Author Topic: 5 MARCH 2024 - FINANCIL REPORT FOR THE MAGISTERIAL Foundtation 2023 and commnets  (Read 10464 times)

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The Magisterial Foundation
Report Financial Year 2023
Hello Everyone.
The Magisterial Foundation is a CHARITY.  It makes no profits and spends donations in order to provide you services through the idea of a celestial store to help people understand the pending or arrival of SPIRITUAL MISSIONS.  We also provide contact with the public through communication events such as Lightline.
Therefore we have operational expenses and ask for the reception of funds through you as donations.  We have no other income.  As a private charity we are obligated to show our costs and income to the public and present it here for your edification.

The Magisterial Foundation Financial Report for 2023 Operations:
Beginning and Ending  of the year 2023 Bank Balances:  
start January 01, 2023 = $27,235.62
end Bank  Balance as of December 31, 2023 = $30,756.69

Donations Received as of  December 31, 2023 = $14,492.39
Expenses Paid as of 31 December 2023 were = $10,576.69

To our Donors, Our thanks to all of you for your generosity and care which  enables us to maintain the Magisterial Foundation services for the year 2023.  Our Services include payment of all Lightline costs,  payment of property tax on our office, internet design and maintenance, printing of brochures and outer public docucments, and of course this discussion web site you are reading from now.  It is our pleasure to serve with you and from you your kind ways of helping us financially.

The bank balance of the Magisterial Foundation as of this day and Report 5 March 2024:

More to follow later, Thank you.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania