Author Topic: Supreme Being - The Experiential Bank of Eternity  (Read 804 times)

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Supreme Being - The Experiential Bank of Eternity
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:40:02 AM »
Supreme Being - The Experiential Bank of Eternity - 3-Sep-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA

Teacher:   Supreme Being
Subject:  The Experiential Bank of Eternity
03-Sep-17 8:14 PM  EST   00:14 GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“In these days, of great stress and duress for some, it is a time of reflection and commitment of the inner self to the goals and purposes and destinies, set forth as a potential for each individual, to truly take hold in the intentions of each person of Urantia.  Destiny attainment is a potential reality wherein the players carry out their role in the promulgation of the Father’s will and purposes in the unfolding of truth, beauty and goodness within the universe.  

“Light and Life is a time when not only great progress is revealed but multiplied according to the potentials of the will-creatures destined to partner with their Thought Adjusters in concert with the Supreme and the Absolutes.  

“There is much yet unrevealed in the universes of how the intertwining of destiny and personality gifting unfold under the potentiality guidance of the adjusters and the co-ordination with the Supreme and the Secrets of Supremacy.  Were it possible at an earlier point in universe progression for these procurements to be fully understood that would be the case,  however,  “The Secrets of Supremacy” are aptly named and honored in their tasks.  

“It is correct that the Supreme will be discovered truly only in the hearts of your brethren, and completely only after the culmination of all Superuniverses at the end of the age of Light and Life.  You may ask yourself why the need for secrecy at all?  The answer is two-fold:   inability to comprehend the Father’s intentions until the completion of the age and; a drawing out of potentials is not only influenced by free-will choices but also engenders the need of faith and trust in those who are involved in its working out [the process].  You see, faith and trust in the Father of all, the Great Spirit, the First Source and Centre, is a quality most endeared to His heart from His children of the realms of time and space and the clockworks involved in its running at full capacity.

“Great satisfaction will be experienced by all at the culmination of this age and a melding and merging of immeasurable wealth of experiential knowledge will be deposited into the bank of ‘eternity’ for all to draw upon.  So think of these times [meaning now], requiring you to spend your credits of faith and trust in Father’s outworking of all things to His will and highest intentions, as deposits to the ‘experiential bank of eternity’ where you each have an account.

“This is the Supreme Being addressing each of you and encouraging you all to walk in your full faith potentials.  Revere the process for what it offers.”

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Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
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Re: Supreme Being - The Experiential Bank of Eternity
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2017, 07:14:45 PM »
My heartfelt gratitude to God the Supreme Being for delivering this thought provoking topic: 'The Experiential Bank of Eternity'.  

I deeply revere the process of waiting, watching and participating in the evolution of the Supreme, and for the eventual culmination in universal Light and Life in the Grand Universe.


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Re: Supreme Being - The Experiential Bank of Eternity
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2017, 09:13:21 PM »
Thank you very much Newstaraphire and Supreme Being for the message about the bank of eternity, where we accumulate credits, real spiritual treasures, for our good deeds, and seek credit when we need it, when we are in the process of perfection, and we must constantly review our actions in search of spiritual advancement and to render service to God the Supreme, helping in some way the like, without expecting anything, only serving.


Muito obrigado Newstaraphire e Ser Supremo, sobre a mensagem sobre o banco da eternidade, aonde acumulamos (depositamos) créditos, verdadeiros tesouros espirituais, por nossas boas ações e buscamos créditos quando precisamos, quando estamos em fase de aperfeiçoamento e precisamos rever, constantemente, nossas ações em busca de avanço espiritual e prestar o serviço a Deus, o Supremo, ajudando de alguma forma os semelhantes, sem esperar nada, apenas servir.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)