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The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« on: October 02, 2017, 03:56:36 AM »
Speakers: Sue Whiley, Pre’Mtor and GAIA
Subject: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim and more
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2017 9am til 1pm (ADST)


2nd of October, 2017 a long morning session till 1pm.

What is this road I’m on? The emotional turmoil that churns is messing with my head.  I am asking members here for your help and insight as to what and how to deal with this road (of separation in a marriage, to be particular).

As you all know, I am married with two beautiful grown up university children. When I ventured some years back to seek out some literature and found the Urantia Book, I was so happy to find this book. Understandably, as you know, it is a big book to get through and takes time to do it from cover to cover.  All my energies went into reading it as much as I could between my waking hours of work and family commitments. Looking back on this I did spend a lot on reading and very little time spent on with others in the household. So enrapting was this reading. At the time, my son was doing his studies for his science degree and my daughter was busy with her work on assignments for her higher school certificate and my hubby spent his time watching tv and doing stuff on his computer.

I kept at reading and finished it in about seven months and I even read it while we were on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. I think it drove my hubby bonkers and this road trip among other things, probably began from my pursuit of the Urantia Book and my heavy involvement in this amazing discussion forum which I love immensely. Now this all began back in 2013-2014 when I lived and worked in Darwin, NT – a very hot, remote and exotic place in this dry continent.

Since then, my commitment with you all in the successive years has brought some measure of animosity with those who felt my absence in normal family commitments. So much so it came to a head one day last year, when my hubby and two children sat me down around the table to ask me some serious commitment questions. With great nerve and with obvious known consequences, I stood my ground and insisted I keep with my love for God and His way, even if it means leaving them to go to another land to do the work I know is sacred beyond their own understanding. I chose the Father above and beyond them at the time. To this, they decided it was done in their minds to go separate ways.

This year has found that to be the case. My children are living independent lives, my hubby eventually got a campervan and decided to move back to Cairns Qld where he loves the warmer climes than the cold southern states and I haven’t seen him since he left on the night of 24th August, 2017.

It is almost over a month now that I am coming to terms with the consequences of that day around the table which I dread and find it so misconstrued.  Perhaps, one day they will come to understand it, but they do not as of yet know what it means. Meeting my mother and family members just recently made me even more depressed as so many people in my life are yet to discover the truths inherent in the Urantia Book and how life-changing it is to know and understand the God within us.

This is not a confession, nor is it a members’s introduction, this is a statement of fact of life when one finds the pearl of great price and has to reveal it so delicately so as not to be misunderstood in material minds.

Nicolaus Copernicus found some things worthy for revelation, but due to fear of ridicule in those times, he hid it until he died, it was not till Galileo invented the telescope that founded Copernicus claims as true and worthy of scientific fact. Here I find myself as Copernicus has found himself in and it is a cruel world when people are so ignorant, materialistic and rather brain-washed.

Here I am on a road and I feel like the loneliest duck quacking to myself most days. I may as well be in Antarctica or Siberia for all I care. How bad is this world?

Writing this is therapeutic for me as I have no outlet to place my emotional tirade. I know separation in marriage is a horrible thing to happen, but more so, in this case is because I love you Father and this way of commitment to the Magisterial Son Mission and what this means in the long term health of our Urantian citizens. I know my commitment comes with a heavy cost of my marriage with my estrangement of my loving husband and my two very supportive and wonderful children who I see for catch-up dinners occasionally when they are free.

The loneliness and the grief I bear is insurmountable in my heart, my mind knows this is not going to be forever, even though it feels like it is rather hell on earth in any case. I understand the likes of Copernicus, Jesus, the Disciples, Joan-of-Arc, Mother Theresa and so on when the world seems so stacked up against oneself and then you, as a personality, must at all cost hold true to what you know is right and makes sense in an animal world. Talk about being the black sheep of the family!!

How many more black sheep does it take to stand out from the crowd to make it more obvious? Ah, such is the life of a pilgrim on Urantia and it is not peculiar to me, rather it is a raw, cold, unwelcoming, unyielding encounter no one should ever have to experience even in eternity. It is no wonder the Unqualified Absolute has ventured into sharing itself in infinite capacitiy of absolute love.

Here, in this moment of time, I get a speck of real finiteness, the explosive rawness of emotive impulses and mental acclimitization that inherently takes one to extremity of choice and will.

Here my Adjuster and I collaborate in these thoughts trains and counsel one another along the way that is eternal for both of us as we grow inward into one another. Prior to this I envision two personalities, but here we are one and the same as we cross paths of experience and grow into a magnificent tree where birds can shelter and sing with joy.

Aye, the road is narrow and winding with many a puddle to cross and yes, always there is a bridge we need to find to keep one’s sanity at peace.

I write this as it goes in saying the life in the Spirit is a journey with yourself and your bigger half with the universe to which you and I belong with. We are never separate. We never have been.  Even though I may be separate from my hubby of many years,  as raw as that can be, I am not in the true sense that I Am is with me, ever present, ever knowing, ever powerful in love and service as I am willing to be.

What else is there to be and to do when all else is said and done on this earth? I am a middle aged woman and turning over the ages tells me more than I need or care to know as I look only north to the goal and not on the situation at hand as it is built in each of us to seek Him and find Him. 

Those loved ones will find this in time, if not, in eternity, and it is then they will see and our paths cross in wondrous joy of affirmation and faith.  I see it and know it will be, just now, it is a prayer for them and all our Urantian fellows to find that pilot light that lights all men that come into the world.

Here, I pour my heart out, here I seek the goal of attainment, here I am on the edge of the world and look over the precipice and see the vast reality we are about to enter and be immersed in with greater zeal than ever before us. Yes, this is helpful to write here to let it flow the nuance of thoughtful enterprise, to allow the spirit of one to take flight into the unknown and be and let be.

For too long we have been held back in fear and now it is no longer serving us to be so. We need ever to be yearning for the higher meanings of our existence and see we are belonging to a home that is eternal as we are not of flesh and blood but of the divine that is implanted in our spirit of adventure and grand enterprise of brotherhood.

If we are to be human, we are to look after the vessel we are in, feed it well, sleep it well, work her to the umpteenth time to see that it is an abode through which you are present both in body, mind and soul. This is the temple of praise you are ever present in and be ever mindful of that it is sacred and holy to be in. Life is in this temple, it is a sacred place the Life Carriers have wrought so well in each little form of beauty, the master plan of creative splendour.

This is a very long eulogy, a long taste of many conversations, of many things and impartation, to find it in oneself the deeper, greater body you are residing in with me, your friend and master of old. You have taken the higher path, the call of the ages to hear the clarion call of the spirit yielding in you onwards to the path of righteousness. As you hear, as you seek, as you look you see beyond yourself there is more of me and you to find. You see, I am infinite and you are entering into your true definition of your existence in with me. The others are yet to discover this great adventure if they are willing to step off the cliff into the unknown abyss awaiting them. You, my dear, just did that many times and I am happy to catch you when you fall. Here you leapt only to find yourself floating in mid-air wondering what just happened. Ha! Surprise, surprise as faith takes you to unparalleled dimensions of unrelenting sequences you are realising that exist in your awareness.

So, the road you are on is many, but this one is with me as I pull you out from under the rug and place you in holding for the time to come to be my great ward of most surprising capabilities. Even you are most surprised by this statement alone. See, what does it take to get you to heel, to stop you in your tracks at this moment? Take the time to rest, my dear, as you will be taken soon on a whirlwind of change never before seen and you have been there and back with me and many things were discussed between us. You do not know it in your waking conscious state, but you are being prepared as you rise to the occasion and I make it so possible for you to speak your mind when the time comes.

The rise of the prophets of old were not as ancient a happening and it is such in the days coming the new prophets will spring forth as natural as the sunflowers blossom in spring. Prophets spoke and were killed for it. You will speak and many will be entranced. No more will my prophets be under the gun as of old. They shall rise and be among you in aplenty for the work of God that has to flourish in the field of wanting and thirsty souls. No more can we bear to see fields lie in waiting, it must be tilled, churned and totally given much nurturing to see good moisture seep through and there life can begin anew on happier terms than it has been.

You and I can talk till the cows come home Sue and I shall keep with it with you till that one cow comes in and moo’s at you till you laugh all the way to the barn and roll in the hay for all I care!!

Well here goes the merry-go-round and let’s see how you fare walking after it. Look who gets the last laugh. Now, now do you not see the charade is in getting you lot to see it is not that you are alone as a pilgrim, but that you and I are yoked together in a yuletide on this to carry the load hollering in light enthusiasm that it is nothing too heavy to pull, but a great delight in being in good spirits in every moment that is joyous and fun to be in. Our tarrying makes light of the situation and our union of heart ever bends in the goal of greater partnership that takes on eternal meanings as we venture onwards.

Well folks….I began to write something and look where it takes me as my Adjuster just wrangle my thoughts into this way of seeing things better. See what happens when we take the time to let it pour out. If any of you feel this way as a pilgrim, then I am happy to hear from you. I wish to thank each one of you for your ever being present all these years and sticking true to the purpose for which this planet really requires the presence of the Magisterial Son, along with Jesus, the Melchizedek brothers and a whole host of personalities that come to be of great help in our beleaguered world. Thank you my dears. I am ever in your grace and always ever mindful not to take any of you for granted as you are all precious beyond measure just as the pearl of great price.

Some days, I feel so weirdly bereft, I am not sure to either scream, holler, howl or just nothing at all and just let it sink.  Other days I can just function and sleep it off and hope the next day is better. It truly is unbearable, but I get by thinking as a tenable soul knowing it to be temporary and I await my orders to take me from here to eternity of good purpose.

This road is hell and I’ll take it as a blessing to have the experience and then be done with it when I find that bridge like a good cute furry wombat does every once and a while. I’ll need to keep my senses ever heightened to smell the air for the planetary supreme’s most accommodating messages. It is not looking pretty as she is ready to burst at the seams….


“Hold on tight folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! I am the Planetary Supreme. No doubt you see so much happening, earthquakes, volcanisms and storms are all part of the earth eco-systems duration of cyclic churns. I hold back long enough but its only a matter of time that I must let off steam and it is mounting too much pressure I have to allow it to escape long enough to vent the build-up of accumulated heat. You all know the cues, be aware of it and get out of harms way when it happens to be at your door.

“Natural incursions will occur at rates more than usual and I let that slip for you to know it is in places unsurvivable for those who fall in the trap of its unrelenting path of destruction. Nature must break out and form as it does aeons in the past and it will be as ought.

“It just so happens humans just don’t take a rap from me as I do care about the health of the planetary mechanism upon which you all operate upon my shores. It is time for a little bit of care where you sit upon my belly and if I have to heave and shove to make it obvious than so be it.

“I am the Planetary Supreme and I have just taken another census count and I am not all pleased to report to Michael of Nebadon that things look more dire than it was on the last count. I request emergency sons to come at once and bid the Magisterial Son to get to work in earnest.

“This one cannot hear the figures I wish to report as she is not ready for that and I am just happy to get an ear from her for the moment it takes to get my attention. I am GAIA as you all know it, that is my name for now and I’ll use it as you all recognise it even though I am known with another name and I rescind it as it will not be helpful for most on this planet.

“Suffice it to say there is only a million of you that is ready for the Godward march and yes, that is all there is that is much use on this planet of seven billion plus people who are so bent on nothing more than living a life of no real intention.  This is a sad prognosis as a planetary supreme and I am lamenting the fact it is only going to get worse before it gets better. Number crunching with figures in the past has been a normal process to do as I report to Michael but to most of you, it amounts to nothing but a sad sorry picture you really do not need to worry about.

“Just know that things really do need a shake-up and badly done with. I just spoke with my Father, God the Supreme and I am reassured that if things really do need a good belt then by all means it has be done in a manner worthy of attention the inhabitants will need a rude awakening of the sort it would not suit the faint-hearted in the least.

“It is time to straddle your horses as they will be the only transport useful for you in the times of tribulation that is soon to be at your door. Some of you may not survive this onslaught, some of you may get out alive if you have your wits about you. This one has no clue as to the danger she is in but I shall report to Michael to save those ones if he could get to them in time. Once I bellow and heave, there is no time to do anything else but to take flight wherever is safe for you to do so.

“I am GAIA and know this is not good news for you to hear, my dear, but take heart and pray for me as I must do the unthinkable.  Give an ear to me as I need you now to relay what is best for you to know how to survive as best as you could in the times coming. Food will be short in supply and you will be living off the fat of the wild animals, birds and insects to even get by. Water is hid in underground table, seek those as they are purified naturally for you to drink it. Keep warm, as it is going to get colder in those polar parts where you are in and hotter in those parts closer to the equator. There is no time to waste, keep well, eat well and get as much rest as you can because the days coming will be the most testing on your stamina, health and well-being as survival takes on a more austere momentum in those times of natural upheaval.

“Those who can transmit must give an ear to the planetary supreme as I do all the earth movements in various places that are out of my control to stop it.

“Take care my love, let not your heart or mind be so troubled by this insidious situation you are in, instead look ahead for the road you are on is going to get a lot bumpier and more fun for you as you realise you will have the hay to rollick in instead of the hospital ward to clean. Imagine the surprise you get when the nurses have no one to tend to and the place is deserted due to the mass exodus of people fleeing in fear. Ha! And you wonder where to go to ride this out. Not to worry, you will know when that time comes dearest as it is in your senses to pick it up, I grant that you have it well in you.

“Today, you let your hair down literally and I have come into your thoughts right now as your Adjuster is lamenting to me to scream to you to get my attention. I am GAIA my dear and I will be working closely with you as you are an ambassador for this unique parcel of land you are on. It will become a food bowl for many nations as food becomes so scarce to grow in other lands hampered by so much upheaval and inundation to the extreme.

“No doubt you will be the food ambassador to make sure this is well done and managed by your governments or what is left of it. You will be needed and required to rally the remaining stock of good people to see to it that things get well done in food supply. You come from a long line of organisers who had dallied one way or another in these samples of production and unbeknownst to you it is in you to be of recourse in things once more that matter to people as life sustaining as it ought to be. (Pause…..)

[Why such drastic changes?]

“It is that I am being prepared for planetary movements in the Monmatia System. The Monmatia System is undergoing some reversal mechanisms. My planet is undergoing changes to accommodate a different status that is being bestowed her and I will be removed in another planetary system newly formed in outer space zone one near the end of the Magisterial Mission that is to begin in a few short weeks.

“The upheavals you will experience are sequential in manner over time and these adjustments are to be in good measure by the inhabitants that learn well to live more favourably with the planetary supreme’s inauguration of natural inclusion with taking on the Father’s injunction of perfecting material in time and space.

“There you have it dear in a nutshell but do take care to endeavour to see that this is to occur over some many Urantian years and your life is only to be existent on my soil for as long as it takes to see a better way of life inhabitating in peace with my well-being in mind. It goes hand in hand, as you humans know well enough, to treat others as you would to yourself and so on it goes for the earth you walk on. I am that earth and you are to see me in a different light as you once did. See me as your life-source, your very beginnings, began here with me. You will know the significance of this when you have reached the heights of attainment and look back in the halls of records and see you did have a “beginning” and it is with me, even in all eternity, you will remember the times you cherish upon the earth of your travail.

“I cherish the moments here with you too and it has been some time that I was not ever picked up by you transmitters as you are so busy in your lives and so caught up in receiving from the many others who come to speak such worthy import but to no avail, no one but you have I been able to get through to allow my voice to be heard in the maelstrom of matters that attend you. It is not until you notice some real physical precipice about to unfold that you take an earful from me. Here, Sue is taking dictation like a seasoned pro-surfer on a wave, not that she does that as it is far too cold and besides she is over that sport anyway to take it on, nonetheless,  she hears me and takes these notes for me for you to see how it is done and she is not leaving my side now as I have gotten a good latch on with her attention in spades.

“She hears me loud and clear as a bell rings the cows in. She sees the planet about to do a dance and she holds back enough in her mind to know I know what I am doing!! She is ever mindful to take a back door whenever it is necessary as that is how I do things and you all should see it as she does. Sue is the rare kind that sees the truth in how things will play out in multiple formats and that is not an easy process to absorb in any amounts she fathoms. No other way is going to flatten the curve of exposure than to ride it full-on and tackle it the best way you know how.  Use your wit, and your sense of good-will and I could not stress that any more than it is said here.

“I do not care how long this missive is as Sue is coming to terms with the reality before her and moving on to something so alien she finds it rather daunting yet fascinating at the same time. Just dealing with the emotive upheavel is one thing to cure over and then some more when things really hit the fan and you come out like a chicken that lost all its feathers!! What do you do when that happens to you?

“This is a question I leave with you as so much depends on how you find your feathers in the times ahead. I am GAIA, your Mother Earth, your Planetary Supreme and I speak it through this scribe Sue Whiley and I will have close association with her in the days ahead as she gets her head sunk in well with her Adjuster and with me her maiden consierge that takes her to the hills and back. Be well and eat well my dears and I will speak more when Sue is able with time and soon she will have all the time in the world for me. Thank you and I will sign off to say, “When I move, hear me grumble and I will hear your prayers and relent.”


T/R note:
To my dear readers, this missive is 18 pages long in my notebook. Whilst writing I was sure I was a bit crazy in my head until the Planetary Supreme got my attention and I sobered to her awakening me to realisation of her presence. There is more coming, that is the sense I got from her. I started off writing my mind only to find how it trails in waiting that someone entered the room like a big elephant I cannot ignore. It became clear to me she is a big player and we will not be able to ignore her for much longer. The chicken feathers says a lot and we all need to let that sink in what she has to say. Endnote and thank you, SueW.


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 06:19:07 AM »
Dearest Little Sister Sue,
I woke up in the middle of the night and just couldn't get back to sleep so I got out of bed and made a cup of hot chocolate to hopefully quiet my monkey mind down some.  Then I went to my favorite place which is here on the forum.  I did all of my catching up when I came to your post which was my last one to read.  

I have to be honest with you and tell you  that I truly felt your feeling of being so alone.  As I am sure you have heard, I lost my Shirley to cancer a few months ago and still feel lost at times.  However, I am slowly getting used to the fact that now I must go forward with my life.  Your words have been cathartic for me as I read them and I find myself lifted up by your true sense of hope and resolve that you emanate with such love for our Father.  Thank you for sharing so much with us, your very extended family.

My brother David gave me a saying that I now have stuck on my refrigerator.  It says, "The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You."  So I see myself as a work in progress.  Thanks to my Heavenly Father I have the best construction foreman in the whole Universe.

Just remember Ms Sue, you have so many people that really and truly love you.  So please just keep on keeping on.

Your brother in Christ Michael,


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2017, 07:59:47 AM »
Dearest Brother Dorian,
You are a blast, thank you and I totally understand, a nice warm hot choccy will do wonders mate! I am so grateful for your piece of advice and so true too, thank you and my prayers be with you as you go forwards.
Many regards,


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2017, 08:54:03 AM »
          I cannot thank you enough for this gem of a message. First for your tremendous courage in
venting your thoughts and feelings and especially about your situation with your family.
I feel for you because I also have gone through it but in a different way.  What is obvious to me
is the fact that you already knew what you were to face but you met it straight on and dealt with it.
You know the expression, " Who pays the Ferryman?",  meaning, at some time or another, there is
always the price you have to pay to cross from one side to the other, or in other words, the change
you sought in your life. There comes that moment when one cannot any longer ignore the pulling
of your Thought Adjuster and so it becomes a done deal.

The message from the Planetary Supreme is well timed and told as it is, and that´s exactly as it should
be. My sincere thanks to Her.

You Sue are also a pearl of great price and your value to the forum here is incalculable.

Love and blessings,


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2017, 08:59:14 AM »
Hi Sue, reading this post was like reading a novel, but in this case it's true. Sorry to hear about your family relationships but I'm sure things will work out fine. They say that there's two subjects that should be avoided when you visit a pub and that is religious and politics maybe the same rules apply at home but that's not as easy as it sounds. I didn't know that the planetary supreme was a celestial being but rather a living organism, that's probably because I read the book Gaia by James Lovelock about 40 yrs ago and has stuck in my mind. 
I wish you the best and may God protect you ;Domtia.


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2017, 09:04:07 AM »
                                   Hi Sue (7inocean). Before reading your entire message in its entirety, which is a very extensive message, I felt a tremendous urge to write to you because we have the same awareness regarding marriage and the Magisterial Mission and the return of Jesus.
                                  I have been married for over 29 years (July 1988).
                                  I have three sons. The oldest is a graduate in higher education in computer engineering and is 26 (twenty-six) years old (born in 1991). The second oldest is in law school and is married (actually Stable Union) and has recently given our family our first grandchild and is 22 (twenty-two) years old (born in 1995). The youngest is the son of the heart, that is, my cousin who was raised as a true son, even has my and my wife's will in relation to property issues to have the same rights as the other two children and has 14 fourteen) years (born in 2002).
                                  But in a married life, however much coincidental there are, there are points where there is disagreement.
                                  To manage the interpersonal relationship in marriage, I made some decisions.
                                  I delegated to my wife all the decisions that are important to her and that are not so important to me. That is, most everyday decisions. So my wife feels the value she truly deserves, for she is a wonderful wife.
                                  Only, the really important decisions at a spiritual level is that I maintain, without giving up, even though the decision will affect the life of the couple and the whole family.
                                 For example, a possible relocation to the US if invited to work in the Magisterial Mission and the Return of Jesus.
                                 In this way, one of the most important spiritual decisions in my life is to participate in the Magisterial Mission and the Return of Jesus, even going to live in the United States, if invited.
                                  If my wife does not respect the few decisions that are really important to me, I have made the decision that I will separate.
                                   But eventual separation, does not mean for me that I go find someone else.
                                   On the contrary, I have made the decision, for me, of only one (01) marriage, which is the marriage I have. If it does not work, and there is separation, I will not marry any longer and I will live, literally, alone as a priest or a monk (who does not have sex).
                                 Plan "A" for me is marriage. The "B" plan for me is separation (if there is no respect for the decisions that are really important to me on a spiritual level), but in this case I will not constitute a new family and I will no longer relate (sexually) with another person .
                                 A great brotherly embrace of his spiritual brother who admires her greatly. Julio.


Oi Sue (7inocean). Antes de ler toda a sua mensagem na íntegra, que é uma mensagem muito extensa, eu senti um impulso enorme em escrever a você, pois temos a mesma consciência em relação ao casamento e a Missão Magisterial e o retorno de Jesus.
                                Eu estou casado há mais de 29 (vinte e nove) anos (julho de 1988). 
                                Eu tenho três filhos. O mais velho está formado em ensino superior, em engenharia da computação e tem 26 (vinte e seis) anos (nasceu em 1991). O segundo mais velho está fazendo curso superior em Direito e está casado (na verdade União Estável) e nos deu, para nossa família, recentemente nosso primeiro neto e tem 22 (vinte e dois) anos (nasceu em 1995). O mais novo é o filho do coração, ou seja, é meu primo que foi educado como verdadeiro filho, inclusive, tem o testamento meu e de minha esposa em relação as questões patrimoniais para ter os mesmos direitos dos outros dois filhos e tem 14 (quatorze) anos (nasceu em 2002).
                              Mas em uma vida de casal, por mais que exista pontos coincidentes, existem pontos em que há discordância.
                              Para administrar o relacionamento interpessoal no matrimônio, eu tomei algumas decisões.
                              Eu deleguei a minha esposa todas as decisões que são importantes para ela e que não são tão importantes para mim. Ou seja, a  maioria das decisões do cotidiano. Assim minha esposa se sente com o valor que ela, realmente, merece, pois é uma esposa maravilhosa.
                              Apenas, as decisões realmente importantes a nível espiritual é que eu mantenho, sem ceder, mesmo que a decisão irá afetar a vida do casal e de toda a família.
                              Por exemplo, uma eventual mudança de residência para os EUA se for convidado para trabalhar na Missão Magisterial e no Retorno de Jesus. 
                              Desta forma, uma das decisões espirituais  mais importantes de minha vida é participar na Missão Magisterial e no Retorno de Jesus, inclusive, indo morar nos Estados Unidos, se for convidado.
                              Se minha esposa não respeitar as poucas decisões realmente importantes para mim, eu tomei a decisão que irei me separar. 
                               Mas eventual separação, não significa para mim que eu vá encontrar outra pessoa.
                               Pelo contrário, pois eu tomei a decisão, para mim, de somente um (01) casamento, que é o casamento que eu tenho. Caso não der certo, e houver separação eu não irei me casar mais e irei viver, literalmente, sozinho como um padre ou um monge (que não tem relações sexuais).
                              O plano "A" para mim é o casamento. O plano "B" para mim é a separação (se não houver respeito pelas decisões que são realmente importantes para mim em um nível espiritual), mas neste caso não constituirei uma nova família e não vou mais relacionar-me (sexualmente) com outra pessoa.
                               Um grande abraço fraternal de seu irmão espiritual que a admira muito. Julio.
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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
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Dear Sister Sue, 

Your words this morning ring true.   Your shared your thoughts and feelings with the right people - your family.   You are not alone on your journey.   The rest of us walk along with you and just like you, we stumble over the rocks and the tangled weeds along the road.

You have temporarily lost your immediate family.   But in time, they will see how right you were in putting the Father first in your life.   I hope you get to see the looks on their faces.  (It is probably best not to say "I told you so!" when that happens!)

There is no one in my life who stands with me, outside of the Forum.   I recently lost my last friend of 40 years because of my love for Jesus.   I could not deny Jesus.   Because of my friend's unique talents and spirituality, I felt he would be such a gift to the Mission.   Even that little bit I shared was too much for him.    He joined the others who feel I have lost my mental health.   According to the world's view, I have.     

Lately, I have felt like I am treading water in a huge ocean and I am exhausted.   I have been looking toward the horizon for a ship to rescue me.   I realize now that I need to stop treading water and start swimming!   I am aware that I will not be swimming alone.   Dear Sister Sue, we are never alone but are surrounded by our Celestial family who are holding us in their Hearts!

Much Love,


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
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As it has been pointed out in several transmissions that the Magisterial Mission deserve our complete commitment 100%, 24/7, I have already made up my mind about it. Since some weeks now, I have the gut feeling that I am being put on trial in my own surrounding as to my dedication to be of full time service.

I will not get into detail here, but I am ready, with Celestial help and under the Guidance of my Thought Adjuster, to let down everything of this material world. I have nothing to lose, I have no ownership, except my own self, but it can be a winner game if I stick to my decision.

So, my dear Sue, we have all our own cross to bear, in some way or another, and I think it will be amplified as we get nearer to the final outcome of this saga. This is when we all have to join forces, together with our unseen friends; I am confident that we will not be left alone. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.


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Re: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim -Sue, Pre'Mtor and GAIA speaks
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To all members and to those who responded here, namely, Dorian, Lemuel, Pliktarious, Julio DL, Allie and Clency,

Empathy, love and understanding is very much shared and expressed by you all and I am heartened and joyful to be here with you all. I have taken your wonderful lessons and advices and yes you all have shared the fact "we are not alone", well truly we are not, when we band together in love and service to each other in ways that is beautifully done as we relate so well with each other's experiences through thick and thin.  Julio, you are meticulous in detail and I very much appreciate your run down of your situation, which is understandable, although, I admit I chuckled a bit on Plan B as that is exactly me anyways! You put it so well, thankyou.  Lemuel, you are such a gem and I love the "Ferryman" analogy, so true. Allie, thank you for your loving support and I'm sorry you lost a friend and yet you have all of us here with you my dear Sister and take heart it is going to be a supreme experience for all of us as the days tick by and we all get to see how marvellous our Father works in the lives of us all. Pliktarious, I am just transmitting the message that comes to me, I sense it is a High Spiritual Entity that is mostly embracing her role as Planetary Caretaker and Steward(RonB may know more on this than I do at this point).  Clency, you put it so forthright, yes we all have our cross to bear and yet it is a case of you-do-not-know-what it is like until it hits you and knocks you in ways one would not expect.  It is saddening in my case and I appreciate your positivity in "joining forces together with our unseen friends", that is gold!

Dorian, I am so moved by your loss and am with you and you made me smiled with what helped you and that is so true my dear brother, we are all in it together and even when so much has gone under the bridge, we get to carry each other and you are not alone and that is one of the reasons I share something rather personal so that we can be on the same page and see this incredible thread through the lives us of all, God is amazing to bring us all here in this one place and endure some weather long the way.

I am most grateful for you all, and thank you.