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Fine-tune your teachings now - Father TA
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:19:40 AM »
Teacher: Father TA
Lesson: Fine-tune your teachings now
Category:  Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/3/2017 7:15 AM CST

Father, I make myself available for receiving spirit connection upon waking. Is there a message father?…
...I send request for connection to note a new time to receive for my self here in this location… my time is a little later than I wish to establish for morning wake connection but here to be available at my new wake times… ...Well Father, I am not seeing, feeling or sensing a connection and my mind is wandering to recent readings of prayer instructions by Jesus and his comments to the apostles about inaccurate teachings by the Jewish religion and as it was the best on earth at the time of Christs bestowal… I will tray again later and listen for prompts… My love and appreciations I send to my spirit brothers…

(9:18 AM)  Father, please Father help me, I am so disappointed in my friend [early morning visit] who is so stuck on Pleiadian books as information from aliens he so eagerly preaches. Even after explaining, on many occasions, the rebellion that involved multiple planets at different stages of evolutionary advancement and the many inaccuracies of any mortal written spiritual book in contrast to the Urantia Book written by angels… Father is there a connection at this time? … I await instructions and guidance…

“Come with me… see here... there are a lot of avenues to listen upon the universe of reflection and open ones eyes to the outpouring of spirit, the spirit of truth, you are gifted to see. Do not be alarmed by those who will not listen from their stubbornness to be right in their own way. There will be other times in there life to have the opportunity to accept truth, more truth to include to what they want to believe now.  Somewhere, somehow, He, your friend will take a sharp turn to our good news from his “no God” belief in other planetary beings of supernatural powers over time and space. There are many of that dilemma due to the years of alien spaceship UFO stories and comic book superhero fantasies into the unknown. Being here and now is a superb time to experience as any mortal on your planet, to have all these many beliefs and theories both scientific and fantasy to culminate into one revelation to them of “2+2=” One-Whole of a logical belief system pointing to the answers they seek and soon to be before them. When all this happens you will be overwhelmed with joy to see so many willing to listen with complete acceptance to your every word. So now is a good time to fine-tune your words to simple accuracies that guard from misuses by the hearsayers.. This is all for this time of your day.”  

Thank you Father Amen
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