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~ Truth ~
« on: January 27, 2018, 11:29:03 PM »
What relationship ties together Faith and Trust?  For me, it's all centered around FAITH in Jesus and being God conscious of my Beloved Indwelling bringing God and myself together.  Being centered in living faith by and through the living testaments of Jesus helps me a lot.   He's been here, done this and that and so inspires me to give more of myself to my TA and Angels in daily living.

From the beginning of my sojourn as one of you, I taught you that my one purpose was to reveal my Father in heaven to his children on earth. I have lived the God-revealing bestowal that you might experience the God-knowing career. I have revealed God as your Father in heaven; I have revealed you as the sons of God on earth. It is a fact that God loves you, his sons. By faith in my word this fact becomes an eternal and living truth in your hearts. When, by living faith, you become divinely God-conscious, you are then born of the spirit as children of light and life, even the eternal life wherewith you shall ascend the universe of universes and attain the experience of finding God the Father on Paradise.

To base ones reality on living faith, for me, puts to work trust.  This is a realization based on real faith and trusting in Father as Jesus sublimely lived.  Yes, he had his personal mission but how he inspires to every living soul that seeks God the Father of all.  Some will seek in times of chaotic events.  Others during personal tragedy or poorly decided choices. From listening to stories of doom and gloom that instill fear, dread, panic.  Maybe envy when comparing oneself to self-exalted ones BUT for the faith sons and daughters it's different!

This article asks, "That having been said, how do you realize for yourself what is truth?"  I like to experience this by developing my discernment actively in life.  Requiring your active, conscious involvement and I found it's not set in stone.  As I grow in finer attunement with my TA reality of truth changes.  Even though I'm surrounded, bombarded, face to face with bold face lies, half-truths, propaganda, etc I see and hear it.  But it's when you FEEL it that can change you.

Sometimes just recognizing the way you're feeling in that moment or an intuition reveals your uneasiness and you know the lie presented to you.  And why is this so powerfully useful?  Because it can help guide you in living truth yourself.  Your personality, actions, words all that can be born of the Fruits of the Spirit.   God is Truth and you live, experience and manifest this by consciously living in God and God living in you.

Yes that luminosity as the article below mentions.  Meaning what?  Meaning your focused on being living truth and not concerned about whats around you.  Such radiance based on your living will be noticed and have positive affects on those around you.  Do you think you standout to all the celestial's watching?  You bet, yet it's a foundation built on faith, trust thus revealing truth.  Again this all ties together nicely for faith sons and daughters.

Sonship with God, by faith, is still the saving truth of the gospel of the kingdom. You are to go forth preaching the love of God and the service of man. That which the world needs most to know is: Men are the sons of God, and through faith they can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth. My bestowal should help all men to know that they are the children of God, but such knowledge will not suffice if they fail personally to faith-grasp the saving truth that they are the living spirit sons of the eternal Father. The gospel of the kingdom is concerned with the love of the Father and the service of his children on earth.

Without further ado here it is.  


Topic: Truth
Group: 11:11 Progress Group
Teacher: Beloved One
TR: Lytske


The Beloved One: “Even though we have examined the word ‘Truth’ before, it is timely that, since your attention is well-focused on matters eternal at this time, we re-visit the word truth and look for further and deeper meaning. The word in and of itself needs very much exercising before it can be fully understood as to what it means.

“The world abounds with many people who know and think that they have the truth. However, this is not possible. All hold only part of truth in their being, whilst God the Universal Creator holds all Truth in his being.

“That having been said, how do you realize for yourself what is truth? Well, this is an eternal discovery tour, but the long and the short of it is that Part of the ultimate truth resides in your very being, and by regularly going into your inner chamber of meditation, you come into contact with that Spark of the eternal Truth.

“This is quite a feat on the part of the mortal, and once having achieved this wonderful contact, this moment is forever ‘etched into’ the human soul, as well as having opened the door to immortality, and increasing growth.

“You see, dear one, it is achieved by your personal efforts, and the grace of God, who always makes this possible in all manner of ways. However, it behooves the mortal to make that effort to search and reach for that source of truth within.

“Since all humans are an individual reflection of The Source, they can become increasingly more truthful themselves. When they make a sincere effort to seek the truth, and to find that Part of truth living within them, they will then strive to exhibit their truth.

“Truth can be known in all its manifold facets, as it is like a shining diamond when the Light of Truth shines upon it. So you mortals are all facets of this multi-faceted Truth. Envision for a while what this would be like, and ask yourselves, how does my individual facet shine? Is it to the glory of God, or is it for my own prestige?

“This is the question I wish to pose to all today: How does your facet of truth shine to the eyes of the Creator God?

“This is all you need to think about. Concern yourself not with someone else’s truth, as you all represent your own facet of the same eternal diamond and are therefore responsible for your personal luminosity.