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Meloloc, Humble Realism, 28 Aug. 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:58:47 PM »
Eyes Only
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Humble Realism
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
28 August 2017, 17:58 Z

“Yes, go ahead Daniel: This is your old friend Meloloc with a few words of instruction and teaching for all listening and reading here on the website. The concept and principle to be highlighted and emphasized is the one we will label personal aggrandizement. In all those you meet throughout the day the one characteristic most often employed especially if it is a new acquaintance, is the rundown of all the past exploits or experiences they were involved with that had some merit such as time spent working with some one of notoriety or being part of a work force that did some notable thing or was involved with an occupation that is one of extraordinary requirements for some expertise like playing an instrument, or having a degree or being able to do medical surgery, that sets them apart as someone able to do more than normal skill levels.

“We all start out our beginning friendship by inquiring about their background and place of origin and what things they like to do and such as that. Now however it is the norm for our new friend to go on to let us know that we have in our presence an extraordinary being of rare ability and refined intelligence. It is a rule of gregariousness that we play along with this and enquire even further as that is polite and expected and that has the effect of unleashing a fresh accounting of their worth and respectability to further cement the deep hope of the person in question that somehow they must impress upon you that here at this moment is someone of hard to find and most unusual accomplishment.

“All this is little frowned upon as it is so common and unremarkable, we take it in stride, but it is refreshing to the extreme when we meet someone who has great difficulty bringing to the fore much of anything commendable and they even mention some current shortfall they are in the middle of that reveals they have quite a distance to go for much that can be praised at this time. It is not false modesty either as we all can spot that easily too, it’s a sincere realism that puts in perspective the truth that before us we have the almost unheard of humbly open person, willing to be instructed and to subject themselves to even further humiliation if necessary, since in actual fact they know little yet and not only know it, but want dearly for the correct assessment to be made, that not only have they not arrived but they have still to leave the station.

“Try as you might multiple times, their interest in letting you know about themselves is only marginal, except for brief understated details, they clearly communicate the un-remarkable nature of all that has gone before and much to your pleasure they keep turning the conversation back in an unfeigned interest in you. This eminently sane and realistic person has the effect of such pleasing non intimidation, lack of judgement and full acceptance that you feel able and free, without reservation, to relate all you are presently in the middle of experiencing yourself, in complete safety.

“You have before you a personality of such commonness and empathy that you are comfortable to tell them anything and feel fully understood and embraced with the warmest brotherhood, knowing all would be kept in confidence as this one has just proven by neglecting to promote themselves, a most demonstrable and invaluable aspect of conduct known as personableness, illustrated by their own unassuming humility and awareness of the huge distance to go for their own perfection. Mother Spirit was saying herself some months ago in a written reception that she is in a course of study at this time to help her round out some areas she would like to come to full understanding about.

“The person I am trying to demonstrate here, somehow, has no more need to build themselves up what so ever and it seems their comfort and personal personhood is so secure in whatever circles they circulate in, that the conclusion of their worth and appreciation is deeply embedded in their psyche and it is an area that is no longer entertained as worth wasting time on.  For them to make a statement that would slay all comers with exploits of such renown, all would be left prostrate in admiration [a common attempted human result] would be so unseemly that all respect would subsequently be lost. The rule to always let another man praise you is like a fervent religious practice to them, because the fruit of any other path is extremely bitter for them to contemplate. It would mean living in such a way of so little astuteness and lack of understanding that their status of immaturity would be screamed from the housetops for all to see.

“It is necessary for a leader sometimes to have their history recounted before a proud contender to give some realism to the circumstances in question but even then the leader themselves doing it would be almost unheard of because of that rule to let another do that type work. All of us should at the appropriate moment chime in that they were a battlefield medic and did all sorts of unauthorized medical procedures to save lives when they arrive on the scene of a gory accident they are emmeniatly qualified to render aid in, but other than such a need to know, your lips are sealed. This Is Meloloc with this lesson today to highlight this quality of greatness [humble realism] a part of the perfection we will come to, that has all we interact with be of an excellent spirit, fully pulling together with no hint of rivalry or contention as the truth about the distance to go and amount to learn quenches any one-upmanship. I wish all my highest regards and respect, yours truly in service and appreciation, Good day! Domtia….”

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