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Universe Language - New Words and Proposal for all of you
« on: June 23, 2017, 11:39:07 AM »
Michael of Nebadon:
Today is the 23rd of June in the United States and the western hemisphere.  In our wishes for all to become not complacent, we ask the following to be done: Eat well and learn the alphabet you belong to in speech.  Sometime within the next few months each of you will have a visitor to speak to you about your language and the need to learn new languages as you go about doing good.  Urantia has about 3,056 usable languages, but only seven are considered universal on Urantia and those are the European Romance languages plus German and English and Portuguese and one other, Russian of necessity.

Russia today is becoming a mediocre backwater due to the lack of principles it once espoused as a new Republic under the guidance of Boris Yeltsin, and while it is a marvelous backwater, it is stagnating for the lack of funding of its crumbling infrastructure (as is the United States suffering the same with it), and all languages must learn they are to be eventually, in a century or two, blended into the universal version of English to be spoken and introduced later this quarter century ending in 2023.  In looking at English as the last bastion of difficulty for people to learn, just realize that when speaking English, you are spekaing most of the Romance Languages of Europe and South America, and only Russian remains unrelated to the remaining languages spoken to as here as a universal language.

When addressing each other these days, many of you sign off with the word “DOMTIA.”  That is the unvierse language spoken on Salvington and elsewhere through out the time-space regions.  It means, “good day and happy lending of my heart for yours.”

Ron picked it up in a very old Broadcast of several years ago when we sent it to him a year ago to address the idea of learning the universe language while still in the flesh on Urantia.  He will already have the language imparted in his brain shortly and should be able to rehears it with all of you in about one year or so as we do not want to start teaching the universe language to all of you before we are fully established on Urantia as the Magisterial Mission.  Therefore, let me teach you a couple of other words spelled phonetically for the English speaking people on this discussion forum and web site.

You will see these words printed below as an attachment so they stay together in the post.  We also wish you all to understand that Ron is fully done with his transition in body and is is ready to assume the mantle of morontia grid systems in his mind as soon as we have the Father’s permission to do so.  Today he is in misery with profound ringing and tinnitus in his ears, enough so to make him stay in bed this morning.  That will end when the Father re-indwells him as a morontial being sometime later today and he must remain at home until he is cleared to walk about.  I am truly sorry for the pain accompanying this transition and he should be much better tomorrow.  Thank you all for listening to a lesson on languages.  This is Mother Spirit now:

“Mother Spirit: I wish you all to hear this well.  Ron has cleared out several dozen sweet ones (angels) as he calls them by yelling at them this morning which he did not do verbally but compensatingly through the Deity of the Creator Son, and they now understand he has no direct dealing with Mother Spirit any longer and must make his human way to finish what he started for the Magisterial Mission.  However: the trial to finish this work will take one thousand years or so and he must learn patience with Seraphim as they are slow to take on responsibility to learn languages they have not yet mastered either and they will learn the universe language as spoken on Uversa and converse with your souls in that lanugage so when you appear on the mansion worlds or elsewhere the language can already be spoken ease.  So that you all understand here are two words that are the same in Uversa speech as in Nebadon speech:



Urboytia (Your Boy Sha) - - - - - - - -  Let us work together.

Good day.”

Ron - Just FYI, today is horrible in the head and less so in the legs and the ringing is ferocious, but they say what I hope is true and I do not feel as of yet as I write this.  Thank you all for listening.

Califax  - “Ron is wearing two hats this morning and one is mine for him.  For him, he is being re-indwelt by his fused Adjuster as though he were a morontial being on the sixth mansion world.  He also carries nothing important yet, but his work is to be the liaison for the Supreme on Urantia for humans.  Be assured we worked hard on this selection because Ron is silly and he gets to laughing at unusual presentations with lots of mind graphics he sees very well.  Take a moment and picture your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband and present that picture to your won mind and look at the detail in it.  Ron sees details like that for cartoons and presentations Mother Spirit gives him of material objects for him to remove from his mind and draw if required.  Be assured he sees all beautifully and can describe an elephants tusk if we can provide him a microscopic picture to him.  This is considered so valuable you need all to attempt this too and we will help you obtain the talent if you can.  Not all minds can do this.  Thank you.  Califax.”


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Re: Universe Language - New Words and Proposal for all of you
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 12:39:55 PM »
Thank you Ron, Michael and Califax. I would like to sincerely learn the Nebadon Universal language before departure. So, put me on the list of these learners.
A small spelling mistake Ron:

Bynotria (Bye Note Tree Sha Tria): Let us pray together for each others love of God).


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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.