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The confidence of progressive revelation - Father TA
« on: October 03, 2017, 11:00:09 PM »
Teacher: Father TA
Lesson: The confidence of progressive revelation
Category:  Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover 
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 10/03/2017 07:21 PM CST

Father, at this time of evening I come before spirit as regular practice for receiving and then transmitting the information to letter for my self and if so, to the forum of fellow workers. Father thank you for helping me to solve troubles that now seem so trivial in comparison to my yesterdays worries. Is there a message today Father, for my growth to know truth and comprehend the nature of Gods organizations? 

“Time and time again we will come together my son. To instruct you, encourage you and lead you. The wealth of information available to your world has come in buckets full lately, as a heavy downpour that starts to flood the land. Shame that so few search for it or even enjoy it when it is found. Your desires of a local business to promote truth will come in handy for expanding awareness, displaying banners for those that are searching for answers to their new found interests of cosmic god-ships to learn. One day all religions will recognize that all of their mixed beliefs in God and Gods can be blending into the one central truth.”

I do wish that I could have know this information 10 or 30 years ago. By now I would have established a world wide shopping place in comparison to all of the science fiction novels and movies and its paraphernalia, is what Urantia advertised awareness could have been. With logos, clothing, jewelry and many instructional books the like. And from the truth then we would have seen fantasies being born into truth led novels, books and movies. When I see movies even now I can pick out the bits of truth in them also even remembered from past movies [since the 1970’s], that the writers probably used the Urantia book in secret to come up with those far-fetched ideas.

“Yes son, so many have used our stories just for their own gain but with no interest to see it as any more than a fantasy. Only true Truth Seekers recognize its truths and even at that persons such as yourself who may have come across the book many years ago would have also just blown right on by it. Do you know why?” I think so Father. “Yes, because it took you all those years to turn over all of the other rocks finding tidbit's of inquisitive knowledge including archaeological and astronomical wonders. It took this for you to then realize failure and when you finally did discover the Urantia Book; and the answer is, the UB was the only book that held all the answers to your many years of accumulated doubts from other sources, all those unanswered but very important questions about life, evolution, the ancient past and so many missing gaps within those findings yet to be solved, as you were right to wonder that there certainly must be so much more than just a paradise and angelic bliss.”

"Now is the time to build that enterprise of fanfare for emblems of truth to wear proudly and create songs and written fantasies of entertainment from the UB.” Yes Father, if I get the chance before or after the coming Armageddon type changes into a survival and rebuilding towards planetary and human peace and security.

“Have a good evening son. Rebuild your study schedule to get back on that much needed learning course.” Yes Father, The Infinite Spirit and Master Spirits are my starting place for digging into deeper studies. Amen (Father smiles)