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Words from Mother Spirit
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:47:38 AM »

Mother  Spirit, Divine Minister –  Words From Mother Spirit – Larry Gossett – Florida – 5 February 2018

Speaker: Mother Spirit, Divine Minister
Subject: Words from Mother Spirit
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida - 5 February 2018 – 13:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“This is Mother Spirit, and also as the Divine Spirit and Minister and I come in response to your invitation to clearly hear and transcribe our message for this day, February 5th 2018.   Naturally, my children, after having attentively read the messages yesterday from Michael, as your Super Creator Son,  from Mantutia, and from Susatia, I know that all of you are filled with important questions concerning this type of information is once again shared with you and I can assure you all that there is more in the works that will continue to eventually clarify that which you will need to  take into your minds and hearts as these events will surely come to pass.

“ I am sure that you all have 1001 questions and concerns as do We and We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating all possibilities and likelihood to determine at the best probable solutions.  We encourage you to continue to pray for success.   One important question that keeps coming up is “what to do with this type of information?” There will most certainly be many changes and upgrades to all of this as it is presented on Urantia.  We will do all we can to keep all of you abreast and informed as the information becomes more available and as details and specifics are able to be released.   For now, hold this information for we will tell you what to do with it as the time is right.

“Your world has not seen the severity of the changes that are presented here for much of this level of calamity did not happen with humans embodied and present on the planet.   Therefore, We all know that it is almost unfathomable for your minds to even have an accurate mental representation of these various categories of  such devastating earth changes. They will be as never have been seen by human eyes.
“I know that you wonder just how your World Governments around every sector of Urantia will be able to cope with these multiple levels of disasters and I tell you that THEY WILL NOT!

”As many of you do well to keep watch and observe the workings of all Governments around Urantia, you  have clearly seen all  the in-depth ineptness and utter failings  of  all  Urantia’s Governments as far as good Governance is concerned.. With a possible and even likely war on the horizons  that will have such  devastating effects on  Urantia,  if that is to be, and it is more than possible that this may occur,  little can actually be done in  your personal  realities to prepare you for what all will come.   You wonder, and rightfully so, how a Magisterial Mission running concurrently with these coming earth changes can work as yet another war is on the horizon.  It indeed deeply complicates any Mission Objectives on a normal world and all know that Urantia is in no way normal.

“ This is to be one of the greatest and most difficult and all consuming challenges ever to be presented to any world   All remains to be seen and done  as the Missions will have to take on and assume the control and administration  through the Missions Leaders, Workers, and many Orders of Beings come to carry out the Father Will.

“ The next 100 years of Urantia time will be it’s most important and dangerous and will be  spent in just  managing such severe and devastating events.    To say that it will be a dark and difficult time on Urantia is to put in mildly indeed… hell on earth as is said.  It is almost undeterminable  to accurately predict the outcomes of such change as the entire planet will be affected and all will be put on notice.  But in your hearts know and I say that again. KNOW that Love and the Father’s Way will end the dark days that lie directly ahead.  Love, truth beauty goodness and good will will most assuredly achieve those goals.

“Your questions and concerns can only be addressed as events unfold but know that the Missions will begin and continue until Urantia  is  finally but surely settled, redeemed, remade and projected towards it destiny  to achieve Light and Life.

The mighty Power Directors have been able to hold back and abate much of the destruction from a fragile and fractured Urantia but now the time has come to allow Urantia to do what She must to restore and create the balance through these very changes that are being discussed with you.  Just as all on Urantia must now come to establish the Father’s Divine Plans for each of it’s humanity.  This is Mother Spirit,  Divine Minister.  I bid you good day. We will continue, in the days ahead, to bring and share these momentous messages pronouncing all having to do with these Magisterial Missions."  

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"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"

Ron Besser

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Re: Words from Mother Spirit
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 12:03:31 PM »
Thanks Larry for stepping up to take Nebadonia's message today.  Her language is reassuring but it softens the blow not much to learn we are all going to face hell before we face changes we can actually adjust to through divine Missions meant to do that but largely ignored with uncooperative mankind and his nation states. 

Mother Spirit seems to day, why don't we just stay indoors and wait it out?  Wait what out? is my question only because we still have no visible Mission on the ground and Trump is eating what decent substance we have left for good government, and yet Washington is agog over how efficient Trump can be to get his way with us.

To this is added the probability of some type of nuclear exchange that Michael tells us that Trump insists on to end the strangling of hope and bashing done by North Korea, whose government must go into exile of some fashion if Trump begins hitting them with nuclear tipped missiles.  Do not forget that North Korea has almost 500,000 troops poised in the hills right north and above the South Korean capital city, and that is designed to swoop in and destroy Seoul without a South Korean shot to be fired.  Our planners will have to take those hills out immediately too and I am supposing we will take them out with a nuclear blast.  I see not other way unless there is furthe incompetence on the military side of this equation from the USA.  Any glancing blow they might aim at us can be shot down if the anti-missile defense happenst to be working that day, and Trump will be castigated from all nations over what he chooses to do to get Kim Jung-un out of power.

All of this is icing on the war cake as we are also in the midst of a tectonic plate shift that will likely renew our continents but decimare our populations who may well be on a war time footing that cannot be sustained due to the loss of factories that build planes and war ships and supply material to troops that have to be deployed to secure what the United States might win and cannot hold either.  Now that is not a mess but hell on earth if you have to look at it strategically.  If you look at it as a surving human being on the east coast of the United States, or from the surviving remnants of Europe and the destruction of the NATO command by national attrition over anger with Trump, you could see it as a necessity for hoarding food and providing shelter for those who are traumatized by simultaneous destructive forces we dare not full contemplate and have much hope to survive ourselves.

You write a post now to a website suffering from boredom by most who subscribe to it because our timing is way out of whack and the opportunity to place really good posts concerning the workings of Magisterial Mission we do not have yet on the ground, is killing us off too.  My opinion is that we tough it out, but disasters of this magnitude will kill us off if our loss of participation by members does not do so first.  It is incumbent on members that if they wish to be informed by our methods to inform, then we must have better participation with responses that say something and words of encouragement from those fused ones and those about to be fused for the safety of our own Magisterial Mission that must start in the USA if it is to be protected by normal grounding and happier circumstances than most of the world will come to suffer because of war and tectonic plate changes.  I further comment Lemeul for still producing those great audio tapes in spite of his own illness and disasters of harm and choices he rather not make now.  And to you Larry for staying in the heat of a very cold refusal by some members who cannot further participate due to illness with the flu or too much disappointment in their minds to lift a finger to help us out with activity we can respond to.

It will take a tremendous effort to go positive again here, and part of that positive effort is to have posting and responses to the activities of all who can post or transmit on a regular basis.  We have something of a flu epidemic pervading us in the United States and they wonder why we have to wait out for the warm sunshine of spring to get well again only to be hit with the foreboding of either a nuclear war or a war of attrition by the Magisterial Mission to wait them out so the Mission does not get caught between sides in a nuclear or standard-type ware.  In your thinking realize that you need to be in reality of mind to decide what pressures are on you each to begin helping when these divine Missions appear and how much you can do when hit by black skies of torrential rain form bomb explosions so hot they force the atmosphere to bubble and burn too until the upper air flows come down to cool that burning gases.  It is my hope that none or all of t he worst can happen or that it all happens at the same time, but we must realize we have as a population and as an evolutionary world, reached a Y in the road, and neither stem of that Y takes us to any real happiness for the time being.  I rest my case to you and here is Michael to put a face on what I have spoken to so far:

"I seldom take Ron to task for his sour view of the world at the moment, but he has every right to emphasize that the next ten to fifteen years will be a real trial to live through.  But there is a silver lining, and it must be spoken to in order to balance what Ron truly points out to us in language above spoken in heart first and written out for you to see above.  I see that all of you this morning are looking at the pro football game replays or working on not much this morning since it is without much glamor or need to do anything this particular Monday morning in the USA.  To that I add we on Salvington wait out the real news we must hear clearly and that is that the Magisterial Mission is opened in the hearts of Uversa and Paraduse sufficiently to declare it an on-the-ground Mission in York and other places to be sure.  As of now we wait for Paradise to assign me and a few others to the art of walking out of the compound of the tribal affairs of spirit to the compound of the affairs of man in the physical world of Urantia.  In this we must be assured that the trial to be done in York is workable and sustainable and in spite of Ron's morose view of world affairs, he is not wrong, and all of you must somehow be strong enough to attempt to keep yourselves together with a determination that is on the scale of Atlas in the governance of a world gone to the birds as Ron often says when watching Trump on TV.

"I conclude this with a brief statement to our Guests from China I assume are getting tired of this too and provide you with what our forecast maps are saying for that land you call the Mother Country.   China will be split in two parts.  That which is Peking and to the north of it, will stay above the water.  That which lies south of Peking will submerge from Canton to the South China Sea, and then ends in a deep drop off where Shanghai currently is positioned.  The land mass east of the great mountains to the west will subside in various places leaving islands of land between sea passages of considerable depth as the sea is frothy now but will become quite still in between these new islands of land that stay about the sea level reestablished in China today.  The South China Sea has land mass changes beneath it but they and their effects are improbably predictable due to the inundation of most of the inland areas ruled by China today.  Russia to the north and Japan to its east will long ago have declared themselves a disaster because Russia and what we call Siberia today will enguly the north sea entirely and be covered by great ocean depth.  In Japan we are lucky to hold onto the main islands above the sea at all and this will cause major changes in the balance of power in this part of the world due to the end of the Eurasian tectonic plate that builg the great inland masses of desert and plains over millennia of epochs that until now were so solid as thought to be lasting forever.  But the Father has decreed that Urantia must be more hospitable and insists that the oceans come into vast land areas and be refreshed with ocean breezes and rain once again,  This is all I am prepared to tell you now.  I am Michael and wish you a good day. "

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania