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« on: November 02, 2021, 03:14:22 pm »
Afternoon/Evening/Morning Everyone,

Tarkas, Mantutia, Machiventa and Jesus joined us on today's call.  Jesus asked we join with him in praying for our brethren to be released from all fear that has and is holding them back from reaching out for a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Thank you to all who attended this call via phone and internet, and my deepest apologies to those on streaming which constantly and continually failed to remain online for today's call.

Here is your downloadable link for today's Lightline:

Don't forget all the wonderful Lightlines scheduled each day this week and the Sunday, Nov 7th Lightline USA to be hosted by Ron Besser.

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« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2021, 06:26:18 pm »
Hello Everyone.  Here are notes for today's Light Line.  
Light Line: Nov. 2, 2021 Tuesday
20 on direct call, and 1 on streaming.
Phyllis Simpson, Host.
Issues on streaming. Pray for patience.

Who will be our MC for today?

TARKAS: I am your MC for today. We will have someone get on the issues with the streaming.
Interference can still be manifested, but the Father's Will will prevail.
I am pleased to see each and every one of you who have joined us today. Phyllis' voice is giving her some issues.

We welcome all of you who have decided to partner with us in manifesting the Father's Will on this planet.

You each have your destiny agenda as set by your adjusters, and the tasks set before you.

There are always last minute changes. We have been quite willing to roll with the punches, and keep them from landing and ding real damage.

We are in the upward swing in these missions. You are all doing well. There has never been a group of humans on any planet, so dedicated to the righting and the correction of the Father and his will on this planet, and the coming of light and life, to dispel the darkness and all its previous manifestations thoughout this planet, solar system, and the local universe, and indeed carrying on to the upper echelons of the super universe, and beyond.

There is so much more to these rebellions than was even intimated through all these situations. Urantia was well known for the Luciferian rebellion, and the horrific murder of a Bestowal Son, and all the repercussions and ripples that that caused throughout time and space, and right up to Paradise.

It has not been an easy road to root out the base causes of these rebellions. It is not over yet, but the Father will have his way. He is, as you know, guided by his very being of love for his children, and his creation. For many of us, especially the ones waiting for the manifestation of the turnaround in full measure from rebellion to the light and life. it has been a trying experience for you to keep your patience, faith and hope, knowing in your hearts, that the full manifestations will take place. The timing of the Father is perfect, for the will and ways of the Father are perfect.

Your perception, and from our own, can be a seemingly long wait, an extended period of what seems to be trials and tribulations and testing of your faith, and stalwartness which you have all decided to bring to your personal missions, while you wait the visual representations of all you hope for. You know in your hearts that that will happen. The timing of course is up to him who is beyond time and space, and yet his personal presence within you is experiencing with you all the things you go through. Your personal TA's, your individual TA's. make it possible for the Heavenly Father to be with you through your journeys, and your experiences are all kept as important parts of the history of this grand and Master Universe, and especially important in this New Universe Age we have all entered.

Surprise is not a factor you need to be concerned with. Some people like surprises. Many people don't like surprises. It interferes with the personal comfort zone of each individual, and has to do with your individual experiences and personalities. Yet there have been surprises, "suddenlys" that have taken place in the evolutionary process.

The life carriers, as you are well aware, put together all the possibilities . . .
Apologies to all on streaming. Go ahead Tarkas.

The life carriers within the local universes, your universe of Nebadon, and particularly decimal planets, slated for special projects and implementation and opportunity for special situations to take place, manifest themselves, and are a part of what has been the breeding ground for many possibilities, and many manifestations, yes and the interference of rebellion. You, as will creatures, add another layer of possibilities. And it goes on and on. You can liken it in a certain way, to recipes. You have results that change through the experience of various ingredients, and you have varying results.

Possibilities in themselves can be beautiful and unexpected. We encourage you to embrace the surprises. For as you have been preparing yourselves, your perceptions and mind sets for stability in the Father himself, so also you are not easily moved by the unexpected, but rather, are in the place of guidance through your Father fragments, and through all of the teachers and mentors and helpers that have been very happy and excited to come to this planet Urantia, and make themselves available to the spiritual upliftment of this planet, and the lives of the human population upon it.
You know full well of the planet itself, the supreme being as being the planetary supreme, and her own evolution, that will take place, and has in the past has been interfered with through rebellion. Yet the Father will see to it that all the changes that the planet itself must experience, and progress through, to its own destiny, will be assisted and provided for, just as you, the inhabitants of this planet, are assisted and provided for, for your collective destinies as a species.

This is Tarkas and I step back now.

Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas, and for showing us there are surprises coming, and to be prepared for those surprises, and to go beyond the negativity, and go with the will of the Father . Thank you for your wisdom and guidance in that area.

Phyllis: I ask Father, Michael, and Melchizedeks, to put an end to this interference. Thank you. My apologies, Mantutia. Go ahead.

MANTUTIA: Most of you on this call are aware of my involvement with the Epochal Revelation that was provided for Urantia. This information was slated to grant the opportunity for truth seekers to find a way, and a path of connection back to their spiritual family. Ron mentioned on a Light Line I believe this past Saturday, that the quarantine on this planet Urantia has been lifted.

Phyllis: I am getting strange noises through my phone. No one is unmuted.
Mantutia: we are looking into the noises coming through your phone.


This is Mantutia, returning to what I was saying. You were apprised that the quarantine on Urantia has been lifted. One of the first things many people think of is the opening of the doors, for many of the curious onlookers from other planets, who want to get up close as is possible with the inhabitants of Urantia. They have great interest for many reasons.

While the quarantine has been lifted, also know there are guidelines and protocols that are still in place to prevent interference with the missions, and interference with the humans that are making themselves available to these missions, and are focused on the will and ways of the Father, as well as fully decided in their own hearts and minds, that spirit does indeed communicate directly with the inhabitants of this planet, who will open themselves to this fact, and who will seek out enlightenment and assistance, and reconnecting with their spiritual family.

Mantutia: Continue Phyllis in spite of the anomalies on your speaker on your phone.
Phyllis: Thank you. Streaming has shut itself off. It has turned off 5 to 6 times so far. l apologize to all on streaming. May Father, and Machiventa and his team deal with them with the liaison forces available on this planet to cause this to cease and desist with this interference.

MANTUTIA: Enlightenment being sought, there are going to be many people who are going to see and question many strange things. If they indeed desire a relationship with the universe, and with those of us here, to make that relationship possible, and come to full fruition, their adjusters will guide them, as we will be there to show the Father, and all his coordinates and his various helpers throughout the universes are here, to take part in that very exercise of spiritual connection and personal communication with our celestial family. Regardless of when the new Epochal Revelation is put into print, there is still a need for those with a desire to seek out the contents of that actual revelation. If there is no interest among the population, it is just another set of books on the shelf. But that will not be so. For there is much in the way of teaching and support and circuits for better connection for all of those stepping out, many in simple curiosity, that will turn into relief, as they walk this new path, and listen with their spiritual ears, as well as their physical ears. Thank you all, and be encouraged in your hearts, that this is taking place, and there is more than ample provision for complete success as we move forward on this planet to do the will of hte Father, and the continuance on this planet for the journey for Urantia, and all its inhabitants.

Phyllis: Thank you very much Mantutia. We are appreciative of your involvement and your participation to further the enlightenment, and the opening of our spiritual vision, and the clarification and understanding.
Tarkas please go ahead.

Q and A

1:32 Raise your hand.
Larry Gossett: Thank you Phyllis.
This is MACHIVENTA: I have been listening to what is transpiring. I have a message. I want to reiterate something that Phyllis and Tarkas talked about, and that is the lifting of the quarantine. I am very glad it has been lifted, because it opens the door for visitors to come and visit.
The Star Trek Prime Directive was that they were not allowed to interfere in the civilization that they visited, nor were they allowed to change history in any ways. Those coming toward Urantia have similar protocols they have to follow.

So many beings in the universe have a special place in their hearts for Urantia, and a keen interest because here is where Michael had his bestowal and where Jesus lived his life. This is great news for those in the super universe around, and with these doors open, then much can be observed. It is unique in the universes in the way it has developed, and this history, and most important for the future. It will be the jewel in the crown, and we all look forward to the progress that will be done, with Michael's functioning on the planet.
This is a time you all have been waiting for. We too are excited, and waiting for this wonderful experience to bring light, life and peace to Urantia. But realizing peace will not happen automatically. It will be a trial because of those who are against Jesus, and any kind of government. But they will be dealt with through the Melchizedeks. Progress will be made, as these things are being established on Urantia, and things finally become a reality on this planet.

Back to you Larry.
Larry: Thank you for your encouraging words and reminders. Back to Phyllis.
Phyllis: Thank you Machiventa. Another transmission?

Don't hesitate, dear, this is Jesus. I have something to say.

JESUS: Fear. Fear has been an incredible motivator on this planet of my nativity. It was fear that was at the root of the conspiracy against my life. You know most of the details. You know that it was fear of loss of power for other individuals that caused them to move against me in such an unthinkable way. It was fear that pushed them past their personal areas where they would normally draw the line at certain actions. The rebellion, manifested and played out in and around this particular planet by the hierarchy of those involved in this rebellion, used fear as a great tool to manipulate continuously especially, but not only the mortals on Urantia. If you look closely at the many religions that have been birthed on this planet, and if you open your eyes with spiritual clarity, you will see fear at work in those religions. I do not condemn, and I do not judge those who have chosen what they deemed to be a safe place, through religious commitments. and customs. What I do here and now, is encourage you to pray for the release of the lives of all who are manipulated and held captive through the bonds of fear that have entrenched themselves into the lives of a huge part of the population of those who inhabit this planet, including the religions they embrace. Many, many customs have found a stronghold in the lives of their followers to manipulate them, and to keep them in the place of fear, and prevent them from reaching out fully to their celestial family, and more specifically, build a wall of misunderstanding where they are led to believe that only certain members of their religion have the ability and/or the right to directly connect with the First Source and Center, and his benevolent representatives. Many and various heads and leaders of many religions if not all, have their own version of an evil entity which is basically a representation of the evil of rebellion itself, and of Lucifer, and others of his head cohorts, if you would. Those fears have become so ingrained in followers, who are desperate for a safe place in this topsy-turvy, confused Urantia. I as Jesus ask you to join me in praying for their individual release from the bondage to the fears that have been so instilled in their religions and personal lives, so they can be free to reach out personally and individually to the Creator of all, the First Source and Center.
That is a joint mission we all have, and it will help so much, as inhabitants of this planet are freed from these entanglements, these fears, that hold them back and imprison them.

I am your brother JESUS. Let us take on this challenge together for the sake of our brethren, and therein include them in all the Universal Father has. Let us step forth.

Thank you.

Phyllis: Thank you Jesus, for granting us this awareness and announce this mandate to pray for our brothers and sisters, which have been taken and held captive by fear. Thank you so much.
Tarkas, back to Q and A?

Larry Gossett: Jesus was talking about fear. So many times fear runs our lives. Language is very complicated, and many words get assigned as good or bad. But also many words have both negative and positive aspects. Fear can be beneficial. There are aspects of ego that are important.
So we have to be careful with our language, it is so all encompassing. The Urantia Book had many words I was not familiar with and I had to keep a dictionary nearby.

I warn you that some words have two aspects. Be careful about what we assign to words, and to make sure that we are using the full definition and understanding of what we do with it.

That's all I had to say.

JESUS: You all I'm sure, remember and are aware of when I came to the temple, and I overturned the tables of the money changers, and rebuked those who were taking advantage of the innocent. Why did I do that?
The emphasis of the Temple which was meant originally for the worship of the Father, and a way and means to enable people to find a way past what they believed stood between them, and a personal relationship with the Father, and the ability to come into His presence. The gifts, offerings and tithes, were mostly necessary to provide a means and a way for the people to do something, to break through the wall in their own minds, of the separation between them and their God. It had much to do with the previous cultish beliefs I was coming against, in my actions against the bondage that had been created with the people. The hopelessness that was manifest against those who may not have been of financial means, to the Father, the money changers, and those who had installed themselves in the temple area made the focus not the Father, not communication with the Father, not freedom, but instead had become shackles upon the lives of those who were giving everything they had, everything they could possibly give, to find a way to connect, possibly with the first time in their lives, with the heavenly Father. Those are the fears I am addressing. The beliefs, the many institutionalized ways and means that has been cultivated to those who should have been assisting my brothers and sisters, but instead have placed big stumbling blocks, making it impossible for them to ever break free to the Father personally.

They grow and grow, and enslave my brethren. Those are the fears to which I am speaking.

I am asking this Light Line call to be terminated for this day, and am asking you to consider your brethren who are shackled, and are prevented in their minds, the relationship that they so desired, but have been led astray.

Thank you.

Conference recording stopped.

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« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2021, 03:20:19 pm »
Thanks to you SongatSunrise for giving us this transcript containing the beautiful speeches of Tarkas, Mantutia, Machiventa, and Jesus, whom I also thank.
Thanks also to the host, and to the participants.