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Different Experience
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:44:51 PM »
Teacher: Machaventia Melchezideck / Michael
Subject: Different experience
Category: Reflectivity
T/R: Ron H. Mt Shasta, CA, USA
29 July 2017, 7.10am,   ( 15:10pm GMT)


Yes son I am here for you to day. This works for all of us and we have different experience with reflectivity.  You hear us well with out a lot of symbolism.  Each is in his own place in spirit.  To receive from us.  You are doing well and keep working on I.  You posted last night and your thinking was good as to see just what is coming  and what one need to be prepared for.  Father Mel is there more? Yes son there is ore  at this time keep being in stillness and open to us in your day. You are doing well and this TRing is getting better and progress is being made for you in spirit.  Is this to be posted Yes son please do  and come to us in your day and be thinking of us and your relationship with us all.  Machaventia Melchezideck

Later in the morning: I am open n to you to Reflexivity TRing.   Is any one here?  

Yes son this is Michael and you heard the tones. It got you awake and up to take our comments for you.  You doing this is good and you are TRing like you asked.  This is a good test to see your response  to our call. Please son know that you are making progress and moving along for the  M.  Now we are going and will be back look for us.  Domtia
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