Author Topic: Revisions and Additions to Categories of This Web Site FYI 15 July 2017  (Read 916 times)

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Ron Besser

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Dear List,
I have removed about five categories from the list today because they either were confusing to understand why they were created in the first place or they ran out of need to use them any more.

Second, I moved some categoreis around into different positions to make it more logical to use by newcomers onto the site.  The General Category is now moved closed to top of the forum as are FAQ's and so on with it.

Third, I added one new category that results from today's news that the divine Missions to Urantia are being revised to work in phases for the return of Urantia to the universe family of planets.  As stated in the new category, the divine Missions are now scheduled to operate in four Phases, and I won't go into it here except to note that Phase I of four phases starts between now and October sometime and the new Category is for Phase I and Michael messages since he is the Prince of Peace and the Awkward Acknowledgement that none of this can happen without all of you on board.  Michael is ready to stand down for a few days to prepare the list of who and who will not be part of the original human contingency for the work of all of these divine Missions when all schedules are fully understood (see the post under the new category outlining what schedules we do know.)  I am particularly moved by the fact that Salvington restores all we expected in the first place from the beginning of the Magisterial Mission five years ago, and that should cheer many of you who want it rough on the thugs and murderers and miscropic financial wizards who cause so much harm these days.

Depending on what we learn, there may be further need to modify the discussion forum further, as I began today to remove categories with little use because, frankly, the Mission Leaders have changed their mind over the months they were up, and are now not useful today.  Perhaps tomorrow they will come back, but I have reset the board today to help reduce the clutter and add some pertinent information for your own use above.

I will list all the categories at the top of the discussion forum with links to them so you can see what is available to post in and go to it without having to study the long ladder of categories we still have available to post in.

Thank you for your time and patience as we revise the board.  -Ron-
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Thank you Ron this is a big improvement,  I like the new order in the categories and the new one for the Salvington Phase, and for transmissions about the earth changes.   Thanks for your service.  esther


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RON Beloved :-*
Thank you for your revisions necessary and useful for the mankind and decadent, we are all and all in service for so long that the heavenly authorities know and activate if necessary our spiritual DNA at the right time, JEM thank for all global translations so useful for all ethnic groups in this forum of mind, adorable thank you
brave Clency for your help, these so valuable traductiuons for the French mainland, and thank you Ron for your selflessness as director of quality in sharing our celestial Instructors beloved, may the Glory of God spread like a Lazer rapid awaken the masses homosapiens in Homospiritus added to this place of Supreme Spirit
Bernadette a Lady of Light on and work from my birth on Urantia 2017

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Salutation from france, all urantian people,
tankyu so much ,dear brothers and sisters,
in my country, no people ready , yet for this wonderfull Work in the Universal father, i hope
french forum For Monjoronson, and Mickael;love
and light way together,multilanguages,with my respect and gratitude !


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Ron,  For some reason, every time I click on the links at the top of the discussion board, I get an error message and can't get in that way.  I wonder if anyone else is having this come up.  Just letting you know.  I don't mind the regular way--just as long as I can log in and get on the forum. :)

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I have the same message as well. I will try again later.