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« on: October 03, 2021, 12:20:39 pm »

Please be advised that the USA Lightline FOR TODAY ONLY - Sunday - 3 October, 2021  is CANCELLED by request of the highest authorities.

Also please read Ron Bessers posts earlier today here:

Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel and Machiventa were able to reconnect for Ron to receive some information during our call after he made the above post on the Forum.

Michael and Gabriel advised that an attack by the cabal was headed by Mother Spirit on the planetary government of Urantia and Ron Besser.   Father stated that this would be her last intrusion.  Father also assured Ron that Rayson's appointment with him for October 11th is still a go.  Machiventa was able to connect and confirmed that the Planetary Government was attacked and evacuated but not destroyed and will be fully reinstated ASAP.  Tarkas transmitted that they are wrestling back control over the planet.

Ron Besser also received an attack in the early hours of today which has left him in great pain, which Michael has promised to address on his behalf.

Michael of Nebadon reiterated several times that today's Sunday Lightline USA was to be CANCELLED and there was a good possibility it would be starting up once again for Tuesday, October 5.

It is not certain whether the Monday Lightline will be held.

The Circle of Infinity indicated that their connection is not affected in any way and there is more dictation ready for Ron who will very likely receive more information regarding Infinity today and reiterated their intention to publish it through the Michael Foundation International.

Thank you.
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