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We have with us Father Califax, Systemic Sovereign and now Vice Planetary Prince Lanaforge, the Melchizedek Diplomatic Corps, Serara and Monjoronson, Paradise Brinotia and countless Celestial Assistants to list just a few, all coming down here for the Magisterial Mission. This is a good start, I may ask the ignorant to point out from the above list whom they may consider as the Anti-Christ.

Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.


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Dear Family;  I think  this is the biggest test in our lives in our individual countries,and in our Planet.   Jesus showed us the way  to be like the Father, he revealed to us that we are his children and  as a result, brothers and sisters.

That we should love each other, as we love ourselves, will be good, but to his disciples he ask to love as  "I have loved you and as the Father loves".

He also insisted in showing the fruits of the Spirit, living  what they preached, or even better don't preach what  you are not able to live.

Looking at our world today what we watch and hear in the media, the people that controls the information and try to control our minds and actions, we are not in a good position.  But if we have Clarity of Purpose, we know why we are here and cooperate with our Indwelling Spirit, try to do the best we can to follow Jesus teachings and live  life conscious of our thoughts, words and actions,we can live in harmony with the will of God. In  the joy  and peace that everything  will work for the best, no matter what is happening around us. We are ascending creatures returning to our personality and spiritual source.

The test is ; what will we choose, what humanity is choosing?
I agree that  anything that separates us from the Father and from Jesus is opposed to them, not a person , but any sistems of ideas or actions contrary to Love, Mercy and Truth.                  Blessings to all!!


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 I do want to say the Christ Michael came here as creator of this universe and was crucified. Lest we be ignorant of that fact we will all be subject to that outcome.


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..only those who want to give power to something like an antichrist would unlikely succeed in an enterprise to corrupt or destroy what we know as the Magisterial Mission. It is a situation where those who are prepared and ready to confront such monsters will be the victors and readily defeat that nonsense by a similar way Lucifer was defeated for good..

   I'm not worried. If it ever comes to see the light of day whether from Methodists or Baptists or Atheists etc etc, any antichrist has his days numbered.. there may be casualties but it doesn't last long.

   In any case no one wishes violence and blood spilled where God is involved but history of evolutionary planets is filled with it. The struggles are physical and emotional.. it is always like that; when it gets unbearable is when one loses the perspective of the God factor, what and who He is. Only true knowledge can takes us out of another down-spiraling cycle of destruction at a global level, whether those are the plans of any and all antichrists out there ready to keep us blind from the purpose of finding and knowing the Father of Creation.

   The antichrists want to follow the lunacy of Lucifer.. let them..

I'm in your Peace..
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God is Love beyond belief..


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I'd like to thank you, Ron, for attempting to answer my question, and for creating this topic category, but my initial question was: "I am curious as to how you think an "antichrist", as in its "personification" might be described, because the Bible does mention "antichrist(s)" five times and its definition varies slightly. And, when you use it above in reference to "learn to teach well" might indicate that what you might be attempting to teach, regarding the "sixth epochal dispensation", would or could insight a "mob" as it refers to these teachings?"
Where "personification" as defined here, could apply to "antichrist" whether one believes that he exists or not.

"Personification" -
1. the attribution of human nature or character to animals, inanimate objects, or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure.
2. the representation of a thing or abstraction in the form of a person, as in art.
3. the person or thing embodying a quality or the like; an embodiment or incarnation:
He is the personification of tact.
4. an imaginary person or creature conceived or figured to represent a thing or abstraction.
5. the act of personifying; the attributing of human qualities to an animal, object, or abstraction:
The author's personification of the farm animals made for an enchanting children's book.
6. a character portrayal or representation in a dramatic or literary work.

One must keep in mind that when there is some kind of teaching implied, that the students or audience that is being taught will have their own understanding of a subject and it cannot be assumed that everyone being taught wants or may expect the subject to follow along what they may already believe, to some degree, so if the subject matter does not lend itself to a certain format, and if these teachings attack specific religions or dogmas, like the more recent statements made in this topic about "Baptists and Methodists", one can expect a hostile response. That being said, if the previous example, and other negative attitudes, mentioned on this form, should be the actual teaching approach, you can definitely expect the "antichrist" reaction. Therefore, it would behoove a change in technique, or the intended result will be unexpected, to be sure.

Quote from: Ron Besser

My Response to MidiChlorian:
MidiChlorian, let me first express what I think about the antichrist:

1) He does not exist, but could exist due to historical circumstances opening the way to an expression of hate that the antichrist will have for God and for Jesus and for those of you who help the Magisterial Mission.  That means he appears because we let him appear.
Whether the "antichrist" exists or not is irrelevant, but in a teaching scenario one must know what the public's understanding is so that you don't get caught up in a vicious circle.  If you think that "we let him appear" because one does not stick their head in the sand and ignore the subject, then there will always be someone to take on the role of "antichrist", so it is better to know thy enemy, so to speak, before you get caught up in something that cannot be controlled.  

Quote from: Ron Besser

2) The antichrist is never good.  Just understand that.  Some people seem to think that any antichrist can have a good side to them like so many felt Hitler had a good side to his him for being a loving family man in disrespect to the brutality of murdering ten million souls before left earth.  The antichrist is no better than Hitler in this respect and he must be defanged before he poisons the well of the Magisterial Mission.
Whether good or bad, the antichrist will use whatever is necessary to gain followers, even to use logic and words to explain away what may be the truth, and make it into his own truth, regardless of conviction, or method of persuasion. Repetition, and slight changes in message along with an abundance of verbiage, will make a wrong idea righteous to anyone.  An "antichrist" cannot progress without followers to and of his propaganda, be it right or wrong.  So, how many persons could one associate to these type of actions, by looking at their followers or the fruits of their labors.  However, if there are many of these "antichrists", how does one identify with the real one?  The "antichrist" would never let you know that he is the "antichrist" but would point suspicion to someone else.  

Quote from: Ron Besser

3) Nostradamus made him, the antichrist up, in order to play the good he can do through prophecy against the evil of the church and its killing of Jews and heretics in the century he lived.

With all of that said, Mabus (the name Nostradamus gave the antichrist), was and still is a made up name with no particular reason for using it, EXCEPT, Mother Spirit of the day insisted he write it down as clearly as he could so that when interpretation was to be supplied, those doing it had a real set of letters and a name to conjecture with. [. . .]

And, Ron, you know this, how?  It would seem that you are taking a general interpretation of Nostradamus' "antichrist" from other writings and studies about what Nostradamus presented.  Not many know that Nostradamus was a Jew who's family conversed to Christianity, as you say under duress, but he got his knowledge of astrology from his grandfather who got this knowledge from writings from Enoch text, which identifies the Zodiac with thirteen signs, not twelve. The constellation Ophiuchus would be the thirteenth sign.
And the name "mabus" is not made-up but a reversed acronym, in that when changed would read "busma", however, there is even more in that there are missing letters within the acronym, but are syllabic.  More, I will not give you, because if your smart enough, and do some additional research, and study, you just might find the answer to the puzzle.  But, of course, I can say that you will not believe until all the answers are given, and then you wouldn't believe me.

The Reality of knowing what Wisdom is, is in the Experiencing of the Philosophy of using Knowledge.

Ron Besser

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MidiChlorian, the archive information through the akashic records is well known to all except us on Urantia, and that is where I am directed to stand and wait my turn to ask my questions concerning Nostradamus.  I play not part in how that gets to me but I do get the answer if Michael allows me to ask the question and extract it from the Seraphim Loyaltia who gives it to me gladly.  I can only answer it beats beating down a library vault to get if on Urantia, and yes I pick up a lot of information this way since I am allowed to eavesdrop too.  This does no assure you the information is right, but that is where it comes from for the most part.

I also know where Nostradamus is today and he let me speak to some representation of his that still lingers on the mansion worlds and Mother Spirit interprets \its pronouncements with concerns \about his life in France and in Italy and for all the fun he had in tropical waters on the eastern end of the Mediterranean which does not seem to be in the world records on his life.

I leave it there as I really have very little on universe record keeping\.  Thanks for asking.  Ron
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Greetings family,

Thank you RonB for creating this much needed thread for a wonderful discussion.

This is a sad state of affairs and it is good that it is elaborated upon here in this thread and these be made clear to be understood by all who are involved with the Urantia Book, our cosmological Personages and the said Magisterial Missions that is now set on course for our world. The trouble is, as I see it , is dealing with people here in our midst who have been so drummed into thinking in a certain way as I have in the past whether in dogma, principle or thereabouts and in believing the infallibility of the Bible as the inspired word of God and take most texts literally as such that it becomes difficult to persuade that traction of thinking, unless one is able to convince with equal amounts of reasonable persuasion to allow the other(s) to see it a different way.  Even then it is really up to those to receive it as ringing true and come to accept it – hence the willingness to choose a different perspective than what was previously accepted.  This takes time, convincing and a lot of perseverance on the part of any of us to uphold and see this work bear fruit.

It then becomes a reversal of dogma traction when once I espoused the view of scriptural input but now I espouse how I see God in a different light as I did before.  It is a personal experience as God is Spirit.

Let us no forget we live in the world of the Cross. I grew up with my evangelical Dad who preached the Cross and how he understood that without Jesus’s atoning death on the cross we either believe and are saved or we perish into hell and that Jesus’ Return is viewed as one of judgment, power and glory against the “antichrist”, the Book of Revelation calls the beast with the number 666, the devil who is like a dragon is pitted against the forces of good that the glorious Christ Jesus represents along with his elect, his followers etc.

This is a similar erroneous view that has been done before by the Jews who long ago in the ancient past viewed YAHWEH as the God of the Mountain that was to be feared and revered and this story is revealed to us in the pages of the Urantia Papers of the history of the Jewish religion. Also, we all know the story of the fear of man upon our world and how religion is born out of those fears and, of course, the religion of salvation by the Cross is, again, another one of those religions that arises from the fear of condemnation and rejection and as a result to appease such a wrathful deity in some sacrificial manner.

When Jesus came upon the scene in Palestine, he grew up in their customs and ways and knew how to converse with the people of those times and he went about with his disciples in a way sharing all that he knew and understood in a way that it could be best absorbed and made sense to them. His story as revealed in Part 4 of the present Urantia Book needs to be made available to everyone on this world so as to make known the truth of his inspiring legacy.

I remember when Jesus has said “..if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me..”. The real Christ is the one who can draw so many attracted to what?  Have you thought about that? If we are talking about the “antichrist”, let us talk rather about the “Christ”, the real “Christ” and not the “sacrificial lamb of God” as put out by Christians and old Jewish traditions of atonement, the custom of old that arises from fear.  Who are we to fear, when the real “Christ” can draw so many unto Himself due to His unconditional love for all and in all that we are made known to be brothers and sister, sons and daughters of this self-same Universal God we have all feared for so, so, so long?

Our troubles with what is to occur is that we represent something that is SEEN by the population to be alien or “antichrist” when we are in fact LIVING in the essence of faith and loving service of being “Christ” among men of fearful persuasion.

I have shared some time ago of how my own mother is of persuasion in her Christian dogmatic mindset and I know what she is about as I once was like that myself.  It is not until God our Father has worked in such a way in my personal life and jolted me awake in His own way that I can truly see in a different light in all humility and in searching the meaning of His intrusion in my life as he does in so many ways.  Truly, He moves in mysterious ways in us and it is this that makes us search Him and find Him and what a joy to do so and find that He is with us all this time.  We are not alone, His Spirit is in our very selves, our thoughts, in our hearts and minds as we pause to reflect and think of who we really are and the purpose of our being here in the first place.

A while back, I am sure many of us felt for Jesus who is to return here and do his work and I could only feel dread of another attempt all over again of assassination as so many people will simply misunderstand the import of Jesus, these Missions and our role in with all of this. You see,  our very involvement along with the Urantia Book and with the foreign terms of a Magisterial Son is so alien to most of the population of Urantia as so few of us have had the opportunity to come to be acquainted with and understand what this is all about, but to the rest of the population, it is anathema – an “antichrist” in their collective mindset so long as they hold on to their fears and cling to scriptural basis of their two thousand year old holy books of the Bible, the Koran and other texts to base their beliefs upon.  The whole while they do so they fail to see God is in their midst and speaks and no one is willing to see, hear and respond to the “Christ” among them who only seeks to draw them to the God that is within them as their Thought Adjuster, their Pilot Light, the One who points them North to the Source and Centre of our being.  St.Paul of Tarsus had this truth right when he said that, but when he spoke of Jesus’ death as an atonement, that we can now put behind us as it is a falsehood that no longer serves us; the ancient fear of men need be no more as our fear is turned into a living faith and trust in the Source and Centre who draws us all to Himself as we are one and the same in and with Him, if we are willing to abide in Him who loves us all and so pours out a part or a fragment of Himself in each of His lowly creatures of time and space.

And so this is one of many obstructions and frustrations we will have in the course of these Missions of grace that the Father will unfold before us and we are to know how to love gracefully with our fellows in loving, persevering and patient service in showing the way, the truth and the joyful life of knowing Him in our lives to all those yet to discover it in themselves.

The package of the MSM may well be seen at first as alien or as “antichrist” to many and this is the first obstruction and frustration we will all endure and when some things level out and become obviously real in time for many to see its worth then the value placed by the many will have become the good soil in which our work can begin to sow the seeds and the previous perception of “antichrist” or “alien” will be seen as an embarrassment of thought no one wishes to entertain ever again.

Someone once told me and I will never forget the question and it is a good one to entertain and that is – “Have you ever thought of it in this way?”

There opens a pandora box of thinking and a healthy one at that.

This is why I see the initial stages of these Missions to be revelatory in nature and that the significance of getting the new second Urantia Book out as imperative for the good import it is to be for all inhabitants of this world to get up to speed with being better educated, not only on our planetary history, but on where we are placed with the Sons of God among us to bring us back into the Universal fold.

Thank you all for this thread and such an important one to get out as it is one we are living with now as so many times we are estranged by our loved ones in so much misunderstanding and ignorance.  And ignorance is the one thing that bothers me the most, it is so annoying and belittles our intelligence.  The fact that some do not bother to pick up the Urantia Book and read it cover to cover before they rant in rejection is truly the saddest thing for me to see and I wonder how they will fare in the eternal status before their Maker.
It is hard for me to see a deadman walking before my eyes when this happens. Then again, we are told, the will of man is sacrosanct and we must respect it. So be it.

So God help my feelings of despondency, depression, sadness and my mental state in coping with so many who may choose extinction and in my heart chakra to keep going with you Father no matter what and still remain calm in the storms that keeps persisting now and in the near future. I pray Father that your mercy is seen fare and square soon enough and that I hope many will come to their senses and be truly enlightened and choose wisely the eternal career you have so lovingly and lavishly laid out before us all to follow and abide in.  May your Name be indeed lifted up and that all men be drawn unto you and offer you heartfelt praises for your goodness abounds forevermore.

Thank you Father for coming to help us and our troubled world and may your Sons who come in your name have good success in the endeavour to bring us into the fold of Light and Life as you wish it to be for all of us. For I know that you are not wishing that any of us should perish but that we will have eternal life and go on into the many adventures you have in store for us to explore and learn of you and your most excellent way as infinite as that may be as you truly and simply are infinite.

Meanwhile, I know too we must be wise as serpents and as innocent as lambs and in these soon to be universal announcements we are to keep low, out of trouble and keep our powder dry until it is time to be about the work of teaching and revealing those things God will allow through us to be open about when it is safe and secure to do so.

In a dream, not long ago, I saw a passage way through which I normally could push a trolley through, but on this occasion in the dream all I saw was so many things placed in the way that it became obstructions for me to go any further with my trolley and then frustration came into my awareness as I note how those feelings crept in and I realise what the import of the dream was about one of ‘obstruction and frustration’ (‘o-and-f ‘) and that is in our way soon enough and we cannot push our trolley through this until it is clear to do so.  So you see my dear fellows. We must first tackle and remove those obstacles and place them in their respective places out of harms way before we can see a clear passage for us to push our trolley through and that is what is before us as we go forward in time. 

We know in advance that the passage will open up but for now all that lies in front of us is the frustrating task of stopping our trolley, walk around and patiently deal with what is causing us to pause our trolley as it cannot go through with so many things in its way.  This is a metaphorical dream in which I can see quite clearly that needs to be confronted whether we like it or not.  Our trolley is ready to go and is happy sitting pretty but until we clear the way, then the trolley can safely stay back and smile in the corner until push comes to shove and then the trolley becomes a very useful thing and is very much needed in the coming trial we all face.

So the ‘o-and-f’ is the first thing we need take account of on our bumpy road to the New Age we all know is around the corner. Stay tuned, stay calm, be of good cheer and remain in prayerful vigil in these times of great tribulation.

To be honest, I feel this is too long a waffley response to this subject and I shy from posting it to the Forum here, yet I hear Sananda now in my ear and says this…

“….to write this and share it as we need you all to get behind what is soon taking place and your views expressed here will further cement the problems to be aware of and those who visit this site will see that we have addressed this issue well in advance before it is to be an explosive one in the general domain.  No one here has ever ruled out the challenges that a Magisterial Mission presents and that to have you working with us will pose some dangers for you and we will have security working in place to ensure those who wish to harm the goodwill of these missions will find themselves in hot water with all that we present in full force. I am Sentenact, Sananda, yes I am Father, as you all know I work through many names, so get used to it and see to it I have your back as you have mine, good day!”

Well that message was lightning fast, it went as fast as it came – wow fun times ahead folks!

12.35pm AEST 19/06/2017


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One must keep in mind that when there is some kind of teaching implied, that the students or audience that is being taught will have their own understanding of a subject and it cannot be assumed that everyone being taught wants or may expect the subject to follow along what they may already believe, to some degree, so if the subject matter does not lend itself to a certain format, and if these teachings attack specific religions or dogmas, like the more recent statements made in this topic about "Baptists and Methodists", one can expect a hostile response. That being said, if the previous example, and other negative attitudes, mentioned on this form, should be the actual teaching approach, you can definitely expect the "antichrist" reaction. Therefore, it would behoove a change in technique, or the intended result will be unexpected, to be sure.


   Indeed a response from Baptists and Methodists could be an expected hostile one.
   On the other hand let's assume that these persons have a heart and a conscience and/or some kind of discernment in what concerns criticisms done about them and therefore 'hope' that a positive reaction to those comments is also possible from them who must be under a celestial microscope, I'm sure, and that they deserve no better because of their overall negative influence on others, including me and my family.

   We will all be judged sooner or later and I don't want to be in any of their shoes.
God is Love beyond belief..


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The posting by Sue (7 in ocean) is excellent.   It needs to be read carefully and often.   The words are inspired.

I have known for quite awhile that we will be walking into danger with the Missions.   It cannot be otherwise.   Knowing that there will be security for us is a comfort to me.   I have been listening to family, friends and others, discuss Jesus and the Anti-Christ.   They believe only what they have been taught since childhood, in their churches and in their homes.  

Being told that perhaps there is another way to think about this, causes an immediate and extreme reaction.   My thinking has been labeled blasphemous and I am in league with the devil!   They have consigned me to hell.   Those are the least offensive words that have been said to me.   And these are people I have known for many years.   Can you imagine how strangers would react?   I felt that I should be checking to see if there were any stones nearby!  

It takes very little for a calm, pleasant group of people to change into an unthinking mob.   Once their anger and fears have been raised,  there is no time to get out of there.   Having Love for them in your own Heart is not a protection.

I take a long-range view of the Missions.  The change in people will not happen overnight and will probably take much more than a few years.   I believe that our best hope is in our children.   Those beautiful souls who have not yet been indoctrinated by those words that divide us.   I look for guidance from our Celestial family.   I pray for our deliverance from so much hate and separation from the One we should be looking toward and have solidly in our Hearts.  

Blessed be...........
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Allie and Sue,
You are so right on in what you post, and thank you Sue, and no you do not waffle or mince words.  The other night in my post I mentioned the "MOB MENTALITY," regarding how most good God fearing men can be almost instantly transformed into an army of monsters bent on death and destruction.  Point in question, the riots after the Rodney King episode in LA.

When I was a young man I lived in Hollywood and was witness to the Sunset Strip Riots and was  almost drawn into the crazy frenzy.  I can remember the strange feelings and vibrations that ran through my body.  I thank God that I was able to turn back the other way as I watched so many be beaten and tear gassed.  It was a scary experience, but I think it would be considered tame compared to a religious stirred mob.

My head has been hurting for the past few days and I believe my mind is being prepared/repaired, or who knows.  Anyway, thank you Sue and Allie for your words as they do cause one to think and reflect.  And thank you  Sananda for your words of advice and counsel.

Love to all,


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To all

To truly have an idea of a concept you have to understand its meaning deeply.


           What is Christ (Jesus Christ)?
           Jesus Christ represents unshakable faith in God, when he submits totally to the will of God the Universal Father of All.
           Jesus Christ also represents love in a broad sense, which is much more than loving family, relatives and friends, but loving everyone including enemies or supposed enemies (who are not always enemies but are often friends who want to help To walk on the correct path of true spiritual values in the light of God).
            For me, the parable that has more meaning among all that Jesus taught is the parable of the prodigal son.
            The prodigal son who goes on the wrong path, and repents, and returns to the path in the light of God.
             We are all children of God, Universal Father of all and brothers in spirit. And so we all, brothers in spirit, when we err, for whatever reason, we can return to the path in the light of God.
             Jesus Christ represents the building of true spiritual values for evolution of the evolutionary soul, of us mortal human beings who live on a small evolutionary planet in the gigantic universe of universes.

             The antithesis, that is, the Antichrist represents the opposite of the deep meaning of Christ.
             The AntiChrist in my conception is a "egregora". This conception may be wrong, but it is only an initial conception, in order to speak more on this subject.
            I only met the term "Egregora" here at the Serara Forum. From what I understand "Egregora" means a collective consciousness. So "AntiChrist" was an "Egregora" devised by Lucifer and Caligastia to try to prevent people from reflecting on the renewal of spiritual values in order to try to crystallize old and wrong concepts and try to avoid the necessary changes to spiritual evolution.
             Thus, many people who find themselves spiritually blind, when presenting a true spiritual change, not understanding the meaning, says that this true change is the Antichrist.


            In everything I read, I seek to reflect, and I believe it is an important attitude to separate the good information they construct, the bad information they destroy.
            In everything I read I ask God's help to interpret the deep meaning of the concepts that are often implicit and not entirely clear, but deserve a deep reflection for a better understanding.
            The Urantia Book brings new information that is the "Thought Adjusters".
            The "Thought Adjusters" that are a fragment of God that address and settle in the minds of people who believe in God.
            This Thought Adjuster gives us advice when we ask, through a still, quiet voice in our minds that believe in God and that helps us separate the "weeds" from the "wheat" in relation to the information we receive.

            The Mighty Messengers are those human beings, who in tense moments, for example, of a rebellion against God, sought to defend the true concepts in the light of God.
             Yes, I argue that the world urgently needs spiritual renewal. This I say, starting from close, that is, for Brazil, for South America, for all America, and, finally, for the whole world.
             The Urantia Book brought another important new information, namely the Magisterial Mission on the evolutionary worlds of time and space, as is our little blue planet.
             The Magisterial Mission is described, mainly, in document 20 of the Urantia Book.
              The defense of the Magisterial Mission as necessary for spiritual renewal is a meaning for all of us, who already know deeply the Urantia Book, the Serara Forum and the profound spiritual changes that are to come.

With much love to all,

A todos

Para se ter verdadeiramente uma ideia de um conceito tem que entender profundamente seu significado.


         O que é Cristo (Jesus Cristo)?
         Jesus Cristo representa fé inabalável em Deus, quando se submete totalmente à vontade de Deus Pai Universal de Todos.
         Jesus Cristo representa também o amor, em sentido amplo, que é muito mais do que amar a família, parentes e amigos e sim, amar a todos inclusive os inimigos ou supostos inimigos (que nem sempre são inimigos mas muitas vezes são amigos que querem ajudar a você caminhar pela trilha correta de valores espirituais verdadeiros na luz de Deus).
         Para mim, a parábola que tem mais significado entre todas a que Jesus ensinou é a parábola do filho pródigo.
         O filho pródigo que vai para o caminho errado, e se arrepende, e volta ao caminho na luz de Deus.
         Todos somos filhos de Deus, Pai Universal de todos e somos irmãos em espírito. E assim todos nós, irmãos em espírito, quando erramos, seja qual for o motivo, nós podemos voltar para o caminho na luz de Deus.
         Jesus Cristo representa a construção de valores espirituais verdadeiros para evolução da alma evolutiva, de nós seres humanos mortais que vivemos em um pequeno planeta evolucionário no gigantesco  universo dos universos.

        A antítese, ou seja, o Anticristo representa o contrário do profundo significado de Cristo.
        O AntiCristo em minha concepção é uma égregora. Esta minha concepção pode estar errada, mas é apenas uma concepção inicial, no intuito de falar mais sobre este tema.
          Somente conheci o termo "Egregora" aqui no Fórum Serara. Pelo que eu entendi "Egregora" significa uma consciência coletiva. Então o "AntiCristo" foi uma "Egregora" implantada por Lúcifer e Caligástia para tentar impedir que as pessoas reflitam na renovação dos valores espirituais no sentido de tentar cristalizar conceitos antigos e errados e tentar evitar as mudanças necessárias para a evolução espiritual.
           Assim, muitas pessoas que se encontram cegas espiritualmente, quando se apresenta uma mudança espiritual verdadeira, não entendendo o significado, diz que esta mudança verdadeira é o Anticristo.


               Em tudo que eu leio, eu busco refletir, e eu acredito que seja uma atitude importante para separar as informações boas que constroem, da informações más que destroem.
               Em tudo que eu leio eu peço a ajuda de Deus para interpretar o profundo significado dos conceitos que muitas vezes estão implícitos e não são totalmente claros, mas merecem uma profunda reflexão para um melhor entendimento.
               O Livro de Urantia traz uma informação nova que são os "Ajustadores do Pensamento".
               Os "Ajustadores do Pensamento" que são um fragmento de Deus que se dirigem e se instalam na mente das pessoas que acreditam em Deus.
               Este Ajustador do Pensamento que nos dá conselho quando pedimos, através de uma voz mansa e silenciosa em nossas mentes que acreditam em Deus e que nos ajudam a separar o "joio" do "trigo" em relação as informações que recebemos.


             Os Mensageiros Poderosos são aqueles seres humanos, que em momentos tensos, por exemplo, de uma rebelião contra Deus, procuraram defender os conceitos verdadeiros na luz de Deus.
              Sim, eu defendo que o mundo precisa, urgentemente, de renovação espiritual. Isto eu digo, começando de perto, ou seja, para o Brasil, para a America do Sul, para toda a América, e, enfim, para todo o mundo
              O Livro de Urantia trouxe uma outra informação nova e importante, ou seja, a Missão Magisterial nos mundos evolucionários do tempo e do espaço, como é o nosso pequeno planeta azul.
              A Missão Magisterial está descrita, principalmente, no documento 20 do Livro de Urantia.
               A defesa da Missão Magisterial como necessária para a renovação espiritual é um significado para todos nós, que já conhecemos profundamente o Livro de Urantia, o Fórum Serara e as profundas mudanças espirituais que estão por vir.

Com muito amor a todos,

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