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Lightline Netherlands International
« on: July 08, 2024, 17:19:46 pm »
Lightline Netherlands International 

We thank the Universal Father; Michael of Nebadon; Arthura and Elise's Adjuster 
for speaking to us today.

This is the link to the tape:

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Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2024, 12:05:01 pm »
  • 070824 Monday Lightline Netherlands International; Host: Elise Sophia Veronica
  • Subjects: New methods to approach Urantia; renewed rebellion; waste of resources; destruction; chaos; do not panic; stay the course in trials; Father prevents the worse; promises of our Creator Father; self-control or self-mastery; use of personal gifts and talents; democracy vs. corruption; stillness; relationship with Thought Adjuster; walk in the Light.
  • Speakers: Universal Father; Michael of Nebadon; Arthura and Elise's Adjuster
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to tape:

Good day and good evening to everyone. It is Monday, July 8th, 2024. And this is Lightline Netherlands International. I am Elise, your host, and welcome you to the Lightline, for which we will turn to our heavenly family and ask them to join us, as well as to speak to us. We first like to thank our Father and Michael of Nebadon, the Melchizedeks, and all our heavenly helpers and friends for their care and willingness to reach out and connect with us.

And to our Father, we respectfully ask to receive your words. Help us grow in a world full of discord and confusion. We always thank you for your words in which we feel connected to you. And we thank you for our daily gatherings in prayer and in stillness. And we ask you to help us to become more aware of you and your love for us by aligning our will with your will, and to work for humanity and to serve in your name, Father. We also ask for protection and clear circuits to start the Lightline under your care. We love you, Father. Amen

Oh, I'm now ready to ask for someone to come and speak to us.

Universal Father
Hello, my children. This is Father.

Welcome, Father. Please, make yourself comfortable and speak, please.

Universal Father
Yes, thank you, Elise. It's Monday and the sun is shining where you are Elise. And summer is most glorious for you, with some rain every now and then that keeps the trees and flowers fresh, and you enjoy a nice and pleasant summer. This is not the case everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The United States is mostly hot and sticky and people are searching for cool places. But I think they will enjoy the summertime somehow.

I am Father and I speak to everyone here who has taken the time to listen. This is indeed another Monday and we are still confronted with the cabal. Some of whom are meddling in affairs of things of which they are no part, and which they should leave immediately. But they keep hiding out in small corners and on places not detected. They keep showing up, risking their lives, and knowing full well what the consequences will be if they keep harassing human individuals who are working and trying to be of service.

We have asked you to keep yourselves quiet and wait for the next bulletin or any other news. But as we see it now, there will be not much news for today. But we advise you to stick together as one loyal and trustworthy group that has persevered for such a long time. You are my children in whom I trust. And you are all representatives of your Father in Heaven.

Anyone who hears what we speak today should be aware or informed by what has been said to you over the last couple of days and even years. You have come to me. You have come to know me. You have sought and found truth as much as each of you could individually become aware of. I can tell you as your Father that many individuals on Paradise have become aware of your faith and trust in me. And you have already been noted as the good workers in the field.

You are the ones who dare to go on without much to look forward to. And yet, you have never given up believing and still stand by our side, as we are always by your side. You have been guided by your Adjusters. And the time has come when decisions must be made as to what will happen to Urantia, the planet with its countless difficulties and problems, and which is so deeply involved in warfare and misleading of rules in governments that it cannot be resolved in the short term.

New methods must be applied to approach the planet, so that our plans will not be thwarted by insurrectionists or any earthly unexpected decision or intervention. I, your Father, have asked the Magisterial Son to re-examine the situation on Urantia. To implement new ways for all who keep suffering from the madness and the irresponsible behavior of groups, of insurrectionists, and of leaders on your world who are unfit to lead anything except themselves into a pool of misery.

While continuing to treat the people like cattle in the corral, but justice will prevail. And those who work against my decree will be brought before the judges to await their trial. I am the Father, the Universal Father. And we do not want to leave the planet unguarded, and without human life upon it. The people will survive. A new civilization will arise. When there is a general knowledge of what it takes to return the planet to a state of dignity and a healthy environment, in which everyone can live.

I am your Father and I love you all. And I have taken steps to protect this world and to prepare it for what it is to become for many, many generations to come. And now withdraw and I leave you with my blessings. Good day to all.

Thank you, Father. Thank you very much.

Michael of Nebadon
Good day, this is Michael of Nebadon. Let me speak to you today. And although there is hardly any news of importance for this moment, we are here to help you not to lose hope or expectations for the times to come.

Excuse me.

Michael of Nebadon
As we have told you before, there is a lot of commotion going on in your world in various regions, where many things are brewing that we cannot allow. And we must consider what will come of the disastrous plans that some of your countries are making to demonstrate their power, which they have built up over the years with the help of their inventions of horrible nuclear weapons. Of which they are so proud that they show the entire arsenal to the people who stand in awe of their destructive machines. They stand there to be praised by a group of fellow executives who want to be honored in power and prestige.

Well, that is your civilization today. You can imagine how far humanity has sunk into darkness, and how difficult it becomes for us as spiritual beings to try to change the minds of people who are so focused on possession and their selfish and decadent glory they try to give themselves. This all shows. how poor man can be in showing his care and love for his brothers and sisters, his humanitarian feelings towards his fellow human beings, and in what they expect of the future.

All the intellect, all the engineering, all the work and the money that went into the means of destruction could have been used for the betterment of countless things that benefit the world, instead of wasting resources on weapons that should never have been created in the first place. And certainly should not be used to destroy a world intended for people to live and learn about God's great nature, and his plans for each individual in the world. A world inhabited and administered by those who were created to take charge, to develop themselves and the planet into a place with a bright future among the stars in the sky.

I am Michael, Michael of Nebadon. Let me tell you, we do care for you. We do care for the planet. And we watch. We watch what will happen when things start to crack and chaos will split the world. When all this destructive thinking in the human mind explodes and there is no turning back, we are watching. We do everything we can to prevent a total destruction of this planet Earth, which was chosen as my bestowal planet, and where Jesus lived his bestowal life with me under the same threatening and false minds that we still see here today.

I am Michael of Nebadon. I am your Creator Father and we do not want you to panic. We want you to remain calm in all trials of what the Father will decree to prevent the worst from happening. We do not want it to happen. It won't happen. Man has no right to destroy the sphere that I chose as my bestowal planet. For its purpose is to become the shining star in the universe that allows every student and every visitor to learn about its history, and all that has taken place on its surface. And with those who have inhabited the planet throughout the centuries of its existence.

So, do not lose faith in what the Father has predestined to be and what no other being will ever have power over. For what has been ordained may have a long history of ups and downs, but will always triumph in the end, for the will of the Father will prevail. I am Michael, Michael of Nebadon. I know of our Father, and I ask you to trust Him in His love for His creation. Yes, it may take time. It may even take destruction, but victory and the glory in the end will always ultimately be in accordance with the will of the Father. For Father's will never loses control of his creation. And I, Michael, I will see to it that Father's will be done. We will take care of your needs. and the need for a future where people will know who is the rightful owner of stars and planets in the firmament. We will return with more news about how we intend to do this and how we will help humanity to find better ways, and to be in gratitude to God, and His power and majesty over the entire universe. I, Michael, will see to it that that will be done.

Those are my words to you today. They are not happy. They are somber, but reality is bleak. We have tried and tried again in various ways to find a way to get to your planet Urantia, but circumstances have made it impossible to act as we planned. So, we have to change our strategy. But I assure you, we will be back. Be patient, and stay the course in every situation and trial you face, for we are with you in it, and we will not forsake you. I am Michael, your Creator Father, and I want you to regard me as your Creator Father. I keep you under my protection as you step into a new future with hope and strength, and follow me in my efforts to change this planet into a better place for all. I'm stepping back and leave you my blessings.

Thank you, Michael. Thank you for your words. ... Okay, I hear this ding dong bell and let me see if we have new listeners here. Valerie, I greet you. Welcome. And Jose. Okay, we were 13 altogether today. Well, let me go on and see if we have more coming to us. Is there anyone else who would like to speak to us today?

Yes, there is, Elise. This is Arthura. And I welcome all listeners, and welcome to Donna and Larry. They just joined us. I'm Arthura, and I would like to say a few words here. We thank the Father and Michael for their words. And what I would like to talk about is the topic of self-control or self-mastery, which is always a main purpose of our lessons. We have also touched on the subject of self-examination. And these are all tools to work with for yourselves, and they more or less come down to the same. It all means working with and for yourself in a way that helps you get to know yourself, your talents, and your abilities, and to find a way to use them.

Each of you have your own talents given at birth and inherent in the personality you received from the Father. In addition, you have talents and traits you inherited from your parents. And these special, let's call them qualities, will become visible in your life through what you do, how you function, and how you use all of your abilities. In the course of your life, you'll discover your talents, when you begin to find out what you can do best, what you prefer to do best, and you discover a preference of certain profession, and things that will attract you.

People who excel in a special quality are called experts or super talents. And they usually perform above average in a special talent or more talents, in which they often find their work and their service to humanity by using those specific qualities. And it can make them the happiest persons to spend their life doing the work they enjoy most. Because in such an environment one can develop in many ways, and thus also gets to know oneself by trying hard to strive for the best, and to become a master in the field, which contributes to further development.

But people develop in many, many ways. They take care of their social obligations of their family members. They do their jobs. They discover the world, a word for others and do not forget, for themselves. And all these interactions without realizing it makes the soul grow through what you do during your stay on this world. For what you do for yourself and for others, never knowing how or when, but when you take your time in stillness and reflection, it will help to learn about yourself and about the way you function. You will start to see what you are doing well and what needs to be improved, and even what needs to be corrected.

And this learning, this insight into yourself does not happen overnight. It takes time to reach the depths of your soul, and this you do together with the help of your Adjuster. The more you bring yourself into that state of peace and tranquility, the more the Adjuster has the opportunity to enter your mind and eventually he, the Adjuster, will be able to contact you and assist you in seeking higher knowledge and truth. So that you discover who you are, and how you can help yourselves in doing what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it in the best possible way and so making an optimal use of your talents. Yes, it's true. To make the most of your talents and skills you need to know yourself, you need to become aware of what you and others can benefit from.

You are here on this planet to live a life, and to learn to cooperate with each other, so that each individual can benefit from the other and to grow together in potential with the growth of the soul in accordance, creating wonderful experiences. See it as a school. It's like a school, in which everyone contributes as a student and as a teacher, and by giving the best of yourself. And that is the result of self-examination, self-mastery. The awareness of looking for the best in yourselves and trying to master it. And to be the best and exploit your talents to the highest weight possible in order to get the best results. And then you will become more aware of what you do, what you think, and what you strive to achieve in your life.

That might take your whole life, for growth is slow. It comes in little steps, and sometimes there even is a standstill, a pause, to give you the time to adapt. Well, none of this happens consciously, but taking time in silence and reflecting on your life is a conscious decision. And I encourage you, I Arthura, encourage you to take some time for yourselves, to become aware of your divine talents and skills. So that they become fruitful and become meaningful to your life and to the eternal growth of your soul.

This is still Arthura. I would like to switch to another item, another subject, but obviously and even closely related to controlled free will, that may even lead to true democracy and wise state governance. Yes, another issue. But we, we often wonder. Do people today have the courage to speak out and try to stand up for those who have no voice. Where are those? Where are those who are in position to speak on the frontlines? Your chosen leaders are there to represent you, but do they really? Are they not missing the opportunity to reform issues that need adjustment for better governance, for which they were after all elected, and for which they were so passionate before sitting in the seat where they now have a say.

No wonder people are losing confidence in the current Parliament where they no longer see themselves represented, and even give up their right to vote after many disappointments and weak results. Leaving the majority of the population further and further behind. To many it appears that you live in a democratic nation and that your voice is heard. But is this really the case? Are you being listened to by your governments? Are they listening to the needs that are increasingly accumulating among a large part of the population that used to have dreams and ideals.

Well, to begin with, and I'm Arthura, democracy requires its thorough understanding, not only of human rights, but also of its obligations. Democracy is a good and fair form of government when one understands the rights and the obligations of every citizen, and what the elected representatives must do to recognize and maintain them. But all too often these things are forgotten, or deliberately pushed aside by politicians who are making way for their own interests in office. Or worse, to gain their own fame and profit as someone who would be entitled to successive jobs of a similar nature, so that they easily stay in the saddle, and thus, continue to exert power and influence and benefit from the best in society.

You all know democracy means a voice for the people. But the people are usually not educated enough to have a reasonable, developed voice. They often want to obtain their rights by shouting, shouting out what their wishes are. But in doing so, they lose the veracity of their demands, leaving the focus on others, and not bringing about any improvement. And in a true democracy, every citizen learns to know and to respect his rights and obligations. And there must be cooperation between all parties. This does not mean that dozens of political parties emerge with different opinions. It means there must be true cooperation between the government and representatives from all walks of life who may put forward and discuss their needs or wishes in order to achieve lasting results, from which the entire population benefits. And until that, until the less fortunate in a group or in a nation are uplifted and encouraged to become an educated member of your society, and to share in the prosperity of the more fortunate, they will continue to be discontent. Eventually leading to... Rebellion?, to disharmony among the population, slowing down evolution, or worse, returning it to earlier times of a more uncivilized state.

So we are telling you that training and acceptance of each individual is a requirement. Every individual is necessary to the growth of a fair and true democracy, and peace will (not) and cannot be achieved until the common good is learned and understood and supported and upheld by the entire population. Starting with the nations and expanding to a world government that then will be universally accepted and bring great awareness and knowledge, accompanied by spiritual growth to all, to all people on the planet. This is Arthura at your service, and I give this back to you, Elise. We thank you all for listening and we wish you a very good day.

Thank you Arthura. Thank you for your lesson.
Okay, this is Elise. Let me see if there is anything else.

Thought Adjuster of Elise
Here is your Adjuster, Elise, I am speaking to all. The Spirit of God is always at work. You do not have to ask, he is in you, know that. He is there in all your activities. But when you lose yourself in worldly affairs in excessive pleasure, then the connection between your Adjuster and you become less palpable. So, go in silence and sit still until you feel the change in your mind. And then you will know with great certainty that it is I. And after much practice we will talk to each other. It happens to those who talk with God every day.

I am the Adjuster. I ask you to take time for yourselves to do some soul searching as we commended. This time of rest and reflection is necessary to gain insight into yourself, and to what extent you are able to connect with a higher mind. You may receive thoughts, innovative thoughts and ideas that encourage you to do new things. I encourage you to keep searching for truth, for the truth in your life, for the deeper meaning of life. Isn't that what every soul is looking for? Yes, it is easy to speak those words, but we know that it takes attention and perseverance to get started and to develop a rhythm that becomes a habit in your daily exercises and talks with God.

Father will welcome you with open arms. He will envelop you in His love. Be therefore willing to give yourselves to come to the Father in all sincerity with good intentions, to make Him a part of your life. So that you no longer have to ask God to come to you, but that you feel and realize, yes, that you experience that God is present within you. Now for all, be at peace with yourself and with everyone around you. Keep this moment in your heart. Return to this moment of togetherness. Return to this moment when things do not go as you had planned. Return to this moment and you will immediately feel God's help and his loving attention for you. You are all blessed, you have all been given. An experience is made by your daily routine. Living with God is like living in the light. And light always dispels darkness. Go with God. I am the Adjuster and I retreat.

Thank you, Adjustor. Thank you for your beautiful words. Well, this is Elise and I guess we have come almost to the end of the hour. I am looking at the dashboard, and we have 17 people here altogether. I thank you all for listening and for your attention. And I just want, well, I want to say goodbye to you and hope to be back next week at the same time on Monday. I want to thank our speakers for today, my Adjuster, and at the beginning of the Lightline our Father, Michael of Nebadon, and Arthura, of course. Thank you all so much. Thank you for being with us this day. And with that, I say goodbye to all. Bye bye.

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