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recording for Sept. 08 Lightline
« on: September 08, 2021, 04:35:02 pm »
 I thank all who participated. Van was our MC, and we heard from him as well as Bree, CHRIST MICHAEL, and Power Director 4. The theme of the call and discussion was learning to  develop our spiritual imagination and being proactive in developing your future work for the missions. Thank you!

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Re: recording for Sept. 08 Lightline
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2021, 12:17:28 pm »
Hello everyone here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 08th September 2021.
Elise: Hello and good day to everyone. This is LLUSA/EU on Wednesday 08th September 2021. I’m Elise SophiaVeronica. I welcome all of you and I thank you for your interest and presence. Glad to have you with us. I’m going to this over to your host, Amethyst to see what she and our celestial friends have to say to us today. So would you please take this Amethyst?

Amethyst: Thank you very much Elise. I’m going to start with a short prayer.
Beloved Heavenly Father we are so grateful for this time to be together and hear your voice through your Universe Heavenly hosts. I ask for clear channel, accurate information and we thank you for all the blessings you provide us. And I thank you for our Adjusters and we love you very much. Amen.
Ok. I do note that Tarkas is not here today and Van is. Van is our MC for today.

Van: Yes. This is Van and I welcome all of you to the call and I will be here and MC the call and be here for the duration of the call. I expect that we will hear from Bree as well. So I will start this. This is Van and I think Bree will be joining me in a moment on this particular transmission.
The time has come when some of you are going to be able to get more clarity on the specifics of your upcoming service. The first place to begin of course is to work with your Adjuster. They know you well and can see how your service will not only be an asset to the missions but also how it will augment your ascension career. After you get snippets of information about what you would like to do, I highly recommend that you bring your personal teacher into the process. It truly does not matter if you are not yet aware of who that might be. Just mentally ask him or her to participate. It is their assignment to help you in all areas that they can and discovering your place in the missions is a big part of that. Some of you have been thinking that you will be handed a prewritten script as to the exact details of this work. Not so. You are the ones who will be doing the work and you are the ones who need to determine how you want to be of use. There are so many different categories and so much need that it is doubtful you will come up with something that is not useful and would not be approved.

Amethyst is making good headway to fine-tune her participation. She has decided how and where she wants to be. She knows that I, Van will be with her not only as a helper but also as a direct partner with her and this pleases her greatly. She has been given some instruction on what she is to begin learning on her own and as soon as she can. She intends to begin preparing herself to be able to meet the needs that will be required of her. For the time being she is holding what she is discovering close to the vest as there have been so many changes that have happened in the last couple of years and so you can understand she is reluctant to talk much about it right now. But be assured she has a much clear vision than she did just a few months ago.

Amethyst and I will be closely aligned with Adam & Eve. I for a very long time in my own career have been closely aligned with Adam & Eve. Remember I even designed and created their garden on the planet before they arrived. Therefore we must await our time to begin as other missions will take precedence. I now see that Bree is here and wishes to contribute to this topic.

Bree: This is Bree and I thank you Van. I am in phase and represent today some higher orders speaking together and we want to include our thoughts on this as well. After the missions truly begin and after Jesus is fully incarnated for the duration of his mission, many of you will also see big changes on your own abilities. This is to be part of the life extension process that has not yet been discussed. Gone will be all worries about unclear channels. You will be able not only speak with but also see some of the celestials who will be working with you directly. They will not be incarnate but you will have enhanced abilities and will be able to discern them. Your reality will be greatly altered by these changes.

As many of you may have observed Ron has been greatly enabled to do so much more than he could just a couple of years ago in spite of all his physical hardships. This has been done to help him with his preparation as well. He is writing books at a breakneck speed and continues to receive more information especially scientific lately. (Amethyst: One moment please.) Many of you are going to grow much in a very short time. You will look back in couple of years and wonder how it was you were able to function before your life extensions begun to take effect. The next hundred years or so, you will be very busy indeed doing things that today you believe you cannot do. Van indicates he has more to add. So I, Bree hand this back to him now and I thank you Van for including me in this particular transmission.

Van: This is Van and you are quite welcome Bree. This is Van again and I am informing you that when Amethyst and I put the finishing touches on our intended service it will be put before one of the staff members of Machiventa Melchizedek for approval and if it is Okayed, we will be sharing much more with you. Right now we are conferring and planning.

I put this before you because you need to understand that it is your intention that is the first step in manifesting your service. So the ball is in your court so to speak. And if your intentions are not yet fully known to you please formulate them as soon as you can. If you intend to be of service in an area in which you need additional training as is the case with Amethyst, then with your adjuster and Teacher work through the steps you need to take to get to the point where you are ready for further development. This has been my effort to make sure you all understand that you cannot standby and wait for an assignment to drop into your lap. That is not how Universe Service works. I do hope that you find this information helpful and puts your mind on a path to work with your Adjuster and get the ball rolling for you. I stand back now and look to see if there is anyone else here to speak.

Amethyst: Well I thank you so much Van. I thank you for those words and I thank Bree as well. And during the transmission Rene has popped in, so I wanna take a breath here and say welcome Rene to the call. We now have ten of you in addition to myself. I have no idea how many are on streaming. So that is a good size turnout. Thank you everyone.
Ok. I believe Christ Michael is here. Just a moment please.

Christ Michael:  This is Christ Michael and I speak to you as your creator. It has been mentioned in a lightline with Elise on Monday that there will be many people who have no interest in our Missions and do not want anything to do with them. Machiventa Melchizedek spoke to the very difficult times ahead for much of our staff as they must be willing to endure a great deal of pushback from many parts of civilization.

He noted that many will be indifferent but I think there will be more than indifference. There will be a great open hostility against Jesus and all that he stands for. They will be dealt with just as you have been told that the insurrectionists that have hurt and interfered with Ron have been. They will be removed in vast numbers if the need arises. But you must understand that as their Father it grieves me greatly. I had such great hopes for Urantia and I still do but the road to its Light & Life is much bumpier than I ever dreamed. But I know we will get there for it is the FATHER’S will and the FATHER’S will always prevails no matter how many twists and turns it needs to take.

I love all my children but so many do not acknowledge me as their Creator Son or for that matter even their Heavenly Father and it will be through their intent and decisions that will decide their fate. Yet I and the Father still grieve for each potential life is precious and the loss of their contributions will now have to be found by others who will follow after them in the form of other souls. So be it.
So you see dear ones, birth and loss are even a part of the time and space areas that must be accepted. The good news is that most of Nebadon’s inhabited planets are faring much better and a pattern of robust and solid surviving souls show great promise and you will delight when you are finally able to meet your Nebadonian brothers and sisters. I want to leave you on this hopeful note as you will soon learn that while your planet is in dire straits it is the exception to most of creation.
I bid you all a good day and good evening and give this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and I thank you so much Christ Michael for your words. We are so looking forward to be able to see Jesus walking on our planet and I recall from one of the lightlines, I don’t remember which one, Jesus stated that he was going to make the time to meet each and every one on the planet when he is here. So that’s quite a task to try to visualize but I’m sure we all look forward to that. So I thank you so much Christ Michael.

Van: This is Van and just as an aside I want to let you know that this broadcast is being heard by a limited number on your Local System Capital Jerusem. Those who are listening are for the most part involved in some way with the upcoming missions but especially in the System, Constellation and the Local Universe Levels there is a great deal of interest swelling around your planet and watching with bated breath as there are so many things going on.
One of the things that was mentioned in yesterday’s lightline I believe with Ron was the difficulty that is reappearing with the earth’s core and that is cause for a lot of investigation by the Power Directors. In fact Power Director #4 wishes to say just a few words.

Power Director #4: Thank you Van. This is … (Amethyst: I’m gonna check for clear channel. Just a moment please.) This is Power Director #4 and as you were told yesterday the core is really getting hard and it is stuck to one edge of the interior where it is located. We have not seen this and we are doing a deep investigation as to its cause. Urantia with its extreme uniqueness always is throwing us surprises. We are not sure what this portends. It is not particularly harder than it should be but it is not as viscous as it should be. We will keep you informed as best we can when we find out what is going on.
We ask ourselves, “Do the insurrectionists that are loyal to the supreme being have anything to do with this?” We are not sure. There are and were many qualified beings who could if they so chose to do so, interfere with this. This is the only thing I can say right now about the core but stay tuned because this is something that we want to keep you informed about as we go forward and I stand back now and hand this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: And this is Amethyst and I thank the Power Director #4 for his input.

Van: This is Van again and for the moment Amethyst I see no one else here so I’m going to give it to you to proceed as you would like.

Amethyst: I thank you Van. I thank you so much for being here and being our MC. Van is telling me Bree is still here, that Tarkas will not be available for this call and Michael may be available for some questions should he be needed. Ok. So with that I’m going to turn to the callers now and ask for their input and participation. Just give me a moment. Let me see if I wanna go to Q&A or ask someone for a transmission. No. I don’t sense it. I mean if you have a transmission please come forward with it but I’m not being prompted to ask anyone for one right now. So with that I’m going to open it up for Q&A. Just five star (5*) will raise your hand. Ok. Just a minute. I’m going to unmute you Jose. You’re unmuted Jose.

Jose: Thank you. I was gonna ask the Power Director#4 if the earthquake that Mexico suffered this morning or yesterday of a Richter scale over 7 I think it was. If that had… anything to do with the earth core?

Amethyst: You know I’m guilty of not watching the news. I haven’t even heard of it. Ok. So there was a big earthquake today huh, already? Ok. Alright. Let’s see what I can get here.

Power Director #4: This is Power Director#4 and it was not directly related to the earth’s core. Mexico is very prone to earthquakes and they happen on a semiregular basis there. We have no information that ties the two of them together. In fact we are not sure if this state with the core is going to have any impact on earthquakes at all. We are still studying it and we just do not know but this is an earthquake that was due to happen due to tectonic plates’ weakness, Jose. Does that answer your question?

Jose: Yes. Thank you. Thank you Power Director #4. Thank you.

Amethyst: Thank you for your question Jose. I’m going to remute you if you have nothing else and if you do have something else later just raise your hand. Valerie you usually have a lot of questions. I’ve unmuted you just to see if you have anything you want to bring up. (Silence.) Valerie? Apparently she’s away from her phone.
Ok. I’ve remuted Valerie. I’m going to go to Lemuel now he has his hand up. Ok Lemuel you are unmuted.

Lemuel: Can you hear me now? Yes.

Amethyst: Yes.

Lemuel: I would like to comment on the problem that we are all facing coming to some understanding of in fact what we would really like to do. That is to say how can we help? This is a very difficult one to come to terms with because on the one hand we do not really know our capabilities that is to say, unless we are stretched we do not know what is our strength. The main reason is of course throughout our lives we have become accustomed to being and doing certain things. We may recognize that we have a certain amount of talent in one direction or another but most people go through their working lives just doing what they have to do just to earn a living. For them it is just work. It is not their vocation.   
Those who recognize that they have a vocation and they love their work for them it is not work, it is a joy. Most of the population is not in that privileged position. I’m talking about what we infamously refer to as the developed countries. Obviously the very poor and third world countries they have no idea of what I’m talking about but for us as I just mentioned, we go through our working lives doing and being certain things that are expected of us just to earn a living.

But here for us privileged to be in a situation where we have been led and we have followed consciously our beloved Thought Adjusters to bring us to where we are now. Well we have discovered or some of us that we have the ability through practice to transmit. Well this is something but is it just being able to transmit that will see us being offered a position on the staff of the missions? Well definitely not. So how do we come to terms? How can we decide what it is we really want to do when in all through our lives we have just been doing a particular thing or two or three things?

Well I can only suggest instead of thinking, get out of your head and into your heart and try to discover what it is you really feel you want to do rather than what you think you want to do because remember it is through your heart Chakra, through your feelings that your soul can give you indication of what it wants you to do. Remember the difference between your heart and your head. Your Thought Adjuster is primarily responsible for helping you to elevate your thoughts and it is your soul that tries to influence you through your feelings, through your heart and this is why it is so important for people to get used to in a sense linking with their heart. And so I am suggesting for those of you who have no idea at all what it is you would like to do then I would say, “Stop thinking about it and try feeling about it.” And you can only feel about it in stillness or in a situation where your feelings are really open and that is the countryside. I always suggest to people that if you really want to be open then get out of the city and into the countryside and nature will help you to open up your feelings. Know this is perfectly true and it works. If you can’t do that, if you do not have access to the countryside then try to enter a stillness and feel and ask firstly to your Thought Adjuster please help me to feel what it is I would like to do. And enter into the stillness and just concentrate on your feelings.

So this is all I can suggest. This is all I want to share with you that to recognize it is a difficult thing to come to terms with but we must all come to terms with. So I think this is one way that perhaps will help you to decide what it is you want to do through your feelings rather than what you think. Alright Amethyst this is all I want to say. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you so much Lemuel. Those are very important words. As you were speaking Christ Michael indicated to me that he would like to add a few words to this discussion.

Christ Michael: This is Christ Michael addressing you now and you have all been told and taught about having spiritual courage and you do. You have all been told and taught about having spiritual curiosity and you do. I would like to suggest to you that you now learn to develop some spiritual imagination and as Lemuel has so aptly put it use your feelings to imagine what it is you would like to do to help with the Kingdom of God on this planet. Your Adjuster will step in and help you immediately.  
Learn to let your mind be free enough so that you can feel what inspires you. Let your spiritual imagination loose for just a few moments. Should your imagination get carried away and go too far off the path so to speak, your Adjuster will pull you back and say no, no, no that’s not what I mean. That’s not what you should do. But spiritual imagination is important just like spiritual courage and spiritual curiosity. Two particular qualities that each of you here have learned to develop that your fellow humans wouldn’t even understand. So go to your Adjuster. What inspires you? Talk to your Adjuster about this and ask him to put into your mind images so that your spiritual imagination can be lit and once it is lit you will find inspiration and that will be your clue to the fact that you are indeed on the right path to understanding more clearly your particular assignment in the missions.

But you need to understand it starts with you. It starts with you being proactive and seeking the spark of inspiration within you so that your spiritual imagination can begin to function more fully. For so long, humanity has been held back in this one area because it has been always taught that you don’t do things like this. You do what you do what you are told. You respond in ways that are supposed to be predetermined. Well to a point that’s true but you are also free to imagine how you can be of help.
So this is Christ Michael and I thank Lemuel for his words and his wisdom for he has pretty much hit the nail on the head. And with that I stand back and give this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and I thank you Christ Michael so much for your words and I thank you so much for helping us your children figure out our way as we move forward. Thank you very much. Ok. I’m going to unmute Dominick. Oops! Wait a minute. I put your hand down. Sorry Dominick. Ok Dominick you are unmuted.

Dominick: Ok. Thank you. My question is related to going through these exercises just spoken to. My question is after that how much needs to be explicitly stated out loud versus internalized? Like I think…my understanding is I am a little confused. Sometimes I assume that spiritual agencies can read my mind and then other times I get told that’s not the case and I need to exclusively say something….assuming that they know and being told that they don’t know.

Amethyst: Yeah. Let’s see. Who should I go to for this? I think…ok

Lemuel: Amethyst if you want …. Amethyst.

Amethyst: Yes Lemuel.

Lemuel: Dominick if you don’t mind I would like to suggest something. First of all I wouldn’t take for granted that spirit understands or can see your thoughts and read your thoughts at any given moment so to speak. They may or may not but I would take that information with a pinch of salt.
The most important thing is for you always between you and your Thought Adjuster. Between you and your Thought Adjuster and your feelings. I keep emphasizing this because it is the most important. In many instances it is not important at all what you think. What you think many times is neither here nor there. But what you feel and what you consistently feel, that is your biggest clue because what you think can change from moment to moment especially if ego gets in on the game. But if you’re clever enough to distinguish immediately when your ego wants to step in that’s fine. Ok. Most people cannot do that. This is why it is so important to access your feelings more than anything else. Your feelings as I just talked about just previously, your feelings would indicate hopefully from your soul but obviously your ego can influence your feelings as well. The main difference that I would like to emphasize is that feelings that come from your soul are constant and those feelings always instill more excitement, more inspiration, and more anticipation. It is a constant feeling that grows and grows. And that will give you the certainty that you need for what it is that you want to do.
And so Dominick with the greatest respect this is what I would like to suggest to you at this moment. So thank you. I hope that helps.

Dominick: Always. Thank you.

Lemuel: You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Lemuel. As Lemuel was speaking, I’m hearing from Christ Michael again.

Christ Michael: And this is Christ Michael and you should understand that most of creation is created for a specific purpose. That is, Angels were created to be Angels. Certain Sons were created for a specific purpose. Humans were created to ascend and know the Father’s will and when you stop and think about it, humans have the greatest array of choices than almost any other order in the Universe. But you are still yet infants. As you progress and ascend you will find your choices and feelings will continue to expand. You are being nurtured and taught how to learn how to choose. And (Amethyst: Lemme pause here. I gotta check for clear channel.) You are being nurtured to learn how to choose wisely and feel wisely but if you noticed when you read the Urantia Book how many times it mentioned the fact that certain celestials had to request assignments, volunteer for assignments, they would be coming up and they would choose to do this or that and they may be chosen and they may not be chosen.

You need to learn to be proactive in your own Universe Career and ascension. It is your career. It is you ascension. It is your choices. It is your inspiration and your inspiration is your feelings. Should you have a feeling that you want to voice, you want to make known to the Universe, then you need to do so. If you do not well that’s ok too. But the more you can contribute to your own development the better.
This is all I’m going to say for the moment and this, it is a balance between the order that you are created to be and the choices that you need to make to be the best within that particular order. And I stand back.

Amethyst: Thank you Michael and I don’t know Dominick if that is helpful to you or not. Is it?

Dominick: Yeah. Thank you. Of course it is. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. Thank you so much for your question. It’s something that I think we are just learning all of us together and I appreciate Lemuel’s words and I appreciate so much Christ Michael helping us with this. Ok I’m going to mute you for the moment Dominick and go down to Jose who has another question. Ok Jose you are unmuted.

Jose: Yes. Thank you. I was just gonna ask, I don’t transmit but I’m curious to know that those that do transmit, how do they know who they are transmitting? Sometimes it’s Machiventa Melchizedek, sometimes it’s Tarkas, and sometimes it’s Bree or whoever. How do you know who you are transmitting? Do you receive an image? Is it intuition? Do they say their name? How does that happen?

Amethyst: Well there are some celestials who I get an image but for the most part it’s part of the transmission. They announce who they are as part of the transmission and the transmission is picked up telepathically. So they tell us in most cases. Now once in a while you will get a transmission where you don’t know who it’s coming from. That’s not common. I don’t know how else to answer that Jose other than to say it’s part of the telepathic transmission that is received and not being a transmitter I hope that helps you. Does it?
Jose: Yes. I understand. Thank you.

Amethyst: The thing about transmitting and I said this so many times is that most people who think they can’t transmit really can. It’s just that they don’t know that they can….It took me many, many years before I understood that I was receiving transmissions. I just didn’t know it because they were so organic I guess is the word. They were such a part of what I was receiving I thought it was just me. Just me talking to me and it took me awhile to figure out oh! It’s not really just me. But I don’t know. Did you have anything else Jose?

Jose: No ma’am that’s all for today. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you. Thank you for your question. Ok. Before I close this down I am going to go to Elise and ask her if she has any particular thoughts or anything that she wants to say about the lightline or even the words that Machiventa gave her on her lightline. Is there anything you need to say Elise?

Elise: Yeah. Thank you Amethyst. Well I first want to say to Jose about the transmitting that for me I never see images and oftentimes don’t very clearly hear a name but I sense a name and I … that name and then when I start talking the name comes out and I can speak it. Just continue to write or to talk and that is how it is with me. And well, I very much like these talks that we have heard from Christ Michael and also Lemuel because we are all finding out about our… or what we want to be or what we can do and its really very important to go inside and to sit in stillness and let your thoughts go and then go to your feelings.
 It took me a long time before I discovered that. When I did that I feel a very…I feel calmness and some kind of peace. And then when you are in that quiet nice state it’s like your feelings are coming up also. You know you feel your good feeling in your heart. Really your heart, you start to get happier and when you’re getting happier and more open these thoughts come to you and I didn’t know for a long, long time that that could be my Thought Adjuster because in the Urantia Book it was told that it was very difficult to get in connection with your Thought Adjuster.

But I would say to anyone just be aware that your Thought Adjuster is always with you. He’s always waiting for you to open up and to hear what you are thinking, what you would like to do, what you want and I for myself have not heard fully what my task would be in the future to help in the missions. Well I know it probably has to do with education but I’m learning and I am very pleased with the words we heard today because I think for every one of us it will be a lesson and an urge inside of us to start doing this. And to take our time it’s very often that we don’t take the time for it because we are distracted or there is so much to do or not today I’ll try tomorrow. Just sit down and try it. I have said that before. Only a couple of minutes a day or a couple of times a day. Just a few minutes and you feel so peaceful. You really feel a connection with spirit and you don’t have to hear a special name but you know there is something inside of you that makes your heart beat and it makes you happy.
That’s all I can say for the moment.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you so much Elise. Thank you for sharing that. That was really good. When you were speaking it did remind me that very often when I’m doing a transmission, I don’t know who it is till I get maybe two or three sentences into the transmission and by the words that they are saying and what they are giving to me, I automatically know ,you know ,who it is. For example if a transmission starts out I am you know the Creator Son of your Local Universe well then I automatically know that it’s Michael of Nebadon. You know you get information and through the information sometimes that tells you who it is.
Most of the time when I am prompted I feel it mentally. I get an image or something in my mind says, “Go to the computer right now.” But there has been a couple of times when I get through my feelings. I start to feel…this happened about two weeks ago. I started to feel a very deep urge, feeling…I don’t know what it was but I felt something inside of me and so I thought, I wonder if this is spirit trying to tell me something and sure enough as soon as I sat down to the computer the transmission started to come and I knew that I was following my feelings in that case.

So you can be prompted in both ways. Mentally and with your feelings but Elise thank you for your perspective because that does help. I think that I agree with you Elise. This has been a good conversation and what I’m taking away from it is that on many occasions we have been taught about spiritual curiosity and spiritual courage and now we are being directed into spiritual imagination which is another step, another level, another area that we need to explore. So that’s what I’m taking away from this call today for the most part.

So I thank all of you and by the way in the middle of our call Steven came in so I welcome you Steven even though we’re about to end this call. I thank all of the celestials. I thank Christ Michael so much for his input into this call. I thank Van for being the MC and Bree for her words and I thank Lemuel and Elise for their very, very helpful comments and I thank all of you who are here and those of you who asked questions. So given that our hour is up, I am going to end this call and I thank you and I will be on the call Saturday. It’s my turn. So I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Thank you everyone.

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Re: recording for Sept. 08 Lightline
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Thank you Moses.  Thanks all.