Author Topic: Always Felt I Would Be Here  (Read 465 times)

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Always Felt I Would Be Here
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:10:16 PM »
I do not post often because I have always been a public person, an Entertainer, and Producer. I feel that public people talk too much sometimes and do not consider the consequences of their discussions with those that follow them from afar. It is a habit I got into after some hard life lessons of the consequences coming home to roost.

What I want to say here and the questions I want to ask are related. I have always felt in my heart, that when Jesus returned, I would be here. I have been afraid to say this because it could be misconstrued as vanity. I have just always felt that Jesus wanted some people to be here and I was on the list, not from some special power I would possess but more from the way I respect His authority and will follow directions without question if I am sure of the source. There are very few sources higher than Jesus.

My question is, have any of you felt this way before? I hope so because I don't want to be judged as "a plumb out of bob" for this feeling. But, this is the risk I am taking to ask this question and hope for guidance in your answers!


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Re: Always Felt I Would Be Here
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2017, 03:43:13 PM »
Hi Dreancat01,  You are not alone in this.  When one looks back over their lives, especially as you get into the 60´s

and 70´s, if you can identify a constant desire or wish, that is a good indicator that it will come to pass. Things of

the ego pass away quickly but desires of the soul that come through the heart will lead you towards your desire,

with the help of your Thought Adjuster, of course.