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Audio Transmission / Your Fusion
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:42:51 AM »
Subject: Your Fusion
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Valls, Tarragona, Spain.
Date/Time:  3rd. Feb. 2018  07:42 Local  06:42 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission / Your Fusion
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 03:06:06 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Your fusion

AYA, Master Spirit No 7 : Good morning, this is Aya, Master Spirit number seven of Superunivers Seven, Orvonton. I am also Voice for the Trinity. I have come this morning to speak specificaly about you, three fused human beings on Urantia. I know Lemuel does not feel really at ease talking about this, because his human-self does not like to self-aggrandized and to create the impression of other people.

Be that as it may, I am here to mention a few things. When Ron Besser was fused in december 2014, he started a precedent and we on Paradise did not quite know what to do about it. Then, more recently, there is Lemuel and Larry Gossett who also fused. So, we have not one, not two, but three Father fused human beings here on the planet of Michael’s seventh bestowal.

When we on Paradise became acquainted with this news, I must tell you that someone said and before I actually say, I want to remind you what someone said about Jesus more than 2000 years ago, when it was said that this very Jesus came from Nazareth and of course in those days everybody knew what Nazareth was and the reputation it had.

So, someone on Paradise said about you, three fused beings, this someone said : « Three on Urantia ! Can anything good come from Urantia ? » Well, now you know this to be true, but I want to say, all three of you, even now, do not understand or appreciate the full significance of your Father fusion. The Fifth Epochal Dispensation is different from all others, in fact each one is different.

Perhaps the best way I can explain this is to say that each epochal dispensation has its own vibration, its own note, even its own color, if you prefer. You three were fused during the Fifth Epochal Dispensation and for ever into infinity you will carry on your being a kind of emblem of that pact, so everyone will know that you were from Urantia and you became Father fused during the Fifth Epochal Dispensation. It will be true for all those who are fused in the future, now within the Sixth Epochal Dispensation.

Coming back to you, Ron Besser, Lemuel and Larry Gossett. You are all different, of course, you are three unique human beings who somehow have managed, as you say, to upset the apple-cart for the whole Superunivers by becoming fused with Father. This has caused events to be thought about, to be taken into consideration your future in the flesh here on Urantia.

The three of you will work in different ways over a period of many years, knowing that you are all dedicated to be about Father’s business, whether it is with the Magisterial Mission or the Return of Jesus’Mission or any other Mission that will take place over the next two thousands years before this planet enter Light and Life.

I am Master Spirit Aya and I want to assure you three that the day will come very soon when you will know for a certainty and understand the full significance of your Father fusion and what it means, not just you three individuals, but what it means for the planet, the new system, what it means for the universe and the superuniverse and beyond. Be at peace in this knowledge and your understanding will come, it will come at the right time and it will come soon.

I am Aya, Master Spirit Seven, I thank you all for listening and specially you three, I bid you all a very good day. Domtia

Lemuel : I would just like to say that I hesitated for quite some minutes before I switched on my recorder, but as it has happened in the past the name was insistent and the thoughts came to me and so I recorded it and so you have it. I would like to say thank you to AYA. Thank you very much and domtia.

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

Ron Besser

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Re: Audio Transmission / Your Fusion
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2018, 01:52:29 PM »
This is Ron Besser thanking our Master Spirit for relating this subject to be recorded which I save on my desktop as a reference to myself that I am indeed fused.  None of us and I hope it is okay to speak for Lemuel and Larry Gossett, know what the benefits are of Father fusion, and in my case I keep being told I am Spirit fused and somewhat(?) Son fused.

But I must admit all I have is problems and no way to overcome them in the physical, but I accept that these fusions are spiritual and not meant to broadcast any benefit to us materially.  However, Aya holds out hope for we three that we will have a sense of Father fusion someday but that may be just distant enough I do not recall what that may mean today.

Lemuel I congratulate you on your fusion and putting up with the extreme difficulty of personal injuries and despondency that seems to go with we three today as I am infirmed and Larry has had his bouts with a genetic disease and serious side effects from a punctured or sliced kidney due to a fall. Is it just coincidence that we three have had really terrible physical problems in the past year after fusion?  I would rather hope so, but again, I remind you, Saint Paul in his experience on the Road to Damascus, experienced a total collapse of his body as he walked with his horse and two companions to trade and do the bidding of the Roman Emperor to stamp out thievery in the market place in Damascus.  The final insult for Paul was to find he was blind for six weeks thereafter and recovered so slowly he wondered why he bothered getting up some days.   did Paul suffer because of Son Fusion.  Paul says he did as I transmit the Saint of Apostolic Saints to you now about his fusion on the Road to Damascus (it did not co-star Bob Hope).

"I detest modern day historians who know nothing and pontificate they know all in supposition theories about my conversion on the Road to Damascus.  I felt nothing until I lay upon the ground with a split lip and a horrible headache and now you two know what I mean as Larry Gossett and Ron both experience severe headaches that day and for you Ron, extreme sleepiness.  I felt good but my lip hurt and I walked with a limp beside my horse then.  I also began to go blind as Ron is blind still from a year of exhausting work on this site and a year with a house guest Andy who he had to repudiate with the horror Andy threw onto this site over being asked to resume his life as himself and not as a guest.  Nevertheless, the troubles just abound for you three fused individuals and we must understand that Ron, of all of you, has the additional burden of being Spirit fused entirely now, and Son Fused in minor ways until his body is strong enough to take what I had to take when Michael fused me on my trip to Damascus.  I am so glad I can talk about this now.  We never have a chance to speak to it up here as I am recognized as the authority on the Christian Religion on Uversa and in Cambodia where I am enshrined for good reason with Buddhist Monks of Tibet as well.  If they ever knew I could speak like this Ron would be welcomed most warmly by all who are there. 

"As a result of Son Fusion that day, I still carry a scar on my upper lip worn proudly in spirit at my request and that is to show I hit the dirt when I was asked to and I love the little scar seen in my spirit form right where my mouth lips would have been in spirit.  Now let me remind you that Lemuel and Larry Gossett are not Son Fused or Spirit Fused.  Larry is a candidate for Spirit Fusion and perhaps Son Fusion someday, but not on earth as Ron has been, and I wish to address that for all of you now:

"SON FUSION for Ron is a panic attack several days ago when he realized he lost his friend Andy and let him sit and ponder what in the world happened to bring this kind of sad mess on?   The truth is that Andy precipitated a run on Ron's moral bank of thought which has always been, help when and were you can without request for payment back.   Andy was told repeatedly that paying back the large financial sum was unnecessary.  Ron wished no compensation yet Andy wanted to pay him back.  Well he did in spades as Ron calls it with such vitriol, reported back by Geoff606, Ron wondered if they didn't practice together to do that vile stuff.  I watched it unfold from spirit land and wondered how Ron would take character assassination, and he took it as predicted:  with a quick retrieval of his brain power and removal of Andy and Geoff within forty-eight hours.

"The day before Andy attacked, Ron was Son Fused while he slept.  But Andy set up such a commotion Michael had to remove the stranger part of fusion which is a temporary blindness and a temporary lameness on top of an already near blind Ron and a lame Ron with all of his physical problems from past years of work with spirit.  I am told to hurry this up by Michael as he has something to say too.  However, in finishing this Lemuel your Son Fusion is nearly done as you are unaware of its work in you too.  Ron is not incorrect to call attention to these fusions which disrupt the physical mechanism all the time and make life miserable for those who receive them.  Larry Gossett, you are of a different style personality entirely and require little help to make you proficient in all sorts of endeavors for the Creator Son or Mother Spirit.  Ron requires a lot of preparation to do good work, and is nearly perfect when he learns to do it; Lemuel you are the same as Ron as in so many cases of learning how to work with spirit.  I am seeing that all three of you are now considered for Son Fusion to keep all three of you together in the ipper worlds of the Master Universe and I let Michael now address that:"

"Ron, in particular to you I offer a small apology for this Son Fusion confusion and tell you you are indeed Son Fused fully.  You and Lemuel are Son Fused fully along with being Father fused.  Larry, you do not require it but I may do so along with Mother Spirit to keep you three and maybe more together in your Paradise assent and so on.  I will take that into consideration Larry shortly and see what is required for your status from your Thought Adjuster.  We may as well get this all out on the table too as Ron is is misery being stuck in the house because he cannot see well enough to safely drive and so on.  But Larry you have no problem and I hesitate to intereferr with driving as you must still work to pay the bills.  In so many words Larry your Son Fusion may wait until you are fully retired to do becauseit disrupts your physical world for weeks.  Lastly, Ron is upset with me over issues that pertain to personality conflicts between us and he has no reason to cheer lately but he will find that Son Fusion cuts through the malarkey about who is what on Urantia as it will for you Lemuel in different personal aspects of yourself too.

"All in all, we now have two men (Ron and Lemuel) who are fully fused with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, to help with the Magisterial Mission, and I report that Ron has made great advances in thinking and will now be opportuned to hear from AYA next. "

"I am Master Spirit Seven (7) and work hard to stay out of affairs that have to do with the Father-Son Fusion status that these three men currently have.  They are most fortunate and they will be hailed on the worlds they enter and work to present the Father men from Urantia that made a huge difference in what had to be done on Urantia through an enormous Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  I gather this well as Ron has forced his curiosity back and lets me fully speak.  He hears the Deity Absolute very well and the Deity Absolute moves quickly to let Ron and Lemuel in particular to heal quickly from Son Fusion and Spirit Fusion, for both men are different from each other as night is from day, yet they are almost identical in neural design and homework for the stars above.  I am coming directly into Ron's consciousness and it hurts a little if he laughs and that is not usually done but I must test Ron in particlar for news worthy developments up here according to the Unvierse Father and the Paradise Trinity.  

"I conclude this report by saying that all is well in Nebadon soon as the Magisterial Mission is ready to go fully and no further explanation is required from me on this.  Ron will be explored for further fusion status as he goes about the work of the Trinity on Urantia and for the Father and the Son and the Spirit individually.  All have a vested interest in this young man with a gimp and one blind eye for good maybe but he will see anyhow and so forth.  We wish all to be happy with their new Fusion circumstances and we bit you all a good day. AYA"

"Ron is naturally confused as anyone would be over the Fusion status he has because we have removed it and given it back and removed and given it back until he is unsure what he has for sure.  He is Son Fused and Spirit Fused and now he is Trinity Fused by Margul to ensure that all layers of Deity-hood are fully represented by this individual and that he must make amends no more to the people who dislike him so much from the old Teaching Mission through total and complete misunderstanding of what he stands for.  Our work on high is to bring individuals like Ron to the fore and help them understand what it is that all of them must do to help Urantia reapply to normal planetary status. Mother Spirit."

"Our work on Urantia is belittled by people like some of who come by on this web site and totally misunderstood the nature and work of this transmitters who originated the discussion forum in about 2005 and has maintained it religiously for thiretten years without a break.  It consists of a group of people who come and go and who are naturally interested in the good will of their governments and what they dedicate their lives too.  Ron in particular is watched by several governments in order to ascertain his work is benevolent and he greatly dislikes spy work but he did spy work at one time and is fully enjoying what comes out of government today in England the US.   As a result we use him to tell these governments what is what as best we can.  I am not going to launch into the circumstances around North Korea today, but I am going to say that nuclear war is probable unless Trump and Kim Jung-un close the child-like trial of words down and out the door and let the diplomatic experts defuse it as they can do so if allowed to do so.  I further indicated that the fusion status of Ron is extraordinary and we cannot predict how this will improve diplomatic services around the world if we can get access to the government offices that are diplomatic in nature.   We see the end to this transmission as the Censor is clamping down on Ron's mind and we must clear one last statement and it is this:

"Fusion status with the Trinity is very unusual and we allow that Ron has many issues to resolve for himself over the coming years and decades ahead as he is still human and floods us with pictures of stuff we rather not see but that is his inability to cut them off when he thinks in the material realm.   I am truly concerned that he cannot see well yet after over a ear after the eye implosion and his limp gets worse instead of better and that must be resolved,  He cannot work under these conditions as we approve all measures taken to clear him of this malady of back health concerns.  Thank you all,  This is Margul, the Trinity Son Ambassador to Urantia on behalf of the Paradise Trinity and God the Supreme.  Good day." 

"I have a Censor on me too Ron, as the Father is working very hard to keep Urantia off the hot plate of discussions everywhere it seems as we must proceed with a mission that suffocates all other missions on other worlds where Magisterial Missions are in place and working.  Satania right now has six Magisterial Missions going on simultaneously.  In place are seventy bestowal Sons on these Missions in Nebadon alone, and that does not begin to explain what else is going on you have no business knowing right now.  I give Ron full credit for working straight four hours again to get this material out to you, but beware the rest of you are under a Censor too and you might right some pretty strange stuff for as Ron can attest they insert words over what is being spoken many times to do their work.  Good day to all. Michael."

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