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'By Your Fruits'
« on: May 13, 2017, 02:08:42 PM »
Guardian Seraphim— ‘By Your Fruits’—5/13/17— msq— Alaska

Teacher: Guardian Seraphim
Subject: ‘By Your Fruits’
Ketchikan, Alaska
5/13/2017— 1713 hrs. UTC— T/R Michael S. Queen

Another Saturday, dear one… let us gather and speak, ones with the other. We wish you could visualize how we occupy ourselves relative to our duties concerning you; not to mention our fellow cherubim and midwayers. For you, who still marvels that your Creator Father so loves you, it is all but inconceivable to you… the bustle and stir of activity on our parts in your behalf.

Nevertheless, yours is a great hunger and thirst after righteousness. You listen, you study, you act, ever sorting wheat from chaff with the assistance of your Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, and we who surround you always. You continue to improve, overall. That is more than enough for us… goading us more valiantly and industriously to serve your spiritual needs.

Despite your innocent, incessant probing into the future, it is better for you that you should simply relax into the moment as events unfold and come to realization. Everywhere are the signs of spirit outreach and assistance. Looking there, it would not be hard to discover them and allow them to raise your spirits and bolster your agondonter faith.

Each workman in the vineyard of the Paradise Father receives equal due… no matter the time of day they started, or whether they were foreman or water boy. It is, rather, that you serve at all and not that you are or were of more or less importance in the ‘pecking order’ of things. Each personality is equally and unequivocally beloved of Him at the First Source and Center of the universes… all creation.

You are a husband, father, brother, employee, and friend first to those you encounter each day. You live to serve and that is the acme of mortal callings. Good and faithful servant, simply continue as you do, one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time, your inner focus upon discerning His will for you, and doing the next right thing. There is no more individually important work for a faith son or daughter in the Family of God to do.

Mission events and world events will unfold before your eyes—and ever within is your Father Fragment pointing to you, ‘This is the way.’ Triumph, through your agondonter faith, over disappointment, delay, and disruption. Be that bastion of clear-eyed faith and rugged discipline for yourself, your loved ones, and those around you. Already your inner light shines like your sun and, unfettered by your sense of self-esteem, cannot fail to guide your fellows into safe harbor and shelter from the storms of mortal life, as well as the upheavals so soon to beset all the mortals of Urantia.

Long have you been chosen, long have you been in training—coached and educated and strengthened in that He would have you do. Have no fear, for the Paradise Father is already resident within you.

Your calling is to all the children of the Father—regardless of any mortal distinction imposed upon them. You are to serve them wisely, judiciously, and unreservedly. His will trumps the pernicious evils of nationalistic or racial pride and self-invested superiority, of creeds and cultures that would separate your fellows into ‘us and them,’ or ‘greater than and less than.’ You serve your fellows first, foremost, and forever as you ascend toward the Paradise Isle. In so doing, you serve Him who created us all.

Lift up your brother, gather him in. See that he is safe, fed, clothed, taught, and provided employment that he might support himself and those who depend upon him. Through your thoughts, words, and actions—all that betoken the spiritual light within—become that beacon that guides the seeking through the darkness into the light of the Family of God. These are the offerings that please the Father, rather than the offerings of armaments, death, destruction, and division that has for so iniquitously long been the gifts of choice for the servants of Caligastia and the devotees of Lucifer.

God is not mocked. As Joshua ben Joseph pointed out two millennia ago, ‘by their fruits’ shall you clearly and unambiguously know of that which is of the Father and that which is not. Who is on the Father’s side this day? Now is the time to demonstrate so… otherwise you shall be as you never were. Good day.

michael s. queen
PO Box 19470
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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