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Lightline call for July 14
« on: July 14, 2021, 05:56:26 pm »
Hello everyone,
This was really a blockbuster call.  TARKUS was our MC.  We heard from Him, Bree, Van, Machiventa Melchizedek, and a new kind of Thought Adjuster called TICONDEROGA from Ron.  This was fascinating, and those of you who were not able to be on the call are encouraged to listen to this as it is very important information given to us.  It will take some time for me to digest it and what the implications are.  Enjoy!
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Re: Lightline call for July 14
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2021, 01:33:41 pm »
Hello everyone. Here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 14th July 2021.

Elise: Hello everyone. This is LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 14th July 2021. I’m Elise SophiaVeronica and I welcome all of you. We are glad to have you with us today and we always like to extend a warm welcome to those who come to us from the celestial side to assist us and guide us through this Lightline. Well of course again today your host is Amethyst and I’m turning this over to her and see what she has to say. Alright Amethyst?

Amethyst: Okey dok. Thank you Elise. I will start with a short prayer. Beloved Heavenly Father we are very grateful for this opportunity to come together on this Lightline and hear Your voice. I ask for clear channel and accurate information and we very much look forward to all that You provide us and the missions and the return of Jesus. We thank Thee so much for the gift of our Adjuster and we love You. Amen.

So I’m going to see about our MC and Tarkas is here as usual. Thank you so much Tarkas. And Van is here with me as usual. Thank you Van and those are the only two I see right now.

Tarkas: OK. This is Tarkas. I welcome you all to this call and I’m glad to see each and every one of you here. Those of you who are here on the call and who are listening on the streaming are the backbone of these calls. It is your consistent support and presence here that makes these calls a success and I Tarkas want to say thank you to each and every one of you for your presence and for your contributions. You are very much appreciated. Now as to your first speaker, Bree is indicating that she is here and would like to address you. Ok.

Bree: This is Bree-An Archangel and I am here on this Lightline call today to talk about the roll we Archangels are playing as part of the Missions. We are very versatile and put a lot of our time and effort into helping human ascenders with their ascension. We are especially active now and will be for the duration of the Missions. So we are planting our feet deeply into the soil of Urantia figuratively of course to prepare ourselves to be here for the long haul. First of all I want to talk with all of you about the need as the Missions go forward, to make sure you keep yourself out of the snare’s netting and turmoil that will initially ensue as the Missions get closer and begin. You are to let humanity sort out these things without stepping in and trying to convince or otherwise get involved in the turmoil. The only exception to this is that if you are asked a specific question about what is going on and you can either transmit or give them a direct and clear answer, you can address them individually. But otherwise stand down until it is the right time for your particular work to begin. As forum members you need not get into the squabbles that are inevitable. Let Jesus and the incarnate Melchizedeks handle all the kafafos. I believe there are now about twenty five Melchizedeks incarnate at this time but more are on the way. You should also know that there are several more classifications of beings amassing on Urantia as I speak. There will be plenty of celestial entities on board as each need arises. You will be needed at first just to be there and quietly await for your signals which you will all get at the appropriate time for each of you to step forward to begin your particular service. The population will indeed be surprised to see such ordinary men and women like yourselves step forward, who are not known to them and begin to confidently pick up the reigns and begin. This will greatly add credibility to the forum as it becomes known that as a forum member you have been planning for these events for some time. The timing of your involvement is crucial and staying in the background until you get the call is a necessary part of that.

Another topic I need to go over with you is the need for you to be proactive in getting your Mission assignments if you have not already received it. Don’t necessarily wait for Ron or someone else to tell you what you will be doing. Amethyst has been in consultation with her Adjuster and has even asked for a meeting with a Melchizedek if that would be helpful to get her mind flowing in the direction where she can best be of best service. She has a broad idea of what she wants but needs guidance regarding some of the details. You may think it very bold of her to ask for a Melchizedek but you must understand that if you are to work with the Missions you must be in contact with those who are running it. You are not alone in this and you are entitled to learn for the organizers and administrator what your place will be. If this should occur then go to Ron and fill him in on the details of what you have experienced and learned either from your Adjuster or from a combination of your Adjuster and celestials. Perhaps Adam and Eve can also consult with you. You are part of the team. Be a team member. You have learned well your lessons of spiritual courage and you have learned well your lessons of spiritual curiosity. Most people do not dare even think in these lines. So since you are part of the team, you can learn to experiment on how you approach and consult with your superiors. The answers you seek are there for you but it is your initiative and proaction that will bring information successfully to you. You will be hearing from me and my coworkers a lot in the coming days and months. You will be getting transmissions from several of which right now you are not aware. If you at first are unable to get a name go with it anyway and the name and tittle can be provided at a later time. There is much more information that will be flooding onto your planet and transmitters that are alert will find they are getting so many they might feel overwhelmed. A lot is coming down the pike as the planet moves very swiftly now into the Missions and the New Universe Age. As you have already been informed, the Missions have already started and are working behind the scenes. So be alert and don’t miss out. I step back for the moment. If during the Q&A you have questions that I can answer, I will gladly be here to help you. That is all for now.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst. Thank you so very much Bree and thank you for the information. While I was giving the transmission I see we are joined by Weydevu. So welcome Weydevu, I’m glad you could make it. I turn to Tarkas. Tarkas now turns to Van and he says to Van ‘Didn’t you have a few words you wanted to add today Van?” and Van acknowledges that he does.  Have a few not many but a few. Ok.

Van: This is Van. I don’t know how this will work out for us but I have requested that Amethyst work by my side with the Missions of ministry. She has qualities that compliment mine and we share so much in common. She has an uncanny ability that enables her to anticipate the needs of some and I truly want her on my team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Amadon who as you know was also human. Amethyst has had some insight given to her as to a general partnership but has no awareness of the specifics. She and I have had some consultation regarding it but as of yet she has had no visitation or been given any details. I Van share with you in the effort that you proceed vigorously in your attempt to learn more about yourself and your skills for service and then proceed to create an outline on how you want to move forward. This will help the Melchizedeks greatly as they make their final decisions. Be strong. Be bold. And I stand back.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and I thank Van very much. We have-Van and I have had some conversations behind the scenes about working together. So I don’t know even what his service is other than he has mentioned ministries so it remains to be seen yet what becomes of this. It’s all still so very much up in the air for most of us. Ok. Tarkas is nodding to me because my Adjuster wants to come through and speak to the group. Thank you Tarkas.

I am the Adjuster that indwells Amethyst but I give this message to all of you for your edification. The human mind does not have Mota. That is reserved for those who enter into the Morontia realms. Awareness, being hyper alert and reading between the lines can be a heavy lift for someone who wants so very much to be of morontia awareness but is trapped in a human mind. Humans by design must have literal minds in order to create the world around them. Could you ever assemble a piece of furniture if the written instructions were designed so that you had to read between the lines? Could you work on a computer if everything you had to learn required that you read between the lines? No. You would not be able to function as a human who depends on clear instructions in order to function in modern society. Not being able to read between the lines does not show a lack of interest. It shows a lack of understanding. You see among you, some are in the early stages of acquiring Mota and the more of it you are able to absorb, the easier it becomes to read between the lines. Do not be too hard on yourself. You are yet human and the day will come when you grow into being one that can assimilate far deeper meanings than you can now.

Some of you have very evolved minds but smaller hearts. Some of you have big hearts but smaller minds. Do not fret. All of these will balance out with time and growth. You have so much to offer and give. You understand much more than 99% of humanity. You are heading in the right direction and you will achieve great service. The lack of patience from others does not mean you are not worthy. Know that I your Father-Son fragment is with you always and sees to it that you are trained in the right areas at the right time not only for your benefit but for the benefit of the whole. You are tended to lovingly and sometimes it is good that we remind you of that. Go about the rest of your day in peace and you shall get through these very difficult times. This is Amethyst’s Adjuster and I give this back to her to continue with her call.

Amethyst: Well I thank you very much Adjuster and I thank you very much for sharing this with the lightline today. Ok. I’m turning back to Tarkas to see what he would like done. Should I go to Q&A?

Tarkas: Yes Amethyst. This is Tarkas. Take it to Q&A and I encourage some of you to ask questions that you have been wondering about. I am here to answer them. Bree is here and should it be a question that needs even further elaboration. It is possible that I might get Michael’s attention to get here and help you. So with that I’m going to turn it back to Amethyst for the Q&A.

Amethyst: And as I was speaking with Tarkas Ron just popped in. So welcome Ron. We are just about ready to start our Q&A so if anyone has a thought or a question or a comment please feel free. There’s no hand up right now. Ok. Jose. You are unmuted Jose

Jose: Yes. Thank you Amethyst. I really do appreciate what we have learned so far in your transmissions today very interesting and I thank you very much. I was gonna ask, now that Ron is with us, we before this transmissions began, you and I spoke about the robe that we would receive when we get to the Mansion Worlds and  that we would be floating with no legs. You and I were just conversing …that the robe if we won’t have other parts of the body as for example you know we won’t reproduce and whatever we consume we would absorb completely in our bodies. There’s no other need for the back part. So what actually would be the robe for?

Amethyst: Ron I hope you picked that up. Jose is directing this question to you because I think you are the only one here who could answer that. Did you pick that up Ron?

Ron: Yeah. Excuse me. I hear it. The discussions about what your new life is like is part of the Urantia Book in some small ways. I am never quite sure what part it’s in.

This is Michael, Ron it’s in part two.

Ron: There is a discussion of what it is that you will do when you are awakened. However it’s an interesting thing you are worried about the robe. It’s what the Romans wore. Do you remember the name of that?

Amethyst: Toga.

Ron: A toga. Yeah  it’s a type of Toga and they are of a standard issue. Generally of a grey/white linen with a boatneck and comes down far enough that it brushes the path that you walk on. And the reason is if you took it off you are a very white blur to any other morontia being. It gives you form and your face is physical enough that they can relate to eyes, nose and mouth to begin with. But when you are more advanced say five years in advance, the nose gets much smaller, what little hair you have disappears and the mouth is hardly evident but you still wear the Toga until you receive first spirit stage and that is quite variable now the way they are doing things. Michael was there anything else I should bring to their attention?

This is Michael of Nebadon, Ron. Thank you. Phyllis is attending, you didn’t know that.

Ron: No. I don’t know who is on the call at all. I don’t have dashboard. Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon: The truth of the matter is Phyllis if we may address you. You should have addressed this to Ron at once. He’s the one that knows where these things get placed. Amethyst has (…) with it and has done quite well.

Ron: Yes Amethyst.

Amethyst: Ron. Phyllis isn’t here. She doesn’t show up on my dashboard.

Ron: Oh she isn’t …. You were addressing a question from Phyllis?

Amethyst: Jose. No. Jose.

Ron: No, no in the beginning about the need for additional transmissions and learning your place. Your opening.

Amethyst: I don’t know to what you are speaking to. I don’t understand.

Ron: Alright. No. Amethyst you’ve been cleared. Never mind. Just drop it please.

Michael of Nebadon: This Michael f Nebadon. The truth of the matter is that Ron was not hallucinating. You did deliver a full lecture on it but you have no memory of it. Alright. This is Michael.

Ron: Phyllis for the sake of structure here let me return this back to you and you decide what you wanna do next. Thank you.

Amethyst: Amethyst you mean. This is Amethyst.

Ron: What did I say?

Amethyst: Phyllis.

Ron: (LaughterJ ) I got problems too apparently. Yes Amethyst, Phyllis .whatever.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. I found your answer very interesting about how we are going to appear on the Mansion Worlds and it seems almost as if over time any physical recognition we would have of each other is gone as it slowly dissolves and we have to probably pick up on other ways to perceive each other and that’s a conundrum for those of us who are still 100% physical. It’s hard for me in my brain to imagine recognizing my coworkers and loved ones. You know in the way you describe Ron but that was very helpful. Thank you. Did that help you Jose?

Jose: Yes, yes.

Amethyst: Go ahead Ron

Ron: Only this Amethyst. Recognize as you go up through the morontia regime, everybody else around you is changing the same. So the recognition to each other has already been assimilated. You know who the other is even by morontial recognition. Do you…? Well I know you don’t recall but sometime ago it was noted by the teachers in the Teaching Mission that the teachers carry a recognition signal on their body and what that meant to those who received the transmission was the teacher did not have to name themselves to the student. The student inherently knew who it was when they triggered their personality button. That works up on the Morontia World fulltime. You will never have to guess who is standing before you because the personality has a buzzer so to speak, that automatically broadcasts who you are. I hope that helps.

Amethyst: Ok. Jose and I were discussing this before the conference call started. I kind of teasingly said well maybe we need the togas for a place to put our ribbons. If we have any. Thank you.

Ron: That’s true.

Amethyst: Yeah. What about those of us who worked on their own without any ribbons?

Ron: Amethyst. If they made effort down here they would have had some. I’m trying to find out something for you as we speak, Amethyst.

This is Michael. We have nothing to report Ron.

Ron: Ok. I was checking to see if you had a ribbon for your toga and they are not going to tell me anything about anyone. So I let this fall back to you,  Amethyst.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. Thanks a lot Ron. Thank you. Ok. Did you have anything else Jose? Did you have another question?

Jose: No. That was all. Very interesting. Thank you Ron. Thank you very much.

Amethyst: Ok. You are remuted now Jose. Just a minute here. I’m sensing that somebody’s got a transmission and I’m trying to find out who it is. Elise, I’m going to unmute you. I’m being prompted that you might have a transmission for us. Is this correct or not?

Elise: Well. Let me see. I’ll try to find out.

Tarkas: Yes this is Tarkas and why am I speaking through you Elise? Because you have been asking questions this morning about what your task and you what you could do in advance to prepare for what you have been asked to do in the future and I want to tell you and all of you that word has got out to inform you that it’s now the time that you are aware to prepare yourself for that and as had been said before, try to take as many transmissions as you can. It be might not possible to catch an entity that you know or get a name from but they are all trying to get through to you with their advices and the things you need to know before you are called to your duties. It will not be brought to you overnight and you will not be overwhelmed by all the work that has to be done. You can be sure that there are so many celestial beings preparing this work with you and we understand that we must go slowly and on a day to day basis to get you involved. We are inviting all of you also those who have no position in mind. That will come to your mind and that you will be able to express your preference and show us or let us know or let Ron know what your desires are and in which direction you would like to be of assistance. We know that you are all anxious to do that and we also know that you are getting a little bit afraid of asking and we feel your uncertainty about your position in the Missions but we do not want to scare you. We really want to encourage you and assist you in all that will come to pass in the future and for some of you in the near future.

So be of good cheer as Jesus always tells you and take him in your mind and think of him and what he is doing for all of you and the world. And know all of the celestials know your longings and your abilities. We will take care of that but do know that we need you and the time is now to think about yourself and what you really want to do. Be serious in your contemplations and be serious and honest with yourselves. And I want to step back for the moment and give it back to you Elise and to Amethyst. I thank you and all of you for listening.

Elise: I don’t hear anything else Amethyst.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you so much Tarkas for those words and thank you Elise for that wonderful transmission. Very good.

Ron: Amethyst, this is Ron. I have a transmission from Machiventa.

Amethyst: Ok.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek.

Ron: One moment. I had to get back on my headset.

Machiventa Melchizedek: The truth of the matter is that the entire matter today Amethyst will have to be reviewed by tape by you. You have no recollection. It gets erased as you go forward. Ron’s used to that in certain matters but isn’t bothered by it. You may be greatly bothered by it but it will change back to more normal for you in the near future.

Now what we wish to broadcast to those who are on your call today is that we are moving very quickly into a pattern that is very hard for you to recognize. Ron today is in super bad condition and finally came to the streaming to listen to what you had to say and wished to remain passive but we do not let him stay passive if he comes on a lightline.

So I wanna tell you this; the truth of the matter is that all matters concerning the Magisterial Mission and the Magisterial Foundation are now placed to the side briefly. What we are now doing is preparing for the second return. Ron is being inundated by calls from various publishing interests and has stopped answering the calls for the simple reason there is nothing further to answer and for that reason they are finally realizing they haven’t worn out their welcome but that Ron isn’t available. The truth of the matter is that someone like Steven Gitz who also is subject to mind erasure should be responding to an email made at least three or four days ago outlining the schedule for Rayson. He hasn’t even touched it we wonder what you are seeing Steven at all.

And now this, Amethyst. You have been called Phyllis twice now by Ron. He now understands that he’s got Phyllis on the brain for some reason or other and it probably has to do with her introduction to a new entity she is not transponding back to Ron out of disinterest. If this is true, she doesn’t deserve to be a transmitter. But if it is true then she better bring it up to the attention of at least Ron if not the rest of you. We’ll just leave this on the tape in case she happens by it. Now this, the truth of the matter is, Amethyst you transmitted Bree. Do you recall that?

Amethyst: Yes I do.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Well that’s a good start. In any case the subject apparently has gone by you and for that reason it’s perfectly alright for the moment. But what we wish to tell all of you who are of interest in transmissions is that Ron has more or less broken out of the rank of transmitters and is into what we call Aphrodite ways. Aphrodite ways means that he is completely aware at times what some of you are thinking in a general way. It isn’t deeply assigned but he knows in general that those listening today are finding this rather tame compared to past lightlines with you. For that reason they are not listening as carefully but here is one you should listen to carefully. Just a moment.

Ticonderoga: This is Ticonderoga. That is a famous fort in New York State. Ron visited it several times, loved it. It’s a beautiful place to visit. I am Ticonderoga. I’m a new entity. I belong to the idea of Thought Adjusters. You may have your regular Thought Adjuster transferred out of you and a Ticonderoga style replacing where he once stood within you. Now before your worry, Ticonderoga knows everything your Adjuster knows and knows you inside and out. But the fact of the matter is Ron lost an Adjuster this morning for the fourth time and he says well ok that’s your decision I respect it but what in Heavens name are the musical chairs that I’m now experiencing with Thought adjusters? I answered and I answered brusquely and officially and Ron said well ok but that isn’t the caring Thought Adjuster I used to have and you leave me cold. That is typical Ron. What is typical of Ron is not typical of you. You do not have the pessimism Ron holds over the issues of ascension. Ron believes that his ascension is rather varied and of unknown quality mainly because of the reduction of Thought Adjuster overcontrol. He doesn’t understand that there’s an even higher direction that we’ve just named to you called Ticonderoga. Now the term Thought Adjuster refers to what they do in your mind. Ticonderoga doesn’t tell you that. What it does tell you is it’s a mighty fortress that will never fall to the enemy. It does everything a Thought Adjuster does but stands strongly and firmly against insurrection, the devil and anything else. Right now your Thought Adjusters have to battle not only you but they have to battle the Lucifer rebellion, the insurrection and he cabal. Three different items Ron has lined out. Lined them in a post to you-all three and that still stands as true today.

The fact of the matter is that a Ticonderoga is a Thought Adjuster beefed up and made much stronger by the UNIVERSAL FATHER for those who must live in an atmosphere like Urantia. The entire matter of the insurrections and the Lucifer rebellion has tuned Urantia upside-down until it’s just dabbling. The truth of the matter is the Biden Administration is so tied down by insurrectionists he has to remove the Filibuster to get anything done. We wish him success.

Now this; you Amethyst have a change in Thought Adjusters coming. The familiar Adjuster that you have now will be replaced by the Ticonderoga. Call it a model if you will of Thought Adjusters. The Ticonderoga, once he signed into you Amethyst will probably blank your mind for a day. Ron has a blank mind today. He can’t even recall who he’s talking to sometimes. The truth of the matter is his transmissions and the ability to do them are never brought down or changed. I want you to know, this Adjuster-the Ticonderoga is now going to speak fully and listen to the difference in voicing.

 I am Ticonderoga. I speak clearly. I want you to know that when I speak everything else goes silent. We are the most powerful entity you can ever hold in your head. We bring with us the power to destroy evil if it steps up in front of us and nags us to do evil. Ron did one two days ago. They are now idiots. They can’t even think. Don’t bring it before you unless you are ready for tragedy because we will promote it to end the evil before us. I now turn my attention to something Ron just did. He and his soul just kneeled before us. He physically understood it and the soul followed. Finally, you and Ron and the rest of you that understand this major change in Thought adjuster apprehension now are solidly approved to ascend as you must with us at your side but we never fuse you for the simple reason if you fused with us, you would be a mighty weapon against life that has no idea how evil they are. Ron is very careful. He said to me, I will never use it against anyone without you being in charge and we believe him. Amethyst, tomorrow you may be a mess. That is your assessment .But if you wake up with a headache and a sense of “where in the heck am I” which Ron did today is a transfer of the old Adjuster to Ticonderoga. That wonderful granite fort in Northern New York, so beautiful that held well.

Now this, I am Ticonderoga, Ron. I carry such power that we are not allowed to stay long in the open as is required in a transmission. Transmissions hereafter will be handled by Tarkas, Jack, Gabriel and perhaps Michael if he wishes to. The clearing house in your heads everyone, any of you who can do transmissions, transmit through the clearing house of your Thought Adjuster. He’s the one that allows them to come in, to translate them into English or Dutch or French or Spanish and then to disseminate it through the voice box of a human. For that reason this Ticonderoga will step back when a transmission comes forward and we will allow the MCs or the High Spirit supervisors to step in and translate and transmit for you. Ticonderoga in Ron is also assessing the fact that he carries so many lines of potential danger to the general population not or even to us but to the whole idea of Divine Missions, we stand with him in every decision he must make before the publisher, before Michael, before Gabriel, before the Father and His Coordinates. For that reason, we are now standing clear of Ron so that the Universal Father may speak directly. Go ahead Ron.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: This is the Universal Father everyone. I Am speaking looking at the phone and the screen I have on it with all the numbers that have spilled out trying to get into lightline this afternoon. I see the numbers but I don’t see you nor do I see your dashboard. I could but I choose not to cause Amethyst the problem by my coming to the dashboard. Furthermore, the Universal Father is now speaking as though conversationally. You are not hearing the halts that are truly apart of most transmissions. I’m speaking rapidly; those who have trouble with English may have a problem understanding Me. But I Am now able to speak fluently and fully as a person speaking on the telephone rather than the halting appearance of a transmission. You should hear it clearly. Now this, the transmission rate that Ron is actually able to afford is an astounding one million point three (1.3M) (silence)…

Ron: Oh I see. We are looking for the unit everybody. When I was in teletype you determined the speed of the teletype print by what we call baud. It shows on the oscilloscope as a rectangle lifted from the base frequency. In other words it wasn’t jugged; it was lifted like a box. If the printer was running a bunch of tests the screen would become white with these boxes. But when someone sat down to write on it the little boxes would come up as fast as they could type. You can almost read if you understood what the baud meant. What they were writing without looking at the paper. So I give this back to Father. Does that help with getting a unit Father?

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Yes. Ron can transmit until the screen is white. All of you at this moment can transmit with an occasional box showing on the screen. I do appreciate that Ron.

Ron: Well. Use it as much as You can. I have a feeling it’s useless at points.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Yes. Now this; Ron is able to speak to me because I gave him permission. When I speak through you as THE FATHER using this mode of transmission which is fluid and entirely intelligent is to show you the reason we are transferring to the Ticonderoga is now we have removed every problem of insurrection from the transmission voice and that there is no chance of wrong information getting into the information you are hearing. Ron says Hallelujah. He’s got constant interference but no longer. We did not intend to do this for you Ron today but you are delighted and quite happy with it.

 Ron: It’s very helpful Father. Thank You.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Now this, I catch the word hope for. What does it mean Ron?

Ron: I had removed everything that I was taught to know was part of my choice to ascend. And that is to understand the revelations. To put them to work and be open to lectures and descriptions of what everything meant as I could gather it. Everything that I was taught that allowed that to proceed was removed today this morning and on top of it pain so extreme I wondered why the body didn’t just collapse. And whatever happens when that happens because I sensed no one around me except an individual that seemed to challenge me in the middle of all that pain and left me cold. Thank you.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: We now have explained that already.

Ron: Yes. Thank you. I am now wondering why I ask questions. That bring stuff up like that.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: The truth of the matter is that you are still under a extreme pressure there.

Ron: Very much so.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: It will relent not and the reason it will not relent is that I The Universal Father have decreed that anyone on Urantia and those taking origin there never receive a drop of mercy or care for the next hundred years or until they understand that the pain of living can be great. Ron can attest to that. However, with Ron because he is part of the Missions as some of you will be is now being prepared to stand above it all.

We have said he will fuse with the spirit through the soul. The soul is prepared for fusion. So is Ron and to be rid of the mess. The truth is the Deity Absolute said, “If You do it Father You will create a special group of population that is out of control. You cannot direct a spirit being from this distance.” I therefore said that we can’t have that. We rescind the soul and the human side of Ron from fusion. We will do it the way I used to do it. Never on Urantia but on higher spheres. Now ladies and gentlemen and those hosts that will be part of the Missions be prepared to take extended life through the offices of Ticonderoga. Yes it’s a type of Thought Adjuster but it is so different and so powerful. It is lent to you and then put back into the arsenal for another day. There will be a fusion between Ticonderoga and Ron on Urantia and then the rest of you if you achieve it. For the most part, there is no one right now ready to do so. Amethyst you will receive Ticonderoga the next day. In other words the fifteenth (15th July). For the rest of you, you are not there yet but you will be and then be prepared for Ticonderoga.

And now this to you Ron; the extreme pain from the foot up to the neck and the ringing in the brain is a result of trials not of your doing and they are going to be removed one by one. Starting with the cabal that stands by you to catch all this to use against you. There is now a leaving. You are indicating so.

Ron: Yes. I have the indicator. Thank You.

Ticonderoga: I think I as Ticonderoga have spoken all I should at the moment and for reasons of state there is another one Ron and you see it go.

Ron: Yes. Thank you.

Ticonderoga: You are most welcome. When they go they stay gone. Well its quite a line up some time.

Ron: Yes.

Ticonderoga: In any case Ronald Besser stay tuned after the call for a lecture on deportment.

Ron: Alright. I will stand by for a lecture on deportment, Ticonderoga. Thank you.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: And this is Father looking at you kindly Ron. You took it with amusement and you dare so.

Ron: Thank You.

Ticonderoga: Now this; Amethyst we are about to turn this back to you. Wait a minute. You have not lost control of your lightline today. You have bulletin come in of extreme importance. Someone like Jose is wondering well will I get a Ticonderoga. Jose if you join the Mission particularly as a transmitter, Ron says you can do it. You can do it up like a storm if you wanted to. If you come in that way you will get a Ticonderoga but for the most part the population on the dashboard and elsewhere on the list have no need for a Ticonderoga. The hosts do. Rene you will receive Ticonderoga when your time is ready. Clency, Elise, Lemuel and anybody I may have missed.

Ron: I don’t think you have Ticonderoga but I’m never sure either.

Ticonderoga: Thank you. The truth of the matter is Ron has just enough to keep after to make sure that you are all doing well and you all are. This is Ticonderoga to every one of you who do a lightline, you fully batten down the hatches against the storm of the devil who will attempt to subvert anything the Mission attempts to do. But your voicing as truth speakers will become well known and your advice is to prepare a method where everybody can hear without taking the site down. Charles doesn’t know how. Ron you don’t know how but we do. We may make it available. I am Ticonderoga. I turn this back to Machiventa Melchizedek.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. I am using the Ticonderoga translation and you are finding it so smooth and so natural. You are not concerned.

 Ron: It’s a pleasure Machiventa. Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Thank you Ron. This; as Machiventa Melchizedek I threw him off the Machiventa and the Melchizedek corps this morning at the direction of the Universal Father. I now reinstate you Ron.

Ron: Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek: The truth of the matter is you are shocked.

Ron: Yes.

Machiventa Melchizedek: The full Monty of your work is about to be realized when the publisher understands now you are not interested in further elucidation but to get the book out and moving into the public. You owe another ten thousand ($10,000). Don’t worry about it. Somehow you will find it. The truth of the matter is they are about to do the book big time but you are standing back for the reason there is this constant barrage for additional money and you are not going to spent it nor do you have it. The truth of the matter is that some of you could make a great difference but you prefer not to. This may be your only chance to really help but it’s up to you. Now I’m Machiventa Melchizedek and I’m going to transfer to you Amethyst my voicing.

Ron:  This is Ron, Amethyst. I’m stepping back and transferring it over to you if you would please. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek speaking through Amethyst now. Amethyst has just been hit with a huge, huge bit of information and it’s going to take her a bit of time to process it and experience it. She is very humbled. She hopes she is up to the responsibility and understands that it comes with great responsibility. She’s very grateful. I say to the other hosts, your day is coming. I say to those who are not yet hosts, your day may come. It is up to you. We are in the process of making this group, the forum, a very powerful group and one that is to be reckoned with when the return of Jesus does happen. You need to prepare yourself for what you are going to receive and learn how to manage the additional responsibilities that come with it. You are a hardy group. You do well. I am pleased. The Father is pleased. I leave you now with those thoughts to ponder and give this back to Amethyst so that she close down this call. I thank you for your attention. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I say good day.

Amethyst: And this is Amethyst and all I have to say is Wow! How do you? How does one even begin to ask the right questions as to what is going to happen? How do you handle it? I am sure that over the coming days and weeks we will get the answers that we all want so badly. Before I close it… Yes that’s what I was gonna ask. (Laughter) Is it Lemuel or anybody else?

Lemuel: Amethyst, someone to please spell this word. Ticonderoga, please.

Amethyst: Ok. Let me see if I can pick upon that before I send it to Ron to see if I got it right. Ticonderoga; T-Y-C-O-N-D-E-R-O-G-A. Did I get that right Ron?

Lemuel: Could you repeat that please?

Ron: Hold on, hold on. I have now gone to the internet for the spelling. It is T-I-C-O-N-D-E-R-O-G-A.

Amethyst: Ok. I got the second letter wrong.

Ron: Yeah. It’s not a ‘y’ it’s an ‘i’ but the rest of it is phonetic. Ti-conderoga.

Lemuel: Tai conde-roga. T-I-C-O-N-D-E-R-O-G-A. Ok.

Ron: That is correct.

Amethyst: Thank you Ron.

Lemuel: Oookay. Over and out. Thank you Ron.

Ron: You’re welcome.

AmethystOk. Before I shut it down. I’m ready to shut it down. Does anyone have a last minute comment? Or are we ready to call it a day? Ok. Looks like we are ready to call it a day so I thank each and every one of you who came on. I noticed that after Ron came on we got Steven and Dominic also with us. I thank the celestials. I thank … I am very grateful for the information that we got on this call today and I am very grateful for Ron’s contribution and with that I’m going to say thanks to all. Human and celestial. And goodbye and I’ll see you Saturday. It’s my turn to host the Saturday call. So bye, bye.




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Re: Lightline call for July 14
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2021, 06:09:24 pm »
Mr Moses,  thank you very much good work.  Thank you our heavenly familly. Thank you Thank MM Améthyste, MM Elise, and Mr Ron.  Thank you all.