 above are all mixed in a universal equation '' Q '' Where the universal 100% negative actually became super-negative as Urantia deviated into the Universe.

Could that be some noncomplicity in trying to explain?

My impression is that naivety became a motive of ignorance because of the confusion

Super-negative in my conception came to be a negative-negative flow, where it is implied that the positive is prevented, this could explain those sensations that the world is lost, or than nothing than is done is good enough to breathe of clean shape.

What comes to my mind would be a conical system where the thought energies are enveloped and having their own axis in this cone, where pacifism narrows from the broadest part to the top losing positive energy. This to me explains how Lucifer gave himself to want to be the potential center in human minds going directly to the opposite of the universe itself in 100% positive
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