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Internet Trolls
« on: January 30, 2018, 06:58:31 AM »
Does everyone on this Forum know the meaning of the word "troll"?   I am not talking about those fairy tale creatures who live under bridges!

Here are two definitions:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "A person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant or offensive comments or other disruptive content."

Urban Dictionary : "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."  

Keep this in mind when reading messages.

One more thing - They hate being ignored.
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Re: Internet Trolls
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 12:06:01 PM »
Praise be to God Our Father for working through your son, Andy, to reveal the Truth to this forum of followers. Finally, we are SET FREE to SEE THE TRUTH about Ron Besser.

As the fog of deception lifts, see the Truth shining brightly, revealing to all:

Urantia is our home. It is not changing to "Gollingforth"

There is no new Urantia Book coming out

Jesus remains our shining example

No money to purchase the L-shaped building

No fusion of Ron, Lemuel or Larry

No more set and changed dates for the mission start

Finish this list as you awaken from this nightmare!


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Re: Internet Trolls
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2018, 03:56:53 PM »
ANDI, I tried the same as you in 2016 but with much more politeness to my urging and my post was for all to follow its directions of caution to wake a person up to realization but also appreciation to the forum endeavors. Read below my post of 10/16/16 after just being on this site about 20 days. Then the very following day another post, one of which you Andi responded to the "volition" idea but ... even you ... totally missed the point!

Both past post that were later removed are copied below.

And If you Andi were not in ball n chains then Why Did You Not Respond to any of my emails to your private email account?

This forum has served a good purpose!!

Jesus and Ganid examined, who knows how many spiritual documents in the Alexandrian Library. They did not come out with the woe is me attitude. Neither did Jesus have that attitude about the scrolls of the prejudiced and war laden Hebrews. He treasured his Greek Bible and obsorbed all the good he could find in it. When you read or study anything try to find the good and truth that may be contained therein. You can not take the false findings as excuse to then throw everything away as rubbish! Or Jesus and Ganid would not have discovered such a wonderful treasure from those diggings of eon's long writings of leftovers from Machinventia and the bestowal couple's teachings.
My Post of 10/16/16
My Father/Brother’s family;
I am always enjoying you all on the Serara forum and phone conversations. Your wonderful words of encouragement mean so much to me. I have been very busy the last few days gathering many emergency supplies and equipment needs for myself and others when impending social upheavals and planarity changes occur. Several days ago I read the first few posts on this topic and since then read some Urantia Book papers and stumbled across things to share on this subject about our Thought Adjusters and volition.

These are my current Jr student understandings: Our individual indwelt fathers never persuades us one way or the other. They are a light beacon of righteousness in the distance that we cross the maze to reach. We traverse through all of the many experiences and educational changes by our volition to become one with God ever more.

We all know that Jesus is the best example of this sublime achievement in one human lifetime. And I am sure that his life story on Urantia is read and talked about on many if not all the planets in Nebadon. To me worshiping the Universal Father; his personality of infinitely sharing his very strengths and loving ways, creates continual decisive adjustments to our thinking and forces change to be like him. Then with joy we also share our learned and loving ways with others just like he does. We become examples for others too.

The last paper in the URANTIA BOOK is a beautiful explanation about “THE FAITH OF JESUS”, paper 196. You will all read, and say as I did, how the many pages in this paper relate to some of your life experiences. We have become teachers of God’s love also. Not like the religious teachers of today. We have become followers of the Father’s way. This paper explains the actions of our thought adjusters and their continually pointing the way of return, no matter which decision we make there is always going to be a new path home. This paper talks about the second return of Jesus as a man. It speaks of the teaching mission also. Reading this we can see the importance to make sacrifices in our life for devotion to God and love for all of mankind. We all are doing the will of God now and giving of ourselves to serve the growing brotherhood. This is what Jesus taught by example. “Seek first the Kingdom”, and as it explains, this is the greatest love for God and our brothers.

Just think about it from reading this paper, without our thought adjusters we could not even unselfishly love one another. Our very survival is dependent on the choices we make from our Thought Adjusters. They loving and continually guide us. We have come to the realization that we really are a child of God, and we are all family. And now look... as Ron Besser explains, our Universal Father has sent Glorious Leaders of specialty training and high authority assigned from heaven to this planet and its human creations that our Father/Brother, Jesus loves.

This topic is long but I did find the post and try the 10 count and 10 minutes with no results. I have been practicing stillness and meditation each sunrise and sunset with prayers requesting interests from celestials for guided and giving daily reports to my indwelt Father. I am confident that messages will come by the will of Father, in his time.

copy of past post 10/16/16
My post of 10/17/16
To my brothers and sisters of the children of God. Here are some, uninspired by celestials words to encourage…

THOUGHT – All thought originates with the Father and every personality is a thought of God that will never have an end. We are a product of the Father’s will being holy children of God. And our Father has also gifted us with free choice of will in addition to our very unique personalities. With decisions of value that lead us back to him with learned experience through our volition of constant change. There are those that have chosen not to continue in existence, those of the human nature with spiritual thoughts of value go to the Supreme and I am sure that the very glorious spiritual thoughts of higher beings that chose not to continue also have a continuance in God’s will, however with those that choose not to continue have no more volition of its own. What the Father creates with his Thought never ends. We as children of God have the opportunity to LOVE, that being the very thought of God, and if we survive we will be in Love with God endlessly. I like the definition of our English word for Love to represent:
L= Life

MIND – There is no physical space (my college English 101 “Concept” paper “Mind”) for it to dwell in. However the mind does grow from the thinking decisions of our brain and emotions. So, in our mind is thought and God’s Thought of us never sleeps. However unlike the Thoughts of God that are changeless, our thoughts and ideas of change to our personal will originate in our Minds. And when we create true Thoughts of Love it also will continue endlessly throughout the Universe. Our intent is to continue through all of our existence of educational growth with guided but personal volition until our will is in complete synchronization with the Will and original thought of God. This will bring our Father satisfaction to our very individual and Unique to all created personalities.

IDOLS – Any physical thing or Event in time can become an Idol of form and completion that robs us of Gods LOVE that has no true ending or completion. God’s spirit has no form and represents nothing but is everything. Choosing a form does not bring happiness, only completeness of a belief and to an end to that consciousness. If you were to accept today as being the very day you enter into God’s presence on Paradise then you have dissolved all need of the many Idols created in our time and space of physical presence and material substance of constant change. This is a term, “So Be It”, “So Let It Be.

SERVICE – For those that recognize the “Plan of God”, there is no hurry to get there. We are already there. Our desire is to assist others to know the Father and to also recognize his love. We certainly are living in momentous times. And so did the peoples of Andon and Fonta’s time, including; those hero’s during the Planetary Princes uprising, those sent out by the Melchizedek of Salem, those that spread the teachings by the scribe of Damascus, those that new Joshua Ben Joseph and the many, many disciples of Christ Jesus up threw the ages to our day and time of the URANTIA BOOK revelations. We have but one volition but to Love one another. As Jesus told John… “Love one another and that is all that is needed”. I read that saying at a library some 30 years ago, in a roman catholic encyclopedia of monk writings. It was written as a rumor told... that when the Apostle John was old and unable to walk he was carried out of church meetings on a cot and people would wait outside the door to see him and that this saying is what he said in response to the many pleadings and questions about the teachings of Jesus.

PRAISE – In the last few days I have been enjoying listening to the selections of choice by Joshua and his new friends and employer during the Alexandrian travels. We have parts of Ganid’s Manuscript created from the then known teachings of old from the Machiventa Melchizedek teaching missions. I really enjoyed listening to this recording yesterday while walking in a nearby busy park of families, many taking posed pictures of each other on bridges and water paths and duck pond settings. You may also want to enjoy these praises of old, originating from a once time teaching mission now in the roots of New. You can find these in Paper 131 The Worlds Religions.
copy of post 10/17/16
God's goodness is hidden in every spiritual endevor... this forum is one great example!
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Don Crownover

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Re: Internet Trolls
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2018, 04:30:28 PM »
Another urge of caution within rejoicing was this past post of mine on 10/26/16
My post on 10/26/16
OK, I am still dizzy from this long line of posts… Thank you Sue for sharing as instructed, this energizing post of Jesus soon return announcement. And by the way, I now can say “Thank You my Dear”, for welcoming me aboard this forum. I am glad that Ron wasn’t quite up to snuff today, I only had to scramble for my Oxford dictionary once. However I do pray often for Ron’s health and mortal pains through his busy, busy days and nights of T/R’ing on top of managing of the many web-sites related. Ron is so informative and entertaining it is just a pleasure to know how he tickles the celestials too. And Andy, your flight through all of those stormy clouds has now landed you on confident ground, well done!

Jesus has arrived and the announcement has already occurred!

Yes, this is our resolve! Why do we need a date or time to idolize? We are all well prepared for the expected political/economic chaos or worse the aftermath of a rapture of those judged to be taken to the hearing courts. Or, if God wills it better, then our children will come up behind us in this task. Our involvement now is to teach! Learn the Urantia book like the back of our hands and spread the Truth from our beloved revelation, the Urantia book. On this forum we are students in training of the future Magisterial Son’s Mission, we learn to receive and transmit for celestial beings. They will use us to reach specific persons or groups with exact instructions or encouragement. And we accept that humble position to serve our human family. This is the first time that humans are to be used in this manner during a Magisterial Mission, where Angels and Midwayers are the norm.

Myself, depending on news from a new employment endeavor in Kansas City, I may be trucking up to York and looking for work up there to hold me over until March 2017. I would not miss the Symposium and shaking Jesus hand for the life of me. But any case I am prepared... for who knows the “day and hour” of his coming. ‘Be in expectation of it all your days” and know that it has already occurred in the Fathers time and we are there with him. For today and to no end - we teach, we learn, we share, we grow... we know that we are in Gods L O V E and that no one will be left behind.

I hope to encourage all to enjoy every moment of time, good or bad, happy or sad – be glad!

copy of past post 10/26/16

I am pleased with this forum ... and at times very much entertained :-)
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