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Re: Hello to all my brothers & sisters
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Hello Janelle,
I have worked with quite a bit of history of Ellen Gould White, not to castigate her, but she has a tenuous history to Dr. Sadler and the founding of the patents that formed the basis of the Urantia Book.  EGW as I call her is a fabulous story teller and she often used her fertile imagination in spirit songs she could sind and spiritual diatribes against furtive people in the Church she became head of.

One of our Urantia Book readers back in the late/mid 1980's wrote quite a large volume and published it as a book and biography of EGW which I never read.  Now I happen to own the publication of something called URANTIA-L - that being the first ever discussion forum to be on the Internet for the Urantia Book and was instituted by a wonderful man by the name of Michael Million.  Michael issued floppy disks with download sessions of the UrantiaL discussion forum and I have only one to two thirds of them placed on line where you can read them for yourselves.   I desperately want all of those floppies if you or anyone can find the full collection and at least let me load them on to my machine for historical purposes.
Many discussions about EGW came to Urantia-L and you can read them if you go to my history page in under History. Near the bottom on the history list is the list of ten files of the discussions on Urantia-L and you need to search them with your browser set "Find"under Edit on Firefox, and then type in the words Ellen White and if it is on the file you opened the browser will take you to the entry.

EGW was a pedantic sort of person who loved to joke with confidants but got quite upset with Sadler and Kellogg over their vision to treat tuberculosis patients with whole grain cereals and Sadler insisting they needed fresh air and sunlight to help combat the lung disease so prevelant at the turn of the twentieth century.  She threw a great fit at Sadler over his question about how to eat flesh, and for Sadler, the question was about chicken.  She first allowed it was allowed then changed her mind and issued an edict to ban eating the flesh without her special permission to do so.  Sadler in so many words called her a "crock," and left the staff of doctors then operating in a clinic in southern California.

As far as being truthful, she attempted to be fair and equitable but often ran into problems with her staff who tried to interpret her words to the laity and that cause so much commotion she finally stopped it and insisted that all questions were hers to answer directly and not through second ways as she often put it.  I have read a great deal about EGW and wonder truly what she was like too as there are so many conflicting stories out there it may never be solved satisfactorily to your questions.  Sadler must surey have considered her two faced but he also understood the pressure she was under as she was considered a genuine prophet in the church and elsewhere.

There are some very good books on her and the rist place is to look at Amazon dot Com, and do check the Urantia-L files I have which are just loaded with historical firsts and show light on subjects about the Urantia Book not discussed elswhere.

Here are the files but you may have to go to the site to open them.  Best of luck.  Ron Besser
UrantiaL01 121492 Thru032193TM_Discussions-Part1
UrantiaL13 021294 Thru022594TM_Discussions-Part10Final

Here is the History archive list in general link:

Edit Note: I have quickly searched the Urantia-L files and cannot find any discussion on EGW fyi.  Ron

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Re: Hello to all my brothers & sisters
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Thank you very much Ron :)
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