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Teacher: Father TA, Mother Spirit
Lesson: Worship the I AM by following the still small voice
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 11/15/2017 2:52 PM CST

Father, please Father hear my prayer. I request connection with spirit. Please Father give me information that I may share with those who read on the Serara forum. To encourage them to find you Father, to hear your leading to them, each one personally. To help them to express themselves, express their personality through your indwelt spirit within them. Please Mother Spirit, please help me to receive message of wisdom, knowledge, discernment and understanding. I beg Father for spirit connection at this time. Words from spirit to share encouragement and for others to realized their acceptance to your free gift of spirit guidance. To see and recognize you Father when they peer into the mirror. Father I am ready, please give me message of love to post.

“Son we are with you. We want you to know that you are well received. Tell these things to those that will listen. Not to fear or doubt themselves due to past error, choose life by accepting truth. There is only one source of truth, and that comes from within, by God, and from without, from your Father Michael and Mother’s Spirit. Truth is born to your minds. The Spirit of Truth is not by words or education but by the free Gift of Spirit. Each day you are given choices of discovering this truth. Believe! and Trust! in your spirit guides. These are the truths that no human can reveal. There is a beauty in realizing this, that you have the potential of knowing right from wrong within yourself and no human on earth can tell you what is right or what is wrong. You have the free gift to see this for yourself.  No human on earth is Good. Only God IS Good. And God is your worshipful honor to follow. Please take this information and note its simplicity. Look in the mirror and see that I AM there and recognize that this is the one you will follow and I AM the one you will worship and obey above all fleshly ambitions.”

(Mother Spirit speaks) “See that we are one and no other is your life giver and no other can make you promises of salvation. Simplicity has been spoken, to Be Good and Do Good as your daily striving. No other human can determine what is good or not good, except the Father that is within you. Follow the leadership of your Father and take note of all the other good intentions others are led into. Forgive one another in merciful love by allowing each person you encounter to also be all that they can be. When you hinder or sway another to your own understandings then this is not forgiveness nor mercy. Let each person become the best they can become. With ministries of truth, beauty and love from you, not judgment nor scorn, not blame or ridicule, but only openness to The ALL everywhere as you see to everyone is given the same measure of love and mercy. Believe in yourself to become all you can be and accept change to becoming more. Tell them to open their eyes to equality. Not only does God in equality give love to each human but he also gives love to each spirit son in equality. Ones own personality can grow in brilliant reflection of universal love, by that it grows from ones willful endeavors, but not in the experience of using others as a benefit.”

“Simple and sweet is the loving devotion to God as his Kingdom is spreading all over your planet each day. More and more his truths are being revealed to the hearts of men. No one human is more important than the other. Just as no one universe is more important than the other. All are my children, says God, and each one chooses to worship me as their source of life and happiness in satisfaction."

Mother Spirit can you please tell me a revelation of sharing?

“Today has been a good day today, we have made good decisions. As the catcher swats flies away from the vision. You are doing well to swat away the interference of those who seek their own glory and at the expense of thwarting others. Keep up the good work and we will use you to lead by peace, love and security.  May the will of your Father be done son. Follow his lead in all your ways, when you stumble get back up and correct your stance. Love you and your stalwart ambitions to help and serve those sheep that only want to be lead and easily follow, not by their own courses.”

“Speak the truth, not of your own truth, but the truth that comes from the God within you. Always follow his lead even when considering the teachings of others. Use discernment and the power of God will direct your steps. Listen in kindness to the ramblings of those enlightened and use discernment to recognize the true intentions of spirit. Be forgiving, tolerant and merciful but avoid any type of worshipful honor only belonging to the One God, Father-Son-Spirit that is within your very being on this planet. Know that This same Spirit is within each and every one of your human kindred as the spirit of this universe. Continue in your course of education and daily practice to listen to that “still small voice” as Elijah did. You will not find it in exaggerations and miracles, you will find your only source of true following from the God within you. So many have become worried at the thought of loss or missing the mark set by the standards of a human or organization. Use the Urantia Book and your internal truth monitor within you to find your confidence and power to express your personal love, but to share, not to lasso others into your own personal endeavors.”

Thank you Mother Spirit and my indwelt Father. Is there more message to this? “Carry on son.” Yes and I will request connection again soon today for report to the Serara forum and to encourage those listening there. Amen.

7:06 PM CST
My Father, it is late evening for me and my new schedule's. I offer to you my Father, complete submission to listen to your will for me. I love you and adore you. I will care fore this vessel as best as possible for your use and our shared experience.

I ask Father is there a message this evening to post for all our listening brothers and sisters of the Serara Forum?

“Glad tidings are here, happy holidays to cheer. Have no fear, shed no tear.

“We are involved with a tremendous undertaking, for the future development of your life continual in the making. Even when your ground is shaking, know that your lives are safe for the undertaking.”

“Be of good cheer.”

“Set your sights on goodness. Be about your Fathers will as it is beautiful, no matter what experience is in your life. Accept what happens in each experience as your purpose and in doing so you will learn the Spirit of Truth from loving and merciful parents of spirit.”

Thank you Father, May your love and ministries from Mother fill our hearts with Joy. Amen.
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Thank you Don,Father TA, Mother Spirit!
Be Gracious, Be Kind , Be Thankful