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Pray for Peace - Sentenact, Father TA
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:52:14 PM »
Teacher: Sentenact, Father TA
Lesson: Pray for Peace
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/21/2017 12:08 PM CST


My Father, is there a message today for posting on the forum?  

“Go ahead and type my message, this is Sentenact. I am with you and hear you my son. We come together often and observe you and your activities.” Thank you Sentenact and I welcome you into my life at all moments for scrutiny. Please advise me in the ways of the mind of Christ. “Your activities are acceptable and getting better towards use in doing the Fathers Will and our requests along that path.” Thank you for the encouragement Sentenact.

“Today I want to say that many infractions upon the worlds governments will take place to help needed changes towards better government. We are involved and standing ready for those in power, those with a good standing to make wise decisions towards our open hands of known waiting assistance. So much has to change to make headway towards better leadership. A leadership that the peoples can be comforted with, knowing and hearing changes for the better. These good attitudes will be carried over into the next transition and the next transition and the next transition until we can reach somewhat of a normalcy to world governments. One of peace from wars, security from abusive groups who want nothing more than complete control. Peace in the eyes and ears of the populace will open the doors for continual change all the way down to the local communities. Family-First is the notion, individual uplift that involves every individual to consider their actions as important to other persons and just as important as the actions would be to themselves.”

“Creating Unity with ones own goodness towards all others. You on the forum can set this example with your unity of spirit, actions and involvement with your neighbors and communities once the mission is established and known among the populace in general. These attitude's of goodness will spread like the summer breeze to refresh and bring pleasantness to the minds of all.”

“Most of you are well prepared for the initial chaos from sudden planetary changes and collapse of current civilization frameworks. It will be quite an experience that will open up the true heart motives of every individual, the hidden intentions will come to the foreground. True humanity and heroism will create much strength and vigor to do what is right, and for the majority we hope!”

“Prayers are so powerful! Teaching them the truth about God and his nearness will help comfort and strengthen people to pray even more. Prayer, yes prayer even by the very young are listened to by God with sincerity for the soul salvation of those prayed for. Come to the Father in prayer. Your individual Father sparks are the voice and power of the Universal Father. Do this each and every day as Father is with you and he is also pointing to the path of righteousness and goodness to others every day.”

“This is Sentenact wishing you all a good day of Peace and Joy. Domtia”

Thank you Father for this message from Sentenact. Than you Sentenact. Success to all your endeavors I pray.

Is there more message Father?  “Being at your side... so, feel me and know me. My Master Spirits are the first representatives to all of creation. I share all of me, with all of my creations. Likewise, share all of you with your creations.” Yes my Father, I will. My love to you is complete and unswerving. To be like you is my worshipful longing. “Good day son.” Shalom my Father.
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