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Lightline call for September 22, 2021
« on: September 22, 2021, 05:45:00 pm »
Hello everyone,
Van was our MC. We heard from TARKUS, Khalil Gibran, and Ron provided a great deal of information from the MOST HIGHS, and John Foster Dulles through MICHAEL OF NEBADON and THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. I encourage all to listen as it provides a great deal of insight.
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Re: Lightline call for September 22, 2021
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2021, 12:01:35 am »
Hello everyone here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday 22nd September 2021.

Elise: Good evening and good day everyone. This is LLLUSA/EU. It is Wednesday September 22nd 2021. I am Elise SophiaVeronica opening this call to welcome all of you and to thank you for your presence. We're always required to welcome our celestial family and thank them for guiding us along. So let's see what they have to say today. Your host is Amethyst and I'm going to turn this over to her to see who will be our guests and speakers for today. So may I give this to you Amethyst?

Amethyst: Yes. Thank you so much Elise. Thank you. While Elise was making the introduction we received Valerie's here and Pliktarious is here. Please welcome And I welcome all of you to this call.  I wanna start out with a brief prayer.

Beloved Heavenly Father we love you and we thank you for the gifts and blessings that you provide to us. We ask that this call be clear and crisp and the information be accurate. And I thank you so much for the opportunity to serve on this lightline. And so let us begin. Amen.

Ok. Van is here. Clearly van is here and Van is indicating he's going to be directing the call. Tarkas is here as well as an Observer and as someone who just wants to make sure that things flow in a good manner and we are protected as much we can be from all interruptions and disruptions. And I welcome Rene. Thank you for joining us Rene.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas and I just want to open with a brief statement. Amethyst has been having a lot of difficulty with her sleep issues as well as Ron has. She had set her alarm clock today to make sure that she would be able to be here on the call. There are times like Ron when she is put into a deep, deep sleep and is unaware of it for several hours. I want to be here and just check the progress of the call and watch for interference. And with that I’m Just going to hand this to amethyst.

Amethyst: Well thank you Tarkas. Thank you So much. 

Van: This is Van and I will be the one arranging the speakers and the callers today. So let us get going here.

Amethyst: One moment. Just one I want...Ok .Alright.

Van: This is Van. Lightlines is becoming more difficult because the problems you see only get bigger while the help from above seems only to take longer. This one is able to watch the news for no more than ten minutes or so before it begins to take a toll and she has to remove herself from the constant bombardment of the mental and spiritual pain witnessed on the screen. 

Just hang in there one more day she tells herself. The next day comes and the problems are only bigger and more souls are suffering from what she sees as uncaring Leaders of countries and they continue to see only to their own needs while being completely uncaring for those they were elected to help. It is these times I step in and help her.

One of the reasons we are able to stay in contact pretty much is we use  communication through our Adjusters and bypass the need for most of the various circuits used. It requires only that both of us can access to our connection to THE FATHER. I now want to introduce one of the Morontia guides that you all have just recently learned about and I will let him take the reins now.

Khalil Gibran:  Well ladies and gentlemen my name is Khalil Gibran. Some of you are quite familiar with my work on your planet. I was of Lebanese descent and I was on your planet from Late 19th Century into the First quarter of the 20th century. I was a poet. I was a philosopher and I loved to write. I loved to discuss and write about spirituality but was not a religious man per se as you would understand that word. 

I was and still I'm what many call eccentric. I finished my Mansion World work early and then went on to the capital of your Local System working a lot with the Material Sons and Daughters as I never raised any children of my own. Children always seemed so undisciplined that I found it difficult to relate to them. Even though I understand they were gifts from God to grow into their own sense of being. (Amethyst: They are starting to get my throat already. Excuse me.) It troubled me when I walked upon our planet to see so much discord among the various religions of the day. 

Only recently has it been brought to my attention the crises and the plans for the Missions and that is why I volunteered to return and serve on Earth as a Morontia guide. I was checking out our local news information on Jerusem and noticed a piece written there as to what was happening on Earth. We have been shielded from a lot of information there due to our relative spiritual immaturity and it was only recently we informed about the supreme. You can imagine we were very shocked that such a thing could happen as were all of you. But we are maturing fast as it is necessary that we all learn to be flexible to pursue the will FATHER. I work on the planet as part of my own ascension career now as do many former natives from earth.

We  wonder with bated breath if the planet will explode due to core issues or will it blossom into Light and life as I believe That is THE FATHER'S will. I am putting my chips on the ladder. Before my death I wrote; “Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our neck before emperors but today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty and obey only love”. After all isn't love the ultimate goodness? This was just a few years before the Urantia Book was being given to humanity. I left the planet just prior to that. I seemed to have a sense even then that truth, beauty and goodness were the qualities that should guide humanity to the will of THE FATHER.

When I get the chance to closely observe the events on Earth I am appalled because I had always hoped and even assumed that humanity would move forward and not backwards. I can see clearly the challenges your Planetary Manager and the Missions face. When I was there in my mortal life there were of course rats and vermin running around causing havoc. But at this time the evil ones control the rats and the infestation is such that I cannot understand how you manage to continue to live here. I am now following the progress of your little group and I stand by ready to hold out my hand and greet each of you when you have finished your work there. And you can come over and we can sit and talk. I do love to sit and talk.

Of course I cannot offer you any information as to the various missions as that is not in my wheelhouse.  I stand only as a student and as an Observer as many of you. I am to help, to guide and protect when needed.

Since you have now learned about the Morontia beings that have been assigned to all on your planet some of us do have the ability to reach through to you and just tip our hat and let you know that we stand fully with you. My particular assignment is with Amethyst and Van and I work closely with her. She makes steady progress even though she herself cannot recognize that and like Van I can reach out to any of you if the need should arise.

I just wanted to introduce myself mostly to confirm the information you have been given about the Morontia Helpers humanity now has. If you are not familiar with my work, you can always do a search on your computers and learn more. Although most of you do know who I am and about my life on earth. I have truly enjoyed being able to connect with you in this way and perhaps will be able to do so again as it is warranted. So I bid you a good day and as your Master always reminded you be of good cheer.  Good day.

Amethyst: Well, this is Amethyst and I thank you very much Khalil Gibran. When I was quite young in my twenties I did read some of his work and found his wisdom to be amazing. So I am so grateful to have heard from him. 

Tarkas: Now this is Tarkas speaking again. I am wondering if you picked up a clue. Did you see or did you recognize anything about how Van or Khalil Gibran Communicated through and with amethyst? You are all familiar with the idea that Adjusters can speak to each other and get back to their humans as long as the humans are attuned to their Adjusters. This is a communication venue that you all need to strengthen within yourselves. Van can quickly reach Amethyst because their Adjusters are quite in tune with each other and quite in tune with their wards.

This is something you need to look at more carefully and understand more fully. The insurrectionists and cabal or whatever it is you choose to call them has no power to interfere with Adjuster to Adjuster communication. It is a direct channel to THE FATHER Himself from His children. So if you are communicating with a former mortal such as Van is and such as Khalil Gibran is you can communicate with them quite clearly without any interference if you use this avenue of communication. It is my hope that you will strengthen this path as it can be of a great asset to you.

Now sometimes it is a little more difficult to reach those of us at a higher level because in my case being a Trinitized being my Thought Adjuster is no longer, how should I say this, the main focus of my service. I am Trinitized that makes a difference but to those who are ascenders and still work very well with their Adjusters your communication with them is unlimited and very much protected for THE FATHER Himself is directing that communication. I hope you all think on this. 

You do not always have to rely on other circuits to get to a communication .The Adjuster circuit is in place and is impenetrable by anyone who would seek to interfere. I  Tarkas plant a seed in your mind and I now step back and hand this back to Amethyst. 

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and thank you so much Tarkas. Thank you so very much for this. We are all aware of the fact that there is Adjuster to Adjuster communication but thank you so much for reminding us of this as we can begin to rely on it more and rely less on other circuits. Thank you so very much. 

Tarkas: You're welcome Amethyst.

Amethyst: I'm looking to Van now and he is just nodding his head and he just waits. That's his way of saying yes.

Van: You do have options that can lock out evil if you remember them and use them creatively. As Tarkas mentioned this will not work of course with anyone who has not been a human but it can be a very valuable aid otherwise. 

Now it is almost half past the hour And... Just give me a moment please. This is still Van. I do not see anyone standing by wanting to speak with you. I do see observers. In fact I see a lot of observers. I’m not sure whether they are students or who exactly they are but Anyhow I return this to Amethyst and I am going to ask her at this point Turn this over to Q&A

Amethyst: And Lemuel has his hand raised. I am going to unmute Lemuel. Yes Lemuel.

Lemuel:  Yes, thank you. Thank you, Amethyst. Would you be kind enough to repeat the name and the spelling of your visitor please, from Lebanon?

Amethyst: Khalil Gibran.

Lemuel: Can you spell it please? 

Amethyst: Yes, yes just a moment. K-h-a-l-i-l  G-i-b--r-a-n.

Lemuel: Khalil Gibran.

Amethyst: Yeah I think that's how it's pronounced. 

Lemuel: Khalil Gibran.  Fine, thank you very much, Amethyst. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Is that all? 

Lemuel: For now yes thank you. 

Amethyst: Alright I'm going to... you're welcome Lemuel thank you. Alright. Jose you have your hand up and Ron I will be coming down to you because we really need some input from you today if you have any.  Jose before you ask your question or give your comment Jose, how is my audio coming across?  Is it still breaking up? 

Jose: Well on my side it's perfect.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. What's your question?

Jose: I have a question regarding the Adjuster to Adjuster Communications Tarkas spoke about and he mentioned we will be able to communicate with the Morontia Beings on the mansion Worlds through this type of communication of Adjuster to Adjuster. My question is does that mean we will be able to communicate with our loved ones through this type of Communications that are Mansion Worlds? 

Amethyst: Ok that's a good question. I’m gonna ask Tarkas to answer that. I'm having trouble with my throat today. I've had no trouble whatsoever the all day. I get on the call and I start coughing. 

Tarkas: This is Tarkas, Jose. And the Adjuster to Adjuster communication requires that both individuals involved have a solid and good communication with their own Adjusters. If your loved ones on the Mansion Worlds I still at a level in which they have not developed that strong attunement with their Adjuster it would be probably very difficult for them and you communicate between each other. If they have become very attuned and are even fused, then the answer to your question is yes. But with one caveat ;The communication that is Adjusted to Adjuster must be in accordance with THE FATHER'S will and must be about spiritual matters of importance and/or perhaps checking in on the well-being of each other and the like.

This type of communication is not going to be used for issues that are frivolous. It is for important Communications. I hope this answers your question Jose, does it? 

Jose: Yes, thank you very much Tarkas. Thank you, Amethyst. Thank you very much.

Tarkas: You're welcome.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst. Thank you Tarkas. I have myself experienced in a very limited way, not extensively, what I believe to be Adjuster to Adjuster communication with some on the Mansion Worlds. It doesn't happen often but I have experienced it on at least two occasions come to mind. So I don't know. It appears to me we are being given the opportunity to build on that. So did you have anything else Jose?

Jose: No thank you. That was amazing how you could have that experience and I'll be looking forward to that in the future. 

Amethyst: Yeah .In my case I had to ask my Adjuster. Let me see if I can pull up in my memory how I did it. And my memory is failing me. I don't know if it's because I'm not supposed to say or how that goes. But I do remember asking my Adjuster “Look I would like to say something to this person if his or her Adjuster is available to receive information and pass it down to them” and that is where I started. I started by including my Adjuster in the communication and asking permission to do so. And I think that is important.

Amethyst: Ok I don't see any other hands up. This is a…We have twelve on the call today. So what I'm gonna do... Lemuel is having problems speaking because if dental issues so I'm not gonna call on Lemuel to provide anything unless he feels like to do so and Lemuel If you do, do not hesitate to unmute yourself .I see that Elise is Elise you have the floor.

Elise: Thank you. Now I have a question but I understood that Kahlil Gibran that he is a Morontia Being at this time but he is telling us that he is Trinitized and I think that …

Amethyst: No, no, no .You misunderstood Elise. That was Tarkas that was saying that. Maybe I didn't make that clear enough. I probably didn’t make that clear enough.

Elise: Ok I understand. Now I understand that thank you.

Amethyst: Ok is that all you had? Do you anything else you wanna…?

Elise: No, no, no I was just thinking that’s a much farther state. So I understand that’s a misunderstanding. Thank you. 

Amethyst: Ok... Yes that was Tarkas speaking when you said he was trinitized and he was just making the point that his Adjuster and him have been together for so long and I did not understand the Trinitization process and how it changes a person's function and ability to serve and all that. So I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear. Kahlil Gibran is a Morontia Being on earth now serving as a companion or protector or I'm not really sure what their job description is at this point but we will learn as we go on. 

Ok. Let’s see here ...Scanning down my list and I don't see anyone having their hand up. I am going to go to Ron and I'm going to unmute Ron. And Ron I’m so glad you're here today. I would like to know your two cents worth on all of this.

Ron: Oh yes Amethyst. Thank you so much. I do have something for you. Just a minute.

I am Le Bron, Ron. You don't know me.

Ron: I have never heard of you. I am sorry. That doesn't make you less worthy.

Le Bron: Thank you Ron. (Laughter).I wanna say this only you can do that to me. The truth of the matter is that not only am I Le Bron but I'm also a philosopher along your lines. The truth of the matter is you have a great mind. You know where the structures lie and you use them fully. What you must realize is that the world that you live on is not so minded. They will never understand how you come up with the truth far beyond their ability to comprehend it. I now know you have done something with an invention that will startle the world. You fully enjoy it and you fully intend to make available what you can make available. You'll be seen among the great inventors. However, learn this; The People's Republic of China is on the brink of such a discovery. If you don't move your carcass (?)Faster they’re gonna get ahead of you with the patent and that will destroy your invention. They don't do it nearly as well as you do it. I'm suggesting that you get a hold that attorney and make it clear it is a race to the finish. 

Now this; for the people On this list it must be clearly understood that I am a Morontial being yet I'm not spirit and that the person I am speaking through is first stage spirit. I have never ever met such a condition before and I praise you.

Ron: Thank you 

Le Bron: Now this; the truth of the matter is you know the answer almost before I or Tarkas can speak it. Yet you know they are the ones who should speak it.

Ron: Oh yes. 

Le Bron: Why?

Ron: They are the preceding authority and I respect that fully. I consider I a protocol to allow and to appreciate their statements for frankly because you are in spirit and Morontial. You have more in-depth knowledge than I do and I'm happy to bow before you. 

Le Bron: Thank you Ron. That is a gorgeous answer. You consider it a protocol.

Ron: I do.

Le Bron: Thank you. Now to the rest of you some of that mumbo jumbo but it makes sense to spirit. What Ron is saying if I may interpret is that politeness requires that those who are superior to you in rank and knowledge must have the privilege first of answering any question in depth. Ron has said that is what he observes and that is what we appreciate.

Tarkas: I’m now Tarkas. Ron has been warned about China before. It is not that pressing yet, Ron because you are not in contact with your Attorney because of a disaster. And you are fully furious with the cabal over pulling it and you are not incorrect. He will secure the line once more and be online within I would say 12 hours. But until then it's nip and tuck and he is not ready to say anything. He’s ready to say to you I need your full disclosure immediately. 

There is something about it that must be put online with the patent office immediately otherwise we lose it. You know full well what it is. 

Ron: I know several items like and yes thank you.

Tarkas: Likewise.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: Now this; Amethyst has been very kind enough to allow you to get in and make a speech and I am Michael of Nebadon to do that speech. If I may Amethyst, as Michael of Nebadon I want it to be known that Ron had a 2 hour session with the Most Highs this morning. He's now in possession of Startling information regarding Nation states that threaten War. He's been warned not to publish it and he stands back as requested. However it is about time that the people on the discussion list and particularly those who are so faithful as to attend lightline sessions multiple times should understand to do this. 

You are now reaching the maturity of being able to listen to Spirit and know exactly what it requires of you. Ron calls it protocols. A protocol is a behavior that is what you always do when certain conditions arise. Ron is so used to our protocols he knows when to obey and when just to enjoy it. Today the protocol was The Most Highs are now part of an intelligence report to him that he must not share. 

Why do we give him that intelligence? I'm now convinced that Ron needs to be in government and that he should be part of the intelligence community at the highest levels. I’m not sure that we can manage that or share that. However the fact that he spoke to an ambassador to another Local Universe, Alvoring in particular and that is the former human that went under the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles who now understands that Ron is a crackerjack.

Ron: Pardon me but that's 1950s entirely thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADONThank you Ron. The truth of the matter is you listen to every nuance I speak and you know them when they come forth. And that is a 1954 -55 expression used at the time you saw John Foster Dulles arrive at a large home, it may have been New York. In New York over the 1956 issue of the seizure of the Suez Canal by the British and the French. Foster Dulles was sent to that home to negotiate their withdrawal. Ron was 14 when he saw it and knew immediately that what Foster Dulles had to deal with was very unpleasant but very powerful. That is what you are going to have to do as attendees to Lightlines folks. Please do not have big feelings. Be prepared to be instructed about things you hold important but you have to change either behavior about or an idea about it. 

It's the heat of the kitchen that you have chosen to listen and participate with. I am about to tell you something that might upset you. The immigrees that you see on the southern border Of the United States are mostly from Haiti. I will tell you right now spirit says they must not be allowed into the American system. They are all brought up in a country that knows no discipline and very little Alliance to its protection. Bring it into the United States and they would invite Russia in if Russia sent them. That’s the trouble. Your president Biden is totally unaware. He is exporting them back to Haiti. But Haiti is in a shambles. It cannot survive more people who are homeless. And they are.

Most of them have fled to South America or southern Central America. There they live on the poverty level but at least have homes. In the United States they do not and are a tremendous drain on the American system. Ron says to the Most Highs why is there dithering about what to do with a mass immigration into the United States when the United States cannot afford these  hordes to suddenly appear. His recommendation is to seal the border and guard it with the military. That is the solution right now. But the Biden administration is refusing to consider it and looks at it as genocide if they take that kind of action. The trouble is they must. I'm so sorry they must.

Now that goes directly to the idea of the Regency. Do not mistake it for anything else. Carole Deptula suggested a triumvirate. That is a disaster. Ron looked it up and found that it was a triumvirate that brought the end to the Republic in Rome. That was Caesar and two others. Caesar wound up as chief and when he was assassinated a vacuum occurred that Rome eventually learned was fatal. If you destroy the Republic with the triumvirate you are asking for real trouble. The Regency is what will be put into place and you must learn to cope with. It will feel un-American. Be prepared for that. Un-American but it must be shown. There is no America shortly if it is not put into place. I'm trying to make it perfectly clear as Nixon would say. That we have to deal with very unpleasant subjects on a level you’re not used to dealing with people.

You're going to be asked to participate in unpopular actions. Do you know that? Can you deal with it? We'll find out soon enough. I now ask the indulgence of Amethyst because I must continue on another subject, unpleasant.

The truth of the matter is that the genocide Biden is afraid of is going to happen in spite of Biden. The overpopulation of the world is well known to you. 9.5 billion People crowded onto a planet that can accommodate at most 6 billion. For that reason the food supply and the various means of support cannot survive under the struggle to support too darn many people.

The truth of the matter is Ron grimaces at the great-great-grandmothers that throw their hands up in joy at five new great-great-grandchildren.  The truth of the matter is he says to them,” lady do you know what you’re bringing them into?” The truth of the matter is they do not, they are ignorant and that ignorance must stop. The Regency will be here to educate as well as to rule. The Regency is about to be instituted.  We can't wait.

The declaration by China to oppose the Austro-British-American axis is dangerous beyond all words. They are preparing to fill the military into the Straits of Formosa as well as the South China Sea. That will clash with the American Fleet and believe me  it will be a clash. South Korea is no friend of the United States in this. They feel that China has a right to extrapolate its power and they support it. But what they fail to understand is if they support it they lose their economic support and will fall victim to a North Korean Style Regency themselves. As far as we are concerned, if that is what they can have it with our blessing. That's how dangerous this is. 

Those of you who care less about the geopolitical issues must now understand that the entire region of Southeast Asia is a Tinderbox. Before WWII took place it is the same area that triggered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It's identical. Watch out!  Only you’ve got big man China in place of Japan and china has nuclear weapons this time.

Australia is on the pinch point. An extreme danger to the Homeland of Australia. It jumped at the chance to learn nuclear submarine technology and the United States and Great Britain brought it forth sufficiently, to upset France. France is unfortunate because it insists on being independent of The United States and Great Britain. If France were a much better ally they would have been included. But the Biden administration already considers France that is not a friend of the United States When it comes to commercial interests or national interests that cut across the prestige of France. 

You're not used to hearing things like this.  Ron knows them well and for that reason he belongs in government as well on the side of the Regency. The Magisterial Foundation is his baby. He will attend to it and make sure it is successful with you. It is the hiring agent. It is the humanitarian tracking for you that sees to it you get assignments. Don’t dismiss it. There will be other agencies but the trial that the Magisterial Foundation has gone through, it is senior to all other agencies in place. Ron is no power player. He will be under the Divine leadership of myself, Machiventa Melchizedek and all others who have a say including The Magisterial Sons. But make no mistake about it please. When the Magisterial Foundation speaks in the next 15 years it carries the source and supply of the Divine preferences.

Now this; we thank you Amethyst for allowing this But it must also be stated that The Regency is unknown to Biden and to the cabinet but it is known to people under that set up. Some of them already know more than Ron does and that is fine with Ron. But Ron has the unusual cupidity of knowing what the Most Highs think even before I did. That's on purpose I'm sure. I listened to the report from the Most Highs to Ron this morning and I am appalled at what is brewing. China is ready for war. China won’t get War. But that's how upset they are with the axis power that Great Britain, Australia and the United States bring to the region. 

You can't dismiss that they are going to be the military that stops China from taking over other nations. I hear the Universal Father…

Ron: I do too. I felt it briefly Michael.  


Ron: You're most welcome Father.

THE UNIVERSAL FATHER: Thank you. We speak thoroughly to the Amethyst lightline for Wednesday 22nd of September and I remind all of you this is the first day of fall wake up if you don't already know that. It is 3 something  in the afternoon for New York time. You have to adjust for your own time zones.

Now this; The trial that everyone must face on Urantia whether you know about us or you don't know about us is the fact that the genuine transmission of information is now going to slow to a trickle. The Hosts of lightline will continue to receive that information. New transmitters will be brought on as Ron can bring them on. We’re allowing you decide the veracity of any new transmitter and how well they do. He's looked at several already. They are good transmitters but they have a false idea of who they are and they cannot be worked with. They refuse to join a network and a network is what protects them. Outside of the network they are under great danger and falsity. I AM your UNIVERSAL FATHER and I betray nothing other those who are for me and are standing up already as you are, have my Undying gratitude. And as Ron says remember He’s eternal.

The truth of the matter is I'M also Infinite and the stand goes long, long way to the Future ascension. Now this; As your  UNIVERSAL FATHER I AM standing tall with you Ron and I betray nothing when I say you are the best transmitter I have ever met in all of the Super Universes.  I don't know how that works and properly spoken to.  He just said it is your gift to me, Father and that is the truth. He holds nothing that he did alone to do it but he did. He stood forth on the bridge of infamy one day and said, “This is where the butter on the toast lies and I will be there.” I will not be with barren ideas or barren destinies. I am wholly with and for you Father. There is no other. He was forced to do it the way none of you have been forced to do it. But he has proven to be the right guess on my part that there is iron in this man. We have yet to test. 

Furthermore I’M seeing to it that China has no chance against you either Ron. The truth of the matter is Confucius or Sai Tao Wo can get in your way with this either. They are entirely for the celebratory issue of China finally having its civilization appreciated and that is fine. But the truth of the matter is China has never learned to live peacefully with any community. They have Hubris with a capital H and I will not tolerate it. Further stated the United States has lost its way and I will not tolerate it. The Regency is my answer. Get used to it.

I now turn this back to you Tarkas.

Ron: Thank you FATHER.

THE UNIVERSAL FATHER: You’re most welcome Ron.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. I also stand adjourned. 

Ron: And Amethyst thank you for giving me the time and the voice to something very, very important to say. I am now turning this back to you. Take it away Amethyst. It's Ron.

Amethyst: Ok I'm so appreciative of the sobering words from the Most Highs. This is one of the reasons why I cannot watch the news. I can sense these things and feel these things and feel so helpless you know to do anything about it. And having these things put on the table the way they were is really something that needed to be done and I'm so appreciative.

Ok I think we have come to... we are a little bit over our time. I think we can go ahead and close down. I was a little surprised that Ron and Lemuel were not aware of who Khalil Gibran was. So encourage any of you who are not familiar with his work to check the internet and find out a little bit about him because he was a fascinating man when he was on this planet. And…. yes Lemuel?

Lemuel: I'm sorry unmuted myself. The reason I asked for the spelling is that I had forgotten. I also had read his works many years ago. While I'm on could I just… Whilst Ron was speaking about Regency my own Beloved was informing me of the same and also to the extent that, well in fact I have always been 100% behind the idea of Regency and not triumvirate as Ron stated that would be fatal. And so I just wanted to add my two cents worth to this with aid of my Beloved Thought Adjuster. Regencies must be put into place and they will work because they have to work and the whole world can see little by little of course that they are working.

And this is the only answer and just one other thing as regards the Immigration I have said many times before when the garden is completely overthrown, overcome with weeds, you must get a professional gardener in there and sort it out. Whether you call it a genocide or what it doesn't matter. It must be done. Otherwise the whole garden is gonna go to ruin. So that's my two cents worth on that. So thank you Amethyst. Ok.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. I want to thank All of you for being here And I thank all of the celestials I’ll have to when I put the tape up I'm gonna have to listen to it again because I lost track of how many different ones we heard from today. Thanks to Ron and so I’m going to close this down. I will be on the Saturday call this week. It's my turn and so with that i am going to say goodbye.


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Re: Lightline call for September 22, 2021
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2021, 11:28:59 am »
Thank you Moses for this transcription. Thanks you all. 

Offline occerpa

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Re: Lightline call for September 22, 2021
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2021, 01:34:43 am »
What a pleasure to know and to have heard about Khalil Gibran, extraordinary Lebanese poet, a nationalized American, about whom I have widely spread his beautiful poem The Sons, from his poetry book The Prophet.
This is one of the most beautiful writings we can come across about children and parents. It is found in the book The Prophet by Khalil Gibran whose words are born of great wisdom. It has been and continues to be the bedside book of millions of people in the world, which has allowed multiple editions of this text that expresses a timeless truth on fundamental topics of life such as love, friendship, good and evil ... and that continues to captivate readers of all time.

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of life's call to itself.
They come through you, but not from you.
And even if they are with you, they do not belong to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
Because they have their own thoughts.
You can shelter their bodies but not their souls, 
Because their souls live in the mansion of tomorrow, which you cannot visit even in dreams.
You can strive to be like them, but don't try to make them like you.
Since life does not go back, nor does it stop at yesterday.
You are the bows through which your children, like living arrows, are thrown.
The Archer sees the target on the path of infinity and 
He, with his power, will tense you, so that his arrows can fly fast and far.
May the tension caused by the Archer's hand be your joy, since just as 
He loves the arrow that flies, he also loves the bow that remains immobile.

Khalil Gibran
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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Re: Lightline call for September 22, 2021
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2021, 02:07:20 am »
Thank you for this Khalil Gibran poem it takes me back to when I was a very young man
and a friend tried to introduce me to Mr. Gibran's works but I was not interested at the time.
He even gave me that book but I only read the poem you have posted.

But many years later I came across his works online for one reason or another. 
This time I had some interest and it stuck in my mind.

Here is a part from the poem on Pleasure;

      On Pleasure
     And now you ask in your heart, “How shall we distinguish that which is 
     good in pleasure from that which is not good?”
     Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the 
     pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower,
     But it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee.
     For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life,
     And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love,
     And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy.
     People of Orphalese, be in your pleasures like the flowers and the bees.

     Khalil Gibran