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Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:10:36 PM »
Dear List,
I determined I knew enough about something that I could tell you about it without going in to ask Michael - or someone - to transmit that information for us.  So I produced the tape on my own, buit Michael came in on the end of it and gave me a hard time but Mother Spirit and I and Michael all agreed you should hear this.  Mother adds at the end a warning of trouble to come but you already know about that or you should.  Give a listen then to what is going to happen to Urantia before the end of this year, 2017.


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Re: Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2017, 10:47:13 PM »
Transcript:  Audio tape November 6, after 9:30 pm Eastern time

This is Ron Besser and I am not transmitting at the moment I am going to tell you something that is pending with the Magisterial Mission with the Planetary System Satania and the changes to Urantia and to several other planets.  These planets, Urantia in particular, is a focal point for which the apostate planets, totaling 37, have been considered to have all their Lucifer references changed and removed.  What I’m hearing, and Michael is most welcome to chime in anytime or anyone else if I’m wrong, is that the planet Urantia is a focal point in which the Magisterial Mission will spread out to the other 37 apostate planets and remove to whatever degree they exist remnants of the Lucifer rebellion.  This does not mean that they have individual Magisterial Mission’s what is does mean is that our Magisterial Mission, in cooperation with their Planetary Princes, will institute programs to remove remnants of the Lucifer rebellion to the extent that they may have them.  

This requires a great deal of coordination both with Uversa, Paradise, and the Most Highs including Salvington.  What I am also hearing is that very soon Urantia will be literally moved in space to a brand new planetary system, it has no planet in it right now, the administrative set up has been completed so that when Urantia is moved in space to the new planetary system we kiss Satania goodbye.  Satania will be moved many light-years from us and the 615 or so planets that are currently in it will be minus three.  Satania will be administered by Norlatiadek and the new system which has no planet in it right now will be managed by the Constellation Norlatiadek and will be known as Constellation #10351,  Satania is 10350.  

As I understand it the planet Urantia is being moved to 10351 in order to prepare it for a secret mission and destiny.  They won’t tell us, they are not indicating why it takes Urantia in a separate system to do this.  The other planet that we know that is coming with us is Panoptia.  Panoptia and Urantia are still tied together in ways that are not revealed.  Much more must be known to really understand why a planet like Panoptia, which is very similar to us they even look like us, is being moved with Urantia and shares the secret destiny in 10351.  10350, Satania, is being moved to rotate around the center of Nebadon, Sagittarius.  Why the exceeding distance, I do not know but the new planet and new planetary system is being moved toward the central plane of Nebadon.  We are being moved light-years in space to the center of the Milky Way, our night sky in 50 years or less will sparkle with millions of stars you can’t see now.  There is a third planet being moved to 10351, they won’t tell us what that planets name is but it is similar to Urantia and to Panoptia  we just call it “X” for now.

“This is Michael, thank you Ron you took that all off me from yesterday [Ron:  yes, yes I did Michael]  I want you to understand that I do not want this tape on the Forum, discussion Forum but you can put it up on your TM Archives site and reference it there.  [Ron:  may I reference it on the Discussion Forum?] No! [Ron:  alright thank you Michael] Oh you’re most welcome Ron.”


“Now this is Mother Spirit and I rescind what Michael just told Ron.  How can I do that? because I’m equal.  Now hear this, this is Mother Spirit.  The tape Ron started was not authorized he told you when he started he was not transmitting but the fact is he already had the facts in mind and knew what to tell you.  I don’t mind, Michael really doesn’t mind but we are having a small war,  not with Ron or any of you but with people on Urantia who come to listen, make fun and then leave.  Ron doesn’t record for them, I don’t speak for them and neither does Michael.   The fact of the matter is that this tape is a moribund example of what should not be done without our permission the fact is that Ron felt he had permission ‘cause he had the information and there was nothing against releasing the information.”


“This is Michael, we now stand at the juncture of leaving this tape alone or becoming involved with something I do not wish to tell further.  [Ron:  I see nothing wrong with dropping the subject right now Michael if what I have told is sufficient to get the idea.]  It is Ron and you may post it.  [Ron:  Thank you Michael].  Thank you Ron.”


“This is Mother Spirit I want to add one thing to this audio tape, Ron is bored to death, he sees nothing being posted worthwhile beyond a few things to discuss or even become interested in which he considers really a lack of interest in pushing the envelope.  You need to push the envelope.  People are sitting back and waiting to be told, don’t do that.  

“Now this, we wish to close on a prayer.  Dear Father, I am yours be with us as we move into the Magisterial Mission and into the heart of God.  Urantia is about to be slapped and gob smacked and that is putting it gently.  The planet is ready to go into turmoil the moment there is a reason to allow the pressure that is in the core of the planet to explode.  It will result in a lot of new volcanoes and a lot of new pretensions of magma suddenly showing up in places and then disappearing forever.  We don’t know exactly what is going to happen but it won’t be pleasant.  I leave this with all of you pray that the sun will shine again and that we will have an opportunity to meet face-to-face on Urantia with our Melchizedeks and other celestial beings you know not who can incarnate and work with you in your offices for the Magisterial Mission.  I wish you a good day and a good night.”


Ron - Many Thanks!
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Re: Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2017, 01:49:26 AM »
Hello and greetings to you, I am thinking hard on your allowance to share with us what is let on. Is it that Urantia and the two other planets are moved as training spheres for those who enter into the first Outer Space Zone?  When you speak of the term "literal",  when these planets are to be moved, does that mean a material movement of space bodies such as "planets" into a whole new space area for some unknown development (hence the reference "secret mission and destiny") and so I push the envelope of thought that this as you said on the outset is all to do with the legend of rebellion these planets have been so tainted with? I get the impression we are being removed in more isolation if not quarantined further, in order to keep the health of Nebadon intact and not influenced by those planets considered the "worse of the worst" (ours included)  with rebellion still running in the veins of those who inhabit it.  It is an interesting development and one that has been hinted on some time ago that Urantia will be sheared off at some point due to being so close to the first Outer Space Zone. Does this have anything to do with this new shift in stabilising what is a difficult planet or planets that may be too hard-basket to keep in with the Satania system which have plenty of good healthy ones that obviously are advancing on in the Universal career progression. There are many ways in looking at this, but I understand, the rebellion has certainly gotten so entrenched in our world that I fear it will take an equal amount of time to drain the swamp so-to-speak before we see it squeaky clean and we have not even seen what that is, because we haven't had that before!

Riveting to say the least and thank you Ron, Father Michael and Mother Spirit!


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Re: Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2017, 07:01:46 AM »
Hi Ron,
this would be amazing but rises a lot of questions like do we kiss goodbye the moon and our sun and the other planets in our solar system as well and how to survive without our sun and .. and ... and ...
Thank You

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Re: Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2017, 10:36:22 AM »
Hello Elvis:

I asked the same thing and the response was that our solar system is to be moved, intact and steady as she goes, with us.  That probably over simplifies what is to happen, but that is what they told me a couple of days ago when I inquired much as you did,

Now to speak to Sue:  You have a wonderful imagination Sue, but it takes you in the wrong direction and that might confuse you when we learn that Monmatia is a solar system with two inhabited planets and that is much what I spoke to many weeks ago and do not go into here for now.

Let me now speak to the fact of this audio tape and clear the air somewhat as to its presence here at all.  It goes like this:  Frankly I was tired at looking a discussion forum where so little of substance was being discussed, I felt a remedy would be to place a good tape on what I had learned from Evan in the Philippines who wrote the original post concerning this move of the planet into a new planetary system from a transcription originating from Jesus, I believe.  I asked her to hold the tape back awaiting clarification, but when it came to me, Michael clarified it with more detail and then abruptly stopped transmitting and left me hold the bag of incomplete closure to the revelation.  I let it sit for about 24 hours and as I contemplated our discussion forum here, I saw it getting worse and worse and decided to allow my memory of the move to be told to all of you in a conversatgional tape you ahve responded to here,

Now this:  When I did the tape, it also occurred to me that I w as setting a precedence without realizing at first to do a tape on my own had never been done before by any of our transmitters, and I wondered a little if it would upset the powers to be on Salvington ro produce a non-transmissible tape to the audience?

As I did the tape, I was suddenly joined by my memory voice which I had lost years ago because of the ability to transmit easily.  It helped me recall the highlights of what Michael dictated to me concerning the move twenty-four hours earlier.  I began the tape understanding I should only speak to what was told to me and not to embellish the tape with side issues which can happen so easily it is not funny.  When my memory voice kicked in, I was quite aware I had run out of good points to make over the move and was prepared to shut it down when Michael of Nebadon suddenly appeared in my mind and told me what he though concerning doing the tape.  It finally ended by both Mother Spirit and Michael saying I did okay, but left me with the feeling not to go and do something like this again without telling them what I was doing and why.  I felt okay with that and posted the tape as you know.

Today, Jesus spoke to me most vividly this morning and did not chastise me for the taoe production, but to remind me that Michael of Nebadon was now fully resplendent in the form of Jesus and that Jesus was indeed in the room with me quite invisible.

For most people that would throw them into a tizzy when one stands that close to, bot an apparition, but to a modified spirit form that no one describes to me except that it can move and speak to people Jesus wishes to visit and get the lay of the land as how they live and what their personalities are like.  Jesus has done this with me on at least four other occasions and so I become accustomed to standing or being bed when this appearance occurs.  This time though, he was not a happy person and let me know it by speaking evenly and firmly and then just went on with the business of the day for him.  I laid in bed for another few minutes quite aware of how sore my muscles were and how badly the feel still burned and how little I knew of the real purpose I (and some of you), get the feeling of being pushed off and away,  if not abandoned outright when once things were so friendly and accepting.

I posted to Larry Gossett in another thread about his dream and about his comment of feeling left out and I had to agree with him that it was made clear to me, especially over this impromptu tape too, that Urantia would have a name change if only slightly so people who did not know it could at least read it and pronounce it accurately, and then decided to get up because here in Pennsylvania it is Election Day, and while I consider some elections to be useless as it is impossible to know ten or fifteen judges and their records, I will go and cast a shaky ballot hoping I get the best ones elected.  Nonetheless we must contribute more to this thread by me stating the following to all of you:

I will desist from doing tapes off the top of my head as it is a dangerous thing to do after the fact as I see it.  Further there is a number spoken to frequently in the tape as 10531 and 10530 as planetary system numbers.  In truth these numbers are merely plastered on the new (31) and the old (531) for mere convenience of being able to reference them and I do not want you all to try to remember these numbers other than a present handle we all use to call them out.

Second the name change of Urantia to something else is still under consideration.  It is a privilege for us to know this but please do not make the mistake to insist we change our planet's name to something else before the review is complete on Salvington and then Uversa.

That is all I have to say for now and to remind all of you that making tapes of transmissions is a privilege and I did not attempt to abort any of that by taking the top of my head as the extent of that tape's information.  Saying that however,  Lemuel and Dominick and Larry and Sue to name a few of you, should attempt to expand their tape experiences by stoping and asking questions to your transmission author.  Madam Blavatsky is one of the most fascinating individuals to have ever lived on Urantia and she is full of information you might be glad to ask her about.  I leave it at that for now and thank you for listening to all of this.  Good day.

"I wish to congratulate Sue and others for listening to a tape I was very surprised Ron sought to profer.  He is extraordinarily well done in perception and had everything right.  But you must understand that Salvington closed controls tapes or audio transmissions for the sake of keeping everything and everybody on the same page concerning information, or revelation, or just gritty facts as they sometimes are told here.

"I also point out to you Sue, you must curb your assumptions as they are far afield in this matter and as Ron says you set up a paradigm in which the mind, your mind, gets lost in its work to fathom all that is given with variations, and I see as Ron does you are prone to making statements based on lessons that are not true in the lesson in the first place,  A wicked change of life is promoting that Sue and keep yourself well and balanced in your thinking as it will occur to you sometimes that Ron is quite clairvoyant and makes no assumptions unless he is asked to.  You can be calirvoyant Sue but you need mind training and Ron has had that training through us for years and does a marvelous job figuring out people and their motivations.  In any case we leave this all to announce the following:

"New year being 2018, the Magisterial Mission will have established its placement on the ground on Urantia.  York is our capital and Poughkeepsie (pronounced: Poe Kip See, it being a Dutch name as a New York State city) is our financial center and not York due to restrictions on the flow of cash in PA, and we will keep Ron as the Treasurer for the time being.  He is well worth listening to in financial matters in spite of people who disagree with him so completely.  Good day."

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Re: Audio - Urantia Is Moving to A New Planetary System
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2017, 04:27:20 AM »
Hi, Elvis.

I use Google Translate to read the Serara Forum quick messages in English. So often I read the essence of the message.

In relation to the displacement of our planet to another area of the universe, I understood, at the beginning, that our planet is being displaced near Salvington, seat of our local universe of Nebadon and that would be, as far as I understood, in the constellation of Sagittarius .

So at the beginning, I understood that the whole solar system (and thus the planets that are part of our solar system) is being displaced.

On the other hand, two other planets would be doing the same, that is, the same displacement, among them, Panoptia, our twin planet that has many characteristics similar to our planet. In my view, then, the entire "solar" system (that is, the star in which Panoptia is inserted) of Panoptia is also changing its displacement.

As for the change of the name of our planet, as I understand it, this is a subject being studied in Salvington (home planet, capital of our local Universe of Nebadon) and Uversa (home planet, capital of our superuniverse of Orvonton), being, that possibly will change its name to a name that is easy to pronounce in the English language.


Olá Elvis. 

Eu uso o Google Tradutor para ler rapidamente as mensagens em inglês do Fórum Serara. Assim, muitas vezes eu leio a essência da mensagem. 

Em relação ao deslocamento de nosso planeta para outra área do universo, eu entendi, a princípio, que nosso planeta está sendo deslocado para perto de Salvington, sede de nosso universo local de Nebadon e que ficaria, pelo que eu entendi, na constelação de Sagitário. 

Assim, a principio, eu entendi que está sendo deslocado todo o sistema solar (e, assim, os planetas que fazem parte de nosso sistema solar).

Por outro lado, dois outros planetas estariam fazendo o mesmo, ou seja, o mesmo deslocamento, entre eles, Panóptia, o nosso planeta gêmeo que tem muitas características semelhantes ao nosso planeta. Ao meu ver, então, todo o sistema "solar" (ou seja a estrela em que está inserido Panoptia) de Panóptia, também está mudando seu deslocamento.

Quanto a mudança do nome de nosso planeta, pelo que eu entendi, este é um assunto que está sendo estudado em Salvington (planeta sede, capital de nosso universo local de Nebadon) e Uversa (planeta sede, capital de nosso superuniverso de Orvonton), sendo, que, possivelmente, irá mudar de nome para um nome que seja de fácil pronúncia no idioma inglês.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)