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Enjoy your journey - Caleb
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:58:48 PM »
Teacher: Caleb
 Lesson: Enjoy your journey
 Category: Typed Transmission
 T/R: Don Crownover 
 Location: Kansas City
 Date/Time: 09/16/2017 12:00 PM CST

 Father, I pray for spirit connection, is there a message at this time? Listening to higher frequencies, there are many I hear and I beg for reception and understanding.

“Worlds away we watch and listen to your worlds activities to evolvement of spiritual matters. We encourage you all to be alert and read all messages, to dig deep into their true meanings. We will help individuals and groups who are seeking for such help, but you must be seeking to find.”

“Love and Joy we send to all, with many cheerful greetings of your progress and entrances into the light of truth. Keep up your studies and prayerful contemplations of the lessons and teachings within the Serara forum and the Book of Truth. Telling of your experiences on the forum is exciting for us to know and we wish to enlighten you also of the great joy you all have to come, when once leaving the strenuous climbs of faith there on Urantia.”

“Be at Peace and know we are proud to be your Fathers from inheritances past. Be of Good Cheer and know that all is good under the Son.”

Can I ask please, who do I have this pleasure of hearing. “This is Caleb leader of a Molek tribe, once on Urantia. Enjoy your summer of exciting fun while you are there."

(vision: Image of tall slender man, standing on hill, dirt brown possibly grass skirt, no top, necklace and jewelry, left arm elbow forward to upward stretched hand of closed fingers, back of hand facing me. Then slowly dropping hand/arm down graciously with head bow also, indicating his mind to mine of “happy Journey”, as custom to travelers).

Thank you Caleb, we will honor our human heritage with much success to teach our brethren truth beauty and goodness.

Thank you Father for this message, Amen