Author Topic: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?  (Read 3519 times)

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Re: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?
« Reply #30 on: May 15, 2017, 01:56:16 PM »
I could not agree with you more Sue. You have put a lot of what I feel into words I sometimes can not come up with.
The Father be with us and Guide us in these times of great change.
Much Love my brothers and sisters


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Re: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?
« Reply #31 on: May 15, 2017, 03:33:39 PM »
I cannot help wondering now, as I have been reading these and earlier posts on the subject of TUB, why its writing style should change although its content may be updated as we evolve and as part of its original intent?

Does not the entire TUB have a very purposeful intent which includes its writing style?

Is not TUB writing style meant to be this way to be more enduring through the ages while being careful as to not be misinterpreted, or would it always need its style adjusted periodically to accommodate future generations` reading ability?

And what about the fact that TUB was published in 1955, as our English style of writing has not changed much since that time, has it not?

And does this first TUB publication date not make sense and reinforce its intent, as more of the post-war civilizations had a revival to achieve a better standard of living through time-saving technology developed during the wars, and to become better educated; thus there would be more time for discovering and understanding the true religion revealed in TUB?

Sure, it is very detailed and takes much re-reading to understand its complex concepts, but does its current writing style make TUB uncomprehending for the ever-increasing numbers being able to read since 1955?

Good day,


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Re: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?
« Reply #32 on: May 15, 2017, 07:18:42 PM »
What I realized is that most of the population only believes in god, but they do not go far, to think they are interdependent of. What I want to say is that the I AM is aware of you. The question is whether people are aware of the I AM
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Re: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?
« Reply #33 on: May 16, 2017, 08:56:02 AM »
My dear Sue,  like others here,  I extend my thanks and appreciation  for your eloquent writing and understanding of the issues and as always, you always bring in deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of exactly what it is that we are to take from and examine from these revelations that are shared with us.

   I have now read this entire thread a few times and I feel such empathy for Mantutia as he  writes, rewrites, and revises these versions of the Urantia Books and what ever the new ones will finally be named.

  It's unfortunate that we can not have different levels of material that could fit humanity and readers that would fit their particular place on the learning and understanding ladder, just as we have "graduated" levels of education.   The minds on Urantia are mostly on an  "elementary" level as far as Spirit knowledge is concerned.
Mother Spirit indicated:

"The new Urantia Book carries two very different messages that the first one did not.  Be assured we need Urantia to be corrected, but we must reduce population by half and that is coming in horrible ways for man to hear...."

This statement surely says volumes!

I eagerly await the upcoming missive from Rayson that Ron is editing for us, especially about whatever may be shared about the "secret " of electromagnetism which science has toyed with and been intrigued with for quite some time without ever really making any significant headway towards it's use for the betterment of mankind, and no doubt the coming of the revelations concerning the introduction of Ultimatons has the possibility of a boosting and remaking of so many untold advantages for our world and it's civilizations.

I take this opportunity just to say that this entire thread has given us so much to  think about as our Missions draw closer to that grand day when Urantia reaches that point that will propel and launch Her and this world to  the beginning of a brand new History.  So I give my gratitude to the Universal Father Himself,  Michael, Mother Spirit, Mantutia,  Rayson,  and of course recognition to Ron for all of his diligent work.

  In love and in service to the coming of these Missions and all who come to Urantia in the Father's Name, Will and Purpose.    LarryG
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"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"

Ron Besser

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Re: Jesus Asks? Why Have A New Urantia Book at All?
« Reply #34 on: May 16, 2017, 10:46:58 AM »
Larry and to interested others as well.

My reply should really be in the science section since I report I have finished the transmitted secret report which this first draft runs about seventy-five pages.  I am ordered to get it down to less, much less than that and it will be done but I need a little rest before I start the refinement,

What is so secret?

I am unavoidably detained from ever stating it directly as that would give much of it away and I dare not do that ever.  They have trusted with a gang buster revelation that directly affects life on earth in a way I never, ever, thought about.  The "secret," is a book of "how to" make carbonite --  the real stuff and not something the medieval theologians knew (and all of you too), as carbon black.  Most of you can see carbon black by lighting a wax candle and putting the flame under the tea cup's bottom (about an inch away) and what you see on the bottom of the cup is called carbon black.

But this revelation is more stupendous and never mentions carbon black but once and is really no germain to the story told otherwise,

Steve Gitz-- some year ago or so-- mentioned micronization of coal, and I happen to be one of the few people left on earth that not only knew about, but I happened to worked with the inventor for twenty-five years, and because of that, I think I can safely say I knew just about all that is needed to actually make carbonite.

The inventor died in 2000.  I was not aware of his death for probably three or four months due to the fact he left us while residing in Washington DC, and I am still living in York, PA., and not until an attorney sent me all the facts from his estate did I know what happened.  Seventeen years have passed since his death, and to be direct about it, I put the whole idea away until the local universe intervened and pointed out to me that they needed someone to write out the process and I was really the only one who knew enough to instruct the rest of this world most of the way how to do it.

I am skirting my proscription to tell you much more except that Michael has intervened directly with me and placed the Magisterial Son, Rayson, to speak to me and dictate a few places I did not know how they went together.  He completed that part of his mission for the making of carbonite yesterday, late, about 830PM, to be exact.

I now have a draft narrative that now runs over seventy transmission pages except for what I supplied directly from my memory and some help from Califax on putting the 1920's and 1940's activities of the inventor together,  The facts supplied me were not known but may, if this thing is released at all, be the basis of a biographical treatment of the great men of German or Czech scientific inventions mostly unknown today.
Furthermore, the revelation supplied to me at the end of this draft and runs about five pages long as how to consider carbonite manufacture as one of the most lethal machines man could ever invent, and that it is so dangerous there has to be a manual written on "what not to do around it, and for it."   I personally would prefer never to be around it but I probably will be if this thing ever gets full clearance for the Father Himself.

"Larry, you must not pry too much on the subject, as Ron had an epiphany when writing this.  I never saw a man recoil over just scientific facts.  He reminds me of Oppenheimer when he stared at the first atomic blast on Urantia, and the foreboding the man felt at what they had discovered and unleashed.  Carbonite production is similar and so dangerous to Urantia, Ron has let it be in our hands just how to handle the report and the many secrets it contains on how to handle that production.

"I further state that the Paradise Father sees to the heartless versions of pain and suffering just enough to remind him he has a responsibility to hold the pact between Paradise and Ron through Michael and Rayson and quite a few others, never to divulge what was dictated to him in the last hour of dictation yesterday, Monday the 15th of May, 2017.  Note that date for your own reasons Larry, as we must give a small lecture aboout curiosity and how not to handle it sometimes.

"Curiosity.  It is the thing that kills cats as you have it on Urantia from your pundits of morality and discussions about secretive enterprises.  Why secrets in the first place?  How to skin the cat is not secret and is easily taught,  How to make carbonite is so exceedingly dangerous to mankind on Urantia, the Father does now want the technology out ever if he could avoid it.  Ron, as usual in his life, sort of dopted into the inventor's life through a mutual friend of Ron and the inventor.  They became fast friends and Ron sat at the feet of discussions between the inventor, the chemical engineer, and the interposition of the man who knew Rudolf Diesel and who copied Diesel's ideas about how to fuel battleships of the Kaiser and not have to use coal in any form except as carbonite.

"The carbonite experiments culminated in Nazi Germany and were used as the synthetic fuels to invade Russia as Project Barbarossa.  The fifth Panzer division was supplied with and ran on coal dust as some of the tank drivers referred to it.  When a tank that was fueled with carbonite powders, they blew up so hard and so high there was often just puddles of melted steel where once the treads appeared and so on.  Why?  Unknown the tank drivers was a mechanism in the tank that blew the tank up if it ran into the possibility of being caught and taken back in Allied or Russian reverse engineering places.  The synthetic fuel was exceedingly dangerous to even be around and it fueled t he tanks via a slim canister containing about six pounds of it into a special combustion chamber that ran the tank for about 100 miles without refueling.  Russian tanks were no match for the German Lions as many called them as they were the most powerful tank ever invented including today's American tanks fielded in Germany today.

"Ron was just interrupted by Sentenact who is a Divine Counselor when not the Uversa Ambassador to Urantia and particularly to oversee Ron's activities on Urantia.  Ron, and he hates to be the center of attention in these narratives, likes revelation like you like your choice vegetables, Larry.  He also knows that Ron has been under the gun to write this report for about two months, although Ron never felt the pressure to do so until Gitz made mention of micron powders and off we go to the memory fields and what Ron knew by association.  Sentenact knows Urantia history and especially Nazi stories which abound everywhere in the local universe for their unusual cruelty and scientific prowess.  Now Sentenact has this to add for your consideration everyone:"

SENTENACT (Universal Censor Ambrosia joins in with you Rayson and Ron).

"I am a Universal Counselor, and hail from Paradise, and as child Counselor, I was taken to Urantia during the wars of attrition between France and Spain and even England.  They were viscious wars and stand as one of the worst series of wars in the Local Universe of Nebadon.  When looking at the Second World War, we notie how cruel the Germans were and wondered what triggered a Himmler, a man so bombastic and cruel, even Hitler pales to what this man could cause to happen.  He not only caused the wholesale murder of millions of Jews, he also brought down the Third Reich, by insisting upon running the propaganda apparatus and promised German citizenry that if they stayed faithful, a super secret weapon would be brought forth to save them all.  He did this so often that Hitler, himself, thought it really existed.  What Himmler did not know was that the Reichstag's funeral was his secret and super weapon, for beneath it lay two bunkers: one for Hitler and one for himself.  Himmler died an agonizing death with his poison-pen Luger stuck into the roof of his mouth,  and Hitler died with a gun in his left ear.  Both men felt the extreme loneliness such a death brings and they felt nothing forever more.

"I see Ron tear up over these revelations as he knows the story in himself sometimes as he studied these events as a young man in college and elsewhere.  He knows the pain of dissolution quite often as he has never met a person he feels can mitigate the problems of a self life dedicated to God, and wonders how the Priests can do this so much so that he considered going to Seminary to learn how they are instructed to carry this off.  But better minds prevailed and Michael of Nebadon once proposed giving Ron a lesson in humility that would lead him into the many things that would suffice to support a life so dedicated.  One of those things was to provide a liaison between someone who knew how to get things done and himself and to teach Ron that things can be done well without a lot of fluff around them to get them done.  He found engineering and became, for all intents and purposes, and engineer without certification, and so on.  However, today he has fused with a long-time wanting Adjuster who now insists that his ward become a sanctioned Midwayer in its own ways, and to provide the Universe the means to provide technology that no one else can do anymore.

"I am Sentenact with the help of Ambrosia, a Universal Censor, and together we have concocted a safe way to tell you about what should never be attempted on Urantia if possible,  Ron is completely aware how to make carbonite and swears allegiance to the Father, never to divulge the very dangerous process it requires to result in producing carbon atoms which are just the remaining shells of a once powerful carbon twelve atom.  since the shell or outline of what was once carbon is now on the floor of a communition chamber in this process, they are devoid of neutrons and as such that kills the nucleus of the carbon 12 atom.  What is left is what remains of a cell wall that has been fossilized, and then reduced to an atomic sized speck of coalite or carbonite if you wish.  To do that the machine itself must be bolted to the floor and the capsule it spins to grind flashes around at ten thousand RPM (10,000 RPM).  This creates a tremendous amount of static electricity and we must vent the electricity as you would vent water in a washing machine that is in the spin dry mode.

"In this spin mode, the reduction mill (as one of the inventor's called it), has two important functions, and those functions are:  1 - clear the specs of coal so  they fall to the bottom as carbonite;  and,  2 - To clear the chamber of electricity before it electrocutes a worker.  Additionally, the reduction mill machine rotating at 10K RPM, is subject to revision of the molecular carbon twelve atom, and that creates such a dangerous situation, the Father wishes not to give it to Urantia for fear of being stolen and used for war.  We must leave it at that for now, and we will state for the public record that Ron knows what happens and is sickened at the possibility this could ever get lose on beautiful Urantia.  We leave our Commission to speak to this now,  Thank you."

I never anticipated to happen what happened in putting this narrative together, both as a book form Paper or here in this response.  From my reading of the Urantia Book, I conclude you do not mess or ask Paradise figures for anything,  They either give it voluntarily or they remain silent eternally.  Today they give you and me a safe way to describe what we ran into putting this paper together.

I am also concomitantly exploring a better way to avoid asking so that the kind Counselor and Censor do not have t o work so hard on clearing me to make statements most people would avoid so as not to spill secrets out.  But I am not really designed to hold back information, and that my brain is fully under the control of the Universal Father as an inventor also to meet contingencies on evolutionary worlds that need attention to help them live better.  What attracted me to three micron coal (and not four micron coal which is mostly useless now) is that it held potentials as a synthetic fuel for our transportation items some of which we drive ourselves.  I speak with favor yet in developing these powders yet see the skull and bones over these wishes, and you should too.  I await the Father's review of our efforts, and Rayson's kind comments about what to do with this exposition I call a Paper book.
Furthermore:  This morning I received a heartful call from Sentenact and Califax.  Please remember who these entities are:  Sentenact is a Paradise Trinity Universal Counselor.  Califax is the Father, truly.  Ambrosia now joins me and states that He is not just a Paradise child, but belongs to the Stellum on Uversa, that Califax directs.  These beings of Stellum direction are among the most potent forces of good in the entire Master Universe.  It is an honor and a great pleasure to be able to speak to them in such intimate terms.

"I am indeed a Universal Censor, and I insist on the protocol that allows man to work unhampered in his sciences so long as he does not find the keys to universe extinction.  Urantia has discovered two of those keys already and I asked Oppenheimer if he would like to state, for the record, his view of carbonite, and he refused saying that Ron was the man who had to figure it out.  But Ron is not the towering intellect of Oppenheimer, and another stepped forward to speak to it for us:  Here is an atomic scientist from 1946 who witnessed the first atomic explosion and wept.

Ron knows my name but cannot quite pull it out and I must get busy and let you know that the trial all would face making carbonite is very close to atomic secrets. I will let it go at that and finish this at another appropriate time.  Be assured I have quite a story to tell.  H.

Ron - I must close this because things are closing in around me I have to do today. I will let this response ride for now, and remind all of you that the coming Magisterial Mission, and the Science Officer, have many important decisions to conqueror including what do we do about carbonite.  Good day for now.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania