Author Topic: Message of an Australian Shiite Imam Mohammad Tawhidi  (Read 698 times)

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Message of an Australian Shiite Imam Mohammad Tawhidi
« on: April 08, 2017, 08:19:49 PM »
This is a video I got from facebook about someone who dared cross the line and asked questions.  Here in my country (Philippines) only a few brave individuals are left to criticize what is wrong with the Duerte government.  

Imam Tawhidi is now in hiding.  When death threats loom about you because you speak your truth...there is something terribly wrong.  He is now in hiding according to the UK Daily Mail.

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Re: Message of an Australian Shiite Imam Mohammad Tawhidi
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 09:05:13 PM »
Hi Evan and everyone maybe this could be of some help...

Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shi’i Muslim creationist, educator, speaker, preacher, thinker, researcher and author of Iraqi origin who was born in the Holy City of Qum, Iran, into a spiritual family with a history of decades in the Islamic Seminary.

His father Imam Abdulmutalib Tawhidi served as the Senior Imam of the Shi’a Muslim Community in Western Australia and was the first to establish a Shi’a Mosque in the entire state. Shaikh Tawhidi’s lineage includes several Grand Ayatollahs, Arabian Legends such as Hatam al Ta’ei and Prophets Hud and Noah. He is also the maternal grandson of Shaikh Yasin al Rumaithi, a prominent eulogist and orator within the Shi’a faith.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi completed his initial studies in Perth, Western Australia, and engaged in Islamic studies, Doctrine, Philosophy and Theology in the Islamic Seminary of the holy city of Qum, Iran, as of January, 2007.

He has delivered university lessons in doctrine and theology examining the theory of evolution, oneness of existence and the big bang theory. Shaikh Tawhidi is also active in the field of media and has appeared on several satellite channels globally, while his activities also include the administrating of Islamic Centres, websites, the publishing of Islamic books and delivering weekly theological, doctrinal and Jurisprudential lectures in universities and centres within South Australia.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi is licensed by numerous Grand Ayatollahs and leaders of Islamic Seminaries to lead and represent the Muslim community. He currently holds the position as the Imam of the Islamic Association of South Australia.

This is a link I found on youtube of a the full speech...

The channel is called - rotary club adelaide.