Author Topic: Lusitainia, Some notes on Agriculture 29 January 2018 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 287 times)

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Subject: Some notes on Agriculture.
Category: New transmissions.
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
29 January 2018, 4:10 Z

At this time Father Michael, and Mother Nebadonia, thank you for this privilege of coming. If you do have someone that you would like to speak, I am open and willing to do the work, even if it's four, five or six hours or more into the night, thank you.

" Daniel this is Lucitainia, an ascending mortal who volunteered to come and help Father Michael in the corrective time. My expertise is in long eons of service in agricultural pursuits. The adjustments in conditions to work around on Urantia will now become the whole spectrum of agricultural challenges. It will be too cold occasionally, It will be too short of a growing season in locations. Locations will be too hot and sunny to grow many commodities.

" Rain will be insufficient some places so irrigation will need to be developed. Marshy ground will need to be drained. Poor soil will need to have repeated cover crops that then are turned in and allowed to decompose to increase the water holding capacity of the soil and by the working of the bacteria and microorganisms, minerals will be made available. Some are too polluted with salt or agricultural chemicals and need to be cleansed by the right cover crop or a variety of cycles of crop rotation.

" Plant types need to be experimented with, types of humus rich plant refuse will need to be found and composted or weathered as we say. Agricultural machinery will need to be repaired, adapted, made more efficient. Timely transportation to the market once the crop has been raised require trucking and passable roads. Original variety seed banks that have wisely been stored, are much appreciated and will be used to the full.

" My particular usefulness as well as many like myself who have also volunteered, is to see what is needed and where it is needed and then to advise the administration and the human governmental authorities so we are sufficiently responsive to avoid shortages and famine. We always work closely  with mortal farmers that have been involved in agriculture all their life, because the unique set of circumstances here requires input from everybody.

" Dear Sister Lusitania, where are you from?
- "I am from a planet in Satania,
Are you from one of the 36 other planets that were caught up in the rebellion?
- " No, I am not, and of course, as you can surmise, those other 36 planets are, to a lesser or greater degree, going through what all of you are experiencing here.  They have volunteers such as myself doing pretty much the same thing, should those other planets have  been as disrupted as much or almost as much as Urantia.

" What else can you tell us that you may have as your special perspective?
- " We all fully understand the destiny of your planet as a University or teaching planet. We all feel privileged to have a part in this most useful,  unique, one of a kind creation that is so rich in life forms and also rich in historic implications that give a perspective on not only rebellion and its devastating fruit but about the whole Family of God and the joyful enlightened way The Father has in mind for the entire cosmos.

"Do you have anything more that you would like to mention to the forum and the world?
- " One parting thought that may inspire you  and that is, as is my life, my ascension career, I am doing the most exciting and enjoyable and adventurous assignment that I can imagine. And it further illustrates how wonderful and enjoyable the life is that all of you have in store for yourselves.

" Anything else? - " Trust and trust and trust somemore! I leave you with that and wish you all a good night. Domtia. "

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Don Crownover

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Thank you Daniel. I am very pleased to hear from an ascending Sister! :-)


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Kudos, Daniel and many thank yous to Lusitania.  It was indeed my pleasure to read your message.  Sorta reminds me of the days  of my youth.  I grew up in a principally agricultural area of the southern USA.  Your words inspire me to apply more attention to the study of the Sustainability book.  Yes!  That's correct.  I downloaded and printed the Sustainability and Planetary Management writings, plus the three addenda, which I bound into a book and keep handy for reading and review.
Oceans of love to all.
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Brother Daniel,
Many thanks to you and Lusitania for this special message. I went to agricultural college, so I am most familiar with what is being talked about here.
Food production and distribution was, is, and will always be a top tier issue that should concern every being on Urantia!
Thanks for sharing this great message of hope and thanks Lusitania for the fact that we are getting a helping hand from one in the know!
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