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Don't Sell Yourselves Short
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Ocilliaya – Don’t Sell Yourselves Short – Larry Gossett – Florida – 4 January 2018
Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Don’t Sell Yourselves Short
                The Human Mind in Association with Spirit Mind
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida 4 January 2018 16:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
Ocilliaya, this a Larry G and  I come to receive from You or any other Spirit Being who would like to come forward to dictate a message.
“Yes Larry, this is  Ocillliaya and I receive your invitation to come and speak with you.  Especially concerning  your early morning thoughts  that you might entitle  “ Don’t sell your selves short”, and your recent mental pictures of the neurological mapping of the human brain  with it’s miles of circuitry as it is the physical house of your mind, which of course  is just the physical organ that you use.   This is no way accounts for the complexities of the actual human mind even as your science understand  it.   And, dear ones, add to that the vast network of spiritual circuitry that is available and installed as Mother Spirit and Her Ministrations gifts to  you along the way as you once come into Her care as and when you make those supreme choices and decisions to be Spirit  led. And to come into that Family of  God that has chosen to know and  do the Will of the Father and learn to do His Will in all things.   This subject of the human brain, the human  mind and it’s work in association with Spirit Mind is another entire subject that We can open to all of you for your study another  time.

“ It is only natural at the early  beginnings to this spiritual work for the Kingdom to feel that ole  lack of confidence and even the early feelings of   inadequacy that comes from doing this work.  This is something that all of you have to work through at your own pace and in your own ways.   But a few  of you are finally being able to let that go and see that it does not serve you well at all.   Many of you  are finally approaching to that place that now you can believe confidently in yourselves to become first rate receivers.    Hold tightly  to  the  real goals and guard well to not sell your selves short.   Work to keep yourselves in that positive state that supports and engenders yourselves  to  your betterment personally as far as your growth and in the development of your abilities.
“Let go of all that does not serve you for I tell you truly that if it does not well serve you, it certainly does not serve the Missions and all that is planned and held in trust for all of you  to do and experience with your work  with these Missions.
“This thought of not selling yourselves short is a very important point for you to hold well in your minds as these Missions come to Urantia. Remember, all of you, that your Thought Adjuster hold in trust for each of  you those  aspects of your lives that hold everything of Spirit Value.   That which you learn,  all that you think, say and do, all experience, all of the accumulated  study of your  Urantia Books, all of it, is all  there within your minds and as these difficult  situations arise  as these Missions  develop, everything that you will need that has been held in trust remain in repository status by your Thought Adjuster and will instantly be made available for you when you need specific information and  there it will be .   You need only have the trust in Spirit to provide for you the right information at the right times.
“There is a deep spiritual and experiential reservoir that you all are building up and this resaervoir is constantly growing and will become available at a moment’s notice as  you face the tremendous challenges that lie ahead for those that work with the Missions and as this world is faced with the many changes that come soon.
“ I tell you this as well, that you will be quite surprised when you hear things that will come out of your mouths and minds  when these problems come to you.  Your experience in handling  these types of situations may now be quite lacking but your associations with Spirit and calling upon and allowing your Thought Adjusters and other High Spirit Beings to speak through you will give you valuable insight and wlill cause your growth of soul, your growing in wisdom and experience to flourish  very quickly.  You have only barely learned to tap into the spirit bank that is available to you.

“You  may at times wonder just what you will need to say and do as these situation confront you.  But know, dear ones, that everything that you will need is there.   The preparations, the study,  and the directions that you will be given is always “running” within your minds which is why it is so vitally important that  you  keep a keen spirit ear always aimed and pointed inward., ready to listen with attention and focus. As  you continually better develop and refine  these abilities to hear the voice and the leadings of Spirit at any time, anywhere and in all situations realize that  it is a gift given to you and up to you to carry through.   it is often times referred to as a “State of Grace” and this   State of Grace that exists within you is just that  a gift from the Father.   This State of Grace will give you the abilities to call forth all that is needed in those times of challenge.     Those lavels of trust, confidence and  the abilities that you hold within are far greater than you might realize .  So, dear one , don’t sell your selves short.  You all have of  a vast network of many  Orders of Spirit  Beings and Orders that are at you side and available at any time. .    To be Spirit led, to be able to work in times of stress and trepidation  when  you least expect it, the Voice of Spirit , if you are attuned and listening will always say   “this is the way,”
“The repository within you holds  fast and runs deep and is unfailing for those  whose lives are dedicated  to the doing of the Father’s Will.  Trust in that and all will be well for you for  this is the furthering of the Father’s Will and the outworking of  the guidance that all of you have and will continue to follow.   We speak of trust, faith, confidence in the knowing that you will be given every opportuniy that is available to each of you to do the work of the Kingdom, to spread the Good News.
“As you take more of this truth within you, this realization that you are not selling yourselves short of what is possible for any who serve the Father.   This should give you lasting encouragement today and a renewed level of confidence and the knowing tht all is possible l for those who come to serve in theses Missions. 
Know, my dear ones, that you know more than you think you know.   Just as it is that this discussion forum gives you the invaluable teaching tool to state your views, opinions, your growing understand for I tell you truly that many times  the mere writing of what is in your mind and in your hearts gives you  a better  working perspective of that knowledge you are obtaining through the experience of writing it down, reading your own thoughts and  putting it in this written form is in and of it’self   an effective teacher for each of you..   The same is equally true with speaking,  and perhaps even more so.  You may not quite realize the exact details of what you think you know until you write and speak it.    This forum gives you that opportunity and when the time is right and the situations  come to voice  these understanding of the depths and results  of your own  knowledge and experience. it will serve  you well to have been an active and contributing member and associate here.   This is one of the important reasons we try and encourage  you to  keep active on this discussions forum.  It is too your overall and ultimate advantage as well as for your future work lin these Missionsand for all on Urantia. 
“I am Ocilliaya and I know whereof I speak.  Even though the times ahead will be filled with perhaps the greatest challenges mankind has thus far faced,  yet these challenges now give mankind the greatest opportunities that he has ever had to finally and forever uplift this humanity.   It is often said that through the greatest challenge and adversity comes the greatest and most lasting lessons learned.   Giant strides towards a new world now come to Urantia and though the turmoil and troubles that lie ahead for man may seem unsurmountable, it will be man’s greatest advancement.
“ It is time to shed all that has kept man from God, although of course man has really never been separated for  the Father for that is in reality not really possible.   The unheralded opportunities to finally obtain  a new level and world of  love truth, beauty ,  and goodness, the very foundations that form life in the Universes of Time, itself knocks at the door of  all humanity and  for Urantia and every possible avenue leading to and creating  that success is now  opening for mankind.   With that, I bid you Good day.   We will speak again soon.    This is Ocilliaya.  Good day “