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JESUS and the Autocracy of This World - Seein the Truth
« on: June 29, 2024, 21:10:48 pm »
"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I have this to say:
"For the last several nights I have been worried about Ron, as he takes strikes on his bare legs when he sleeps and wakes with a sore body and some bleeding.  This is the work of a seraphic cabal now eliminated furiously but well.  Ron you have nothing but good news for you now.   They are gone and you have normal celestial personnel around you again.  You are most grateful I can tell already.

"Second, your legs are badly beat up with blood marks and the danger of losing your feet due to malformation of these beastly cabal organizations.  I now have removed them entirely.  The next thing to remove around you are those who inhabit the lands of spirit but use them to attack you mentally and afford you nightmares of correction you must constantly do when making a post.

"You Ron represent the best we have as you have presented the world enough changes to work as an EVANGEL on the planet for six years.  You are given that authority very soon and your voice will be heard properly when we can afford a broadcast station for our work soon enough.  You are working hard to stay alive too, and you have changed your routine to get more rest, and we fully approve it without going into it further.  Never mind the harsh reminder of changes to be afforded, but you are welcoming them to avoid stagnation of your resources.  I am making this change now:

"No further comments from Michael in the evenings.  We gather the words of the Magisterial Sons become the predominate speech at your daily and evening meetings with your lieutenant,  You will soon be joined by a third person name unknown to you but you will find them yummy and tear provoking.  Steven Gitz will not join you soon as he is remanded back home until he genuinely well and is ready to give up his home permanently.  That is news to you but savor it as he is a wise chap with lots more to say to you soon. 

"Third, your health is very bad recently, and you protect it by sitting and watching TV between bouts of sleep.  Dominick runs your errands and all in all it is a favorable way to work it and it will continue until you rework those meetings with him still intact.

"Fourth, you want the Netherlands to start with a small shop to hand out bulletins to keep the populaton passing by up to date with the Magisterial Missions.  She does not understand this and you drop it.  She cannot hear when she does not want to hear Ron and we let it go for the Netherlands.  However, for you Ron there is nothing for you to do but to look for a shop you can open shortly near the square of York city, and to become familiar with the largess they will grant you .

"That largess comes from the City fathers, and we let them express it to you shortly, as they are quite sure you are superb and ready to handle it for them all as York, Pennsylvania, will indeed become the city center for many new practices including the Mauor of the City may hand you the keys to protect himself from further abuse as a very talkative Mayor who has lost his voice literally over an attack of laryngitis he cannot understand where it comes from.  [Ron here - our mayor uses television, or use to, nightly for big meetings with city personnel.  He cannot due to a voice problem and we wish him a safe and laryngitis free life soon,)

"And finally this:  Ron Besser is to remain safely ensconced in his home briefly and then must be moved briefly to the MANSION WORLDS to find a repair for his laryngitis too.  We suspect the cabal but cannot prove it.  Meanwhile Dominick takes on sundry cares with Ron and the entire proposal made sixteen years ago this June 30th then, will be put into practice.  Ron says he hopes he can manage it, but he already has with two inventions to be patented and a horde of users to arrive because they cannot get intothe discussion forum without petitioning Ron.

"We take this opportunity to say this too:

"Michael of Nebadon is leaving Urantia tonight.  He is done with Urantia temporarily.

"Michael of Nebadon - "WE are ready to leave but hate to stay good bye to Ron and his ways, as they are delightful as he acts more like a wafer than a two-fer and that is what he is to us but to you all he is the important communication link for all.  If he did not make these noises all the time we would never have an opportunity to tell you these things:

1 - We are leaving URANTIA briefly;

2  -  We are providing nothing but good news in about a week.

3 -  The cabal over Ron's head is about over and for good as they are now considered illegal ware and permanently removed.

4 - The last problem Ron has now is to break through the cabal and to type and they are now removed permanently.  There is no such things as a cabal anymore as they either must come in from their own storm or quit in prison.

5 - The last of the Vorondadek Sons has been removed to the prison worlds of Uversa over Ron.  Ron has his own mind again to speak to all of you as he has had to force its naturalness for a long time.

6 - Dominick Ohrbeck is now a permanent member with Ron's team no longer, but is part of the Rosettes, which is the MAGISTERIAL SONS  and Ron together.  They work together so well Ron misses him when he cannot appear to take thework ordered very soon to start the Missions in York.  No one gets an office yet, but you are the first Ron, now stop it!

7 - The time for Ron to turn 90 is about to happen as he is fully recovering his illness in his legs and heart again and this time permanently.  And fully for you Ron this:

8 - There will be no impetus to do anything with your television set as the Cabal tried to destroy it today and you had to use tweo clickers to tune it.  It is back to regular very soon.  And that is all for now.  K

Ron -  Thank you very much Michael and all others who have contributed to a very difficult day all around.  We had a big storm pass through but when it hit York, it dissipated and all we got was a gush of rain about half an hour ago and it became very quite and peaceful around us.  I enjoy that kind of weather very much but most people fight a thunder storm though and I am always gald to be inside and away  from it carrying on as it so often does.  I thank all of you for reading along, and I have some work to do later this evening to prepare for the Lightline on Sunday, tomorrow as it stands right now.  I thank all for reading along and will speak more formally tomorrow in the 1st Lightline without the cabal hanging on every word.  It might be interesting.  We shall see on  Sunday.  Cheers to all!

Ron Besser of August delights now but of July remonstrances for sure.


"Ron never mentioned AUTHURA.   He is hear now:

ARTHURA - "I am not leaving!  The plan was to get rid of me at the beginning of these Missions on Urantia.  But I got used to Ron and Dominick, and I insist on getting Dominick to transmit fluently.  He is unlike Ron, and does not particularly care to transmit, but he is an excellent transmitter as Ron can attest to.  Dominick sometimes has to be forced to do it but he is really excellent and Ron insists he practices in his living room and then it goes off into something I have to straighten out with Ron, and so on.  Be assured they both are excellent transmitters and they can even act as duos as we practice that sometimes.  But be sure there is nothing left if Dominick quits as he has threatened to do but no longer as he has received a transmission recently Ron that tells him the score.

"The score is this:

"No one of your stature, of Ron or Dominik is looked at to be removed.  We depend on both and the cabal is ravenous over you right now again Ron, as we did not get them all.  Now we have peace again and none of that will happen again.  For our reason Ron we stand down now . . . . . .

K (I am forced off.  This may resume later again.  R and thank you. )
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania