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APRIL 06, 2019 - YORK, PA  1AM

"I am Machiventa Melchizedek and the following is to alert you to a situation for your own information:

"We informed Ron yesterday and he asked if he can put this out and I said yes.

"Jesus is ready to appear at the York Magisterial Foundation within days.  Michael has placed Immanuel  the Trinity Vicegerent for Univierse Affairs and former Ambassador, in charge of Nebadon when he departs for Paradise this time for the 8th Bestowal of Jesus the Second Time on Urantia. . . "

I briefly interrupt Machiventa for an explanation of placement.  Saturday the 6th of April, we have invited the Brokerage firm of Adam Flinchbaugh to my table at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, PA. to negotiate for a 60,000 square foot (I think that is m3 in metric countries), to name his price and negotiate the sale of that building in Continental Square in York City.  This is or is not a center for the Jesus Bestowal as that has not been fully worked out with the Contact Commission yet.  Ron

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Thank you Ron, and that makes sense with what I have to say next.  Jesus ultimately determines when he appears and how.

"He will be wearing western garb of a jacket and tie.  He has normal patent leather shoes and will wear a tie tack of gold and green azure.  It has a great meaning to Jesus and Michael of Nebadon.  We may give Ron time to clear the office space we need for our physical appearance.  We have already appeared in the Washington mall with the giant obelisk behind me to study the people of Urantia and prepare for my preparation of style of haircut and manicure.  Ron suggests bangs for the fourth of July. 

"We are serious once more since Ron breaks us up when we say things sometimes.  His life is not over and Jesus has this to say.  . . . "

JESUS - "Ron suggests bangs for the fourth of July, and what of Easter?  [May I suggest a chocolate bunny tie tack instead of the azure green gift? ]  I will appear well dressed at all times and Ron will always wear his bunting outfit of blue azure and the Christ motif of a tunic and a trial of quartzite on his head in place of diamonds until I get used to him in crystals.  Ron asked the right question does the head gear approximate the Mytoza of the Sadducees in my day.  I was brought up Sadducee and honor it to this day.  The Menorah is a larger cap and I prefer the smaller cap called the Mytoza.  I prefer to speak to all of you now in a more formal way:

"I am JESUS and I prefer to be called Joshua ben Joseph and that is our honor too Ron will refer to me here on a Joshua ben Joseph, and the ben is always a capital Ben in Ireland but not in Israel, okay Ron?   Be aside yourself now and let me speak officially to the group here:

"I am ready to prevent another world war.  I am ready to prevent Trump from encompassing the United States government with failures they cannot recover from.  That is my pronouncement immediately before the public when I announce my presence on Urantia in a few short days.  Ron has been aware of this for months and must keep his mouth shut in order to win our grace and pleasure at his ability to keep a true secret.  The Contact Commission was fully informed last night in their Conference call and Ron bring that tape out of hiding and play it for the discussion forum for a day or two and then remove it please.

"We are now at the point Ron hates and that is a please listen to this as most of you will not believe it.  Ron received the gift of five diamonds today when the universe rebels held forth on him for five days and forced his transmissions almost to nothing.  He is now okay but furious with their tactics to the point he had to stop almost all transmissions except to Wendy and Clency, and found the Chief of the rebels to be a Lanonandek stronghold outside of Nebadon in unclaimed space.  Four of the Lanonadek Sons resigned immediately and two Lanonadek Sons were execute on the spot as they were inside the compound with Michael of Nebadon/. Ron has claimed foul play for weeks now and when he was in liaison with Michael, the Ancients of Days, and the Deity Absolute, the Father signaled they must come forth and claim their guilt.  All except two did and those two were executed on the spot as they worked in the Michael Compound on High.  IN retrospect, Ron almost fell over when a group of Seraphim suddenly reported to him, 53 in number as though he were a Planetary Official and called all 32 of each Serial Number to him before we changed circuits.  Steven Gitz recorded the Seraphic serial numbers and they belong, Steven, to the Sophia Contingent of the Angelic Corp of Istanbul and Constantinople near Turkey.  They thought Ron was running a Lucifer cabal on Urantia, and only today found out he was the one preparing Urantia for admission to the Seraphic arms of thought which is to serve the Magisterial Sons fully when they appear on Urantia.  We are outstanding in our work too, as I am Joshua ben Joseph, and I now depart for my rest in the New England area of the Untied States still so lovely and unspoiled by the bomb tests and the loss of water in your rivers soon as they will flood and then disappear over a change in climate coming very soon.  The East Coast will have plenty of rain but will get hot as hell not as the cooling Canadian fronts will clear the East well.  I wish you all well. I am Jesus."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron was nominated by Michael to serve Jesus perpetually but we must have him in office in Continental Square of York to do his work to disseminate the Sixth Epoch Revelation.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "We close this with a laughter I have not heard for generations as Ron accepted the gift of serving Jesus on stage when he works to bring the house down with tears and roars and thumps of Hallelujah  and we go on from that to another announcement.

"We have decided that the L shaped building is perfect for our enterprise as well as a small manufacturing facility where Ron live about tow and one half miles further southwest than 2709 is and welcome for its petite appearance and plentiful space for our work with Rayson Corporation and the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation.  Rayson speaks."

RAYSON SPEAKS = "I am telling you Ron is so much fun and he is quite serious when he gets to work.  His life is misery and we will make it better.  You are so silly at times Ron we laugh ourselves well.  We are not used to banter and this should be one hell of a mission and Ron I know is looking forward to it in his bandages.  You are all in for a treat when all of this begins because Ron has won an award we seldom give and that is the Michael Cross, and you tear up because it is a lot to you.

"The Michael Cross is to be worn on his collar at the Jesus rallies and then for formal occasions to bear witness tot he Magisterial Sons who are thinking of giving him their highest word for bravery in all of this and that is to send them all into the chills of abscess joy to provide us with a sign of great bravery in front of rebel forces who could have killed him but did not when he got to punning with their evil.  He is indeed brave and said often enough, 'I know you can kill me, but that does not let you win!'  You are not alone Ron and no one knows better than a few friends how hard it is for you move.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek. and I speak further to this group."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK SPEAKS - "Ron has also won an award for all and he carries it to the mansion world as well as the Michael Cross, that is for bravery and solid achievements under fire, but also for the loss of his eye he shall wear a pin stripe patch over the left eye on ceremonial and I will not call you Moishe, but close enough, and for our side of it, you have the Melchizedek Cross of bravery. You bow to me in respect and thank you.  Never do that before Michael as he is ready to crown me for holding back money you desperately need as a companion to buy these buildings.  You shall have it in spades and check your bank accounts soon.  See Adam in before you do so.  We also award you the trial of effect for the unusual screams you did to drive evil out as they cannot stand high decibels when they pulled fast ones on you including pushing you and tripping you.

"I am Machiventa Melchizedek and the following is the truth believe it or not.  Ron never had a friend he could count on and today learned that his friend attended the death of his fater and the burial to follow.  For the first time he heard the friend cry and he made no bones about it as the friend was never heard truly as he spoke that day.  He moved to chastise Ron for saying anything when his Guardian Seraphim spoke loudly to Ron to chastise him for comforting his friend.  She was mean and ugly and Ron asked her who she was and thought perhaps it was the Thought Adjuster.  it was not and it was the Guardian Seraphim who then confessed to Michael of Nebadon on the phone with Ron and Steven and Lanaforge and a few others, and she confessed to appreciating Lucifer for his dismissal of thought processors on Urantia which were animistic and self determined to ruin civilization building.  Michael forgave her on the spot and Ron was so delighted he kissed her in thought and gave a thank you bow to her.  Michael erupted with anger and told him never to do that in his presence but he relented when it was discovered she kissed him too for helping.  Her love is strong for her ward and she is likely to give Ron her attention to as Ron does not have a Guardian after I talked harshly to one of them for giving him time to worry over everything but his own well being.  They left immediately and have not been seen since.  However, they were not Seraphim, but Omniaphim which I got upset with as they allowed him things he should not have yet and that was the ability to feel and hear others at a great distance.  Ron can hear the right person at the right ime if I allow it now and the Omniaphim are back with him and said he needed those liaison moments to be sure all is well with those persons.  Some of you someday may get that call with Ron if possible.  

LANAFORGE - "I am pleased to report that I am ready to state my purpose on Urantia.  It is not to be rid of Ron but to help him write his biography and he says he will never write it for sure as he cannot remember most of it so far anyhow.  I have never seen a person with so much go so wrong and wind up with a lot more than he started with and not sure how that happened.  I see it in his life all the time and he made it work every time until it just got old and ran out.  It is mostly a case of him winning  the right thing at the right time and walking off and starting over and over again. You are all going to see Ron do daily updates for the Magisterial Sons at some point and that is their choice too as he handles a crowd very well.  This is Lanaforge and he spoke briefly to Michael who is sure he never saw this one coming and is not sure he should not see him going too quite often over issues of State Ron is fully aware of with most of us.  We have a lot more details but he has the interest already in hand.  We close with this word to all around the world as you may see it here:  No one is going to be left out and Ron insists on meeting everyone of you who come on board if he can see to it. Be assured people will try to assassinate him and to remove him from power as we give it or take it ourselves.  But we must allow it all to take its break among the highest Deity of all and that is the Universal Father who ends this post for now.  Lanaforge."

UNIVERSAL FATHER = "I am happy to report that all rebels discovered so far thanks to using Ron as bait, is now up to one hundred eight individuals seized and fourteen execute for cause.

"We release this information in a timely manner now since Ron is now due to implants soon but curiously Cullen (the surgeon) cannot find the work done by Hoffmaster (the family dentist), at all.  We think it may have to be done again Ron later this month when all of this settles down and you can go and get it done in peace.  Your trip to Wales and Southern Marshlands of Alberta Canada, and the wilds of Australia and New Zealand is all planned already and your passport is well worth the time and trouble you took to have it renewed five or six years ago and is good for another six years at least.  By then we will have our own diplomatic passports in hand and that will conqueror your fear of being seized by rebels we are sure will abound when yu travel as your name is already well known by many  groups in the Middle East and Africa.  Your work is well known in Australia too and George Barnard would be wise to see you his enterprise when he is ready to deal with that element too.  Be assured many will flock to your cause as you make it easy to hear and to deal with our Magisterial Sons and you ahve emotional impact with all of us now.  I am so glad it ended today and be entirely sure it is gone for attack after attack occurred more and more because of your ability to get things done in spite of the rebels.  We congratulate you for holding the Michael Cross as only five have ever been given.  You are among the best we have ever seen.  I am Father and he loves you all the while others do too.  You do bow and that is my pleasure to and I wish others could feel what you feel when we talk.  Be good.  Father."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I close with one more delight.  I am not sure why I laugh but you got me again, and it is this: Tomorrow morning, early, you will see a bunting on your front sidewalk the curved bricks off your back porch.  Those are ours now and they see how harsh the sale has eroded them too.  I am authorizing to cover those bricks with stepping stones with not grass between them and fill them with our ooze cement and that will take the heat and cold for years and years.  the rest of the patio will be yours to work out with those who do the work this year to make that house shine and spick and span again as your dad had it looking when you got there in 1993.  Be assured it remains a spectacular building with a few minarets and columns too. Be good and I will around tomorrow too.  Michael."


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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This is great news, love to hear the audio tape Ron!

Also, I googled this and got the maths for those who are interested:

60000 square feet =
5574.182 square metres

This is an enormous space and well worth for what it is to be used for. Congratulations Ron for fighting well for all of us in getting this so well done. Praise the Lord! Welcome back Joshua Ben Joseph!

My prayers be with you Ron in the meeting with the Broker for the L-shaped building in York. Best wishes and Godbless to you all.

I stand ready for this amazing unfolding.


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Hi Ron! 
               Wow!  News cannot get better than this!
I am ecstatic at this news, really, and can only offer a very warm and sincere welcome
to Joshua Ben Joseph.


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‘‘ That is my pronouncement immediately before the public when I announce my presence on Urantia in a few short days ’’

Will it be through the same media formerly scheduled on the 3rd of April ? If this is what I am guessing, the appearance of JOSHUA ben JOSEPH, dressed in jacket and tie, while whatching tv, will be a great moment of joy, but astonishment for many. In Israel, many are waiting for that event to happen before the elections on the 9th of April, so there will be no great suprise if it occured in this timeframe. Let it be…….whenever it may be. Domtia
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.


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Blessings to all !!
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What good news!
Welcome Joshua Ben Joseph.

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I have been looking forward to this historic  event a long time, and I sincerely welcome Joshua Ben Joseph
back to Urantia.

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The greatest news of the centuries and yet we have to accept that it does not appear with big headlines on the front page of the media worldwide. If all this were not true, it would be the most extraordinary and revolutionary theme for a telenovela: Seeing Jesus himself appear in full dress and tie; simply shocking. Thank you very much Ron for being that channel without which, none of this would be possible in our time. Thank you Father Michael for so much love for us your creatures. And as Antonio says, how fortunate we are to be able to be contemporaries with this, the most awaited event for all. Thanks

"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"


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Wow!! What an amazing expirience awaits!! Thank you Universal Father and all celestials!! Thank you Joshua ben Joseph!! Thank you Rob!! Thank you forum!! How exiting it feels to be alive in this moment it time!! Domtia!

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Only now am I seeing the latest news about the return of Jesus, or, Joshua Ben Joseph.

I ask God to one day be able to make a special dinner for our beloved, Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus).

In the case, my special dish I make at home, usually on Thursday night when the whole family is together, is fish with orange juice in the oven with capers.

Plus the french fries as a starter, before you get dinner and more french fries during dinner too.

And logically, with other foods and fruits and vegetables that accompany dinner, in addition to the traditional grape juice.

If God allows this opportunity to one day make this special dinner for Joshua Ben Joseph, I will be very honored, and extremely happy.

Something told me that I had to complete the previous registration of the people here in Brazil who have an interest in helping in the Magisterial Mission, so I have already sent the previous register, with basic information, with Excel software for Ron's email (aronolac


Só agora estou vendo as últimas notícias sobre o retorno de Jesus, ou, Joshua Ben Joseph.

Eu peço a Deus para um dia poder fazer um jantar especial, para nosso amado, Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus). 

No caso, meu prato especial que eu faço em casa, normalmente, na quinta-feira de noite quando toda a família está reunida, é peixe com suco de laranja no forno, com alcaparras. 

Além de batata-fritas como entrada, antes de chegar o jantar e mais batata-fritas durante o jantar também. 

E logicamente, com outras comidas e frutas e verduras que acompanham o jantar, além do tradicional suco de uva. 

Se Deus permitir esta oportunidade de um dia fazer este jantar especial para Joshua Ben Joseph, eu ficarei muito honrado, e extremamente feliz.

Algo me dizia que eu tinha que concluir o cadastro prévio das pessoas aqui no Brasil que tem interesse em ajudar na Missão Magisterial, por isto eu já enviei o cadastro prévio, com informações básicas cadastradas, com o sofware Excel para o email de Ron (

Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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What is left to be said except HALLELUJAH! (not sure about spelling).  Let us see the manifestation of this, our dear and very beloved Joshua Ben Joseph.
kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Welcome Lord Joshua ben Joseph, now we hear music , all these news are delight for our hearts.
Congratulations Ron for all your condecorations for fighting against rebels .


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Jesus, or maybe I should say Joshua Ben Joseph, has always been with us.  His teachings have been partially promoted and mostly misunderstood for generations.  When He manifests on our world in physical form many will not believe.  That is a given.  He will need our support and our testimony to the masses.  His loving presence can hardly be discerned by the unbelieving masses.  We must be the vanguard who proclaims his presence.  We must do this in such a way that we capture the interest of the people.  Just some thoughts.

Domtia, Roger
If people treated each other as they would like to be treated we would have heaven on earth.  Let us love one another as God loves each of us 💗!!!
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Hallelujah and glory in the highest to our Lord Jesus/Joshua ben Joseph!  I've uttered many, many more than I can could ever count, prayers that I would still be alive and viable upon the returning arrival of Lord Jesus.  Insofar as I am aware, I am still the oldest member of the forum, and I may very well have bested Ron with my catalogue of infirmities.  Every day is a bit of a challenge, and since I am a cardiac patient, the news of Jesus' return and the anticipated very soon public announcement of such, my feelings of pure joy did cause my heart to flutter a bit.....Forumites know that I do not write a lot, but I am not one of those intellectual laggards who no longer pay a lot of attention to the Urantia Book.....Every morning, along with my coffee and breakfast, I read the UB for at least an hour and a half, usually about two hours, sometimes longer.....I read most everything published on the forum.  And yes, Ron, I printed and bound into a book the JUS REGULAE URANTIA and read a good part of it, and will surely soon read the remainder.  I believe I am now on the fourth, maybe the fifth reading of the UB.  I've sorta lost track because I underscore with a pencil each line as I read it; this means that I really have read the line two or three times with the hope that I will better remember what I have read.  I'm sure that to some of the more astute UB readers his must sound like a bit of silliness, but, hopefully, it will serve the purpose of my intent. .....As I have aged (now ca five months past 88) it seems more difficult to dredge up from my memory those things that I have read or that I have done.....I suppose to the forum readers it seems that I've spoken a lot of words to say a little bit, but I just wanted to make you, Ron, and Lords Michael, Serara, Lanaforge etal, and for certain, Mother Nebadonia, aware that I am still here - a truly devoted member of the flock, and more dedicated than at any time past to serving the will of our Universal Father.  Domtia!........I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.
Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  6April2019
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My very dear Lord Joshua ben Joseph, our Jesus, I want to extend the warmest welcome to You. May You be welcomed by our people with honor and dignity.
We are all blessed again by Your appearance on this world. Many among us stand ready to serve you. And thank You, Holy Father, Your Will shall be done.