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August 11, 2021 Lightline
« on: August 11, 2021, 05:32:36 pm »
Hello everyone,
We heard from TARKUS, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, Van, Miriam, JESUS, and Adam and Eve. All in all it was quite interesting and I thank all of the celestials who contributed. I also thank the callers who attended and contributed with a transmission, questions, and comments.

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Re: August 11, 2021 Lightline
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2021, 11:06:29 am »
Hello everyone here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 11th August 2021.
 Elise: Hello everyone. This is the LLUSA/EU on Wednesday 11th August 2021. I’m Elise SophiaVeronica and I’m opening this call to welcome you, to welcome you all and to thank you for your presence. We are always glad and thankful for the assistance from the celestial worlds to guide us along and for that I turn this over to Amethyst, your host to see who will be our guest and speakers for today. So would you take it please Amethyst?
Amethyst: Thank you Elise yes. Thank you very much. This is Amethyst. I’m going to start with a short prayer.

Beloved Heavenly Father we thank You for this opportunity to come together and hear Your voice. I ask for clear channel in all that we do and receive. I thank You for the many, many blessings You provide us and I thank You for this forum family. I thank You for Your continued guidance and help that You provide all of us. Amen.
Now I’m looking over to see if anyone is here and Tarkas is here and Van is here and I’m asking Tarkas, “Tarkas is there anyone here that wishes to begin?”

Tarkas: Yes Amethyst this is Tarkas and I will serve as your MC today for you.
Amethyst: I thank you Tarkas.

Tarkas: We have Machiventa Melchizedek here and he wishes to address this group.
Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Tarkas.

Tarkas: You’re welcome Amethyst.
Amethyst: Before I begin the transmission I hope everyone can hear me well. I usually ask that before I start the call. If anybody is having trouble with any quality sounds, unmute yourself right now before I get started with the transmission. Ok looks like we are good to go. Ok. One moment.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I come to speak to all of you today. We are getting closer to making the Missions known to the population on earth but even though we have been preparing all of you for some time now I ask you this question, “Are you really prepared for this?” I know you all think you are and I Machiventa Melchizedek do believe you are as well.
However be ready for that initial event. Maybe it will start with the significant earth changes. Maybe it will begin from surprising events seen in the sky, the announcement of Jesus or maybe even it will be a knock or even doorbell ring from a Melchizedek at your door. It maybe the opening of the Adam & Eve schools. But once one event begins we expect what you might say is a domino effect. When one event takes place it will begin to trigger other events and there may be several things going on simultaneously.
You have already been informed that the Michael Missions are underway to help clean out a lot of debris. But whatever it is that begins it will cause a reaction from the press and the population in general. We are getting down to the final proceedings and need to make sure that you do not react in any way that will not be consistence with our expectations of you. Remember yourselves. Be aware of your reactions. Be alert. Be calm. Let others see your restraint and wonder how it is that you are not reacting like the rest of the population. Be there for others in peace. We are depending on this. Remember we have told you that as much as possible to stay away from the public during the early days of these events. When events start to occur that are no longer in the control of those leaders who have become used to controlling others they will react badly and you do not need to be caught in the fray. They are probably going to be hysterical and I cautiously use that word but I think it is the correct word.

Even now before the events have really started you see many leaders of all nations and in various parts of the organizations, they have begun to react irrationally already and nothing has really started. National leaders as well as the population will lose the ability to make rational decisions until they exhaust themselves. There are many wise ones among you who will see the necessity of our actions. I do not want to dwell on the initial negative situation but must remind all of you that your survival may very well be dependent on your own reactions and keeping yourselves out of harm’s way. Things will cool down soon enough and we will begin our work in earnest. I do hope that you accept my blunt admonitions gracefully and comply. (One moment please. Just checking for clear channel. Ok. Yes alright.) I have every expectation that you will. It is just that I seek to remind you to be awake, aware and alert. Each of you will have protection assigned to you but we cannot help those who go out into the streets with the screaming masses and I know you all know this.
My words should be your clue that we are ready. That should encourage you greatly. I have made these remarks available to Amethyst as she was on the streaming listening to the call yesterday and did not participate in the round-robin of transmissions from me. This transmission puts her officially on our list although that was not a concern for us as she does quite well with her regular lightlines. I see Jesus standing right here beside me and he tells me he has a very short message. So I Machiventa Melchizedek step back and hand this to Jesus for his words.

Jesus: Thank you Machiventa.This is Jesus. I thank you Planetary Manger for his reminders because they need to be in the forefront of your minds now. You will find that you have allies in other groups. I am not speaking of those who know the Urantia Book. I am speaking of those in other cultures and belief systems who have matured spiritually but have stayed under the radar and are much more spiritually attuned than the general population. They will become known to you and you to them. I am building a strong network and all of you will have the opportunity to work on my behalf. I have no more to add at this point other than ask you to be very mindful of your health. When you are asked to move or asked to work hard for the missions you will need a strong body and immune system. Travel and public events have me concerned due to the continuing cases of covid and its several mutations as well as the continuing adverse reactions of some to the vaccine. This is a delicate balance and we need to keep a close eye on it.
 I am looking forward to the day the nightmare that was Urantia is in the rearview mirror and instead I see a planet of peace, robust health and joy. So with this very short message, I stand back and I give this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: Jesus I thank you for your words and I also thank Machiventa Melchizedek for his words. They are indeed encouraging. Just a minute please. OK. Elise, Tarkas is indicating that Miriam may have a transmission for you. I’m going to unmute you. I don’t know if I have that correct or not. Elise do you have a transmission from Miriam?
Elise: Well I’m not aware of it but lemme see. Give me a minute.

Miriam: This is Miriam. Yes I’m here and I’m also here to encourage you all. You have just heard what Machiventa Melchizedek and Jesus shared to all of you and we are very much aware of the situation and we are prepared as teachers going to your world to stay next to you and to help you in your efforts to face all these difficulties that you’ll be faced with. We are continually around you and we have been watching each of you even I myself what each of you are doing and sometimes thinking and how you like to spend your days within your minds the Holy Persons of Jesus, of The Father and every celestial that has come down, has been teaching and informing you and is always ready and next to you to help you come to the next rung of the ladder to continue your work and make it easy, as easy as it can be for you at the moment. We here, I Miriam and other teachers, many of them we are looking forward so very, very much to be at your side and to really come to you and teach you the things that we have in our curriculum and  we have been prepared for that for so long. We are very eager and we wait and we have patience like all of you heard but we will get together and under the guidance of Our Father on paradise, under the guidance of the Material and Magisterial Sons and the guidance of Jesus and Michael of Nebadon and many, many others.
We know that all will be well in the end. It is as Jesus just said. Just picture for yourselves the world as a place of peace and joy for everyone. These are my few words to all of and this is Miriam. And I stand back.
Elise: Thank you Miriam. Thank you for those words. I’m glad you came to us to speak us and that you are here with us today. Thank you. I’ll give it back to you Amethyst.
Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Elise and you very much Miriam for your words.

Van: This is Van and I would like to add a few words. Did you notice how smoothly the transmission went between Miriam and Elise? As you all know probably, Miriam is Elise’s assigned teacher and they have developed a very good working and warm relationship. You all have teachers and you may not know their name but they are nonetheless there for you. So those of you who do not know the names of your teachers please know that they are there anyway and in your times of transmission practice ask them. Ask them to give you a few words and ask them to provide a name. You may not be able to receive the name but don’t let that bother you. Get to know your teacher vibrationally, energetically. In the right time the name will be received by you but the name itself is not truly important at this time.
Miriam, myself and Amadon and some of your teachers have spent many hours in the last few weeks sitting around and discussing much as you might all come together for a meeting and you just sit around and drink coffee and discuss events that are important to you. Like you, we have been struggling to understand the when and the how of all that is to take place. We really believe and keep in mind this is speculation on our part because we do not have access to all of the decisions that are being made but we speculate that the last quarter of the year 2021 is going to be the time of great change. It will be looked back upon in generations and centuries to come as the pivotal time when your planet begun to cease its evil and unjust ways and (I wanna use the captured I’m not sure that’s the right word I’m supposed to use) was received by those responsible for the Missions and by Jesus and it will be the time when your future generations will look back and say, “Oh yes! The last quarter of that year was indeed a pivotal time of change”. In history it will always be studied greatly when the planet’s history is reviewed.

I Van commend all of you for your own steadfastness and remind you all that I am here for any one of you who wants me to speak to you so do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes even we are hesitant to approach you if we do not feel that you are open to us so by requesting us that tells us that you are open to us and it encourages us to step forward and speak with you. It works both ways. Some of you are hesitant to ask and we are hesitant to approach without knowing you that you want to receive us. So realize that the human and the celestial do work together as a team and we do see you as part of the team. With this I will step back now because I have nothing further to add although I will remain throughout the call and as you know Tarkas is here. Miriam is here and should he be needed to provide counsel or advice or answer questions, Michael will be here too. So I Van step back now and give this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: Well. I thank you Van for your words and I am going to look to Tarkas to see if he has any words he wants to say.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas and we know it is difficult for all of you especially the lightline hosts when information is sketchy at best but please know that it is also difficult for us. We have only so much information we can bring to you and during those times we still want the lightlines to remain strong and robust. There is so much going on right now that even you might be able to see. Look for changes in government shake ups and politics and large corporations. Look for major changes and you will see some of the results that we have had by working in the background. (I’m going to again pause and ask for clear channel. Ok. Thank you. Yes.) There has been a big change in the state of New York in the past 24hours.Begin to see changes like these begin on a planetary scale. By seeing the results of our work you can be encouraged and take faith in the fact that things are indeed happening but as Van has stated the last quarter of this year will be looked back upon as a very significant and pivotal period of time. I have nothing more to add right now so I give this back to Amethyst to see if there are any other transmissions from the callers or perhaps she is ready to start Q&A. Amethyst I hand it to you.

Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas. Thank you very much. Ok. I’m being drawn to check in with Lemuel. I don’t know if he has a transmission or not. I’m not picking up on that.
Lemuel: Well you are right.
Amethyst: Alright. Do you have anything you would like to add on that to contribute Lemuel?
Lemuel: Yes. In fact I do, yes. In fact it’s been with me for about seven minutes now.
Amethyst: Ok. Go ahead.
Lemuel: Yes. This is wonderful information we have been receiving from Van and Miriam as well. But the most important of all is of course the question Machiventa Melchizedek has paused. Are we ready? Are we really ready? Well I can only speak for myself and I think that some of you already know that I mentioned maybe yesterday or the day before about me letting go of so many things in preparation for something different and I don’t want to be specific but I think you can read between the lines that I am prepared for anything and I’ve been prepared for anything for years now but So much so that I have recently been instructed, first of all my feelings and I interpret my feelings. I have in fact changed my telephone number. Reason being because there are so many contacts that I have realized I really must let them go and so I have changed my telephone number and I only give it to those who I think it is necessary to give my telephone number to. And in fact I feel so good about that. It’s really like a load being lifted from my shoulders believe it or not. So this is something else. So I am definitely ready for whatever comes. I even got a pair of boxing gloves on whatever comes I’m gonna give him the old one two. (Laughter) Anyway another thing is of course the importance I think that someone mentioned I think Miriam, is health. Well you know an eighty two year old is not all that healthy especially if he has already one foot in the grave. So I mean the only thing that one can do is walk along like Long John Silver ( ) and hope for the best but in fact I think I’m in relatively good shape for my age. And if some kind of little miracle happens to prolong my life you know for the Missions, that would be really, really wonderful. But in any case apart from that I am prepared. This is a very good advice. It’s an excellent question and it’s something that we really need to address and we cannot pull the wool over our eyes. This is got to be it. You know. I hope all of you take this question to heart because if you are sincere then you will be called upon and maybe to do things that you never thought you were able to do in the past.

Another thing I would like mentioned finally… Years ago. Many years ago, in fact I knew two people, one personally another by repute who knew the day that they would leave this world and so much so that he (the husband never said anything to his wife) but he arranged a little gathering of friends- a dinner party just for the hallow so to speak and they enjoyed themselves and chatting away and after you know he was having coffee the husband turned to his wife and said, “I’m just popping upstairs to the toilet.” Well after about twenty minutes she was concerned. She went up to look for him and during that twenty minutes he had already undressed and changed his clothes and put on his best Sunday suit so to speak and he lay down on his bed and he died. He was dead with a smile on his face and I’m only mentioning this because there are moments if it is necessary that your Thought Adjuster can actually instruct you to do these things if it is necessary and so I hope you have sufficient confidence and faith in your Beloved Indwelling Father fragments that when the chips are down do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. If it is necessary he will bellow quite loudly in your ear and you will understand exactly what it is you have to do. Ok. So that’s enough. So thank you Elise. I hand this back to you.
Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Lemuel. That’s fascinating. I have never heard of a situation like that. That’s probably one in a million that has that much attunement and knowledge. The exact time and method of death. I’ve never heard a story like that ever before. I’m sure it probably happens but we never hear about. It is truly fascinating. Thank you Lemuel.
Amethyst: Ok. We are still quite early in the call and I don’t see any hands raised up…
Lemuel: Elise excuse me a moment. I’m sorry Elise- Amethyst. Forgive me
Amethyst: Everybody does it. That’s ok.
Lemuel: I just wanted to say yes we have just been told even the celestials don’t always have something to say but I just wanted to say well that’s fine but we are able, you are definitely able to just talk and to tell people what you think they need to learn. Remember initially this lightline was a teaching line like the old Teaching Mission and that started by actually teaching from the beginning about what people need to know about themselves. So you know if you are going through a dry period during lightline then just think of something you need to teach. You are very capable of doing that. You all know so much more than anybody else. So don’t worry about it if you have a dry period during the lightline Amethyst. Ok. Thank you.
Amethyst: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you Lemuel. Thank you so much. You’re so wise. I’m sensing that Adam & Eve wanna come in and contribute to this conversation.

Adam & Eve: Ok. This is Eve and I speak now for both Adam and myself. We are in the process of making solid plans to begin instruction on your planet. Now we understand that we cannot set up shop so to speak in ten days or two weeks because all of you that come before us to learn to be teachers and teach others will have to make arrangements in your personal lives. You have to make arrangements for travel and to run things at home without you for a period of time. We have not quite filled out the blanks as to how many sessions there will be and when they will occur exactly but we do know that the sooner we get you into your learning sessions the more prepared each of you will be.
We have thought of perhaps having classes in ten day sessions and then allowing a ten day break and then come back in ten days. However that is not going to be convenient for those who have to come in from other countries. So we are not going to do that but we are looking at ways to give you instruction, give you homework then give you time away from the classes to address your homework and then reconvene the teaching sessions and we don’t know how long this process will take. But we want to give you plenty of time to absorb what you have been taught and then give you some more in another period of time. Right now it looks like the best way for us to do that is to use the internet in some way. There are many ways this can be done and it would definitely put less disruption into your personal lives if we choose to do this. Admittedly having you all come together in one physical place would be far better but it may not be practical. So Adam and I are asking you to just stay tuned and we will be making more announcements about this quite soon we think.

There is a lot you need to understand and accept before you are going to be completely ready to go out and teach others and one of the things we are going to address is how to deal with people who are negative and don’t want anything to do with it. For that reason we are entertaining the possibility that only those who apply to be taught would be allowed to receive the lessons and teachings. We don’t need trouble makers infiltrating and causing chaos and disruption to the point that it becomes too challenging  for you to teach those who really want it and need it. So we believe that until things begin to settle down fully that those who want to be taught will be by invitation only and they can apply and Adam and I will decide who we want to start with and who we should not teach at the moment. I hope that everyone can understand that. You have all seen on the television the terrible disruption, damage, killing, chaos that occurs when well-meaning people come together for a course and they are infiltrated by those who seek to cause havoc, chaos and mayhem. Some of these groups are actually paid by the representatives of the cabal and insurrectionists to go in and disrupt any communications that are going to be helpful to the Father’s will but I digress.

The point is we are looking at a lot of different options and ways to first teach you and get you up to where you need to be and that should not be a difficult task for us because we know you are all willing and able partners with us. We see the complications coming when you go out and begin to teach others. We are looking at all of that. We are trying to be proactive and we will be getting back to you sooner rather than later we believe. I leave you with these things to think about and if you have any questions about our initial teachings to you or your teachings to others please ask a question but also please understand that right now we may not have an answer to your specific question. Now with that I hand this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: Well thank you Eve & Adam. Thank you both and it does help us to understand your process and what you are doing and what you are thinking and I do appreciate that very much.
Ok. Does anyone have a question or a comment at this point? We have about twelve minutes left before we close down this call unless there are no questions. Ok just a second Weydevu. I’ll be right with you. Ok Weydevu you are unmuted.
Weydevu: Thank you Amethyst. Concerning the Adam & Eve schools, how long will these classes last and will other classes follow the first class?
Amethyst: I don’t know how long they will last. You wanna know how many times we would have to be in their classes, is that the question?
Weydevu: Well yes. Will it last a month or two weeks or what?
Amethyst: Ok. Alright lemme bring Eve back then.

Adam & Eve: This is Eve, Weydevu and I cannot give you a specific amount of time but I can a general amount of time. First we have to provide you with general teaching techniques that will be helpful to you. Then we want to make sure you understand well the history of your planet and why things are happening the way they are and after that we have to wait for the information that is provided by the Magisterial Missions and the Jesus Missions to know what it is we need to address after they become fully active because their activities will stir up a lot of emotions and a lot of questions. So the second task of your teaching curriculum will include what we anticipate will be the questions coming from the population at large and how long that will take, I really do not know. I don’t think it will take an extended period of time because most of humanity will have similar questions and comments.
 Right now I am thinking and Adam tends to agree that we will need a minimum of three months in intensive training with you and the other teachers. That is a ballpark figure. I don’t think that the time will be less than that but there is a good possibility it will be more than that. So look at a time period of about three to six months and that too depends on how we organize our teachings to you. I hope Weydevu that answers your question.

Weydevu: Yes. My second question is will other classes follow soon after the first class
Amethyst: You mean other classes to teach teachers Weydevu is that the question?
Weydevu: Yes after the first class of three months would another class…you know new recruits.
Amethyst: Ok.

Adam & Eve: Ok. This is Eve and I’m back. We expect to teach as many of you as we can in the first class. A second class may be organized after a period of time but not right away. We need to see how things work out with the initial teachers. How effective are they out in the field and also the initial teachers will be asked to come back and get advanced teachings in other topics not related to what they are teaching out in the field. In other words we want our first class to become as proficient as possible in both teaching the planet and learning themselves from us directly what they will need to know. So right now our plans include one class. We do think down the road at a later time after more people become aware and interested and want to be teachers themselves at that time we will organize a second class or a second round of our teachings. But right now we are focusing on the first class. Does that help you?
Weydevu: Yes. One last question. Those who will disrupt classes are like agent provocateurs. Wouldn’t Adam & Eve be able to read their intentions?
Adam & Eve: The first classes that we will be teaching ,Weydevu, are gonna be by invitation only. In other words you and others on the forum, you will be notified as to who we want to come to our classes so there will be little danger of any insurrection in the initial classes. The insurrection becomes a possibility once you go out into the general population and by that time it is our hope that Jesus will have made his announcement, the Michael Missions will be effective, the Magisterial Missions will be fully in place and the insurrectionists will be controlled more. But as far as your concerns of insurrectionists at our classes when we start with you and others on the forum and perhaps others from outside of the forum, I don’t think that’s a concern you have to worry about because it’s going to be by invitation only. Because we know who the trouble maker s are and who aren’t. So does that help you?

Weydevu: Yes. Thank you.
Amethyst: Thank you for your questions Weydevu. It’s very helpful for you to ask those kinds of questions because I imagine that those are questions we all had. So this is Amethyst and I thank Adam & Eve. Yeah.
Weydevu: I thank you too.
Amethyst: Ok. Alright. I’m going to go down and unmute Elise. Thank you for your question or comment Elise.
Elise: Yes. Well I’m thinking at one time, they have been talking  about…Adam & Eve have been talking about staying in the spiritual world and first sending their sons and daughters and  I was wondering if that is still the case that we would meet them first and also these classes that are intended, they seem to be completely different from what we have heard or maybe from a long time ago. A very strict curriculum where we had to type for I think so many hours a day and you know it was very strict and I think that’s all changed? It’s just focusing on what’s needed now?
Amethyst: Ok. Let’s see. Good questions Elise. Good questions.

Adam & Eve: This is Adam and I step forth to your questions Elise. As far as I do remember what you’re speaking to and what you are addressing and that is something that you were told several months ago I believe. We do not at this point think there will be a lot of focus on the activity of continually typing. That may be part of what we do get into but our foremost plan is to make you ready to be teachers and in order to be ready to be teachers you must already be to reasonably able transmit a little. We don’t expect all of our students to be ace transmitters or even aware of their transmission abilities. Many of you have the ability just that you don’t know it and you don’t know how to put those skills into action. That’s one of the things we will be working with.

As to our children; yes we do plan on using them a lot. There will be a lot of different topics even I currently and this is just current plans, plan to be there and open up the schools and introduce ourselves and begin teaching. Our children, some of our older and more skilled children will be there as well but initially will be in the background so to speak. As you become more proficient (I’m checking for clear channel)
As you become more proficient in learning your lessons we will gradually introduce our children to you and we will then step into the background and slowly they will be coming to the forefront. It is a team effort. It is a family effort between Eve and myself and our older children. The Adam & Eve schools will include many of in family but keep in mind again we have to be flexible enough to make adjustments as needed based on the activities of the Missions and the reactions of the population. I hope this helps you Elise. Does it?

Elise: Sure. Thank you very much.
Amethyst: Well thank you for the question. Ok. This is Amethyst and I thank Adam for that.

Adam & Eve: This is Eve coming back. We certainly do not want to confuse you but at the same time we have to be nimble and agile. The outcome of the various Missions and the reactions of the politicians and other global leaders, the catastrophes caused by the earth changes, all these things are going to influence us in one way or another. It’s not like we can say A will happen B will happen and then C will happen. We have to be more flexible. Adam and I hope that we have not caused a great deal of confusion. I don’t think it is all that hard to understand but we will be in touch as soon as we have everything formulated as to the way we want to begin and it is our hope that you will be volunteers and we will be able to enlist you in our first round of classes to be started soon.

Amethyst: Well I thank you Eve. This is Amethyst. I thank you for those words. Ok.
Elise: Amethyst can I say something? Am I still unmuted?
Amethyst: Yes.
Elise: I just wanted to say to Adam & Eve it’s not confusing at all. Now it has been very clear and easy to understand. And I think we all have to understand that we have to regard the situation and that they cannot give us you know all the details at this time. So just to tell them that it s not confusing. Thank you very much.
Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Elise.

Adam & Eve: This is Eve stepping back in for one last comment before I close down this call and that is; I appreciate your comments Elise because this planet is going through so much right now and it is such a heavy lift for all of those involved in the missions and there are thousands upon thousands who will be helping with the Magisterial Missions, the Jesus appearance, our Missions, the Michael Missions. It’s like a juggler trying to juggle four oranges all at one time and not letting one drop. So it does give us encouragement that you are not confused and thank you Elise for making that comment. Now with that I step back and give this to Amethyst to close out.

Amethyst: Well again I appreciate your comments Eve and I thank you and Adam for stopping by and sharing with us because we always have so many questions. Now before I close it down I’m just gonna pause for a couple of seconds just to see if anybody has a last minute comment or question and if no hand is raised I will shut it down. And I don’t see any more hands raised so I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. It always makes for a good call when we have a lot of people participating. I thank all of the celestials for being here and I will get this tape up on the forum as soon as possible and I’m going to say goodbye for now. And I’ll be on doing Saturday’s call. So I’ll see you then.

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Re: August 11, 2021 Lightline
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Thank Moses. Good transcription. 
Thank to our heavenly familly and the hosts . 
Thanks to the participants.