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Lightline for September 11, 2021
« on: September 11, 2021, 04:28:14 pm »
Hello everyone,
Thanks to all for the good turnout and discussion. Van was our MC. We also heard from JESUS, Machiventa Melchizedek, Elise's Thought Adjuster, and CHRIST MICHAEL.

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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 07:14:54 pm »
Hello Everyone, here are the notes for today's Light Line.
Light Line, 09-11-2021

Hello everyone, this is Amethyst. I am the host for this Light Line and Larry Gossett co host.
Opening with a prayer:
Larry: Heavenly Father, this is a small little group of followers and believers, as we do every Saturday, and other Light Lines, to come together in service and love, for the missions and spirit beings who may want to give us messages for today.
Thank you for sharing with us whatever messages you may have .
A special prayer for my cousin Michael Rayburn, who in a freaky accident, is not going to pull through. Grant comfort to his family.
Forgive us of our sins and our ignorance, continue to guide our footsteps every day that we may do your will on this planet. Thank you for the gifts of spirit, and teach us how to use them properly. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Amethyst: On behalf of myself and others in the forum we offer up prayer for Michael Rayburn. Be with him, and comfort him. Be with him and help him in the path he needs to take.

15 callers. My hope we have a robust discussion period.
Master of ceremonies is Van. Thank you for being here.
Our first speaker is Jesus:
JESUS: This is Jesus, and I come to this Light Line call today to share with you how I am holding up during this period of waiting for my time to make my presence known to the population. I know how much this waiting trials you. It trials me as well. I have placed in this transmitter today a troubled heart, so that I would be able to share with all of you how I am feeling. Lemuel does well when he puts the emphasis on feelings as the gate to receive me. In this way, you can feel to a certain extent, what I am feeling, and it helps so much when sharing information with you.

JESUS I look at each of you, and I see the lines in your faces grow deeper and longer, as you are so patient and obedient to the Father 's will. Your bodies grow older by the day, and on some days, you even look forward to the time when you can finally cast aside for a much lighter, freer body. But for some of you, this will not be the case any time soon, as you are sorely needed here to help with the tremendous workload ahead.
I hope you all understand that the months and years ahead of me, as well as your magisterial sons, are of considerable challenge, and we do discuss the potential outcomes, for so much rides on the human reactions and behaviors. We do understand that while we applaud you for being patient, we also know how difficult it is.

It is true that we will begin very soon the regency of the US Govt,. but given the factions and positions taken in the last few weeks, we feel more and more challenged. How is it possible for a leader to require all to take vaccinations, while at the same time accepting thousands from the southern border who are unvaccinated, to freely roam. It is causing unnecessary illness. It doesn't bother him at all. Yes the vaccines need improvement, and they will come. In the meantime the ones that are available are adequate.

My heart is heavy because the leaders of the countries do not have the welfare of the citizens at heart. I raise my hands to heaven, and ask the Father for help, just as I did over 2000 years ago, as I prepared myself to be ruthlessly removed from human fight, and no longer allowed to complete what I had started out to do.

God allowed Lucifer his desires then but the time has come that the Father says, to all evil of any form on this planet THUS FAR AND NO FARTHER! All heaven knows he allows no more so soon now.
So I say to each of you, take heart, for these times will indeed pass, under the direction of our beloved Heavenly Father. Know that we know you, and your each individual challenges. We feel them deeply as well, and we forget not our promise to you, that I will meet all of you and say these words: "I know you". This is a signal to you, that you are a treasured son in God's standing and great is your regard. We say, "I know you as well, beloved Savior." This cements forever our bond.

I wish you all a cheerful day and evening. I stand back and hand this back to Amethyst.

AMETHYST: Thank you so much. As soon as I received your words, the heaviness in my heart lifted, and that reassured me. Your words in my ear released the heaviness.

With Valerie, we now have 16 callers.

Van has a couple of short words to say.

VAN: I too appreciate the words that Jesus provided you. They strengthen me, and they strengthen you as well. I have picked up two more students who have me as their personal teacher.
I am Amethyst's personal teacher. I will be helping Valerie, and a third one. I encourage all of you to continue to call for your personal teachers. If you listen well, you will hear and receive their name.

That is all I have to say at this particular moment, and I will be here for the duration of the call . If needed I can bring others.

AMETHYST: Valerie is now a student of Van's. It is wonderful news. Does Larry have a transmission he would like to share with the group?
(Larry having trouble coming through)

ELISE'S THOUGHT ADJUSTER: Be sure to attend to these Light Lines. There are many distractions, and many pressures. It is difficult for most of you at this time, to keep your mind focused on the things that really matter. You are being bombarded with new items of daily work, that keep you busy, so that there is hardly any time left to investigate your preferences, the things that would benefit the growth of your souls. That is a problem for our TA's. Soul growth is not a major topic on your minds at all. But for those who want to become more attuned to the TA's, it is absolutely necessary to turn consciously within, and to enhance your inner source. The Father has given of himself to help you grow, to help the search for the higher meanings of life, so you can become a more useful part of the family of God. Although these times are of concern to you and you are distracted, we, your TA's ask you to take a few moments to consider these words: Live life in awareness of your divine spirit, dwelling inside of you, and the never ending existence of your Father, the Creator of All.

This is Elise's TA and I leave you with these words to consider for yourselves.
Elise: I give it back to you Amethyst.

Amethyst: I thank you for your words. I get overwhelmed, and get distracted and I have to recalibrate myself, and attune myself to my adjuster. It is the thing, the only thing that I must do each and every day. Thank you for sharing that from your Adjuster.

Elise: I want to go through the day, and be aware of my TA.

Larry: Here is Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: You are here on this forum, celebrating your love of spirit.
I do want to bring up 9/11 the 20th anniversary, of a tragic time. I want to acknowledge it. It is something in the memory of the country, that brings such tears, and fears, that need to be kept aside.

I want to address it, so all can remember it. It was a terrible time for this country and for the world.
I thank you Elise and Van for the messages today.

A couple of words about personal teachers. Many of you are not aware of our personal teachers. Ask your TA or the Father, and one will be assigned to you.
All the spirit beings that work with Humanity do so by volunteering. It is important to realize that spirit beings of many orders high and not so high, volunteer. because this is one of the easiest ways for them to progress in their own journeys.
The fact they volunteer, it is important you remember that, and respect it.
If you want a teacher, just ask, and one will be assigned. It is a great privilege to be a teacher here on Urantia.

Amethyst: Thank you Machiventa and Larry.
Van: I want to comment on personal teachers. There are many waiting to be asked. They don't want to come and impose themselves on you. If you haven't asked, yet, do that if you want one.

AMETHYST: She had asked, for for some weeks , and she got "Man" as a name, and thought that was strange. Until Van said "No Amethyst it is VAN!"
Pliktarious; now joining us.

Robert: Regarding Jesus. When Jesus returns, a lot of people will look for healing. They will want to get close to him. Will he heal the sick like He did 2000 years ago?
This is JESUS. My primary function when I return, is to finish the mission I was not able to do the first time. I may heal on a case by case basis, but I will not be walking offering mass healings per se. My primary mission is spiritual , and helping the planet. Of course I will want to help people but that will be a secondary nature. I have to keep my mind on the purpose of my return.

Any other question?
Amethyst:; I had never given it a thought.

Robert: Words of Larry, prayers for his cousin: I know that prayers do help.
For the souls in eternity, what effect does our prayers have on them?

CHRIST MICHAEL: There is no such thing as a prayer that goes unanswered. Humans are often not aware of the answer. But every prayer is answered in accordance with the will of the Father.

There have been many time people prayed for others who have died, and those prayers have helped, and fortified those who have passed on. Each prayer is valuable, heard, and addressed in accordance with the divine will of the Father.

Amethyst. Thank you Christ Michael.

LARRY: Prayers go through the Eternal Son. That is all I have to say about that. Jose, I will send you my phone number so we can connect. We both live in
Valerie: I am overjoyed that Van has accepted my request.
I have been connecting with my TA every morning, and it gives me peace.
Now I receive more and flow more. and it helps me sort things out.

JESUS: Healing is a part of everyday life on your planet, that often goes unnoticed. There are many, many healings on a regular basis, as they are attuned to the will of the Heavenly Father. I look forward to the common knowledge that healing is part of life. I Jesus am very proud of your progress. You are coming along very well. Does that help?


Roger Raz: When we are asked to pray for the missions, I understand the efficacy for us as humans. Please talk about the efficacy of humans praying for us celestials. . Is that cosmic mind?

CHRIST MICHAEL: I remind you that all prayers are heard, and all prayers are answered. It doesn't matter if you are praying for another human, or someone who has left the planet, or for a celestial. All prayers are helpful. It is advantageous to you and us, to offer your prayers any time you feel the need.

Roger Raz: Thank you.

Lemuel: I would like to comment on the remembrance of the 9/11 observance that is taking place in America today. There are certain acts that affect the psyche of the nation.

During a world war everyone is traumatized. The point I want to make above all is that the tragedy of what took place on 9/11 is traumatizing the whole nation. The death of Princes Diana in a tunnel in Paris also traumatized the world. There are people who know what really happened, not what you are told what to believe. What really happened, for all occasions., there is and always irrefutable evidence of what took place, with whom, and for what reason.

There is a saying "truth never hurt anybody." Not true. Truth can hurt so much, no one wants to hear it, and turns away. Cast not your pearls before swine They can turn on you and tear you to shreds.

Jesus will soon appear. We all know there will be those who don't want to know anything about Jesus,

So one of the problems we all have when presented with this, we must learn to be very discerning, because we all know there are many wolves who will appear in sheep's clothing. They will come to you and ask you certain questions. But if you are discerning, you will notice the way and how they ask those questions, and their tone of voice. That is why it is so important to get into your feelings. It is so important.
But coming back to the truth: most of us will find it unbelievable when we are presented with the truth. Throughout history, we would be appalled, and simply not believe.
When we are presented with irrefutable evidence, we need to accept it,. There is no room in the future for evil, or darkness. It must be eradicated.

We have been told many times the population must be reduced. Those that remain will be of the light, and be overjoyed to be about the Father's business. So much infrastructure will not be there any more. A war situation brings you together. It will be a kind of war, but it will be victorious. The truth is waiting to be revealed. And I would like to see we are prepared to accept the truth, even though we know it will be painful. It is something to think about, especially on a day like today.

Amethyst: When someone asked a question, sometimes I leave them with no answer. You don't always have to answer a question. I often don't answer.
Sometimes a celestial doesn't step forward.

Larry: Thank you Lemuel.

There is an old saying, the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
While Lemuel was speaking, one thing that came to me was the power of thought. We have many times from all quarters, been told to guard our thoughts. Our thoughts, whether ill or good, go out from our mind. A negative thought about a person goes directly to that person. Some have that power of thought, and things can affect people directly.
Sometimes, I think where in the hell did that come from? Try to keep your thoughts positive. Remember that thoughts go out into the universe.
Thank you for listening.
Amethyst: Thank you for those words. We need to watch our thoughts. They can lead us astray if we don't put a guard on them.

Lemuel: They boomerang. They come back and kick you in the butt!

Larry: Thank you Lemuel.

Valerie: How to address our prayers?
Amethyst: Address them to God, and He will redirect to the appropriate celestial entity. With the loss of the supreme, I am not sure how that works. I expect in the next year or so we will get more on that. It is a good question that at some point needs to be addressed.
Larry: Post that question on the forum, and bring it up for discussion.

Weydevu: Comment on Valerie's question: Since Christ Michael is God of this universe, it would go to him first, and he would direct it to the Father.
Other prayers would be delegated to where it needs to go. Michael has the spirit gravity to accept these prayers.
Larry: there is a section in the Urantia Book about prayer.
Amethyst: Has this changed in the NUA and the loss of the supreme? Do prayers take a different route now?

Amethyst: Thank you Larry for being an A+ Co-host and for being my sidekick.

Thank all of you for your questions, comments, and celestials. Next time it is Ron's turn. Good bye.

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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2021, 12:29:32 am »
Thank you very much SongatSunrise for your notes. Thank you Amethyst and Larry. Thank you our celestial family and all the participants as well for your questions which really do get us much needed answers for our growth.
Thank you Larry for your input on thoughts. It is true that we really need to guard our thoughts and words as well as Amethyst put it. Since they do boomerang like Lemuel said. Our thoughts are unspoken words and as such words nevertheless.
This does take me back to the days when I was really into metaphysics and I read and listened to a lot of the works of Neville Goddard. There is one where he based his lecture on the Bible verse Isaiah 55:11;
So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result), Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.
Your thoughts or words go out into the Universe and if they don’t accomplish what you sent them out for, then they will come back and accomplish it in you, whether good or bad. They have to be fulfilled. I don’t know how true this is but all I know is that it is always good to have positive thoughts, words and vibes as hard as it may seem in the fast world we are living in.
I also remember reading in Jane Roberts’ Seth Speaks series where Seth was talking about realities. He gave an example of when your phone rings (the more so now since we have cell phones and can see the caller on the screen) several realities come into play and one of them has to be fulfilled. One; You answer the phone. Two; You refuse to answer it. Three; You answer the phone and promise to keep your appointment whatever that maybe. Four; You answer the phone and turn down the appointment. Five; You give a genuine or a false excuse for turning down the appointment.

All these are thoughts in your head and one of these scenarios will become a reality while the other realities will be left hanging. Therefore our thoughts as intangible as they are, are very real and we should come to that awareness. Just my two cents. Thank you and God Bless to all.
Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2021, 10:11:27 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise. Thanks you all.

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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2021, 10:19:49 am »
For those that were on yesterdays call, I mentioned information about Michael Raburn,my cousin.    Just to let you know, Michael passed last night.    I appreciate your prayers.   May his family and friends be comforted.      Larry

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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2021, 12:55:51 pm »


May God the Father gives you strength and courage for the loss of your cousin. May his soul rest in peace.


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Re: Lightline for September 11, 2021
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2021, 02:07:00 pm »
Hi Larry,
Sorry for the sudden loss of your cousin. We wish him God speed and fast adjustment to the new phase in his ascension career. May the Love of the Father comfort the family and everyone that Michael's life touched. Amen.

Love and Blessings,