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« on: October 30, 2017, 06:41:11 PM »
OCTAVIA – THE I AM - RAYSON - Flow with the tide of the unfolding of Fathers Will; The Exercise of Faith; Universe Timing - 30-Oct-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA

Subject:  Flow with the tide of the unfolding of Fathers Will; The Exercise of Faith; Universe Timing
30-Oct-17 6:14 PM  EST   22:14 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

OCTAVIA -  Flow with The Tide of the Unfolding of Fathers Will

“Yes, indeed I am here to answer your request to receive a message from spirit and assure you that we are available to all who exercise the faith to call on us.  In these days before you there is much transpiring as has oft been repeated here.  I do not come to repeat the obvious but to bring assurance to your mind that we are your comrades (in arms?) and your brethren in service to the Father.   This is something many of you still struggle with, to the fullness of its understanding.  It is indeed a ‘new thing’ for spirit to work in such a way as this with mortals of such differing education and experience but the Father knows His business and as we come together to perpetuate His will on this orb known as Urantia we will see and experience many a ‘new thing’ as it comes about.  How can we predict the unprecedented?  It is not our mutual place to so predict, it is our place to flow with the tide of the unfolding of Father’s will and ways as He sees fit to guide us through these experiences.  

“Humans have a strong tendency to fear the ‘unknown’, the ‘unusual’, the ‘never before experienced’ and you have all faced this fact repeatedly throughout your mortal struggles.  The difference here is that The Father Himself is control now.  The I AM is the cause and effect of what will be taking place and there are no surprises to Him.”  

THE I AM –  The Exercise of Faith

“Do not be daunted by my introduction to you as I would have you also all not be daunted by the sequencing of upcoming events.  Each unfolding is by no means ‘happenstance’ but carefully planned and predicted for its best and most benevolent outcome.  Reject your fear tendencies and embrace the loving intentions of the First Source and Centre for the transposition of darkness to light and grasp the eternal preparation of evolutional sequencing.   My ways are beyond your current understanding and you will be uplifted within as you walk and remain in the peace of your personal knowledge of creature existence and Creator purposes.

“Metaphorical propensities are useless to your minds when there is nothing to compare them to that would meld with your current levels of comprehension.  How can I, the I AM of existence, translate into your understanding in creature existence, the higher ways of spirit remuneration?  It is therefore incumbent upon you the creature to exercise your faith and trust in our intentions according to your current levels of comprehension and creature experience.  Do not downplay this intangible reality called 'faith' and do not belittle your powers in exercising it within your choice frame.  I AM not functional directly in the reality of your existence and yet I AM aware and capable of perceiving and familiarizing myself with your presence, should I so choose.  Your gift of will choice in the operation of your faith will enable you to breach the walls of uncertainty that prevent ‘sight’ perception of what is to transpire on your world in many ways.  It is your individual ‘faith sight’ that will keep you moving forward and reaching out to the unseen that you ‘know’ is there to assist and guide you and preparations have been made for this to be so.  Know who you are and know who we are as your Universal family and trust in that knowing.”

RAYSON –  Universe Timing

“There are yet many unproven scientific facts to be revealed as time motors on upon this planet and you will be astounded in the coming days at what will be revealed.  I look forward to those with whom I will be working from the world of mortals as it is our great pleasure to impart understanding of the universe realities of which you are a part.  The timing of the proper evolution of God-centeredness is crucial to the unfolding of universe realities and one has only to look back upon the repeated civilization imbalances of Urantia to prove this fact.  Coupling of God-centeredness is integral to the intelligent use of dynamic universe energy function.  I leave it at that for now and wish you all a good day.”


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« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2017, 10:45:43 AM »
Thanks Newstarsaphire for this post,you have a sharp ear and well trained, this was like sweet music to my ears.I also want to thank Octavia- the I am and Rayson for sharing this message and giving us love and hope towards the future. Domtia.