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Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 21 NOV
« on: November 21, 2021, 03:58:07 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Tarkas, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus, RA, Adjuster of Ron Besser and Monjoronson and all who attended this Lightline via phone, streaming and internet.

Here is the link for todays audio tape:
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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 21 NOV
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2021, 12:38:26 am »
Hello Everyone, here are notes for today's Light Line.  

Welcome everybody to Light Line, It is Nov. 21, 2021
I am Ron Besser, Host and Phyllis Simpson, Co-host.

This is Tarkas. I am your MC for today. We proceed to an announcement.

The entire matter of transmitting via LL to Salvington, to other status spheres, is now truncated. We are no longer welcoming the LL broadcast.

This is Tarkas, and that is the Lucifer rebellion attempting to cut the transmission off.

I am Tarkas. I allowed the announcement to come through.
Now the following announcement. We have no announcement.

Ron: That was quite a build up Tarkas!

Do you have anything?

There are 7 on streaming, and 19 on the direct call. Several of you are using the audio on the internet. We thank you and welcome.


I do have an announcement. Tarkas has a copy of an announcement he is having trouble reading. The truth of the matter, attempted interference constantly.

The entire matter of the referendum that you provided me earlier this morning was the result of being fully immersed in the problems of the cabal all night long.

You went to bed early, and first thing, they attempted to take over.

You were sitting at the computer, and there was a sudden rush. Your left foot was affected. You jumped out of your chair.

Ron: normally everybody, when there is a physical contact between a celestial and a human being, I am aware of something of the substance that was attempted.

But there is nothing spoken. I also get physical symptoms from the nasty insurrectionists, and particularly the Lucifer rebellion representative. Last evening it was so severe hitting the bottom of my foot. There was no sense of any entity contact whatsoever. I have no idea what it is.

MICHAEL: The truth of the matter, what you got hit with was a unique signal to you to dispense with anything you were doing, and to get out of the chair and go away.

Michael: You had implanted a small chip in the left foot that allowed transmissions easily. It is now being removed.
Ron: I have enough already. I don't need a chip

We have 9 on streaming, and 20 on the direct call.

I want to say to all of you before my announcement, we have had Ron crying to get relief from the excruciating pain that has moved into his stomach. It acts like a genetic disease. He is not aware of any genetic problems his family has.

Michael: It is psychosomatic. It is the introduction of polio. But they have tried to produce it. You survive life, but you don't remove the pain. I am simplifying the diagnosis. I dare not get into what else we know.
The truth of the matter, without a remedial insurrectionist temper-change. . .

Without some help from Uversa we cannot reverse. . .

We will clear it by what we have often said before. And you come back and say why aren't you doing this or that?

Because it 's too dangerous.

We have decided with Ron's complaint this morning:

Michael you are going to lose your mission, not because you don't start it, but because the insurrectionists and the remnants of the Lucifer rebellion can infiltrate the population of Urantia, to the point they are not listening or obeying. You may lose me, and those on the discussion forum.

You might have to go without any support. If you wanted to do anything, maybe a thousand years will do it. But you will not see a population on Urantia to ascend. They need exterminated, or at the very least, removed from Urantia, even if unconscious. That is what he told me this morning.

We can do these plans and get all our spiritual ducks in a row, and then accomplish nothing, because the Insurrectionists, and the Lucifer rebellion has spread a net over you, and we cannot change what we need to change.
Ron sees an Indian stone arrow. It's chiseled from chert or quartz. It will slice you like any good paring knife. He found them. I am providing every one of you an Indian head to cut anything apart. Call a spade a spade.

When I say get out, now they get out.

For that reason, we now stand on the precipice of extremely delightful news.
Because Ron is mostly paralyzed, he cannot fully enjoy it. But you can jump for joy if you want, when you discover the light power, of being able to hone your mind into the perfection of your Father, your TA. the fragment of the Father himself. Of course you can't have the whole Father inside. It will blow you apart.
What I have applied to you what TA's has been requesting for years, please give us a tool to beat back the evil; deal with the Lucifer rebellion and the insurrectionists. You have it now. Ron you invoke it so well already, you need no instruction.
The truth of the matter, it still has the cracks and leaking ways into you, that the evil people can interfere yet. We are now making it possible to close those gaps, and allow you when you yell, get out! It closes them off.

With all sanity they should get out, but if they persist, I am there to take care of them. They may die on the spot. We are not playing around any more.

The entire matter was settled with Ron this morning, " I can't even make sense, at times whether I am talking with the Father, or the man playing the Father, who is interfering with me. There is no signal any more. "
That is because, Ron, the Spirit of Truth was kicked out by the spirit of Lucifer early this morning.

Now there is a trial for Lucifer. He couldn't believe it could happen.

Now. Let me get to my announcement.
I am going to let Ron be the voice of Jesus this time. Go ahead Jesus.


I am JESUS I welcome you all. Ron keeps an evil eye on streaming. We have 10 and we have 21 on the direct call. That encourages me to say this: Those of you who are loyal, who care, who insist that I come before you, are most welcome in my heart. But you must also understand that there is no particular reason to believe I will appear before the bulk of this awful population.

The news came up that Rotterdam was in a rebellious mode over the ridiculous argument over wearing a mask. Those are not, ladies and gentlemen, people. Elise. They are animals!
And, such, at times, need caged.

We are Jesus, and I respect Ron's elocution, But I never "caged" that hard, but I enjoyed it. Ron's anger is riled up over Rotterdam.
Why the government doesn't arrest them, is a mystery. They are a lethal danger to all the rest who remain in the Netherlands.

We have it here as well, and it gets mixed up with racial murder. It is terrible chemistry for Jesus to appear in. I won't do it for those people.

What do I do? I'm not sure.
Ron said I'm not sure either. But the democracies have to stop playing Mr. Goodbar, and start knuckling down against those who are lethal to the rest of the populations by animal behavior, who have no respect for each other much less for God.

The time is current that the governments, particularly of the EU to stop pandering to the lethal behavior that destroys the civilization so carefully built up over the millennia.

I do not know what to do for the literal government of the USA. You have a president who prefers to count votes rather than ruling by law. He is precisely the same age as Ron. He has to play a hard political hand. But he lets behavior occur like this to happen over and over without calling anybody into account.

I am telling you to day. There is a loss to the second lreturn if there is not some legal effect,. I cannot appear among a horde of violation, as it occurs now. It even puts the crowds who could come to hear me into jeopardy.

I call your attention to the behavior of the mob at that music concert. It was a mob stampede, as bad as cattle. That is what we have to deal with I won't do it

Now this.
You will see me. I intend to make it more of (and this is ridiculous) a television ministry. You all know its a poor second. But until we have law and order reigning again, and those who are threatening your health, are either put in jail, or excommunicated from the country. No second return for them. I won't shake their hand.

When I was in Rome as Jesus the first time, they had constabulary in the streets all the time. You didn't make a false move like stealing a loaf of bread, you would be knifed. They were told there is law and order. There is no murder, thieves, or contempt of state. Knock it off. A stomach blow with a knife is what you get if you pull something like that. Very rarely ws there a street disturbance. Only a circus could make it dangerous in Rome. Now this.

AsJesus. I prefer the softer voice of Lemuel at this point.

Lemuel, go ahead, Jesus wishes you to speak.

Lemuel: Good evening this is JESUS. What you have just heard is going to disappoint many of you. I can feel it and so can Lemuel. Please understand that to be physical among a mob is impossible. It is asking for suicide.

Yes to appear on TV is a second best. It will only be temporary we hope.
Try to imagine when people begin to see there is a man called Jesus. And most of the older population know the name Jesus.

Little by little things will fall into place. Those of you who come with me, the Melchizedeks, and the forces of Ra will see to it the mobs will be greatly reduced before I set foot before anyone.

Please understand that. You know it is my intention, and still is, to appear before Christmas. But to be on the ground before a mob it cannot be.

Of course you are disappointed. Of course.
And so, if it can be arranged, before Christmas, a month -- I would like to have my first TV broadcast before Christmas. If it cannot be arranged, please don't be disappointed. But I will repeat something important. Christmas may come and go, but it will be the last Christmas that you have come to know for so many centuries.

And so. Ponder these words, and feel these words within your heart. I want to be among you. I need to be among you. But for the moment, I cannot, and I will not be among you until this situation changes. And so it is. Thank you for the work of picking me up. Once more, before I say Good Afternoon, remain in my peace. and be of good cheer. Try to be of good cheer, like we also try to be of good cheer. But I cannot put myself and those with me in danger. We don't ask you to put yourselves in danger. Keep your powder dry. We intend to do the same.

We will start with TV appearances, and we will see how it goes. This is all I want to say. This is Jesus. Thank you all, and good afternoon to all of you.

Lemuel: Thank you Jesus, thank you. That's all I have Ron.
Ron: Thank you Jesus and Lemuel.

This is RA I'm here to remind you I am a commissioner for a consummator of Universe Destiny A commissioner is an official outside infinity who sees to the rules and the laws of the Consummator of Universe Destiny #6. That is the Universal Father.

There is no other universe. There is only the Master Universe. and it is His creation. I am an official that sees to the security of Jesus. Ron wanted me to remind you that RA is now the commissioner of security for the second return. We have lethal extra spiritual means to reversing what you saw in Rotterdam today. Ron was infuriated and he almost threw the glass in his hand to the floor when he saw the BBC report on it.

I happen to agree, those are not human, animals, stinking, non-thinking brutish animals. I don't care who joined them. They do not belong in society in any case.

Let me tell you this.

Ron saw the Devil briefly yesterday. He didn't quite know what it was. There was a flash in his eye lids, He can receive pictures under the lid. Don't ask how it is done. Right now, or at that moment, he saw an individual stand before him, and was most curious that it was a most ineffective individual. If Ron is let loose with any power, they have very little choice, but to run. I delight in that as a security officer.

Ron had to use a circuit that was put away that doesn't permit the usual smooth sentence to come through and sound like usual conversation. . It was a circuit that forced him to stop and then had a phrase, and then a stop. It had to work that way so there was no tangle up of the frequencies.

I AM RA. Rather complacent, but more or less at peace. That is a sign to you that you are not going to be killed or destroyed. It will be removed from your system come hell or high water. Hell is Lucifer. High Water is our insistence that you be helped.
I give a moment for Ron to remove the differential and to obey this: You need a little trip to Walmart today. You will be able to make it. Get yourself a good way to have something for Thanksgiving. You have a huge turkey All prepared. But you are so unwell, you have put off making the meal. Don't worry about it. A meal will arrive one way or another.
Dominick has not said anything one way or another. Let him make up his mind.

The truth of the matter, you have celebrated 15 Thanksgivings in a row, and no one with you. Family has died, and no close friends, and it is a pleasure not to have a huge clean up at the end that you don't mind any more. You no longer festoon the house with lights for Christmas. It is so nice to not have to go out after New Years in the bitter cold and have to put lights away. You are quite happy with that. However, you have lost the ability for good cheer. People around will bring you good cheer..
What is on the table is the chance to greet a few celestials in the flesh.

Oh what a pleasure!
We agree. We will set the itinerary. You just survive!

Now this: The truth of the matter, you just got a notice form the cabal. That one is gone. They are not very smart. They have no voice any more.

Let us look at a very positive thing. You just had a picture flash to you of the Father, looking very close at the situation. He has the arrow very sharp, and uses it with discrimination with those who have come around. You have pleaded with your adjuster, if you can shoot, please shoot!
That will be the case now. You are fully accepting of that. It is my first lethal defense.

Thank you Ron. For that reason, you shall have it. You have not had any peace for two weeks. Your sleep is interrupted, and they reinforce the pain. Now let them feel some some.

We are the adjuster, Ron. Thank you for leaving space for us.

Everyone: This is not a lecture to you. It is a lecture to the insurrection. To the halfhearted angels who have joined it, unjoin it. You have the strength and power to and the will to do it.
You do not need to remain an unlicensed seraphim. All of you will receive the bounty of good service again, but you must have the strength to observe that Ron fights alone. He does not allow the lowest seraphim to cause him pain.

To the Lucifers: Your rebellion is fixed. It is over and gone. It is beyond your capacity to resurrect the filthy devil. Stay back let us take care of those armed against you. That is why you don't walk out. They have the power to kill Let's see them taste their own medicine.
Meantime, hide your your face. Do not attempt what you are ordered to do. I am an adjuster for Ron. He has no more of an army around him than you do. He has to fight the hate and incubation of hate against the Father, by a tiny son harbored against the Father and Michael.
A Lanonandek son knows too much and must be destroyed in perpetuity. Not just little shadows who take his place.

Ron is right. Without extermination there is no free Urantia, Salvington. Only defense. We will not live that way.

I am Lucifer. They let me in.
I dare say this. You Ron are one of the greatest enemies I have ever met. You're dead. You are not getting away with it.
I am ready to pull the lethal ray that ends it for you.... I am removed.

Yes, Father, This is Ron. I don't know quite what to make of the vision. I see a two pointed arrows, one pointing north, one south. Usually that indicates both ways. But I submit to you your speech if you wish.
I do Ron, Thank you.
That 2 way arrow is truncated at the top. It is connected lightly to the more bold south. Thank you
What does that mean?
I don't know.
Neither do I.

Michael, what is it?
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I'm not sure. I'm not sure where it comes from. It's a simple device. Whatever it is it is permeated over all the elements. The fact that the top of it is very foggy, almost non existing, and the bottom very bold, might have something do with ascension.


I am the Cabal. We are the seraphim in charge of this district. We adamant about keeping the cabal together. The entire matter about Ron is truncated.
We are withdrawing all personnel that have to do the insurrection. This is in favor of his talk with me, that said, I am worth everything as a person to him but I must defend when I am harmed. He doesn't hate the girls, but he does hate the actions against him.
I understand that perfectly.


You will notice what we are wearing.

I am the Cabal, and I will not live without it. I love the freedom. I want to be free to cause mischief when I see problems.

Ron: Where were you at Rotterdam?
Thank you I fully agree.
For that reason, Michael of Nebadon, I submit to you, call me Suzie, I am not a friend of the cabal. He is nefarious for getting things out that I don't want out.

Where do you get that?
Cabal: I am more powerful.
Ron: Might does not make right.
Cabal: I remove myself.
Michael: The kingdom never teaches might makes right. But might protects, it doesn't murder, or cause him to bleed. They hit him in the legs one day, it drew blood. The legs can heal. But the polio is an implant. It is tricky . It is tied into your heart stem, and it can kill you instantly if we do the wrong thing.


Also want to say to you Ron, Rayson is as Magisterial Son of great dignity.
I want to say this Rayson before you cut in. WTP is rocking certain universities. That is, that you don't know preparticles. You haven't a clue. If you did, you would be much further ahead in science. For that reason, we have enabled you to speak to the highest authorities in science. Your MIT is concerned about starting a rebellion among scientists for announcing an invention before it is ready.

This is Rayson. For my normal controversial self, Ron, do not be afraid. When your attorney comes to you and says I don't know how to do this. Just make sure you suggest the entire detailed paper. He will ask if y u have anything to add. You say yes. I have a white paper on preparticles, and a white paper on Ultimatons so that they can reinvent the whole study of particle science.

Why did you do this?
Out of anguish. Otherwise it would get lost.

Rayson: No holds barred. The truth of the matter, we have no direct way of intervening. You are furious at some of the attitudes. So long as the attitude persists, the uneducated man in science can do any contribution to man on this planet. You have and you will.

I will be a part of it.

Ron: The truth of the matter, I have rededicated my effort to see to it that whatever influence I can bring to bear on this entire process is heating us. We can do this with my staff, to make sure that this technology will be used and soon.

Rayson: I will not be there tomorrow. I am ready to come today. As Rayson, I will now be stand by. Go to Walmart to get your prescription, and something to eat.

Your 30 lb turkey, you might have it for Thanksgiving and maybe for Christmas.
For you and Dominick with whom you often have supper. Without you two, the place is pretty cold and barren. I'm speaking of York. Your buddy across the street has truncated the idea of care. Originally you thought you were dying and you were on the floor, and he needed to call the morgue.

But Bob is a saving grace. But he has suddenly decided he is too old to walk back and forth. Now you. Now you come to him.

The truth of the matter, you have nearly lost everybody except this forum, and the people who want to listen to you. But we will see that you can be able to move appropriately and absolutely.
A and B were temporarily removed. You vociferously complained about it. You missed the friendship beside you. They are restored happily.

M and N are beside you Dominick but you don't listen.

R and S are beside you Phyllis. It is up to you if you want to keep them. You need to transmit.

A new one this morning introduced herself as Kay. I h ad never heard of her before. She has seen to this transmission.
Thank you Kay!


In any case, A and B are supernaphim. M and N Dominick, are waiting for you to catch your breath enough for you to understand you must become more regular in your approach not only to God, but to your friend Ron. He is going through a difficult time. No he doesn't need you visiting and all that, but he needs you to pitch in with the work. M and N will tell you what that is.

Forethe rest of you, unless you are on the planning commission, you will not have Supernaphim at your side,.Rather in place of the Supernaphim. modified seraphim will be at your side. For that reason, you will have your guardian of destiny again. Ron has his A and B with a little help from Suzie.

Dominick, you are the one visible person he has contact with . There is no one else in York, or any in Dover who has the capacity to do the work you do, Dominick.

This to the rest of you:

This is MONJORONSON: The truth of the matter is, Ron you get so deeply into the conversational part, that you forget the identifying tag. You have a particular need to have a group of people around you, to help you stabilize your concern about dying on the floor. You worry about it 24/7.
You are worried that you will wind up on the floor, and no one would know about it. Your doctor is useless, and the hospital is worse. There are so many people in the ER that they can't treat you. That is horrible. York has 2 large hospitals, and they are inadequate. If you need something in an emergency, God help you. They are not good at it.

I am MONJORONSON: Your friendship is appreciated.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I am the chief. We appreciate that we have a new fellow on the streaming. That brings us to 11 on streaming, and 25 on our direct call today., I hope that means an intense interest. Our vocabulary is not easy if you do not know the Epochal Revelation. It will become clear to you as we use it.

Thank you all for joining us. Now this from Michael of Nebadon. For those who are not aware of the Epochal Revelation. l am the Creator Son who made Jesus the SON OF GOD with all capitals. Jesus and the Creator Son are one. So you know.
Ron: I call you Father as well., It is always the will of God, Father and Michael that permit the contact.

You don't just contact. You must use will to speak. And as a result it is a divine honor.
Truth: let me get to my words.

I am also a Creator Son who has determined that the entire matter which must be determined has to be who is worthy of a return of Christ, to enjoin, to improve their lives, and enliven our lives in heaven..,

We can't hold 11 on streaming. For that matter, you need a better classification of service. Charles knows a better classification that can hold those who are interested. We now have 25 on the direct call. That was the streamer that got cut. Thank you for attending.

The truth of the matter is that there is no easy way to communicate with the population at large this way. For that reason, you need to go to a type of communication you have often wanted to do: use this LL as an open radio frequency. We will keep the streaming. But we will also go to radio.
Ron: it is unintended exclusive.

The truth of the matter, we have a couple of telephone numbers that have no name. Phyllis. we will have to go with the fact we have no communication. We have two area codes. thank you for attending.

I MICHAEL OF NEBADON, YOUR CREATOR SON, am now leaving, not only leaving Salvington and Uversa to speak to you directly through your TA'a. Father has allowed me to do that. Urantia is on the edge of a deadly rebellion. An insurrection.

Rotterdam is an example of a group of people that should have been mowed down and start over. The truth of the matter, we can't do it. But Ron's fury is justified, and understood for its lethal intent for that crowd.

See what their actions bring them.

I will speak through all TA's If y u feel a pressure in your mind to look to the sky and speak aloud, your adjuster will allow. It is my voice calling for the elect.

The eschatology of the Baptists demands that Jesus appear before them before they follow him to heaven as the elect. That is an example of eschatology. It is the idea that something will happen if you do something, in religion.
(Widipedia: Eschatology: a part of theology concerned with the final events of history. "End of the world").
Andon and Fonta knew enough to know there was a Creator. I speak this and we will close.
The truth of the matter, every one of you who have joined are worthy of ascension. So sad, the bulk of your population will not ascend.
They died in Atlanta., (Atlantis?) on Jan. 6. and many more.
Apologies for my voice. Ron you are operating so well I want to take advantage of it.

Let us consider this.
Ron: Injections.
Injections to your foot. coming from your left. They will not break your toe.

We need more transmitters You all know it. I am going hoarse for asking. If you want to know what you can do for God, God says please, make it available. Start using it. If you want to work through this network, Ron will help you.
The only thing he commands or demands is that you must follow a schedule. Every day at the same time. He will set you up.

Ron: as your own curiosity ones you have called divine and one called roger, cannot attend.

I am GOD THE ETERNAL SON. Thank you Ron for that matter, you may speak out loud now.
You are aware of the policy to not speak aloud when in circuit contact with the existential deities.

I am the Eternal Son. To the high spirit beings I work with, I insist that my little son Ron show the respect to all, but they are not to be respected by all.

Some of them have been so turned, there is nothing left to say for them. That is the legacy of the supreme as well as Lucifer.

I stand by Ron, as the Father, Ron,

The truth of the matter, Ron you are the only one who can carry this.

I detail one little item: that crunch into the right foot was Michael
trying to see if you are real. You act like you are already a divine son already. Of course you are not. he truth of the matter, you have a holistic view of transmission work. I wish others would adopt.

They are my friends. I will serve as along as they need me.
For that reason, Ron, you need to understand we are your friends., you may serve as long as you can walk. Even that is not always possible.
Get your prescription and come home. Get to work on a new paper called the life and times of one you know very well. No not your biography!

The life and times ( not your biography ) of Christ Michael. That should be interesting! We will make it clear that the one we call Christ Michael is the one you will be talking about.

The truth of the matter: this evening sometime, according to your own time Zone. We will make sure that if it is 7 P.M. It won't be 6 P.M. in the mid time zone. You will hear it 7:00 P.M. in your own time zone. It is a lot to arrange, and we are not arranged yet. Ron will hear it. If it is York. Ron, you will hear it.

Listen for your adjuster.

I'm sorry for being overtime. This is Ron.
They left abruptly . l my circuit is empty. I think you have heard everything you needed to hear today.,

I know the love, I know the care. It is given to you too . My dear audience, God bless you.
I am simply going to close it down. Thank you everybody. We will see when we see you, soon enough I'm sure.

Bye bye



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Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 21 NOV
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2021, 11:32:12 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription.