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The Trials and Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease
29, 2017
T/R Ron Besser at York Pa at noon local time


“As a Creator Son, I see the devastation on Urantia to the point we are in an emergency to take back the horrors of Alzheimer’s Disease up here in order to preserve some sort of mentality when a mortal dies and leaves for the Mansion Worlds.

“Truth spoken: Alzheimer’s is a disease of the brain tissue itself and as such never truly destroys the mental capacity to store memory and so on.  We see it as a way to leave the world with no memory at all, but what is so insidious, is the fact that Alzheimer’s Disease is problematic in resurrection since the entire dura mater is without any true relationship to the person being resurrected and we have to rely on the Thought Adjuster to supply, or I should say, resupply of memory that will allow that mortal to function sanely again.

“Edward Besser, Ron’s father, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease early in 1993 and died in 1998 fourteen days after his 80th birthday.  But let us look further and see how Ron became involved, after is father’s death a few years later, with the Magisterial Mission.

“The Magisterial Son, calling himself Monjoronson in 2002, approached Ron at his computer one evening as it was getting quite late.  Ron suddenly heard in his ear a well known nursery rhyme.  He did not transmit in those days and wondered why his mind was playing tricks on him as he did not know all the words to the rhyme yet they came to him fully done.  Quickly, Ron understood what was happening and listened as Monjoronson (who later renamed himself Serara) told him he was the Magisterial Son and invited him to join the Son in the Magisterial Mission.  As a result, Ron became a devoted fan of the Magisterial Son, and insisted others listen that the Magisterial Son was out and about gathering the forces necessary to start the Magisterial Mission they had all heard about.

“In those days (2002-2008) there were many ups and downs over the issues about the Magisterial Son and what he intended to do.  It was in this period that Jesus was contacted and responded to Michael of Nebadon, that he was ready to come back if it was to be part of the Magisterial Mission.  Ron knew nothing of the sort and insisted on calling Monjoronson’s name around the world and they responded by memorizing the name and it has become a word well known all over the globe now.  The ironic thing is that Serara was the one who called himself Monjoronson in those days and he had to sheepishly agree to using that name instead of his real name, Serara, later on since the real Monjoronson was still on Uversa preparing work with Jesus at that time, and did not speak to anyone on Urantia either.

“Serara contacted Michael in 2009 to ask what the true meaning of the word Monjoronson meant.  It means nothing as I reported back to him and he laughed and then discovered that a Magisterial Son on Uversa was working with Jesus to come back to Urantia, and asked that Magisterial Son to adopt the name Monjoronson when or if he appeared on Urantia with Jesus in the coming years.

A Word on:

“Ron will never have it.  He does not drink and he has little liver problems after we repaired it when a surgeon took such a big chunk of it to send the Mayo Clinic in 1998.  They told Ron he had liver cancer, and upset the apple cart right after Edward died leaving them all groping for a more sincere life style \.  Ron knew he did not have cancer and he kept telling them the diagnosis was wrong but they are a head strong group and then insisted he undergo chemo.  A doctor from India was the specialist they sent him to and he looked at Ron in the office before it was started to ask him what he thought, and Ron told him he did not have cancer and did not wish to undergo chemo therapy.  The doctor was a Sikh and knew Ron was telling the truth as the eye ovulates when a deliberate lie is told in most people (in Ron that does not happen because he has so many secrets he knows he can tell a fib and not undergo eye expansion).  But the doctor heard the Thought Adjuster in Ron confirm Ron’s own diagnosis.  The Mayo Clinic came back a month later and confirmed that the biopsy was a liver disease that produces swollen nodules and he caught it from too much ibuprofen from a bad case of spurs to the foot.  The Sikh doctor immediately told the surgeons of their error and to this day wonder if they did you real harm and how to make restitution.  Ron has refused all contact with them and considers them butchers.  In any case, this detail is to tell all of you that we now have an individual in the one we call Ron who knows the difference between good work and poor work very well and he is furious with the profession that just never seems to learn to be good in spite of troubles they are presented with on the operating table.  Nonetheless we go to the Alzheimer’s Disease prognosis for some of you now.

“Alzheimer’s Disease is a product of two enzymes.  One enzyme belongs to the mucous family and is known to us on Salvington as streptococcus A - the mucous form.  The second enzyme is a simple one and is the most deadly.  On Salvington we call it streptococcus C - and that stands for an enzyme that carries no known resolve to get rid of it once it finds it ways into human tissues, and on Urantia it is everywhere from bus stations to hospitals to homes every where especially in the United States.  Strep C as we call it now is a two part streptococcus filament.  It leads off with one strand out from its center, and then ends with about fifteen strands into the various pores of the brain tissue it finds lodgement inside of for permanent protection.  It is a miserable strep strain and it must be carefully removed from the brain with high does of nitrous chloride  and it will atrophy in about a month after sufficient nitrous chloride is administered.  

“If you would take an Alzheimer patient and let them life on a treatment table for about six hours and fill the room with the gas nitrous chloride, that would be sufficient dose to clear the Strep C condition, but it is dangerous because nitrous chloride it should then be handled by a professional.  It must be administered by one who knows how to use those gasses without creating a maelstrom of either fire or choking sodium chloride formations in side the mouth of the patient.  If the treatment works, inside of a month the patient will begin to recover his memory well.  The mucous strep is fallible to the extent that once the Strep C is in remission, it falls apart and is absorbed by the brain tissues themselves.  

“I tell you this because the epidemic can end on Urantia by telling people to stop smoking and to attempt to contain bowel inflammation from cranberries in salads and other foods where fresh cranberries are present.  This is essentially a death knell to the Cranberry industry but the cranberries are deadly to the entire system unless made into a juice with a few drops of apple juice in it to stop the Strep C virus from easily multiplying in the gut so rapidly.

“Strep C is without a kind remark from us at all.  In order for us to remove Alheimer;s Disease from Urantia, if we could entirely, we have to either eliminate the cranberry or the virus.  If we remove the virus we created a log jam in the bowel because it is Strep C that makes the mucous that allows the bowel to eliminate properly, We wish to do neither although we cold do it as we are eliminating some of the strep viruses like streptococcus D which is what you call the ammonia nitrate chemicals from the body circulatory system and urinary elimination and is felt keenly when eating asparagus.  Asparagus is harmless so long as it is well cooked and floppy on the fork.  Otherwise the gut rejects it as a food and it is sent on its merry way out the door.

“Next, be aware that foods that contain high alkaline elements such as rice pudding and horseradish are dangerous to the body cells if taken to excess as the horseradish root was made to feed underground spring water to purify them of all strep viruses as it kills them in huge quantities.  Ron enjoys horseradish and Swiss cheese often with a crisp cold dill pickle, and that is so deadly to all strep viruses he is awarded the cleanest bowel this side of Nirvana.

“I laugh at Ron as he hates the biology of life and all the gore associated with it and wonders how doctors stay conscious at the operating table and in hospitals in general.  Eating is fun; the rest is not.  However, Alzheimer’s Disease still prevails until there is nothing left of the human memory such as in Edward’s case, Ron’s dad, and we have to reconstitute that memory in the resurrection halls on Mansion Worlds one and two for now.  I conclude this with a diagnosis for some of you on this forum and take heed and follow instructions and you will not get it:

“Lemuel - Eat greens in aplenty as you have Strep C in your brain case already and you need to clear it with our help and you need to take a private transmission to hear how.

“Larry, you are loaded with Strep C and need a clinicians removal of the amount in the brain.  In spite of your fusion status the biology of life could be cruel to you with this disease showing up in full bloom later this year due to the problems associated with Crones Disease (sp).  You need to accept the fact you will lose some memory along the way but we can catch it early if you pray for a transmission to you personally where we will tell you how to be done with all strep viruses now inside your body, Take that transmission when we can get the experts together to help you with the process,

“You are completely clear of all Strep virus due to your eating habits and we should use you as an example of how to clear strep viruses from the body everywhere.

“You carry so much Strep C you will become unavailable to the divine Missions whatever you do unless you take immediate steps to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and learn how not to take so much drink and smoke into your system.  What we do for Larry Gossett we will do for you so just stand by as we attempt to mediate the strep viruses you have so much of already in your system.

“Like Ron, your system is clear of Strep viruses completely and that has to do with your diet of chromium dioxide found in oysters and other seafood elements and like you, Ron loves all seafood too.

“My dear you are load with Strep C viruses due to your incessant work in the garden and in your home to keep it clear of dirt and grime.  When you plunge your hands into your cleaner, it has fumes that prevent your immune system working properly, There used to be a product in the USA called Spic and Span and Ron loved it but we think it bit the dust years ago.  You need a cleaner that contains Boric Acid and we know of no brand name to help you there.  In any case you need a good strep cleaner and if you can emulate some of Ron’s diet of either plenty of seafood such as crab meat or a white fish or oysters if you can tolerate them in a stew (milk and butter broth with little bits of potato and onion, yum yum Ron says).  You will have no problem with Alzheimer’s Disease so long as you start clearing the strep now.

PHYLLIS (Newstarsaphire)
“You are loaded with Strep D and that prevents Alzheimer’s Disease completely, never revert to type of smoking and alcohol (beer and wine too).  Ron loves wine but gets to feeling sick within one glass of it because his Adjuster has changed his enzymes to prevent him from drinking very much at all which he really enjoys.  Your Adjuster is doing the same to your taste buds too and you are to stiop eating so much parsley as it clogs the arteries with a fat that holds up against the most stringent of human treatment for cholesterol.  Stay away from all liquors and eat greens until they come out of your ears and you will keep Strep D to protect you from all mental aberrations.

“You my dear are a perfect example why Alzheimer’s Disease finds no luck in invading some people.  You are entirely free of the Strep C virus and your brain is as pure as new fallen snow.

“My dear you are so luckless in so many things do to circumstances you cannot control, You are truly without Strep C virus but you are loaded with Strep A virus which is the mucous producing virus in the brain, You need to clear it immediately or you will lost the fine attunement already established between you and your Adjuster.  The mucous gets there because you eat so much of one fruit (plums? dates? strawberries? My report does not clarify which) To do this wash your face with a good lye based soap (not Palmolive or Dove but of a harsher soap that contains plenty of rough bits in it like Lava soup if they make it there).  Then dry your face with a good rough towel so it makes your face a little red and that shows the lye being absorbed into the circulatory system and the brain will take it up and begin clearing the mucous.  You will help it if you also realize you should not eat late night meals or take large amounts of soap suds in your beer mug as the fizz at the top migrates to the brain and helps the mucous stay there.  Otherwise unless you adopt stuff you really do not care for like horseradish on your sandwiches or dill pickles and Swiss cheese like Ron loves, there is little else you can do to get rid of it.  Take a transmission from us soon to help you understand how to rid yourself of the Strep A virus.

- - - -

“That concludes the run down for now.  I am not taking any further requests for an analysis for now.

“Alzheimer’s Disease is prone to break down as well if you as a treatment doctor learn to tell what swells in the brain when this disease starts.  A CAT scan will show ridges 4 and 5a swelling more than the others do when irritated.  5a in particular looks like a band saw almost due to its bad design in the human brain .  Band 5a controls metabolism for the most part as does band seven and so on.  Band nine (9) controls the sex drive and for the most part is the healthiest of all the bands you have identified in the human brain.  In apes band six control the sex drive and the prenatal care of infant syndrome and Urantia is the only planet I have out of 3.7 million inhabited planets that have apes so close to human design.  Elsewhere they are so separate of a species they cannot really be compared with each other at all.  Band four (4) carries all the teeth and so on.

“Alzheimer’s Disease is reluctantly a cure for certain bad habits as over sex drives and over eating drives but otherwise carried the death penalty for having it within four years of its beginning is normal for people to die from it.  Good day.”

“I come at the end of this revelation to you, and Ron place this in your Science Section for now as you have removed the medical section at our request a few months ago.  You are getting back to normal in mind Ron and we can resume heavy revelations in a little while.  I now speak to Larry Gossett, Lemuel, Sue and a few more on the list that have not been analyzed this morning due to time constraints.  We tell you this concerning Alzheimer’s Disease:

“When you eat parsley or other foods with green specks in it, you are eating what should be good for you, but Ron has discovered that using parsley as dried in the store works beautifully and that is harmless to all of you.  Fresh parsley should be dried a day or two before you chop it up for food use.

“Secondly, eating kelp is not good for you.  It races the stomach to finish digesting far too soon and you will develop ulcers eventually by using it over a long period of time.

“Eating string beans out of the field is gracefully done but you need to peel them a little to get rid of the ascorbic acid on them as that causes lesions in the stomach as Ron just found out.  Curl them back and break the long ones in the middle and peel off the outer most skin if you can stand the time to do this’ otherwise, you run the risk of introducing Strep C and Strep D.  Ron you eliminate all that with your diet though.

“I have a long list here of food problems for all of you but for now we will let this list stand for the time being.  I am Mother Spirit and wish you all a good day.”

“I am the Unknown speaker to Lemuel and a few others on this web site.  I am an Unrevealed Deity, but of a High Son standing.  My work is to provide Urantia a good diet soon and that is most revealing Ron as you looked and were unsure what this is at all.  Good, because I was once human and was embraced by the Paradise Trinity and am now, not a Trinitized Son of Attainment, but a Trinitized Son of Ulterior Motives for the Universe.  You are very curious but must keep the transmission going and do not think well enough to figure it out.  You know me well as Jack 0802AB B* and that stands for all of my family and you love my family because we are so direct and easy to follow.  Michael heard you say that and asked me to trial you a little.  I did. I found you greatly absolved of all falseness and wishing to get on with it if possible and it is possible now to hear the truth about your Alzheimer’s Disease prognosis - nothing, nada, zero completely - except you trial Mother Spirit with spirits of soda you love to keep your palette moist and you must keep doing that as there is no cure for appetite suppression you have all the time in order to keep your weight down and controllable.  Once you went over 200 pounds and were so miserable you nearly quite life because you could not control over eating now and then.  Now you can because you are really one of us now.  How this works is that the rheostat in the brain is reduced in size to a pea and then it cannot work right.  In you that gives you binges of chocolate candy but you throw it off quickly because you have n digestion system for chocolate any more.  That saves you pounds of extra coco fat and so on.  I also see you work no one better than to say to anyone serving, small portions please because you trained yourself to eat frozen diners so well that size suits you now.  Good and so on.  Jack 0802AB B* in particular I am B - good.”

“Ron, you are done for the day now as this was being held back for a few weeks to get you all ready to hear that the Magisterial Mission is ready to move at once.  Your Rayson trial may erupt today– we are not sure yet. If it does it is for the web site when it is up and workable.  Michel sees a loss in display today and that is because the domain names have been point to the Alliance computers and servers.  Good day.”

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2017, 01:46:27 PM »
This reading about Alzheimer and all that goes with it, makes me think if the Ayurvedic diet, Veda Food, as it is called, is recommendable as a prevention of the disease. Personally, as an individual of indian culture, my cooking is mostly india-based and consequently very closed to the Ayurvedic recipe, with green herbs as ingredients, along with rice. Domtia  
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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit.
                                                                 This information is vitally important and interesting.
I take it to heart and will comply with your recommendations.


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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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Father Michael, Mother Spirit, Jack0802AB B* and Ron,

Profuse thanks for further revelation on Alzheimers and prevention etc., especially the specifics.  I had just asked my Beloved Thought Adjuster yesterday if the he knew what was going on with my taste buds, after which I ate a large serving of vegetables and then to get further confirmation in this post today.

And " Jack 0802AB B*" Trinitized Son of Ulterior Motives for the Universe, whose " work is to provide Urantia a good diet soon" you are an answer to my prayers for someone who really knows what they are about to teach us how to eat properly for our specific bodies to enable them to give us the support we need to be about Fathers' business.  

"You know me well as Jack 0802AB B* and that stands for all of my family and you love my family because we are so direct and easy to follow."

"Direct and easy to follow" is such a breath of fresh air in this world to enable us individually to get done what needs to be done so we can collectively focus our energies in creative ways of pursuing and promulgating Father's truth, beauty and goodness for the benevolence of our dear planet and everyone on it to achieve the fullness of their destiny.

Domtia, Urboytia
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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2017, 03:39:52 PM »
I find much of the information presented on "Alzheimer's" here to be inaccurate as where they when presented on the medical board previously removed, and still without substance.
However, that which is presented by Mother Spirit/Ron B., is also subject to correction:
“[. . .] We tell you this concerning Alzheimer’s Disease:

“When you eat parsley or other foods with green specks in it, you are eating what should be good for you, but Ron has discovered that using parsley as dried in the store works beautifully and that is harmless to all of you.  Fresh parsley should be dried a day or two before you chop it up for food use.

“Secondly, eating kelp is not good for you.  It races the stomach to finish digesting far too soon and you will develop ulcers eventually by using it over a long period of time.

“Eating string beans out of the field is gracefully done but you need to peel them a little to get rid of the ascorbic acid on them as that causes lesions in the stomach as Ron just found out.  Curl them back and break the long ones in the middle and peel off the outer most skin if you can stand the time to do this’ otherwise, you run the risk of introducing Strep C and Strep D.  Ron you eliminate all that with your diet though."

First of all "parsley" is a natural diuretic and can be used instead of drugs that perform the same task.  In other words "parsley" removes excess water from the body, when ingested in large quantities or in concentrated form.

Second, "Kelp" is a natural form of "iodine" and is required by the body for various medicinal purposes, specifically for the Thyroid gland, however, kelp could not be ingested enough to really make a difference, so concentrated forms of Iodine are used.  Nevertheless, iodine has been used as a leavening agent, and the FDA indicated that its use was less effective than other chemical products in food today which was a big mistake.  The human body expels excessive amounts of iodine through the urine, where it is difficult to overdose on the needed iodine in the body.  Also, students used to use "kelp" prior to taking tests, in school, in order to establish an improved intellect, for taking tests, although this was never really proved.

Thirdly, in olden days, the "string" on string beans was removed, because it was less digestible, but by cutting the beans into smaller peaces, this problem was overcome.  The other issue regarding "ascorbic acid" and/or L-ascorbic acid, is non-other then "Vitamin C", which is a necessary supplement in every diet. However, has nothing to do with the "string" in string beans, however beans should be cooked slightly prior to eating, where there can be more damage done by consuming soybeans specifically in raw form which is poisonous unless processed properly, and still can be a problem, when processed improperly.  Animals will not eat raw soybeans, but may be subject to this product, in animal feeds, not properly processed, where when we eat these animals that has ingested this, we are subject to the same poisons, as are hormones given to animals in their feed, to prevent infection.  However, the improper slaughter of animals that we eat, will secret hormones into the blood stream, which prompts anxiety and fear in humans.  

Not to mention that the food supplements mentioned above, have nothing to do with "Alzheimer's", and the rest of that information is inaccurate, specifically the chemical compounds presented which are wrong. A question for Ron, would be, how do the celestial's explain the "plaque" found in the brain, after autopsy and determined as being Alzheimer's?  The primary cause of Alzheimer's is "ethanol and methane", which changes the long cell chains (polymer chains) to shortened ones, through improper folding, allowing them to get past the blood-brain-barrier, which effects the ion channels by changing the cholesterol in the cell walls, which eventually blocks these ion channels from functioning and interconnecting the neurons in the brain.        

You are what you eat.              

P.S.: By the way it is "Dura mater (Latin: tough mother)" not "dura matter".
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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2017, 08:31:29 PM »
This posting is very wonderful and absolutely beautiful and so personally helpful. I smile when I see MidiChlorian correcting his creators. That takes a lot of chutzpah, which he has an extraordinary amount of. I will take your advice to heart regarding everything that was said, just like Lemuel said, because we can trust this kind of direction.

I'm optimistic about my over eating problem, 211 lbs, only 5 foot 11, being helped also by this information, because I see that it's something that can be overcome. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation because this is one of the very finest Communications we've ever had concerning ending such a huge area of suffering on Urantia. Thank you dear God, thank you one from Uversa thank you Ron. D

I can see our friend, MidiChlorian chuckling and shaking his head,  because we poor simple folk don't have a clue about what's really going on.
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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2017, 09:57:34 PM »
Hello every one.  Ron here.  I would like a moment to let down my hair and say a few things about the post above to help you see into my heart a little bit.

My dad died of Alzheimer's.  I saw a man go from a real success to a little boy without knowing any of us really well.  I drove him to get haircuts and my dad would ask me as we drove why he could not drive.  I told him the truth and he was deeply bothered by it-- he had enough sense of what he used to be even though he could not tell me in words what that was and the he felt humiliated to depend on me to direct his day and his way.  I disliked it intensely and that is a real problem when you are supposed be the adult and be sure no one gets hurt including a nearly 80 year old man who delighted me as a boy to swing me around his shoulders sometimes in a greeting when getting home from work.

In any case, I sat by his bedside two days before his death.  He was in a room by himself and the blinds drawn and I sat there and talked out loud to myself so maybe he could here me as his eyes were closed.  Suddenly I broke down in grief and I felt the most wonderful peace as my emotions let loose.  I knew he was gone very soon and I am positive his Thought Adjuster and Michael and perhaps Mother had attended some there with me.  He did not awaken when I finally left about 20 minutes later and rushed home to tell my mother that if she ever wanted to see Edward alive to go there right now, and I meant right now!  She bestirred herself a few minutes later and we drove rapidly to the home, and I never saw my mother do this what happened!

She threw open his hospital door and rushed to his bedside and picked him up like those giddy Navy pictures of sailors picking women up in Times Square in NYC and tossing them up into their arms.  My mother did that to my dad, and it woke him wide eyed and he grunted and she let him fall back into his covers and he just sat there bewildered.  I left the room and let them be and my mom came back well enough and we drove home and she never mentioned to me again those things that stirred her so mightily.  Dad died the next day in the early dark hours of Ides of March around 630am.

I also wish to advise you about the post above.  A couple of things:

1)  Michael gave me the choice to choose names to do the Strep C analysis.  I went by memory as it popped up and I could not remember names fast enough so you see what you get for those who do the transmitting on a regular basis and are past basic learning.  That is probably why the names were fresh in mind first.  He limited me to that number given.

2) Michael dictated the information and told me the gas used was nitrous chloride.  For some reason I wrote the formula for the gas as sodium chloride and late today I corrected it by removing the chemical formula entirely since Internet shows me several versions of the molecule and I became very unsure what Michael and Rayson used as their versions and just let it go.  It is nitrous chloride they say now with a radical of - 3 on the chloride side but that does not show up on the Internet as a choice.  You are good at these things might know what they are talking about in that gas molecule as I do not.

3) And to MidiChlorian.  The Deities agree with your argument, but what you point out is secondary causes and not first cause for Alzheimer's to take root in the brain tissues.  It is the presence of streptococcus C as Michael defines it in the original post that is present first that sets up the later problems of contamination of elements even beyond what you speak of in your post response which do appear but are the result of the brain defenses shut due to Strep C closing off those brain avenues of escape to health.

"Ron is partially right and partially wrong in explaining some of this to all of you today since MidiChlorian felt he had to intercede with my explanation.  Ron is correct to say the primary cause is Strep C, but Strep C, is not even the original cause, as the original cause for Alzheimer's to appear at all was not mentioned in the original post.  Original cause is due to brain intemperance with chemical substances it was never meant to deal with.  In Ron's dad's case, he drank beer to excess and the chemical that introduced Streptococcus C into his brain tissues was YEAST!  Far too much yeast transferred from the brew he loved to drink every night when he came home from work was a Yuengling Beer still made in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and it allowed the C version I refer to to enter the tissues in vast quantities and eventually the Strep grew all over his brain and killed him.  Of course it took a life time to do that, and there are many people around the world that fall victims to foreign chemicals to their brains that the Strep C takes advantage of and kills them too.  I add this:  Ron never told me that story either as that was his father's Thought Adjuster commiserating with Ron to remove the strain of grief from him so he could be brave and go through a death he dreaded to see occur.

Ron - Thank you Michael for the deeper reason we get Alzheimer's so badly down here.  I only wish there was an easier way to end this epidemic as it tears everybody apart and the patient really does know they have been shot through the head and are dying slowly, but the care giver must be strong and allow that while the brain of the patient keeps them stareing into empty places, the personality is NEVER affected and it gets resurrected on high perfectly normal and in most cases, remembering almost of their lives for the important things that happened in their mortal life.  Thank you all.

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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[. . .] I'm optimistic about my over eating problem, 211 lbs, only 5 foot 11, being helped also by this information, because I see that it's something that can be overcome. [. . .]
Daniel, you indicate that you are overweight which may be true but if this was determined by a physician using the "body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet index", it may not be true, where there is only one true way of determining a persons body mass, and this is not known by many in the medical industry, and may have caused much anxiety and psychological problems for many people. If one were to use the standard BMI, Tom Cruise would be considered as obese, because he is very short and has more muscle mass then fat, where muscle weighs more then fat.

The only true way to get an accurate body mass is to submerge a person into a water filled vat, which is placed on a scale, where the water being displaced from the submerged person will indicate their volume and once removed the measurement of the displaced water, where all three situations have been weighed, before, while, and after the submergence. This will provide the true index for that person.  A gallon of water weighs a specific amount, and therefore the displaced water volume calculated to gallons, and then calculated to the actual weight of the submerged person in the vat, once the water has been displaced, will give one an accurate weight per volume of that person, and it can be calculated how much of that weight is from fat or muscle.

Leonardo da Vinci - Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" is one of the best physiological scale maps for the average man, where the measurement from the tip of the fingers of the outstretched arms should measure exactly the same as a persons height. Also the exact mid-point of the human is located as a specific bone at the tail end of the spinal column, and if these measurements are not accurate to these ratios, there are other factors at play, which may also have medical issues, specifically from childhood on.

One medical issue which could indicate a change in the physical ratio from above, which would also not be noticeable or indicated as a variation on the standard BMI, is "Isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH), also called idiopathic or congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (CHH)," where these are an offshoot of "Kallmann syndrome", where a persons torso, is either shorter or longer, based on the length of that persons legs and even the measurement between the tips of the fingers of the outstretched arms.  All of these differences in ratio will effect the volume of a person and also change their weight to height ratio,as well.

Therefore, as I mentioned above, if you indicate an overeating problem, this might not be the case if you are looking at the standard BMI, and you have more muscle mass then fat mass?  But then you would also know if this was the case or not.    

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The Reality of knowing what Wisdom is, is in the Experiencing of the Philosophy of using Knowledge.

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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I verified my diet as decent with the listed foods from Ron's transmission.

I love to make spinach and spring-mix salad sandwiches 6 inches tall, squeezed between rye toast. A very regular and for many years is my intake of 100% cranberry "just" juice and dried cranberries, so will now need some tweaking that with apple juice, also is my regular intake is, not from concentrate, orange juice with pea protein powder and super green tabs.

Bacon horseradish chip dip was always one of my favorites until stopping the consumption of land meats, ocean fish and alcohol several months ago.  It has been a while now, so this evening I got some fresh horseradish and whipped it up in my favorite dill dip recipe. Swiss and extra sharp cheeses are always in my fridge. Late night eating is still a struggle as I usually only eat once or twice a day, still working on fixing that bad habit.

Thank you much Father Michael for listing the advice for those analyzed, I will use it as well as I have been a bit concerned since my own mother died of Alzheimer's in 2010
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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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Thank you Ron and Michael of Nebadon for the diagnosis and dietary recommendations.  My prayers are for all those that are now aware that they too have this dreaded Strep C virus. Thank GOD that this can and will be cleaned up with commitment from our side too.  I assure you, once fully-fledged, this disease debilitates one ability to serve God, man or beast. I am so deeply saddened for those having to endure a life without meaning forced to revert to a childlike state being once again wholly dependent on others.  Horseradish and white fish will be on my weekly shopping list! Cleaning products that have contributed to the dreaded Strep C are in the trash can - pronto!


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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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Thank you Ron and Father Michael. I will do what I can. My only problem is that I don't eat much fruit and I am puzzled as to that one. I am just as concerned as you are with this Alzheimer's disease as I saw it first hand in my work at a dementia-specific facility some several years ago and the behaviours associated with those who had it. It was terrible to see it and as workers we had to deal with it on a daily basis.  Now I have my own mother who is 83 and is showing signs of memory problems and my sister is living with her in the house to care for her with her husband.  It is nice to get to see her which I just recently flew up to do and catch up with them.  I pray Father Michael she may be taken good care of when the time comes.

Now the other interesting thing about transmitting these sorts of information is how much we as transmitters will be under the gun for receiving such and hope we are doing this right when so much is relied upon it. I learnt something here while Ron transmitted this and how Midichlorian came in to place some very good corrections to be made, thank you Midichlorian.  Of course, so much data is received and some of it  beyond the textbooks so to speak!  That's when it helps to check and verify, but on most accounts what the divine has to say is so cutting edge and this is where faith comes in to truly allow us to break our fear of the unknown. It truly pays to break the mould and explore. Elon Musk, for example,  is doing just that in his own way lately even though most think his so far-out but he does have some history of success to his claims. Anyways I got to go as daylight savings starts here and we put our clocks forward one hour. So I lose an hours sleep! I think DST is sooo ridiculous! I am a big fan for the good old standard time with our Monmatia sun, the natural course of life itself.

Well, I am very much appreciative of the lesson and some sound advice on how to look after ourselves with what we consume. I look forward to some serious revelations soon. And thank you Mother Spirit too and the unrevealed High Son for your work would be most welcome indeed.

Thank you.

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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“The proton is fired by two different instances.  1) it holds its Radical +3 by adding itself to the neutron in the atom’s center.  When the +5 proton is added to the atom, it disrupts the atom and the atom must reform itself around a new center which we now call the radical +5 proton as noted above.  The +5 proton eats away at rust and decay remarkably well.  It covers new life with a sheen that prevents certain childhood diseases from taking place, and it removes that dreaded possibility of Alzheimer’s  Disease from becoming the problem of epidemic proportions on Urantia today.  
I suppose the radical +5proton will help kill the strep C virus before it can attack our brain and do any damage,maybe that with a proper diet will slow it down, there are some really effective drugs to slow down alzheimers . The sooner you are diagnosed the better your chances for a quality life. 

Ron Besser

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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Ladies and Gentlemen and Transmitters ;)
I want to comment briefly on the fact of transmission offers all of us a serious problem.  Not only are beginners not believing all of this, but we seriously disrupt ourselves too because we are asked to swallow information that has no precedence.  Sue Whiley in particular brought this up in her reply to our thread this morning.  Let me say something from the perspective of Michael of Nebadon which he shares his views on this subject once in a while.  I do not report those views just because it makes it hard to interpret what is told to us, especially what we got above concerning Alzheimers Disease.

First let me give you the voice of the Creator Son and then I will add my comments at the bottom:

"I seldom talk about these problems because most people will not understand them.  Ron has been so immersed in transmission for years he no longer fights the problem spoken to here.

"In providing specific information as I have done above, I rely on what some of you would call a "cheat sheet," like notes on the palm of your hand to take a hard test.  It is a very hard test for me to tell Sue about fruit, and frankly I am guessing what the specific problem or set of explanations I am to use to get the mind of the individual I am speaking to or about.  Ron has gotten into trouble after trouble giving people a reading in order to answer a health or emotional problem and he always apologizes to them when they tell him they missed them by a mile.  Normally we are right on, but once in a while we have blanks in our reports on the specific issue.  So I go to the Seraphim of choice and ask her what she thinks and mostly they do not know the answer either.  Then I go to Gabriel who has this huge dictionary of terms we use to speak to Urantia with and he looks up for me what it could be to answer the question or explaining a solution.  In the case of Sue Whiley we had to do that to attempt to figure out what was causing such a rapid growth of the strep C virus in the brain and in calcified remains of her breast cancer she never knew about and gladly does not need to recover because it is truly gone.

"In looking at the problem, Ron decided early on to represent in print what we told him and hope we did not misread the Gabriel discourse in what I call the Urantia dictionary.  Lo and behold though we hit the fruit idea wrong Sue, and that is because fruit is usually what causes this problem.  We now correct this to you because we sent another Seraphim to you over night and learned you have no strep C problem but strep B issue which is benign but hard to control once it enters your system.  Avoid our remedy for you.  Okay?  It is based on strep C and you are not loaded with it but strep B and if your remember correctly, that virus carries nutrients to the brain to feed itself and produces a good by product called nitrous oxide, which is not supposed to exist but it does and lives briefly to encourage thinking, which you do so much of!  Nitrous Oxide, in this case is a white salt briefly seen in your elimination (stool) as striations of dark and light and you pay no attention as most of you would not.  However that is the benign side of Nitrous Oxide, but there is also a dark side which is not mentioned here because on Urantia it does not appear for some reason.

"Care to give yourself plenty of B vitamins, especially B1 and B6 as they call it down there and they are prevalent in fish and tomatoes and beef steak.  Avoid white fish!  It kills off too much in the B-vitamin complex and you need the B vitamins to maintain the secretion of the female hormone estrogen and a few others you do not know about on Urantia.  In any case you are quite healthy in spite of my scary report yesterday and that was based on an assumption based not on an actual observation either.  Ron has a comment or two to all transmitters in this regard next.  Thank you. Michael."

Ron Besser - This is to all transmitters and not just you Sue.  I noticed early on a real trial erupted in spirit when I asked for a specific diagnosis.  Dr. Mendoza broke through the spirit evaluation problem to we material folks by asking Uversa to remove the Censor they assigned to me to keep revelation in check.  The Censor became a friend of mine and I enjoyed talking with him when his work would show up in my dictation.  It is too subtle for most you to notice yet, and I can tell, for the most part when a Divine Counselor slips in a word or phrase into the dictation from spirit that is not right and even I know that!  I will not or cannot instruct you on that, and I say this to Lemuel:

Lemuel it has happened to your twice and you are oblivious to it and in one case I hardly notice it at all except the phrase kept coming back to me often until I finally recognized you had a word slip from a Divine Counselor to prevent your mind from investigating what was a composer's mistake in the tape sent to you.  It is not abnormal, all transmitters, for this to occur once rarely or several times a day for me sometimes.  In any case I mention this but cannot do anything about it as there is nothing you can do but eliminate the passage or let it ride as best you can.  I do not recommend deletion because it affects the way the piece sounds to the human ear on Urantia.

Secondly, there is the dictionary problem.  I and some of you unknowingly get English words in place of words not revealed to Urantians.  The Urantia Book is full of new words in places and the Ancients of Days had to approve the use of them by Mantutia or his staff.  That still happens in transmission to all of you and you do notice them but are helpless to do anything about them.  In one case just above Michael had to ask permission to say "nitrous oxide," as the compound molecule does not exist on Urantia according to science, but it does really exist in hidden places in biology importantly, and so the sentence and instruction to be truthful had to use a censored word and concept today.  The original word I transmitted was oxalic acid which I asked about and Michael told me to wait until he got permission and then told me what to place there.  I go to this explanation only to alert you to the problem for spirit when dictating to Urantian Transmitters.

Mother Spirit helps me with this explanation.  What we are talking about transmitters is the incapacity of spirit to allow you to hear the full truth of what they have to tell you.  Dictation on the Urantia pole flip is a primary example and in science there are hundreds of examples that show up here on this forum.  I am not allowed to tell you that the pole flip coming is really a reaction of the material planet Urantia getting ready to become and administrative center for spirit to teach about the Lucifer Rebellion quickly as it must be ready quickly when the Father declares Urantia safe once more for life on it and for what spirit wants to use it for.  Now I had to tell a spirit secret to even explain this, and no I did not know it beforehand but show you what can happen when they allow me to probe which I can do but most of you do not even bother to and thereby greatly expand what you are telling the public that is truthful but sensitive to spirit to tell.

Further, Mother Spirit and I do a lot of work together and sometimes I get cranky taking what I call a "sing song," exposition which drives me nuts to do.  She usually gives up and lets me rest in those cases and I take her at her word it was "nothing."

I am trying to tell all of you transmitters that the work to bring a good transmission up and then close it without makingd huge mistakes is tricky and I often take issue with the way things are stated and ask if they could modify the way they want to state it.  It irritates Michael quite a bit when I come up with a word in my own mind dictionary that better suits, in my opinion, what should be said and he often agrees that between me, my Thought Adjuster who does the translations for you and me on high spirit transmissions, that there is a better way of saying it sometimes.  So, let it be known you are first:  Subject to your own mind dictionary in some cases replacing the word dictated;  and Second, that Michael employs a battery of angels to dictate what he says to you and sometimes Michael has to interuprt them too and speak with you quite directly as to what he really wants in the message.

In the case of the Alzheimer dictation above, I went through six seraphim before we got what Michael wanted to say and eliminated about four pages of dictation to present what was finally spoken and you later read.  Again, I did not know that until now and that was told to me by Mother Spirit to tell you what happens when you are taking a message sometimes.

And then this:
I am quite unsure what it is I am connected to sometimes.  It is too glib for me to figure out what is going on, but my own mind is supremely sensitive to changes in intonation and wording and other hard to describe differences from the connection we started with.  When Michael checks his "cheat sheet," I get a silence I know about.  Sometimes though I get a long silence and I feel like I am placed on a telephone hold button.  When this happens the dictation problem is put on hold while some sort of pressing problem is taken care of by Michael or others.  Sometimes the emergency is too great to allow it to go on while he talks a message to me, and sometimes a Censor on his side lets him know it is so sensitive to stop talking about it.  The idea of Nitrous Oxide is a good example of that and of course I do not know why it is sensitive at all but the subject gets dropped as fast as it came up.  There are lots of examples like this but let me finish with a real bomb probably for you.

One of the most famous cases known to me is when Abraham of Old confused a situation while dictating to an early teaching mission group.  In his response to correct the problem he blurted out that the personalization of a Creator Son on Sonarington did such and such.  The Urantia Book, I remembered never mentioned this, and I thought I had a hot new nugget of revelation for myself and said so.  Lo and Behold, Abraham got to me and told me to shut up!  I did.  But the horse was out of the barn and I was fascinated that on Paradise one does not give birth via Trinitization or not, and that the Perfection of Days, heard the same thing, and lamented that one called Ron Besser heard precisely what was said and was, to use my own language term, "gloating" about my find.  So, there is a perfect example what happens all the time when you have a spirit message program operating at full tilt as the teachers get so busy they let things slip I really love to hear about.

"I have one more example of that and it was from a 1992 or 1993 transmission where Bertram told his group that the Teaching Mission was to be done in a few years after it started because he believed it was too advanced for people on Urantia.  Michael came roaring out of his cage and told him to stuff that announcement because Michael considered the Teaching Mission a success already-- at least at that point.  So you see you can get editorial-like information unobtrusively that audiences take as absolute and you must not do this!  Bertram here:

"Ron was my best student in those days.  He heard everything and calculated its worth and often came up with original drubs I use today such as, 'You have to be kidding!' and so on.  The truth is that in those early days of spirit to man messaging, we often blurted out things we regretted earlier.  One teacher in particular I admire who did this so often we just let go was Jay 0803AB B, and that is a real 03 because this is not the Jack you know about, said things like the star system you are part of is not Sagittarius but Avalon itself.  That is patently untrue, but what 0803 was talking about was that Urantia was going to be trialed and that it was because they wanted to move Urantia but it was not approved at that date of the Urantia year 1994.  In any case these are examples that will make a Urantia model of humanity go grey and then some.  Just remember we are not perfect and hardly infallible.  Also bother to remember facts change as the universe changes even in old slow Nebadon.  I am Bertram, good day."

Ron Besser here - I conclude somewhat long explanation to pass on my observations and experiences in becoming a true transmitter for the big spirits in the universe and I would not give it up for a million or two dollars either.  I am at times slow witted because I do not truly catch the sound difference I do detect and have no meaning for them.  Michael uses a Dictaphone (my word for the device), which records his messages and Daniel Alderfer often takes taped messages since he insists on pro forma dictations or gets so flustered he is useless.  With me, it better be live and unpredictable as I get the best messages when Michael flies off the handle with me and sticks me with information to shut me up.  To me these are the best dictations when that machine is not used and I can hear what he really thinks.  In any case, you all must understand that hearing the message is about one third of the exercise, as the other two thirds is your health and my (Michael's ) determination to make the revelation memorable and to make it stick in the comprehension areas of the public's brain(s). I there fore turn this over to Michael to take me out of this messaging for today.  Thank you.  Ron

"I give him credit, he knows me pretty good in this one area, and needs to learn not to probe so hard sometimes as he knows the score with spirit: tell us what you feel or know and we will make it better for you somehow.  In any case this was a wonderful lecture to get your feet we.  Daniel Alderfer may kill himself some day trying to understand these nuances but he is one who hardly cares so long as he can deliver a good dictation which he does.  The rest of you are still babes in the woods on transmitting but that will improve over the years if one sticks to his or her guns and keeps using it for us.  The old teaching mission died of boredom too and we are preventing that happening here so long as we have a few of you being so good at transmissions, that cannot happen to the movement on this discussion forum. I wish you all a good day!  Michael"

"I asked to tag on here too.  We are pressing Ron to stop transmitting now as he must get on with the coal communition chamber invention of Dr. Ilok as we are revising  the book he wrote and then had to hold back for various reasons on the Ilok Coal Powders (3 and 4 micron coal for energy conversions in transportation - cars and truck primarily)  Ron knows the inventor of the real stuff and he appeared in Ron's dream this morning and was delighted to see Ilok sitting at what looked like a computer in the semi dark at his own home in Washington DC, and greeted him gladly as 'back from the dead' and quite alive again!  He broke his heart when the old man died without telling him good bye many years ago and this was a grand reunion for Ilok and Ron again.  To all of you who follow the science of 3 or 4 micron coal powders a new book will be issued before we start the Magisterial Mission and Ron will rewrite the current one to make it quite a book to read!  Meanwhile: Good transmitters eat well and get plenty of rest too!"


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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
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To all (mainly members who have training in health).
                       This message is referring to Midchorian observation (You are what eats).
                       About three (03) months ago the blood test accused excess blood sugar and, the worst, glucose (sugar) was first detected in the urine test.
                        I was weighing approximately 87 kg (eighty-seven kilos), having a height of 1.79 cm. That is, I was slightly overweight, in relation to my height (Body Index).
                        On the other hand, the blood test showed low levels of vitamin D (usually the blood tests that I do appear low levels of vitamin D because I have very white skin).
                        In this way I changed my eating habits expressively, allied to physical exercises, practically, every day.
                        In another message, after this, will be my diet I ask to read and analyze, because this diet I have used in the last 02 (two) months.
                         The physical exercises practically every day consists of approximately one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes with exercises on the spinning bike, listening to music in the evening.
                         When I get home from work, that is, around 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM (local time), I exercise until 10:00 PM, or after 10:00 PM when I start doing it later, arrived late at home, for example, because of too much traffic on the road from the way back from work to home, driving my car.
                         My residence is approximately 40 (forty) kilometers from my place of work, and because of the excess of cars, it takes about one (1) hour to travel.
                         I am planning to relocate to work close at the end of the year, that is, December 2017.
                         My two own houses that I have are for sale.
                         But there is a recession in Brazil, which is making it difficult to sell my two properties. At first, my plan is to sell at least one (01) of the two (02) homes so that I can buy another house near the place of my job.
                          If I can not sell at least one (01) of my real estate by the end of the year, I will move in and live in a rented house near the place of work, probably in December 2017.
                             I have a spinning bike at home, so I do not need to go to the gym to do physical exercises.
                             On the other hand, when I do spinning I drink approximately more than three (3) liters of filtered water in this exercise period. I use a 700-milliliter container (my own water bottle when exercising in a gym) and refill it as soon as I finish drinking all the liquid in the container. There are five containers that I drink during exercise, which amounts to three (3) liters of filtered water.
                           I drink filtered water, when a song ends and another song starts. In every 3 (three) or 4 (four) songs I drink the total of the container, that is, 700 ml of filtered water. In every 7 (seven) songs I've drank, two containers of filtered water.
                           The result of dietary re-education and physical exercise:
                          "This week I had a new blood test and the sugar levels were almost normal, and there was no sugar in my urine.
                            Unless misled, the glucose (blood sugar) scale considered "normal" is up to 99 (ninety-nine). being that in the examination of blood appeared 100 (hundred).
                         I have all the "front" teeth at the top and bottom. However, I no longer have several teeth in the back, ie the teeth responsible for chewing. I have two dental implants in the bottom and back, one on each side.
                          Recently, I had to do several tooth extractions on the top and back, ie the teeth responsible for chewing.
                          So I did several x-ray examinations of the skull, and I have to do a bone graft (at the top) to be able to make new teeth implants, now at the top.
                          The technology for dental bone grafting in Brazil no longer requires the use of bones of the body itself. This dental technique was used until recently, with surgery to remove pieces of bone, if I am not mistaken, from the legs, from the information I accessed. So the bone that will be grafted, it seems to me, is cattle (bovine).
                         I have an appointment with the dentist next Monday at 4:00 PM (local time in Brasília) to evaluate if it is possible to graft the bone before the X-ray examinations of the dental arcade (teeth) and set the date for dental surgery, maybe next week.
                        I must stay medical certificate to recover at home after dental surgery for at least seven days (or more) after bone graft surgery to recover.

Continue the next message ..

A todos (principalmente os membros que tiverem formação na área da saúde).
                   Esta mensagem é referente a observação de Midchorian (Você é o que come).
                     Há aproximadamente três (03)  meses atrás o exame de sangue acusou excesso de açúcar no sangue e, o pior, a glicose (açúcar), pela primeira vez foi detectada no exame de urina. 
                     Eu estava pesando aproximadamente 87 kg (oitenta e sete quilos), tendo uma altura de 1,79 cm. Ou seja, estava um pouco acima do peso, em relação a minha altura (Índice Corporal).
                    Por outro lado, o exame de sangue apresentou baixos níveis de vitamina D (normalmente os exames de sangue que eu faço aparece baixos níveis de vitamina D, pois eu tenho a pele muito branca).
                  Desta forma eu mudei meus hábitos alimentares de forma expressiva, aliado a exercícios físicos, praticamente, todos os dias.  
                  Em outra mensagem, posterior a esta,  estará a minha dieta alimentar que eu peço para lerem e analisarem, pois esta dieta eu usei nos últimos 02 (dois) meses.
                 Os exercícios físicos praticamente todos os dias consiste em aproximadamente 01 (uma) hora e 15 (quinze) minutos com exercícios na bicicleta de spinning, escutando música, na parte da noite. 
                  Quando eu chego do trabalho, isto é, por volta das 20:30 às 21:00 (horário local), eu faço exercícios até próximo as 22:00, ou após as 22:00 quando eu começo a fazer mais tarde, por ter chegado atrasado em casa, por exemplo, por causa do excesso de trânsito na estrada do caminho de retorno do trabalho para a casa, dirigindo meu carro. 
                  Minha residência fica aproximadamente 40 (quarenta) kilometros do meu local de trabalho, e por causa do excesso de carros, demora cerca de 01 (uma) hora o deslocamento. 
                  Estou planejando mudar de residência para próximo do trabalho neste final de ano, ou seja, dezembro de 2017. 
                  Minhas duas casas próprias que eu tenho estão a venda. 
                  Mas existe recessão no Brasil, o que está dificultando a venda de meus dois imóveis próprios. A princípio, o meu plano é vender pelo menos uma (01) das duas (02) casas para poder comprar outra casa próximo ao local do meu trabalho.
                  Se eu não conseguir vender pelo menos um (01) de meus imóveis até o final do ano eu irei me mudar e morar em casa alugada próximo ao local do trabalho, provavelmente, em dezembro de 2017.
                 Eu tenho uma bicicleta de spinning em casa, assim eu não preciso ir para a academia para fazer exercícios físicos. 
                 Por outro lado, quando eu faço spinning eu bebo aproximadamente mais de 03 (três) litros de água filtrada, neste período de exercícios. Eu uso um recipiente de 700 mililitros (700 ml), (recipiente próprio para tomar água quando se faz exercícios físicos em academia) e reabasteço assim que termino de beber todo o líquido do recipiente. São cinco recipientes que eu bebo durante o exercício, o que totaliza, 3 (três) litros e meio de água filtrada.
                 Eu bebo a água filtrada, quando termina uma música e começa outra música. Em cada 3 (três) ou 4 (quatro) músicas eu bebo o total do recipiente, ou seja, 700 ml de água filtrada. Em cada 7 (sete) músicas eu já bebi, dois recipientes de água filtrada.
               O resultado da reeducação alimentar e dos exercícios físicos:
              - Esta semana fiz novo exame de sangue e os níveis de açúcar estão praticamente normais, e, não apareceu açúcar na urina.
               Salvo engano, a escala de glicose (açúcar no sangue) considerada "normal" é até 99 (noventa e nove). sendo que no exame de sangue apareceu 100 (cem).
               Eu tenho todos os dentes da "frente", na parte superior e inferior. Não obstante, já não tenho vários dentes na partes de trás, ou seja, os dentes responsáveis pela mastigação. Eu tenho dois implantes dentários na parte inferior e atrás, um em cada lado.
               Recentemente, eu tive que fazer várias extrações de dentes na parte superior e atrás, ou seja, os dentes responsáveis pela mastigação. 
               Assim, eu fiz vários exames e raio X do crânio, sendo que tenho que fazer enxerto ósseo (na parte superior) para poder fazer novos implantes de dentes, agora na parte superior. 
                A tecnologia para enxerto ósseo odontológico no Brasil  não necessita mais o uso de ossos do próprio corpo. Esta técnica odontológica foi usada até a pouco tempo, com cirurgia para retirar pedaços de osso, se não me engano, das pernas, pelas informações que eu acessei. Assim o osso que será enxertado, me parece, que é de gado (bovino).
               Eu tenho consulta com o dentista na próxima segunda-feira, às 16:00 (hora local em Brasília) para avaliar se é possível o enxerto ósseo diante dos exames de raio X da arcada dentária (dentes) e marcar data para cirurgia odontológica , talvez na próxima semana.
              Eu devo ficar de atestado médico para me recuperar em casa, após a cirurgia odontológica, pelo menos em sete dias (ou mais) após a cirurgia de enxerto ósseo para me recuperar. próxima mensagem..

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Re: Alzheimer's Disease - Its Trials and Causes - Michael of Nebadon 092917
« Reply #14 on: September 30, 2017, 01:23:16 PM »
                        The  message about Alzheimer's disease and the diet that can stimulate or reduce this disease made me actively participate in this Serara Forum today, because I always had in my mind that, over time, what we eat can prevent or otherwise , to stimulate the appearance of diseases.
                        I have always had in my consciousness that many of the "modern" diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's disease are related to the nourishment of modern civilization, for example, the excess of industrialized foods where there are many chemical preservatives and are harmful to health.
                        In addition to the use of pesticides, in addition to chemical fertilization in food production, they cause the food to have remnants of these pesticides and chemicals in their composition affecting the health of people who consume these foods in the medium and long term.
                        I technically am not a vegetarian, as I have opened an exception for fish and seafood. But a few years ago I stopped eating meat from warm-blooded animals. Nonetheless, I continue to eat dairy products, cheeses, yogurt, eggs.
                        As for eggs, I invented an oatmeal "burger," using only egg white (and other ingredients).
                       I researched and verified that the egg yolk has a lot of lecithin. This substance would increase the "free radicals" in the blood and that are harmful to health.
                         Before talking about the foods I have eaten in the last two months, I will comment on a "natural extract" of foods that I am taking, twice a day and that has increased my energy level.
                        This natural extract is rich in polyphenols, mainly anthocyanins (mainly present in vegetables and fruits with purple coloration).
                        I was reading articles on the internet and found an article on energy-withdrawing foods made by a Brazilian doctor, Rafael, who made an extract based on polyphenols among other foods.
                        This Brazilian doctor did research based on studies in the United States of an individual who recovered with a change in eating habits, whom he called "BIG JOHN" (fictitious name to preserve intimacy).
                        The American "BIG JOHN" was fat, that is, overweight and had high risks of heart and brain diseases (strokes). On a scale of 10, (ten) "BIG JOHN" presented risk 9 (nine), that is, very high. In a few months of diet "BIG JOHN" significantly decreased the negative rates presented in the blood test.
                       I am trying to remember in my memory, the three foods to eliminate from everyday food, in synthesis, informed by the website (Dr. Rafael). Otherwise, the three foods were:
                                     - 1) all foods based on soy (soybean oil, margarine, shoyu sauce, soya cheese, etc.)
                                    - 2) Concentrated "Green" juice (usually due to the use of green cabbage or other vegetables);
                                    - 3) Goji Berry
                        Basically, the lecithins of soy and its derivatives, Goji Berry and other foods as much "lecithin" caused the human body to acquire fat in the belly, withdrawing the energy to the physical body. On the other hand, the green juices, because they have chlorophyll, in concentrated juice form, would be harmful because our organism would not be adapted to process in large quantities or concentrate the chlorophyll in excess.
                       On the other hand, foods rich in polyphenols, especially anthocyanin rich (fruits and vegetables with a purple coloration, because anthocyanin would be responsible for the purple coloring of these foods)
                        In summary, I bought the product sold by Dr. Rafael and I felt the increase of energy in my body,
                         As I move to work I got home tired. It only had two shifts, morning and afternoon (early evening). When I got home from work, tired, I just got to go to sleep.
                        After taking the extract of natural foods, I started having energy at night. That is, I started using three shifts, even with intense spinning exercises at night when I get home from work.
                        The product sold by Dr. Rafael (vital 4k) (see has the following ingredients which are many (I confess that I do not know much about these ingredients, food and substances):

1) Palatinose;
2) Taurine;
3) Guarana powder;
4) L-arginine;
5) L-leucine;
6) L-Isoleucine;
7) L-Vanila;
8.) caffeine;
9) polydextrose;
10) inulin;
11) acerola powder;
12) green tea powder;
13) white tea powder;
14) hibiscus powder;
15) acai powder;
16) cramberry powder;
(17) beet powder;
18) powdered plum ';
19) aroma identical to the natural one of guarana;
20) glucuronolactone;
21) calcium carbonate;
22) vitamin C;
23) sodium selenite;
24) zinc sulfate;
25) potassium sulphate;
26) vitamin B2;
27) vitamin B3;
28) vitamin B6;
29) vitamin B5;
30) vitamin B12;
31) sucralose

                         I took a product with vitamins and replaced with Vital 4K.
======= be continued...
                               A mensagem sobre a Doença de Alzheimer e a alimentação que pode estimular ou diminuir esta doença me fez participar ativamente neste Fórum Serara hoje, pois eu sempre tive em minha mente que, com o passar do tempo, o que comemos pode prevenir ou, o contrário, estimular o aparecimento de doenças.
                               Eu sempre tive em minha consciência que muitos das doenças "modernas" como cancer e a Doença de Alzheimer é relacionada com a alimentação da civilização moderna, por exemplo, o excesso de alimentos industrializados, aonde existe muitos conservantes químicos e que são prejudiciais a saúde. 
                              Além do uso de agrotóxicos, além da adubação química na produção de alimentos, que fazem com que os alimentos tenham resquícios destes agrotóxicos e produtos químicos em sua composição afetando a saúde das pessoas que consomem estes alimentos em longo médio e longo prazo.
                              Eu tecnicamente não sou vegetariano, pois eu abri uma excessão para os peixes e frutos do mar. Mas há alguns anos eu deixei de comer carne de animais com sangue quente. Não obstante, continuo comendo derivados como leite, queijos, iogurte, ovos.
                              Em relação aos ovos, eu inventei um "hamburguer" de aveia , usando apenas a clara do ovo (e outros ingredientes). 
                               Eu pesquisei e verifique que a gema do ovo possui muita lecitina. Esta substância aumentaria os "radicais livres" no sangue e que são prejudiciais a saúde.
                               Antes de falar sobre os alimentos que eu comi nos últimos dois meses, vou fazer um comentário sobre um "extrato natural" de alimentos que estou tomando, duas vezes, ao dia e que aumentou o meu nível de energia.
                               Este extrato natural é rico em polifenóis, principalmente, antocianinas (principalmente presentes em verduras e frutas com coloração roxa).
                               Eu estava lendo artigos na internet e encontrei um artigo sobre alimentos que retiravam (diminuiam) a energia, feito por um médico brasileiro, Rafael, que fez um extrato a base de polifenóis entre outros alimentos. 
                               Este médico brasileiro fez pesquisas com base em estudos nos Estados Unidos, de um indíviduo que se recuperou com mudança de hábitos alimentares, a quem ele chamou de "BIG JOHN" (nome fictício para preservar a intimidade).
                               O americano "BIG JOHN" estava gordo, ou seja, acima do peso e  possuia riscos elevados de doenças cardiacas e cerebrais (AVC). Em uma escala de 10, (dez) "BIG JOHN" apresentava o risco 9 (nove), ou seja, muito alto. Em alguns meses de dieta alimentar "BIG JOHN" diminuiu expressivamente os índices negativos apresentados no exame de sangue.
                              Estou tentando me lembrar em minha memória, os três alimentos para eliminar da alimentação cotidiana, em síntese, informados pelo site (do Dr. Rafael). Salvo engano, os três alimentos eram:
                              - 1) todos os alimentos com base na soja (oleo de soja, margarinas, molho shoyu, queijo de soja, etc)
                              - 2) Suco "Verde" concentrado  (normalmente devido ao uso de couve-verde ou outra verdura);
                               - 3) Goji Berry

                              Basicamente, as "lecitinas" da soja e seus derivados, do Goji Berry e de outros alimentos como muito "lecitina" faziam com que o corpo humano adquirisse gordura na barriga, retirando a energia para o corpo físico. Por outro lado, os sucos verdes, por terem clorofila, em forma concentrada de suco, seriam prejudiciais pois nosso organismo não seria adaptado para processar em grandes quantidades ou concentrado a clorofila em excesso.
                               Por outro lado, deveria se alimentar com muito alimentos ricos em polifenois, principalmente, ricos em antocianinas (frutas e verduras com a coloração roxa, pois a antocianina seria responsável pela coloração roxa destes alimentos)
                            Em síntese, eu comprei o produto vendido pelo Dr. Rafael e eu senti o aumento de energia em meu corpo,
                            Como eu me desloco para o trabalho eu chegava cansado em casa. Só tinha dois turnos, manhã e tarde (início da noite). Quando eu chegava do trabalho, cansado, eu só consegui ir dormir.
                            Após tomar o extrato de alimentos naturais, eu passei a ter energia de noite. Ou seja, comecei a usar três turnos, inclusive, com exercícios de spinning intensos durante a noite quando eu chego do trabalho.
                            O produto vendido por Dr. Rafael (vital 4k) (vide site ) possui os seguintes ingredientes que são muitos (confesso que eu não conheço muito destes ingredientes, alimentos e substâncias):

1) Palatinose;
2) Taurina;
3) Guaraná em pó;
4) L-arginina;
5) L-leucina;
6) L-Isoleucina;
7) L-Vanila;
8.) cafeína;
9) polidextrose;
10) inulina;
11) acerola em pó;
12) chá verde em pó;
13) chá branco em pó;
14) hibiscos em pó;
15) açaí em pó;
16) cramberry em pó;
17) beterraba em pó;
18) ameixa em pó´;
19) aroma idêntico ao natural de guaraná;
20) glucoronolactona;
21) carbonato de cálcio;
22) vitamina C;
23) selenito de sódio;
24) sulfato de zinco;
25) sulfato de potássio;
26) vitamina B2;
27) vitamina B3;
28) vitamina B6;
29) vitamina B5;
30) vitamina B12;
31) sucralose

                                 Eu tomava um produto com vitaminas e substitui por Vital 4K.
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