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Jesus On The Journey Before You
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:00:20 AM »
Teacher: Jesus
Subject: The Journey Before You
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/08/2017 6.11pm(AEST) 7.11am (GMT)

“This earth is a bridge, you get to cross it and think not to build a dwelling place on it, this journey you are on is far-reaching and will take you on many courses to the higher realms of spiritual thought and heart. I am Jesus here speaking Sue, get up and write this please!

“There is so much on our plate and we only take what is necessary in due course, see to it you do the same. The pains some of you have will increase in intensity and that is due to increasing your being in morontial transition.

“The pressure you receive is in large part due to the presence of us being with you at this moment. Yes, you sense it well in you. I am none the wiser than you are as we attempt to be ready for what is to be a more challenging environment unlike anything I have encountered in my sojourns upon this world which I once walked. Caligastia has certainly posed some obstacles for us to unravel and like knots that need to be untangled, so do we go about the task of undoing the unthinkable. You know what that means Sue and I am happy to say that is a good one to know.

“There is so much work to be done and my task is to chair a board to do with the sixth epochal dispensation, the new Urantia Book and Foundation upon which I wish a select number of my disciples to be on board for this revelatory work of some greater insight that will bring most people to the brink of realising not only who I am, but who they are potentially to be in the Father’s domain.

“Nothing comes to surprise you because you know me, but when I come to appear before the masses, it will surprise and shock and I let that be for what it has to do in it’s wake. It is one way to bring a world to its senses and another to make them see there is more to be concerned about as their lives take a nose-dive when things change before them in ways that will make decisions vital if they wish to survive.

“Take note of the Mission statements and announcements that is to be made public as they will provide essential guidance for people to know to be going forward for their own sense of well-being and self-preservation.

“I am here with you as Jesus and I come with some stern words to say as well as some numbers of helpers with me to be doing the massive work you will soon see us in action to be doing.

“My presence will have made that effect in the consciousness of people to see my true purpose of being among you as the Prince of Peace. No more shall I tolerate wars and violence as you have it among you in this world. It must end when I have had my say in your ears soon enough.

“There is a time and place for everything, so said the Ecclesiastes writer, yet there is also a time and place for God to be known and hallowed in your place of heart with Whom you have your being.

“I am Jesus of Nazareth, and I come to present to you the other Sons of God with me to be doing the work of the Father among you. I work along with the Avonal Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, your Magisterial Sons of high repute that are graced so well to getting things done well in your world affairs and I am all too happy to be about with the Melchizedek brothers, the many orders of beings along with the Adam and Eve Schools, to name a few, to be ushering in a whole range of teaching schools to enable better ways of understanding and living that enhances your integrity and well-being in the many years going forward,  if you are willing to abide in the Father’s way as we do.

“There are many here who are working, such as this scribe does here as she writes, like good transmitters, I too am one as well as I give you many a saying that you all love and adore. There is time coming when you will all have that knowing from whence it comes. You will see how it is done when you abide in with me as much as I abide in with the Father who makes all things possible.

“I am the tree, you are the branches, never forget that you are so connected in this way. As I come, and when I am not, does that make any difference if I am here or there as you know that source is a deep well in you, you cannot mistake it even if you tried to fight it.

“I Am is here to see to the end of rebellion that has wavered for far too long and it is time to nip it in the bud for all intents and purposes of which it has to be divulged in due course. There is more to be said, but my scribe is waning in her energy right now and I must end this for her sake before she explodes in a tantrum of thought she knows full well what I speak of.

“I am Jesus and I make my impression well and truly for all to know that when I make a footprint in the sand there is sure to be many more to walk where I trod.

“Shalom and be well my friends.”