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The Gifts of Challenge
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:37:33 AM »

Michael of Nebadon – The Gifts of Challenge – Larry Gossett – 31 January 2018 – Florida
Speaker :Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Gifts of Challenge
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 31 January 2018 – 12:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“You have, my son in the past few days been dealing with a  fogginess and slowness in your mind and physical being due the cold and flu that is  trampling Urantia this year, and have found a definite lack of concentration and lagging of focus hampering your abilities and energy.   That, gladly is subsiding and once again the lure and promptings to  come and involve yourself here has returned in part.
“I know that you now are at front and center to receive, letting go and placing yourself in the here and now.  And speaking of letting go, I noticed when you read Dorian’s posted phrase of “Let go and Let God,” that you smiled and nodded in affectionate agreement.  It is sometimes the simplest ideas and words that many times  have the greatest impact  and carry great wisdom for all, is it not.? This little saying that Dorian offered is one such phrase that carries  a directed innocent wisdom and articulate clarity.   Indeed you all would be often times in a better place if you would and could just “let go and let God.”
“Now let us move on, and in saying move on I mean that quite pointedly for the energies of the past 24 hours have been those that we have several times talked about as pivotal moments in your lives and in your understanding and in your journeys.  Many times do you experience these pivotal moments, these moments of sublime decision, these moments where as an experience passes, you are in a new place, you have  topped the mountain and look down and to  the vista that is spread out  before you to  enjoy and discover.   These are sometimes difficult trails that lead to the top, but always here you all are this morning,  having arrived at a new and better place for what you have experienced.   
“There will many such days of challenge, of discovery, many such times of similar challenges that all of you will face the coming months and years.   Know it well!  And use these times of decisions, these times where you are challenged to make the choice that is laid out before you.   It has many times been said that these are opportunities that are truly gifts to and for you.  These choices, these rare pivotal moments in your lives will eventually create in you a higher ability towards achieving that invaluable gift  called discernment,  that teaches and leads you to Spirit  Wisdom.   As you all know, the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Mother Spirit are always at work and the highest of these are that of Spirit of Wisdom and ultimately the Spirit of Worship.   These are always at work to lead you and give you the unparalleled opportunities to make your choices, and decisions based on what is at your disposal in learning and discerning those qualities and those experiences that give you your self-determination and the birthright of God given freewill towards your soul’s growth and ultimate development.  These are, my dear children,  rare and precious gifts that are your truest treasures.
“The Father in his Wisdom and with the Creator Sons and Creative Spirits of each Superuniverse in Time and Space, sets into motion for each of you, those experiences that will teach and lead you to  and give you the opportunities to choose and decide for yourselves where you stand, at any given moment in your journeys, and this is truly accomplished with each and every decisions and at each and every moment. 
“Many times have we taught you that each and every decision through the continual moments that make up a life as a mortal, the life you choose  lead, as you become, grow in spirit,  grow in wisdom  through that status originating as being a Faith Son and Faith Daughter, will always have within it, that value that you gain through making the choices and determinations  that work to move you forward.   These are  the very mechanisms of growth and self-determination that are constantly presented to each of you through your living faith and your living experience.
 “Know that these living experiences  are truly exacting and truly the only way a mortal of  an experimental and experiential world like Urantia.   There is important and lasting growth that is achieved and accomplished only through your experience.  It is through these struggles and sometimes most troubling and trying experiences that your greatest lessons are learned.  They may seem at in the moment troublesome and difficult but they truly , my children, they alone  can give you the greatest and riches rewards.  Accept them for what they are, take from them the  fruits of spirit and move on. These are the gifts of challenge of which we bespeak this day.
“It is not always possible  to acknowledge and recognize a pivotal moment as it is happening, it fact it is more common than not to  recognize it, but in some cases as this has been,  you all can gain a sense  that this ls one of those times of acknowledgement of great import to your growth  to your journey.  Be not troubled by the challenges that confront  you, let them be your teachers, your lessons, and see them as the gifts that they can be if you but allow them.    These can be truly liberating and clarifying.  Even  with  your struggles, with some that may even be temporary set backs,  without these rocks occasionally strewn along your  pathways, you would not know the glory of success and growth.   Learn to look and accept these challenges as invaluable gifts for  in many ways that is  exactly what they are.  As you grow and mature in Spirit you will come to appreciate that these are invaluable gifts.    Think on these things and you will surly see that what I  share with you this day are true and right and you will always come to be in a  new and better place for having been though them  as you weather yet another storm..    Always will the sun feel warmer and seem brighter and more appreciated as the storm passes. It has passed and a new day gives you it’s ‘gift of clarity.  This is Michael.  A better day greets each and every one of you. The thought that to “err is human to forgive Divine.” can always guide you give you a sense of My Peace that is within you.  


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Re: The Gifts of Challenge
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Great "Post" my friend Larry,..., this is the kind of "Post" I like to read, ... it feels so good for my soul, for me and gives me a lot to reflect on!!!!.
Thank you very much Larry for this wonderful message from our Father Creator Michael !!!!!, ..., thank you, dear Father Michael !!!!  ;) :D 8)


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Re: The Gifts of Challenge
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Larry, what a great post!! It is indeed good to know that we are understood...the way we think and act...and how we should!
We are not alone, and many are looking out for our interests!
The Glory of God is Intelligence...