Author Topic: Michael and Nebadonia, Standing Orders. 30th Jan 2018, Dominick O, Sea, WA USA  (Read 318 times)

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Dominick O

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Teacher: Michael and Nebadonia
Subject: Standing Orders
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Jan 30, 2018.  4:00 pm UTC (16:00) (9:00am Pacific)


A leader must learn to follow before leading.  Fatherhood, motherhood, parenthood is leadership stronger in eternity than the State; and from Paradise all the way out to the periphery of Time Space Superuniverses, parental/state authority sometimes, if not often, is synonymous to the followers of finite, evolving, willful personalities, human beings.  To struggle with your finiteness is to at the same time struggle with the paradox of self-leadership and self-dependency and collective and social institutions and organizations enhancing your overall quality of life.

You are victims, yes.  You are all suffering from thousands of years of not only planetary, but space-system-wide (a rather small but significant segment of time-space) Rebellion.  This context of Rebellion is what you initially need, above and beyond what is inherently an Ascension Scheme of soul-personality terrestrial/corporeal birth-experience upon a planet, your planet, which is a paramount player in the drama, so to speak.  In a larger context, the planet suffers from rebellious adolescence.  Your ideals, perceptions and approaches to problem solving of living and ruling life are full of inexperienced administration, rudderless leadership, and self-centered victimhood.

Ask and seek our Divine Parental validation of you individually and you will suffer the first pains of letting go of your unworthiness which are attached to an angry feeling of suffering an  almost illogical and mean world with no purpose.  Seek and you will find Our validation and love for you and you will discover a new purpose and synthesis of planetary sojourn and ultimate contribution from this day and into eternity.  But do not seek to lead without this grounding, and do not expect perfection without the mercy of imperfection.  Let go of the crutch of victimhood and discover what that crutch was truly seeking to discover within yourselves.  Prayer and intention over judgmental justifications of adolescent actions.  You are so close to budding into beautiful spiritual adulthood and We see the future you.  You truly are the leaders of your own lives.  Lead your brothers and sisters into self-validation of the Universe‚Äôs Personality response and inner validation. These are standing orders 😊  Good day.

Don Crownover

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 Wow Dominick!  That was FANTASTIC! 

I read this quickly this afternoon after my post... but was caught up in the very posts and attitudes that Michael and Nebadonia were, to you giving us standing orders for these very times living in the aftermath of rebellion.

May we all and One take these standing orders to heart!


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I second you on this Don...


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Hear! Hear! That we can learn to go to the fount of wisdom for guidance and learn to do all things in proper fashion as our Father would have it!
The Glory of God is Intelligence...