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Pleiadeans and Peace
« on: July 08, 2024, 16:17:54 pm »

Michael again says the missions are off, because there has to be peace first.

How do we deal with that? WHO OWNS THE PROBLEM?

Dear Pleiadeans, What would you like to say about this?

Pleiadeans: You own the problem when you make it so.

Carole: What does that mean?

Pleiadeans: The expression of peace in your own life is a fruit of the Spirit.
The world's politics and governments "do not know the way to peace."

Carole: Will Hamas get their way and wipe out Israel? Will Trump get his way and give Ukraine to Russia? Are you, God going to allow all this?

Pleiadeans: Remember our discussion yesterday about the garden. Everything needs to be turned upside down before people can see there is another way to do things.

Carole: What can I do Pleiadeans?

Pleiadeans: Remember depression is an expression of fear. Remember yesterday's word, Look up with us. We know you can't do much by yourself. Cabal is busy. All these things are predicted, in that there will be great tribulation in the latter days, wars and rumors of war.

The hardest part is keeping your cool, stay loyal, stay on course. Keep yourself optimistic. When you are weak then YOU ARE STRONG!

We are not going anywhere. We are still here for you. Don't be afraid.

Carole: Thank you Pleiadeans! I pray that the armies of the Lord stand up to defend those who put their trust in God. And I notice a big smile makes me feel better!

Continued: 7-8-2024

Carole: Back to "WHO OWNS THE PROBLEM," of creating peace on this world?

What would you like to say, Pleiadeans?

Pleiadeans: You asked why does God allow all this?

God is allowing it but not because He approves of it. Here are some things to put all into perspective: You have heard the saying "As above, so below". We know there is insurrection, cabal, rebels, and various evil intentioned entities which you cannot see. But as above, so below, the rebellion has a "trickle down" effect: so below.

But that is not all. Father is keenly aware of his mandate to allow free will in those created entities who were intended to have free will. That being so, that free will slows a lot of things down quite a bit. Trial and error is the most classic reason for delay. Free will agents don't always know the outcome of their choices. They have to experience the not-so-good-results before there is any intent to change things.

Let's add some more: Who owns the problem of creating world peace? With God, things don't happen instantly. Father employs a lot of helpers. They need training and supervision. When they help humans, often the humans don't know they are being helped. Often help goes unnoticed.

The next step is convincing the humans involved there that there needs to be a change of mind and attitude . Some people are known to rather die than change their selfish and narrow minded ways.

But that is not all. God is allowing something else that we as humans often forget: God allows evil to dig its own grave, and to voluntarily jump in.

Notice Hamas. Right now there is some talk about a cease-fire. No matter how grudgingly they grant it, they still have the terrorist mentality. Maybe in a few weeks or years, they will again take up the cause to wipe Israel off the map. and war is back on the calendar.

Who owns the problem? Those who are unwilling to take responsibility for war and insist on their own way are those who are digging their own grave. God is able to resurrect all the innocent victims. Terrible memories will not be recalled. But the final demise of those who truly disown the problem is inevitable. But it has to be on their watch, in their own time.

Remember "time and chance" happen to us all. The evil one can live a long time. A good one can die very early. Responsibly written human history can note these events, hopefully with the intent of never repeating them. The history of today's events are filled with lessons those in the future will find fascinating, especially if those condition don't exist any more.

Yet, still, those immortal entities who have chosen to maintain their rebellion have to be dealt with in a way only Father knows.
That is why all these things cannot be rushed.

Missions on or missions off, our expectations are the frictions that rub in our own minds. Staying the course in not just "ho-hum". It is constant adjusting of our attitudes and moods, our daily frustrations and joys. All along the way "staying the course" calls for constant vigilance. Be not weary in well-doing!

Who owns the problem? The valuable lesson we humans can learn from this is that it takes a lot of work, communication of intents, step by step consideration of the other's viewpoint, willingness to hear all of their story, and continuing willingness to keep up the effort no matter how slow, and actions that demonstrate peace. God could stop the wars right now, but in the best interests of humanity, lessons of implementing Father's Good-heartedness is for the humans to learn.

Thank you Pleiadeans!

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Re: Pleiadeans and Peace
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2024, 02:06:30 am »
Thankyou very much SongatSunrise for this post.
Thank you Pleiadeans for your input.  

You have heard the saying "As above, so below". We know there is insurrection, cabal, rebels, 
and various evil intentioned entities which you cannot see. But as above, so below, the rebellion has a "trickle down" effect: so below.

The above quote is quite interesting. Does it mean then that there will only be peace on Urantia 
after the insurrection, cabal and rebels have been put in their place after justice is carried out? 
Retrained, reprogrammed, restored  or otherwise..
God Bless to all.

Love and Blessings,
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