Author Topic: Venting Allowed - About This Web Site 7 Aug 2017  (Read 692 times)

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Venting Allowed - About This Web Site 7 Aug 2017
« on: August 07, 2017, 11:21:09 AM »
Venting Allowed -

I have received a complaint on a certain posting that the language was bad and the person wanted me to notice it.  When reporting posts you find offensive that is fine, but I am a moderator of these supposed offenses, and I suggest to all of you that while language can harm, if you place such language in context, it is called "venting," the poster is doing and is unusual for them and not of notice to me.  It happens and we need to see the context in those emotions that set these things off.

Venting is the word I use to describe what happens when the frustration level reaches a breaking point and you yell at life or someone else does and it gets posted as a point of view I think most of us agree with is over the top, but yet it releases the pressure to obtain some satisfaction at progress the poster cannot find as of yet.

Consequently, I am ignoring all such complaints and consider the subject closed.  I sincerely feel there is no harm done except to recognize it is the human emotional trait at work when pushed back so hard one feels dropped from the human race.  I feel that myself sometimes but I am careful not to overly vent my frustrations in public.

Be at peace all of you.  There is much coming to distract your good intentions to serve even as the world will just be a miserable place to live in with false cackles from the right in politics and the genuinely false latitudes of prose from the left of the political spectrum, and those in the middle of those politics should understand we are going to go through hell now and then to clean our political system out of so-called experts and get some good governance again.  General Eisenhower once said that the house that holds together remains together as he paraphrased Lincoln on that occasion.  I for one never believed we in America would ever have to suffer what we are suffering today, and I propose that there has to be a Constitutional amendment to prevent the election of Presidents who are too wealthy to stand alone without prevailing upon the country to admit they need his guidance because of that wealth.  I propose that we all need to vent in this country after being presented to a political administration in this country that has no business being in office much less President.

Now, I just vented without being in the basket of thought that sends me to jail for possible sedition, and that is what all you have to decide yourselves.  Because all of you at one time coming have your back against the wall, and a few expletives will likely slip through your lips.  As your neighbor, I will say, “there, there,” and understand you have had it with what is truly wrong.  I leave this message by asking Michael to have a say:

Michael of Nebadon
“I agree with Ron whole heartedly in that reporting a few bad words in a post from an otherwise genuinely good man is not notable.  However some of you can really range the cursing very well and I ask you do not ever do it in a post but to the dog or the car or traffic.  That is where Ron vents furiously at the inanity of driving in a too crowded highway and all the time!  He and I agree that the amount of cars must be reduced on the highway and that will appear as soon as fuel becomes too precious to even buy much less use.  In any case you all must keep things in mind to keep cool when others are not because you are now representing the Magisterial Mission and not the community fund as most do in this life time one day or another.  Please keep in mind that to hear another kick the car or shout the house down inside does absolutely no good except to release high pressure against your ego that the world is out to get you and that no one cares.  Well we do care, just not enough to curse at things or people.  Good day.”

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Re: Venting Allowed - About This Web Site 7 Aug 2017
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2017, 12:29:19 PM »
Well stated, Ron and Michael. Sometimes even a word or phrase we might not normally use can be like the tip of a knife inserted into a clam shell. It is apropos and descriptive, and out pops the truth. Anything loses meaning if overused, and we all hear people whose vocabulary is severely limited to approximately one adjective.

However, for the thoughtful and erudite among us, a little leeway might be granted. Language is an art medium, and sometimes art needs a big splotch of blood-red paint on it. Heigh-ho, Jim.
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