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Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« on: November 16, 2021, 03:21:34 pm »
Hello Everyone

Thanks to all who attended  this call via streaming, direct call in and internet, after a rough start streaming finally held for the duration of the call.

Our heartfelt thanks to Tarkas, Christ Michael, Father, Machiventa, Van, Amadon and not least of all Jesus for your participation in this Lightline and each of your important contributions.

Thanks to Ron Besser for stepping in to host, despite all of his own health challenges.

Here is the link for today's audio tape, for Lightline USA, Tuesday, 16 November 2021 (it says Nov 11th on the tape but I assure you that was simply a slip of the tongue):
Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.

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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2021, 02:58:33 am »
Hello Everyone, here are the notes for the Tuesday Light Line.  
Light Line 11-16-2021 Tuesday

Ron: I don't have the usual menu at all. Streaming is locked out.
Is the whistle the streaming?

Phyllis: It sounds like a truck backing up. (vocal interference)

Ron: We have 23 on the call today. Phyllis: we have 3 on streaming at the moment.
Hello everyone, this is Ron Besser your host. Welcome all. We are having a few technical problems, not unusual lately. For those who wish to do streaming try the Internet connection instead.

TARKAS: Phyllis is fine enough today to take a transmission.
If you can take it, it is I Tarkas who would like to speak through you

Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas.
This is Tarkas. This has been an ongoing problem with the Tuesday Light Lines.

We are still getting a hold on the stragglers who are interfering with the light lines, so that the information does not get through, and the people become discouraged.

But the listeners have taken advantage of the opportunity to pick up the audio transmission through the internet on the website. That has never had the disruption issues that have been on the streaming.
Rebels still try to interfere. We thank Ron for making it a point to be on ths LL today. He has been experiencing his own issues with the rebels, who wish to throw a wrench in any time they can.

We thank Ron for being here. At the moment we are holding the streaming. There are 4 callers who are able to keep the connection for now.

This is Phyllis: I just suddenly turned up a blank. One moment.
Go ahead, Tarkas.
Thank you Phyllis. You definitely are having trouble keeping your connection at the moment. We will look into that. I turn this over to CHRIST MICHAEL.

This is CHRIST MICHAEL and I am very disgusted at the continuing interruptions, that the cabal has focused on Ron, and interrupting calls on the streaming, making it a point to hit this Tuesday LL hard and continuously over the last few weeks.
This has been one of the many issues we are all dealing with. We are looking forward to complete resolution soon. We hope that those who are interfering are going to be identified. We are going after the culprits, to ameliorate the situation.

Thank you Christ Michael.

This is Phyllis: I have become very dizzy. Ron would you mind taking it?
Ron: I don't mind at all. Phyllis. Find a place to rest. My streaming has been cut. I've got the dashboard .
Phyllis: I'll keep the streaming on.

This is MACHIVENTA. Tuesday is not usual.
The cabal is trying to show Ron that they can choose to interfere when they want to.

Ron is not going for status seeking. You only have the dashboard. That is unusual. They will learn that that will not stand.

The issues of today: The appearance of Jesus. We will go to Lemuel later on. The truth of the matter, the entire situation regarding anything we want to do on the Light Line is under considerable difficulties. As a result, there is an interruption even in our transmission.

Ron: While they are trying to untangle the situation, Folks, I will speak, intervene with my TA.

Ron's TA: As a thought adjuster, I cannot be struck. For that reason, Phyllis is rearranged in her mental circuitry for speaking. But they have interfered with that. She is not feeling well at all.

I want you all to understand that if we truncate this call today, that would be a first time that we give into the cabal. That is hypocrisy, and that borders on sin.

We reconnect to Machiventa.

I am MACHIVENTA. The truth of the matter, the cabal is strengthening in numbers primarily because the planetary commission that oversees has forced an issue.
The Planetary Commission is a super government over the various governments on each planet, and see to it they are following guidelines, and following the spiritual rules of Salvington.

Right now, Urantia has been cut from being reporter to the commission. Right now Liaison forces are looking to disable the franchise that represents the insurrectionists.

Meanwhile, we are looking at the situation that you have had the past 48 hours. You yell at them and warn them. They stole your white paper on Ultimatons!
You redid it again at 3:30 A.M.
But for some reason, you are feeling fine though you lost sleep last night.
Now you have a print-out and are satisfied. They are ready to take vicious action, including the hard copy.

Don't worry it. This is FATHER. We are preparing for a final showdown with insurrectionists that are Lucifer oriented. We warn you that any transmission today can go very wrong.

We will let that be.

Phyllis is so ill that she cannot maintain her participation. Let Ron know if you are in trouble.

The purpose of today's transmission is a little bit heavier than we have been looking at for the past few weeks.

The other Light Lines that are now occurring, are repeating what is being produced on Sunday and Tuesday. We will not stop the tradition. We will continue to provide information today.

Ron has indicated that his invention of WTP was seriously interrupted when the white paper was stolen. He redid it from memory., He got 80 percent.
There is the remaining 20% yet to do.

When producing electricity off the tower, we have to be careful to not allow electrons into the tower matrix.
We are looking to see how to implement that.


We hang from the top of the tower, like a plumb bob, and it stops 30 feet above the base of the tower itself. The tower is anchored to the concrete pad with a hole dug 16 feet. What that does. is that the induction sphere now transmits all free electrons deep into the ground, and to the WTP cable that is buried. That will send the electrons deep into a trench under the generators.
The entire utility inside is part of the magnetosphere.

We bury the cable, and fill it with electrons.

For those of you who don't know what a preparticle is, it is a constituent part that makes up an atom. The iron atom has 26 electrons in four shells. They are like moons circulating around the center. Each shell is an orbit for the moons in that orbit. There are 4 shells.

The electron is there to balance the charges in the nucleus. When the Electron output matches the nucleus output, then the electron is stable. The nucleus is full of preparticles too, but they are usually charged.
However, what is occurring on Urantia right now is troubling. The atoms you are used to using are well balanced. There are approx. 100 elements on the planet. hydrogen, oxygen, iron, selenium copper, on up to uranium.
There are several types of uranium. The uranium atom has so many electrons, that when you knock some out, and combine with an explosive charge, you then have an explosion..

But what is on Urantia now is dangerous. Certain atoms, such as carbon, have so infiltrated the atmosphere, have polluted the troposphere, going 150 miles overhead. The troposphere has so many carbon atoms, that it is heating up beyond a safety range. If the sun doesn't get you, the atmosphere might. What needs to be done is to remove the carbon tetrachloride. The carbon atoms in the troposphere are now dangerously radioactive.
The sun rays sending calcium particles are also radioactive.

The isotope of carbon in the troposphere is now heating up dangerously. Man cannot do it. It bonds to the oxygen atoms up there, and cannot be chiseled off.

The Father has suggested to the Power Directors that they use the exterminating quality of fire to reduce the carbon tetrachloride to another molecule. They will use a device that will burn off the carbon tetrachloride, and it will take oxygen to burn it.

If you see a streak of fire in the atmosphere, that is the remedy for the carbon pollution so severe in the troposphere today.

This is MACHIVENTA. I have transmitted truthfully the concept. Ron can work it so that it can be understood in common language.
Many people don't like science. Just for that reason Ron said Science is a snob. It does not learn. It dictates. There are now major institutions that will not learn anything new unless it is already in written "scriptures".

We are watching carefully how man is handling this invention. People need to understand that it is a simple invention that works. The doctorates that should be open to this are snubbing it because it is not in the literature. We are making it sure we will rub their faces in the facts.

Ron: The White Paper will put it out even if it is laughed it.

This is MACHIVENTA. You are not wrong. Keep it running well.
We now have presented to us a situation on Urantia where your atmosphere itself could catch fire.

Ron must be relieved of the situation he is in. He knows the problem. But now the solution.

We will run him through a fire bath, and then relieve him of the fire. The intensity of the pain was so great he was wondering why he is alive. He has reached the nadir of the transition that was supposed to work seamlessly for him. But it is not working. We cannot do the transition without killing him.

That we don't want to do. For that reason, we will provide him with a walk-in that will avail him of a normal physical appearance, and physical processing.
But the walk-in has somewhat a different opinion from what Ron has.

Ron says this is ridiculous. I can't live this way !
That is wonderful Ron.
Ron: Thank you

I am CHRIST MICHAEL. I stand apart slightly as I ponder the situation on Urantia today again, mostly. It is filled with insurrection. Not just spirit. It is also man himself.
Listen what the men are saying to the various news organizations. They are getting the way of preventing. The government is kowtowing to those remaining aloof from the Covid vaccination.

Back in the day of Spanish Influenza, you were locked with a lock on your door and couldn't go out for 10 days. Man is spreading Covid around like free love if the fruitcakes don't understand they are contagious.

For that reason, spirit, and the proposed return of Jesus is not placed on hold. It will be placed aloof. There will be incarnation. It will be done by mass media. We will see where it goes.

Please understand, those who are human insurrectionists will have a hard time saying anything, because they will be put under spiritual quarantine. We will see where that takes them.
Now this.

I am JESUS. Thank you for the support, Ron.

The truth of the matter, most of you feel the same way that Ron does. He will not give in or kowtow to the errors of government or the errors of the people around him who make it clear they will not succumb to the rules of community vaccination. If you wish to stay alive, you have no exemption, in working with Light Line and not protecting yourself from human disease. No one is forcing you to do it. But you can get a Covid shot in York within 15 minutes.

I am MACHIVENTA and this: The truth of the matter, you are using morontial speech to me. I enjoy it. When the others learn to do it, I will enjoy it as well.

The Cabal has been pulled away from Ron, and Phyllis will feel better.

Ron will have a Walk-In. He will not lose A and B.
Ron: I am grateful the the universe can provide me an order that will work closely with me.
MACHIVENTA: A and B are not the Walk-ins. Your Walk-in is spirit. They will remain their own entity. When you dissolve the flesh, they have their own ascension.
Ron: May I ever address this entity?
They are one with you.
Ron: That explains a few things.

MACHIVENTA You opened the door to something else. When you as a human start to wear out, all sorts of physical changes take place. You lose memory, weight, strength, and you lose the apology for taking up space when you can't do anything any more and just watch TV.
What Ron has to worry about along with a few others of you, is that age has crept across his intuition to end the service that was started by him. Your participation is hundreds of years more.

That should get your belly full!

You look at Van and Amadon, and wonder how they tolerated several thousand years.

But they were allowed to visit the mansion worlds.
Ron: Oh Ho!
VAN: The truth of the matter, if you were Amadon or myself, you wouldn't have had physical problems. But you are roasted alive by insurrectionists that keep the pain going. You have polio. It was given you by the insurrection. You refuse to give in to them. You started at midnight to redo a white paper.

We salute you!
Ron: as many times as you wish!

VAN The truth of the matter, Amadon and I are going to make a gift to you. Your walk-in is one of us.
Ron: I am hugely surprised. I though you were going to another planet for another mission. That is rescinded.

VAN: I didn't even know that. We are not going to Panoptia. We are going to stay with you. At times you are mostly Van, and other times, you are mostly Amadon.

Ron: What a pleasure! Look at all he experience I gather, from thousands of years and the Mansion worlds.

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. They are being washed, and being repaired (laughter, cough)

This is VAN: I am now recovered. and it was a wonderful speech. The truth of the matter, you are not getting a goddamn thing!

Ron: So I am just getting the shell?
Van: Amadon says you are getting a lot less.
Amadon: what you get is a lot of free energy, and no pain. Nothing more is the maxim.

Ron: Including o shucks (Laughter).
Van: I have never run into such a character! Because you have a full alter ego association with them, but have no real attraction in personal appearance or in being present on Urantia. That is difficult to assimilate by anyone listening. That is because you have a foot in the morontial, and a foot in the physical world.

You get the shell and the good energy and feeling that we maintain for ourselves. W have other means, Ron. Now this. We are now holding flame throwers to stay at a distance.
The truth of the matter, you will attempt to inveigle more than a shell.
Ron: When might this start please?
Van: As soon as possible.
Thank you Van and Amadon.

This is CHRIST MICHAEL. Now that they have been through hell and back for you, we will go to Lemuel. You have a transmission if you will.

Lemuel: Yes, this is J ESUS. What can I say?
You all know the situation in the world. You are all fully aware of it. For my part, and what we intend not just myself but those with me, all is still on the table. Nothing is put off. There is a secret something else on the table.
Although you have been told I will appear on the mass media, that is extra. It is still true that is necessary, we will stop those people int their tracks who are hell bent on killing. No one will be allowed to kill anyone. That will be seen.

We will let the chips fall where they may. That will be stopped.

Having said that, it stands to reason that people will see for themselves, not only are we hearing on TV certain things that are good, but they will also start seeing good things happening, starting here in the US.

Lemuel remembers: some years ago it was told you, you would experience the very last Christmas. Three have come and gone. You think you will experience another one with all the paraphernalia. I am not going to say it will not happen. People still want to enjoy themselves. Christmas will go ahead to allow the people to enjoy themselves. But it will be the last indeed. Next Christmas will be very different.

And so the mass media will broadcast my self and my plan and nothing else, except, my liaison forces will nip in a bud, anyone attempting to kill anyone else. Also the rioting will be stopped. People will not know why they have been stopped in their tracks.
Take heart from these words. Enjoy Christmas. But it will be the last one.
I have nothing else to say, Lemuel.

Lemuel: Thank you Jesus for the encouraging words. Let me see if there is anyone else here. . .
AMADON wants to say a few words.

Lemuel: A few years ago, Amadon was assigned to me as a teacher!

I AM AMADON. Truth to tell, he has never felt anything towards me. Lemuel is a feeling person, and if he doesn't feel it, it doesn't gel.
I want to tell you the experience Lemuel has had applies to some of you.

Understand the difficulty when it is said you are assigned a certain celestial as a teacher. If you don't feel anything that is fine. But it is so much better if you are able to feel something for your teacher. We teach as we can, quite literally, no need for a come-back. But we know it means more to you if you can feel. Don't worry about it. Just trust and have faith. We don't expect anything in return, but we also want you to receive something out of it. That is all.

Lemuel: Thank you for those words. Thank you very much. There is no one else here.

Ron: Thank you Lemuel, Amadon, and Jesus. I say this. You should have noticed a difference in the circuitry. Maybe a little too loose?

Lemuel: Amadon came in so strong, even more so than Jesus.

Ron: That is what I am speaking to. I have my suspicions. Amadon is right here. He is so close, he is practically standing on your ear! I got the same thing.
Thank you Lemuel.
I am not going to entertain Q and A. Phyllis is there anything you would like to speak to?

Phyllis: Just to apologize for my condition today.

Ron: you can't help being ill. Streaming?
Phyllis: Holding at 4.
Ron: We have 23 on the call. I call Light Line for Tuesday as over. We are within timing for a change. We will see you again on Sunday. Thank you for joining us. Thank you all on the direct call, and good day.
Thank you so much, and bye bye.



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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2021, 01:03:42 pm »
In 1980 I believe Ruth Montgomery was the first to my knowledge to coin the phrase walk-in. In a book titled 'Strangers Among Us'. I held back several times to ask question in the past because I didn't think it had anything to do with epochal revelation. If you are familiar with her is it the same type of walk-in?


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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2021, 01:43:16 pm »
Hi Weydevu,  I remember reading Ruth Montgomery and enjoyed her
writings and yes, I think it is the same.
I also remember reading the books of  Lobsang Rampa, The Third Eye, and
others. His walk-in was named Tuesday. Do you remember? This was way
back in the ยด60s


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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2021, 01:54:10 pm »
Yes, I read all of Ruth Montgomery, but her last book got out of control for she typed of visiting planets where pink horse cavorted and that man was not to disturb such a place for good.  I decided that dear Ruth had to many vodka showers and never looked again.  I agree though Weydevu her books were very enjoyable.  It took me a couple of years to discover Seth and I never went back to Montgomery.   I also enjoyed Arthur Ford.  He was a great psychic but died too soon to my taste.  Thanks for the memories.

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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2021, 09:43:52 am »
Thank you Lemuel and Ron, I called myself posting a reply yesterday on my phone. Today I find it was never posted, sorry about that.

Yes Lemuel I read the Thrid Eye and I forgot that.  I enjoyed the ones I read.  I recalled in the spring of '74' in Liberty, Texas while on vacation from L.A. A friend of mine was on vacation from N.Y. we compared all the books we had read. But there was one book I hadn't read and that is how I was introduce to TUB.

But Ron back to walk-ins, are there different types of walk-ins?
Because your experience with your walk-in seems different from what I can recall from Ruth's book. Thank you.

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Re: Lightline USA - TUESDAY - 16 NOV 2021
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2021, 11:27:22 am »
Ruth Montgomery was well advised by spirit to lay off the liquor cabinet when she downloaded material.  Take it as you might but her descriptions of many spirit contact methods were seldom good or right.  I gave them full credit too Weydevu, but after listening to Michael of Nebadon over the idea of walk ins, I am positive there are several ways to use the idea.  He has in mind for a spirit being to provide me the energy required to live a physical lfie in the flesh on a material sphere.  That is not the same of the Montgomery idea of a space provided in the mind for another entity to provide guidance there.  I have a good Adjuster to do that, and so the universe looks at me as a candidate for a living spirit to give me circuitry energy almost like a battery and that seems simple and good enough.  But now they are looking at me to sustain that same energy for me through mechanical means in my heart like a pace maker is for others in our population.  How this works out Weydevu I can only tell you if it is over well enough to know what they did.  Walk-ins can be quite a varied way of doing it as we are just learning there is quite a variety of ways to the universe can configure it if they need t.o,  Meanwhile I have nothing of it yet or maybe ever.  Thanks for you question.  Ron
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