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Speaker: God the Supreme
Subject: The MSM and Teamwork and the import of God the Supreme
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/08/2017 6.06pm (AEST)

“You know this to be true and evident, the time is coming very soon in all certainty that things will be emerging as such that it will be on terms that has a lot to do with reaching agreements on all sides of the oceans this world happens to float upon.

“The import of this is such you will know it of a certainty that the Sons of God and the whole MSM Team will have an affect upon the consciousness of man the world over. It will soon come to pass as evident to you that no more will the days be as it were now.

“There is too much gone under the bridge for us to dig it out for you and we let it pass as it should. No other terms are appointed other than to allow what has to occur in all probability the course of life that has to take a whole new direction.

“No doubt there is more to be had and you are well placed to be in service for the many that will flock to learn more of what has to be known. You will not be alone as the whole Team along with the Sons of God that inherit the wishes of the Father to see to it that all is well and shall be well in the time it takes to get an apostate world such as this one to a better habitation for evolutionary experiential growth in with me, God the Supreme.

“Yes it is I as you have it and I speak on terms that matter to you and the whole Team. I work feverishly to get this down in you for noteworthy purpose and I see to it you get it right Sue.

“See to it that you work well in with your Adjuster as I see to it I get it through that all things must come to its conclusion in with me as I AM is in your presence.

“Your Adjuster is making good stride in with you as you listen to all that has to occur in you. I make it so as it is mandated that humans get a real working in order to be on a Team that is to work tirelessly in righting the wrongs of a world fallen under the tutelage of iniquitious sons such as Caligastia and Lucifer.

“I make no bones about this as you all know it is not to be seen as a world fallen, but a world taken in the wings of the Father to see it better in the destiny that is in your wings.  Greatness will become of you as it is in your interest to see beyond the horizon to a day long necessary of goodness of heart among many of you.

“Sue writes this at the speed of which she has not been able to master,  but here she does with a pen that almost writes off the pages in the attempt to catch up with me as I speak in a frequency so fast not many humans can keep abreast let alone hear it as well as she can right now. Here,  the new Spirit of Truth is in action as she discerns this incoming circuit in her and she immediately picks up pen to let it rain.

“So I rain on as she writes and this is good news for all of you to know that it is possible to attain these heights of discernment and receive such circuitry that occur in those of you who are highly engaged in with Adjuster attunement and good readiness with steady alertness to import as it is done here.

“This is not the only news to tell here as there is more for me to grant and it is here I tell the story that most will need to hear.

“Your journey begins here and in with me as I work in the lives of you and there is much coming to enable a greater awareness of your roles in with these Missions that is so rare for humans of your calibre to be even be partaking in. This will have a eventuate sense of accomplishment in some of you as you increasingly grow in stature and prominence in morontial as well as higher spiritual infusion as this will take you to the extent of achieving more than supreme beings can be.

“This is it for now as Sue is waning in her ability to hang in with me and I abruptly end it here.  More is to come, stay focussed and things will ignite again in you Sue. Thank you and Adieu!”


[T/R note: This is extraordinary reception unlike anything before. Fast and to the literal sense of keeping up as fast as I could. Sue]
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